4 October 2014

TV REVIEW Most Haunted Episode 9/10 (Saltmarsh Hall, Yorkshire)

Now before anyone moans, I know I have not reviewed Episode 8, if you remember from my previous reviews I said I wouldn't do any more reviews as it was so painful to watch the same old nonsense over and over that I would rather watch paint dry.

HOWEVER I've had such good feedback from my reviews, and how people prefer to read them than watch the actual show, that I felt compelled to at least finish off the series, so since it is a two part investigation I will do my reviews for episode 9 & 10, since it is likely that they may be the very last Most Haunted episodes ever aired.

But since I cant let down my millions of BadPsychics fans, here is a quick review of Episode 8 before we get onto Episode 9

Episode 8 Review:
Mel Crump looks fit, Yvette Fielding looks like she just been dragged through a thorn bush backwards. Karl throws something, Stuart Throws something, Fred wishes he had never believed Karl and paid for this series to be made. Mel is scared but is fit when scared. John Callow reads a card prompt, the end. Oh and Mel Crump is fit.

Right then peeps, on to Episode 9, and you better bloody appreciate this, I have legitimately lost over 10 billion brain cells watching this show.

So this week we are at Saltmarsh Hall, Yorkshire for this two part special. Apparently this place is one of Yorkshires best kept secrets, although not that secret if they agreed to be on Most Haunted, so I will assume they are desperate for tourism which is why they pimped out the Hall to this bunch of noobs!

Yvette Fielding doesn't half talk some nonsense, apparently they are going to do a worlds first and investigate a previously locked wing that even the owners are too scared to go in!

And it is revealed that the owner has invited many a paranormal group to investigate the location, which explains a lot. After this airs they will undoubtedly up any associated fees to investigate this blatantly NOT haunted location!

A lot of history is given for your history buffs out there, personally it bores me rigid, but I know some people like that kind of thing so for you guys you will be very happy.

Here is a picture of the "money cow" as Karl Beattie refers to him in private, Fred Batt

You can tell he pays for everything as he gets way too much air time!

God I miss Richard "Dickie Fingers" Felix, a genuinely nice man, who really is as enthusiastic in real life as he was on Most Haunted, anyway enough remembering of the good old days and the investigation is finally underway.

In Mel Crump watch, Mel has obviously listened to me, and has her hair down, flowing in the wind, every so often brushing against her rosy cheeks, as she skips through the meadow, with song birds singing, and roses blooming, a small bunny appears from behind a small rock, it appears to smile as Melanie Crump skips by, then quickly disappears.

But then the dark clouds appear in the sky, the air turns cold, and a dreadful stench blows through, enough to make even the dirtiest of trolls wretch uncontrollably, its Yvette Fielding with her fringe, and  scarf. And thousands of men watching around the country suddenly lose their erections, and are brought back down to reality.

In other news Karl is wearing a leather jacket with ANTIX branding!

Melanie is looking at Yvette with a look of pure distrust, she has obviously picked up on the jealousy from Yvette in my opinion.

And a stone is thrown and so it begins.

Here is an image that perfectly shows the importance of various members of the Most Haunted team

You have Mel Crump glowing, beautiful, a true presence on the screen, behind Yvette Fielding desperately trying to get in the frame and get attention, and lurking in the darkness behind looking creepy, Karl Beattie!

As the crew are "investigating" all 500 of them, noises are heard, knocks, stones thrown and so on. As expected no cameras pick up any activity.

A ghost of a white lady has been seen in the stables, I wonder what the likeliness is of the Most Haunted crew filming this White Lady? I would say 0%.

One way to know that Stuart and Karl are behind all incidents is that when something does happen, instead of instantly trying to film it, they instead point the camera at Yvette for a reaction shot.

Someone has thrown a stone at Stuart, and he claims he brushed his head, How any ghostie could miss his huge round dome is beyond me!

Karl and Stuart have gone off to investigate the cellars on their own! Lets hope they get locked in. Karl has now lost his leather jacket and is sporting a fetching woolly jumper.

I know I have mentioned this before but it is worth mentioning again, Stuarts head is perfectly round!

