16 July 2002

Quick Review - Most Haunted Series 1 Episode 14 Aldwych Underground Station

(Some of this extra info was NOT included in the original broadcast, only in the recent Unseen extra version. - Nik)

At the beginning of the programme Yvette tells us that the station was opened in 1907. This info is confirmed by Barry Wilkinson from the London Underground who is interviewed on the programme. Barry also states that work began on the station in 1898.

In Derek's walkaround in gets information through Sam about a Polish man called Tom.

Derek goes into a fair amount of detail about Tom's appearance but we get no surname so none of this can be confirmed. Derek explains that Tom worked on the lines at the station; work which Derek describes as taking care of the rails.

Jason then presses Derek for more specific information asking him when Tom worked on the lines. Derek explains that he gets a clear feeling of Tom working there along time before WWII. He then goes on to state that Tom worked 50 or 60 years before that. Jason clarifies that this means the 1880's and Derek agrees.

Well you do the maths. Derek gave the impression that Tom worked on the lines whilst the station was open but even if you give him the benefit of the doubt and say that Tom could have worked there during construction that still places Tom on the lines some 10 years or more before the station was built.

This mistake was missed on the original broadcast because Most Haunted crew conveniently left out some important information.

Its only now a good 4 or so years later, in the special Most Haunted Unseen version of the episode that we can see this glaring error made by Derek.