10 February 2016

Fake TV psychic Paula Barstow aka Lillyanne sends almost identical readings to dozens of customers

"A WELL-KNOWN psychic sent identical “letters from heaven” to dozens of bereaved customers who paid her to contact their lost loved ones.

Karen Brannigan handed £38 to medium Lillyanne in the hope she could contact her late mother.

She got a letter back with a message that the psychic claimed had come from the dead woman.

But Karen found out other customers had received the same message.

She said: “I knew right away that something was wrong. It just didn’t ring true.”

Lillyanne’s representatives claim an administrative error meant one letter had been copied and sent to multiple customers.

But Karen, who lost her mum five months ago, is furious and she fears many more vulnerable people could have been ripped off."

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Here is the fake cold read she sent to multiple people in the hope they would never find out!

8 February 2016

Psychics In a Nutshell

Old clip of James Randi talking about the psychic fraud Sylvia Browne, this interview was on television before Sylvia died, as you will know, but the rule fits most or all psychics. Make up your own minds.

10 Reasons Psychics Aren't Real