I've just realised that they have been bleeping out any swear words, now because I am watching promo copies of these episodes I do not always know exactly what airs, do they usually bleep stuff out as on previous DVDs there has been no bleeping? Someone let me know.

As expected things start to happen as Stuart and Karl investigate, its very formulaic, and predictable. You could probably fast forward through the whole middle section of this episode featuring Karl and Stuart, as you have seen it a hundred times before.

This show would be so much better if they replaced Stuart with Karl Pilkington, afterall they both have perfectly round heads!

A good ten minutes of the show is wasted on Karl and Stuart, and not in a good way at all, I can see a lot of people channel surfing during the middle of the episode, which is not good news for a show that has lost over 100,000 viewers from episode 1 to 5!

An hour of Mel Crump would set the ratings soaring! so pay attention UKTV!

Interesting fact: Stuart and Karl both wear size 9 boots!

FINALLY we go back to the girls and Darren, about bloody time.

Here is an image of Yvette looking jealous and doing the wank hand
gesture behind Mels back!

Although she might just be holding her torch!

Have you ever noticed how full and perfect Mel Crumps lips are? She could do commercials for lip gloss or lipstick!

Well I hate to say this but this is an incredibly boring episode, I am guessing they will keep any big fakery for episode 10 the second part of this investigation, but I am sure they will lose a hell of a lot of viewers from this episode alone.

You know they are desperate when Yvette starts singing, humming or whistling.

We finish off with Mr Personality John Callow, who is looking more and more like a 1990's Bret Hart by the day.

Only one episode left for me to review and then I can happily forget about Most Haunted forever!

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For now that's me signing out!

By Jon Donnis

Most Haunted
UK Premiere
Thursday 16th October, 10pm
S1 E9/10. Saltmarsh Hall, Yorkshire
Yvette Fielding is back with another brand new, creepy ghost hunt and to end the series there’s a special, two-part episode from Saltmarsh Hall in Yorkshire.
Saltmarshe Hall is a mysterious, haunted house of complete contrasts. Beneath the property lies a network of corridors and cellar rooms and the abandoned North Wing has sat empty for over 70 years, apart from the ghosts said to wander the corridors and rooms.
The team uncovers two levels of the house that even the present owners have never ventured and what they find will frighten them beyond belief.

3 October 2014

Sarah Stanga Cold Reads Jon Donnis

So A week or so ago I got a random email from someone called Sarah Stanga, I have never heard of her. She was basically trying to stitch up another fake psychic called Dean Michael Ryan, and wanted me to do the hard work. Of course I told her to stick it, as I wasn't interested in their silly little arguments and that I didn't want to get involved or be used by one fake psychic to attack another one.

So I sent her on her way.

But then today she replied, and started to try and cold read me. But she also revealed some other things which I thought I would respond too.

Her email to me is in BOLD and my opinions are in RED and anyone who knows me will know that if I am being accused of something I like to defend myself and my site in public as I have nothing to hide. The start of her email is after I told her not to waste her time trying to cold read me etc...

I am sorry but I cannot take back what was said. I can only give you what spirit offer me in the form of visuals, emotions and feelings.

There is no such thing as Spirit, they have not given you any psychic visions, emotions or feelings, in my opinion based on what you have said, you are not psychic, you are not a medium and you have no magical powers.

Your site was a front under the guise of scepticism when in reality it was a vehicle to cash in on donations given to you worldwide.

Well I do love my 3 BMWs and 2 Aston Martin supercars! Seriously though, my site was never a front for anything, did we once receive donations? yes we did, the odd £10 here, hell we even got the odd £50 too! However the costs of running the site far outweighed any donations we got, not to mention the thousands of hours work I put in, which I never got paid for. 

You were challenged and changed the wording to a beer fund. 

Yes that is correct, although all money I received did go to pay the server bills for the site, domain names, and also helped expand to BadGhosts and BadReligion sites, I was criticised by people for saying I was making money off of the victims of psychics, as without these victims I wouldn't have a site. So I deliberately changed the wording of any donation, so it would be very clear that any money donated would go to my beer fund, of course this was rarely if ever the case, but I felt that by saying that there would be no confusion, and no accusations of me claiming the money went anywhere other than me. For the record I have not had a single Beer Fund donation in well over 4 years, and I do not ask for donations either, I do this because i WANT TO, that is it.

