10 January 2017

The Haunting of Michael D Magee - Debunking his claims of being haunted - Duck of Truth

Michael D Magee claims to have been haunted since late 2010. He's believed to be one of the most credible paranormal investigators with amazing paranormal evidence. But is he really?

His series is called Real Paranormal Activity but in this Michael Magee Debunked video I'll explain why it's not so real.

His amazing paranormal evidence is easy to fake and in at least one video I can prove that it's fake.

His videos are nothing more than a hoax to convince people that ghosts exist for his own personal gain.
If you're interested in watching hoax videos, go right ahead.

But this video is intended for people who are interested in the truth.

Below we will see some editing mistakes in his poltergeist activity videos. Masking, visible string and a look back at the Kinect video he made.

At this point we can safely say Michael Magee has been exposed.

There is no other way around it. The paranormal evidence Michael D Magee produces is fake. Nothing more than a hoax.

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And check out his youtube channel

Here is the latest video debunking him, scroll down for the 2 previous videos that exposed his claims.


  1. Michael Magee does my nogging in. If you were supposedly haunted wouldn't you be contacting scientists, tv crews, paranormal investigators, Zak Bagans 😜 I mean this is ground breaking you can prove one of the biggest debates going: Are ghosts real?
    But no he decides to. Just post YouTube videos and makes up excuses on why he won't let investigators into his house.

  2. Why should he have to prove to anyone? Don't blame him for not contacting scientists as they would just poopoo evidence.
    I was part of a paranormal team years ago and had the opportunity to go 'Most haunted ' style on a TV channel, we refused as we knew the crap that would come with it.
    You can actually refuse the stardom or even the mocking power of the TV and so called scientific tests.
    The guy does no harm, so why have a go....leave him be....does anyone debunk the Christian faith? Doubtful....

    1. SO you admit that scientists would poo poo his evidence, you know why they would do this? Because it is EASY to expose his lies and fraud!

      And you ask does anyone debunk the Christian faith, are you serious? It is the single most debunked religion on the planet, every single part of it has been exposed as a lie.

      I think you need to do some more reading and stop waving useless equipment about in the dark that you do not even understand how to use correctly