What you collected is far from the truth or will ever admit. T.J. Higgs told everybody at the show after a question and answer session.

Ah so now the truth comes out, failed business woman and a psychic I have exposed is talking about me! Naughty Naughty Miss Higgy!

As for what I collected, it was never a secret, I never received thousands of pounds, I LOST money!
Let me give you an example of one time I lost money.
I hosted a video of something, I don't recall what, but something Space related, Richard Wiseman in his infinite wisdom, liked the video I had uploaded, and being the nice man he is he linked to it from his site, as a way to help spread the word of the video and to help me and my site out.

Now the problem was the video went viral, and I received over 200,000 visitors in less than 12 hours to my site, now that would not be a problem usually but for the fact every single one of them were watching and downloading a video. This completely blew my bandwidth restrictions on the server, and because of my settings, instead of my site going offline, it stayed online and I had a nice hefty bill to pay.

Now I never asked anyone to pay that for me, I paid for it myself.

In fact sometimes my site would be too popular, and was getting too many visitors, and was a victim of its own success, as the more visitors I got, the more it would cost me to host.

Now remember I could not use Google Adsense to make money, because of the fact I had the word "Psychics" in the title of the site, so every ad that would come up would be a bloody psychic ad, which of course I dont want, so the only ads I had were for Amazon, which kick back about 4% of a sale (Non Marketplace). So yes I did get donations, some nice ones, some small ones, but they were never anything like what some people claim. And I turned down many people who wanted to donate too! You see unlike fake psychics like TJ Higgs, I don't like taking money from poor people, victims, or the vunerable. But it is nice to know that you are still talking about me! I might just have to re-open my file on you!

Colin Fry says that you are a shit stirrer. The real reason you closed the main site was because you had been rumbled and was destroying evidence.

Now Colin Fry is right, I am a shit stirrer, I happily admit that, however I doubt very highly that Colin ever said I closed down the site because I had been rumbled, I know Colin and have his personal email address and have spoken to him many times.

UPDATE: Since Colin Frys name was mentioned here, I decided to ask the man himself, he has told me directly he never said those thinks, that he has never heard of Sarah Stanga, and he also confirmed that despite us both being opposite ends of a scale privately we have always been very civil, and that he is annoyed when people like this try to stir up trouble. Colin then wished me the very best with the site.

As for me destroying evidence, what evidence? The main site was closed down, but pretty much everything was just copied over to the forum, it is all still there!

This new incarnation of the site that you are reading right now, has NEVER been closed down! IN fact go see the dates on the archive!

So sorry Sarah Stanga, you are wrong yet again!

I am prepared to forgive and forget your actions if you would just give a little back. That is what spiritualism is all about.

No please you do not need to forgive and forget anything I have done, for I stand by everything I have ever said or done.

I am calling you a fake psychic, I await the letter from your solicitor!

Your grandfather was a caring man. He used to take you fishing or had some involvement with water.

Anyway here is where the cold reading begins.
Yes both Grandfathers were caring, but hate to say this, I have never been fishing in my whole life! I hate fish, don't have them as pets, don't eat them, don't catch them, and both Grandfathers lived in cities in the middle of their respective countries, so no involvement with water! So that's another failure, even your cold reading is useless!

Always worked to the bone but always took time out to appreciate the beauty around him including his grandson.

My one Grandfather I hardly knew, and we couldn't communicate due to a language barrier, my other Grandfather worked hard, like anyone of his generation, and enjoyed his family, so hardly earth shattering revelations here.

He called you Jay as a little one or someone did around him.

Nope, never been called Jay in my life, infact as a "little one" I was only ever called by my Greek name. So Wrong again Stanga!

He did not always see eye to eye with family and friends but was never somebody to hold a grudge.

He got on with everyone, both Grandfathers did, never even swore. So again wrong.

He was a stern lovable character and was overwhelmed with the love everyone showed after his passing.

Lol, no he wasn't he was dead, either one couldn't care less, because they were dead!
And neither Grandfather could be called Stern, not at all a family trait.

I have a connection to Kythera and drinking parties. Also something you hold dearly of his, the number 7 and the NEC.

I actually had to google "Kythera!", You see I may refer to myself as Greek, but I am actually Greek Cypriot, which is a different country, now Kythera is a Greek Island, I have never been there, know no one from there, and hell up until about 20 seconds ago had never even heard of the place!

I am a bit old for drinking parties! The Number 7 has no meaning to me. And I have been to the NEC maybe once in my life that I can recall?

You see this is the problem when fake psychics try to google me, they pick up "Greek" and "Birmingham" and then try to connect the dots and fail miserably.

He shows me Brylcreem, pipe and slippers as memory links. 

Well both Grandfathers were bald or balding, neither smoked, you don't have slippers in Cyprus, and my other Grandfather always wore shoes in the house! So wrong again!

Also a picture of you together. He wants you to display that this evening and reflect on the despicable things you have been doing to innocent people. 

I have no photo of me with either Grandfather at the moment, as for reflecting on despicable things I have done, I am not the one pretending to talk to the dead, trying to con another person by using their dead relatives as a way to emotionally con then.

Sarah Stanga you really are quite a disturbed person, and I really do hope your fans read this so they can see what kind of person you are.

You took a wrong turn in life through no fault of your own but all is forgiven now and you can build on your character spiritually and by doing good for others.

As an altruistic skeptic, I do good every day, I work with charities (unpaid), I help the victims of fraud. I am pretty happy with my character right now.

I would like to invite you to one of the churches I attend so we can show you the evidence and comfort we provide. There is a workshop I am involved with next weekend if you would like me to add your name. Places are limited and transport can be organised.

Well unless you want to pay for a flight to the UK for me, and hotel accomodation, it might be a little difficult for me to attend, a real psychic would have realised that I am not in the UK at all! But if I do come to the UK, I would love to attend, and see you face to face try and spout more of your nonsense my way.

Blessings, love and light.
Sarah Stanga.
Medium to infinity.

Bollocks, Beer and Shabba Ranks
Jon Donnis
To Infinity and Beyond!

Most Haunted Ratings Update - Episodes 4 & 5

So I received a lot of criticism for my coverage of the ratings for the first 3 episodes of Most Haunted. Fans of the show pointed out that ratings for any show go up and down all the time, and all that matters is that Most Haunted was still one of the top watched shows on REALLY TV!

And they have a fair point.

From Episode 1 to Episode 3 they lost roughly 40,000 viewers, but were still in the top 3 shows behind Ghost Adventures.

So now we have the ratings for episodes 4 and 5, so first lets remind ourself of the ratings for the first 3 episodes for comparison.

Episode 1 - 362,000
Episode 2 - 371,000
Episode 3 - 324,000

So how did Episode 4 do?

So in case the image doesn't load that is
Episode 4 - 318,000

But back to number 1!

How about Episode 5?

Down to second place with the following
Episode 5 229,000

So lets compare all of the first 5 episodes of the series.

Episode 1 - 362,000
Episode 2 - 371,000
Episode 3 - 324,000
Episode 4 - 318,000
Episode 5 - 229,000

Now again I am sure the fanboys and fangirls will point out that the show is still in the top two, but there is a very obvious trend here,  other than episode 2, every episode has lost viewers, Most Haunted has lost over 130,000 viewers!!!

This is a brand new long awaited for series, and people are turning off in their droves, and the funny thing is that Ghost Adventurers seems to be suffering a similar fate, although they seem a bit more stable.

At this rate no one will be watching Most Haunted by the time the final episode airs.

Now I spoke to a contact at UKTV who said that despite the public claims of them being happy with Most Haunted, privately there is great disappointment at how badly the show is losing viewers. The only good thing for UKTV is that they only paid about £5000 for the rights to show the episode.

UKTV did NOT commission Most Haunted, despite what some have claimed.

So with the ratings plummeting this must be bad news for ANTIX as this was their last chance to squeeze some money out of the Most Haunted name. Bankruptcy has knocked in their door a few times and they have managed to find a way out.

I wonder how long Fred Batt will be prepared to bank roll Most Haunted and trust in the promises from Karl Beattie?

If things don't improve soon, this could very well be the end of Most Haunted for ever!

And even the gorgeous Melanie Crump wont be able to save this sinking ship!

As always leave your comments below, and you can send your abuse to me on Twitter

30 September 2014

Magicians vs Psychics Panel discussion TAM 2013

With Ray Hyman, DJ Grothe, Jamy Ian Swiss, James Randi, Max Maven, Mark Edward and Banachek

28 September 2014

TV REVIEW Most Haunted Episode 7/10 (Ye Old King's Head - Chester)

"You don't like women do you"

No Yvette the spirits like women, it's just they don't like!

Yes we are back with another rip roaring, exciting, excellent episode of Scooby Doo! Hang on just been told the Scooby Doo review is off, and instead I am being forced to review Most Haunted by the bosses at BadPsychics Towers! Well thanks guys, I was really looking forward to Scooby Doo, well Most Haunted is close enough, they both go in search of ghosts, and it always ends up being a villain behind the paranormal activity, so Karl or Stuart then!

So this week Scooby and the Gang, sorry I mean Yvette and the Numpties are in Ye Olde Kings Head, Chester, yep they are in a pub! Good job Derek Acorah is no longer on the team, as he would have been designated driver tonight and we don't want any more cars in ditches thank you very much.

Yvette claims that not only is the pub extremely old but it is also extremely haunted! Of course that would be exactly what the pub owners would want people to think!

We are told of a ghost dog that prowls the hauls! Hang on this could very well be Scooby Doo!

We are introduced to Harry Achilleos the owner of the pub! Let me start off by apologising on behalf of all Greeks that one of our own is involved in this kind of business. I wonder if this is the same Harry who once claimed to be an astrologer?

Interestingly Harry claims he was a skeptic before he purchased the pub! hmmmm.....

Fred Batt reveals that this pub has 13 ghosts! So many, we are almost guaranteed to have some activity then! And in no way possible will any of the paranormal activity be created by Fred, Stuart or Karl!

Now before the sillyness begins, lets take a moment to recognise and appreciate the greatness and beauty that is Melanie Crump, in this episode of Most Haunted the lovely Mel is wearing a nice tight top, which is a vast improvement over the big coats and scarves she has worn in the last few episode.

Mel has her hair up, now I know many of the Crumpettes (that is what us fans like to refer to ourselves as) prefer her with her flowing locks blowing in the wind, Mel is a professional first, so smart and tidy is what she has gone for today.

In fact there was recently a world wide poll of which the results are below.

Question: Who is more attractive.
1. Yvette Fielding in her most expensive dress, after getting a full makeover.
2. Mel Crump with no makeup on, wearing just a potato sack.
3. Cath Howe after a night on the town with Frank Bruno

1. 2%
2. 95%
3. 3%

I think those results are pretty conclusive, and in no way made up.
(Disclaimer: The above poll is for entertainment purposes only)

Anyway back to the investigation and Karl, Stuart, Fred and Darren are in the cellar, and of course within a minute a stainless steel dog bowl is thrown, of course despite there being 4 people there, and at least 3 cameras, no one of them catches the moment the ghosties throw it! The Most Haunted team really are so unlucky don't you think!

We cross to Mel and Yvette, and damn Mel is looking stunning! Even more so stood next to Yvette, even with a low light source, Mel looks gorgeous, and Yvette looks... Well Yvette looks like Yvette!

I really need to stop getting distracted, but well Mel is the ONLY reason I am watching Most Haunted, and even though the ratings are dropping every week, I am sure a star is born with regards to Mel Crump!

Ok, had a cold shower, bad to the show.

Back to Stuart, Karl and Fred and they are analysing the Dog Bowl incident, and Stuart genuinely says and with a straight face "How the hell did that happen?"

Here is a photo of Stuart filming Karl's groin with his camera, maybe that's some special footage for later.

Did you know there is a fan page for Mel Crump on Facebook? Well go click LIKE on it now! They have some cool exclusives on there.

Anyway the dog bowl gets thrown a few more times, ALWAYS off camera, just consider this for a moment, if this was real it would rewrite the laws of physics, science would change forever, Karl Beattie would go into the history books, probably win a Nobel Prize. EVERYTHING would forever be changed! Yet despite all of this, no one thinks to shove a spare camera in the corner to film the whole room!

Oh and of course it is Stuart who is throwing the dog bowl!

I am genuinely interested to hear from ANYONE who believes the dog bowl was thrown by ghosties after this episode airs on October 2nd! Seriously leave a comment if you do!

Back to Yvette who is filming herself as usual, she is talking about a feeling of her head being pushed down, fingers on the top of her, pushing it down! Now I don't like to cast aspersions but perhaps Karl could be a little more gentle in the bedroom when he wants a blowy, just saying!

Yvette is begging the spirits to lock her and Mel Crump in the room, of course Mel says "please don't" well, I never knew Yvette swung both ways but then Melanie Crump could turn any woman if she wanted!

Did you know that Mel is now referred to simply as "The Body" by the Most Haunted male crew members, of course don't tell Yvette that, we know how jealous she can get.

"WHO ARE YOU? WHO IS THROWING THESE BOWLS?" Asks Stuart. Karl goes to reply but then quickly remembers he is making a TV show, poor Fred he is bankrolling this nonsense I heard!

Karl reveals he is feeling a bit sick and not well at all, so the boys leave the Bowl Throwing Room, and head elsewhere. I'm guess Yvette cooked dinner for the crew!

Lets hope Mel gets a slight fever further on in the episode and has to get down to her bikini to cool down!

Karl starts to freak out while lying on the bed as it starts shaking!

Have you ever noticed that Stuarts head is perfectly round!

That is probably more interesting than every single so called paranormal occurrence in the history of Most Haunted!

"This has to go down in history, and I am being serious when I say this, I wanna go but I wanna stay at the same time because all the shit is going down right now" - Stuart Toreville

Stuart then thanks the spirits for turning the tap on behind his back!

Imagine a world where you are so gorgeous that you cant help but hug yourself! Well imagine no more, that world exists and it is called Melanie Crump!

Sorry distracted again! Anyway for some reason TVs keep turning themselves on, but always in the room next to where the group are, it's almost as if someone set the timers on these TVs to switch on automatically! But why would a ghost learn how to use the Timer setting on a TV?

And eventually they catch a TV coming on, on its own! Wow, it must be the ghosties, as the remote control was left by the TV! And of course there is no way someone would have an identical remote in their pocket which they picked up from the previous room, or even one of those phone apps that can control the TV, or perhaps one of those old TV remote watches! All of these things are impossible, and the only explanation must be that a ghost turned the TV on as he would rather do anything but listen to this bunch of idiots any longer!

Now worth noting there is an edit just before the TV comes on again, and just before it does, Yvette goes on her own to an on-suite bathroom in the room. Thinking she is out of sight, you can just see a movement of her arm, and then this light

A second later the TV comes on. Now anyone with any knowledge of how infra red works, knows that the infra red signal from a remote lights up when a button is pushed, and when it is being filmed by a camera in night vision, so in person it makes no light, but a night vision camera can see it.

Now is this proof that Yvette simply goes into the toilet where no one can see her and switches the TV on? Well you watch it and make up your own mind.

After-all we know that Yvette has been caught cheating before, is this another instance of it?

Stuart then comes up with a good idea, to film with everyone present on camera including the magic TV

And of course nothing happens. So Karl goes into the bathroom, and off camera and low and behold the TV comes on again! And then the TV turns off, again all with Karl hidden in the adjacent bathroom!

This guys and gals is presented by Antix and REALLY TV as evidence of the paranormal!

The funny thing is, as Karl is turning the TV off and on with his hidden remote you can actually see the moment it is about to go off or on, as the little light on the TV flashes as it receives a signal.

To prove his innocence Karl shows his hands, and even declares that if he took one remote control from the other room it wouldn't work on this TV, they then say they will try this later. And of course this is instantly forgotten and never followed up on, which is all you need to know!

This whole TV turning on and off nonsense goes on for a good 10 minutes, nearly as bad as the ridiculous lift scene from a previous episode.

We finish off with a monotone monologue from Dr John Callow as he reads from his script written by Karl Beattie.

Overall the episode is actually quite entertaining which was a nice change, although that might be because Melanie Crump featured quite a bit and kept me distracted from the nonsense.

Anyway will be interesting to see if the ratings continue to slide for Most Haunted, but will be more interesting to see what Melanie Crump is wearing in episode 8, I'm hoping for a nice tight top again but perhaps this time paired up with a nice pencil skirt, and perhaps a return to her hair being let down.

Anyway that is all from me, I hope you enjoyed my review of The Melanie Crump Show, till next time.

By Jon Donnis
Follow me on Twitter @JonDonnis


Most Haunted
Thursday 2nd October, 10pm
S1 E7/10. Ye Olde Kings Head, Chester

Yvette and the team head to Ye Olde Kings Head in Chester, a great British pub known as one of the most haunted places in the world.

The building, named after King Charles I, was built in 1622 and throughout the years it has been host to many powerful and influential inhabitants. Nearly 100 years after being built it became an inn and since then a number of interesting characters have walked through its doors. Could it be that some never left?

13 ghosts allegedly haunt the building, but not all of them are there for the same reason; some wander the rooms in search of help, others are only there to cause harm and wreak havoc in the otherwise peaceful establishment. Reports of poltergeist activities, from messages on mirrors to children’s footsteps in the corridors, mean that this pub is the perfect venue for Yvette and the team to explore on a dark night.

Before the investigation is fully underway numerous strange noises are heard, and Yvette and Mel encounter a presence that may put their lives in danger.

A Polite message To Those Considering to Become Mediums

Every day I get many comments to articles on here, every so often a comment left makes me smile, and even more rarely I feel the need to share such a comment with the world.

The Truth posted the following on an article we published exposing a fake medium. Enjoy!


Polite message to those considering or sitting in "development" circles hoping to become platform "psychics", "mediums", "clairvoyants", "healers", "dowsers", "psychometry" or other "spiritualism" bollock variants:

You will be committing deception & fraud no matter how well meaning you are.

As you know your practice will be to groom the vulnerable, gullible & naive into attending, opening up (not just their purses & wallets) & performing cold/warm/hot reading techniques on them. You will have then exploited & abused those persons. They become your victims. You will have perpetrated a criminal act unless you clearly mention the non-mandatory "for entertainment purposes only" disclaimer that scumbag TV fraudsters use.

Again, they have become your target, your prey.

There are 4 reasons (not necessarily separate) why you may wish to practice the above:

1) Money.
2) Recognition (attention/a partner/fame).
3) You're deluded & hope you have magical powers.
4) To give comfort to the bereaved.

If you genuinely want to comfort the bereaved, train to become a bereavement counsellor or help to expose other perpetrators by showing their victims how they perform cold reading on them. Otherwise do sod all.

You are not healing "chakras".

You are not communicating with "spirit guides".

You are not communicating with "gate keepers".

You are not communicating with the dead.

You are however liaising with strangers who're looking up to you, trusting you, whilst you know (at least in the back of your mind) that you're lying & trying to further deceive them moment after moment for whatever gratification you desire. That act is predatory. You then further put these people at risk when they come back for more with other perpetrators who don't have background checks.

It's like those drug trafficking adverts, it's not too late to stop crossing that line & if you already have tell yourself to "step back" & never set foot in those premises or exploit another victim again. Why not even come clean & show your victims some respect for once.

Everyone can help. Simply don't promote or recommend these charlatans in any manner. If you have "psychics" TV or otherwise on Facebook, remove them or try to expose them to let others know their methods before they become victims. These deviants are materialising in their swarms on Facebook. I've already blocked over 1,000 using keywords.


Psychics = perpetrators.
Churches = pimps.
Clients = victims.

They're not just bad psychics but bad people & it's no longer a joke like once was with showmanship from Acorah. Because of him & others on TV they has evolved fresh deviants with even greater victims they've violated. Don't be either of them.