1 February 2021

Why do people reach out to psychics and mediums?

We here at BadPsychics.com have been exposing psychics and mediums for nearly 2 decades, whether it be TV Psychics or Mediums selling readings in their front room. One thing that all the victims of these frauds have in common is that they all felt a need to fill a hole in their life, whether that was the loss of a loved one, or a need to fill the hole of a doomed relationship, or even a need to know what will happen in the future.

To people who do not believe, or do not even care about the world of the psychic and the medium, it is hard to understand this need. It is puzzling to many why you would spend so much money on something that is so obviously fake.

The problem is that in the vast majority of cases these people are taken advantage of, and that is where skeptics like myself come in to try to help. But I cant do it alone.

Like with any scam, ease of operation is often the key to its explosion of popularity. As the TV psychic/medium industry started to wane, the online psychic/medium industry started to explode. This is no accident. In the past you would see someone on TV performing what can only be described as a miracle, and if you wanted some of that, you either had to pay big money to get an appointment, or you went along to one of their shows and hoped you might get picked out of the crowd. But then the "Facebook Psychic" became a thing, anyone could set up a Facebook Page, or an accompanying website, spend a bit of money on advertisement, or offer free readings and suddenly a complete nobody from a place like Liverpool.

The online world has definitely played a big part in the increase of psychics and medium, and not any unlocked magical abilities. Remember what I said, all about the "ease of operation". The easier something is, the more people will do it. And what way is easier to pretend to be a psychic, than sat on a computer on Facebook, with all the information of your victim just a few clicks away.

With all that said, the internet is not all bad, there is a lot of good out there too, whether that is checking the main features of the Starburst slot at slotsheaven.com, doing online shopping, or watching endless series on Netflix, but there will always be individuals looking to exploit people and peddle their lies. The internet can be a dark place. So learn to separate the good from the bad.

So,let us look a bit deeper into why people reach out to mediums in the first place? In order to make sure you don't find a friend or family member in a similar situation, here are some of the signs to look out for.

They want a relationship and/or love advice

In times of confusion and loneliness, people can turn to someone to help with their love life. Alternatively, couples can encounter issues in a relationship. Psychics claim to offer support, comfort and various pieces of advice, none of them are trained to do so and are literally fraudsters, after all if you had qualifications to help people with their mental health, why not work in Mental Health, it pays well I hear. Sadly, though, their victims are desperate for any bit of positivity, in the hope that their situation improves, and if you have someone telling you what you want to hear, then why wouldn't you pay them? The problem is what you want to hear is more often than not, not what you should hear.

To connect with deceased loved ones

When a loved one passes away there can be a real desire from people to try to connect with them, to believe that they are not really gone. Many people feel isolated, hurt and suffer a daily struggle, which is why any ray of hope is immediately embraced. Sickeningly, as a result, they then open themselves up to being preyed upon while in search of some sort of closure or a final bit of contact with a person they love. Many people visit mediums as a way of beginning the healing process and in the hope that they are able to move on with their lives, but this is rarely the case, much like any addiction, it is the first shot that is the worst, once you get that, then why wouldn't you want more. The hard bit is to stop people getting addicted in the first place.

Career advice

It is perhaps less common than other reasons, but some people need a second opinion on a potential career choice or a job opportunity. Will a career change improve their life? Could a job opportunity lead to increased positivity? We have all had those kinds of worries, never more so than right now. And when people visit a psychic, what they really want is a short cut, and life will tell you, there is no short cuts, you have to make mistakes, you have to learn from them.

To provide a glimpse into the future

We all would like to know what the future holds, whether that is career, love, family, you name it, life would be easier if we knew the future, why do you think so many people read their horoscopes. The problem is, the future hasn't happened yet, no one can see it, no one can correctly predict it. We make our own futures by the decisions we make today.

So,what can we take away from all of this?

It is quite simple.

1. Take responsibility for yourself, do not rely on unqualified others to tell you want you should or shouldn't do.

2. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, there is one fact that both the hardest atheist and most devoted Christian can agree on, memories of your lost loved ones are real, no one truly dies as long as you remember them, as long as you talk about them, tell stories about them. So do that. Let the grief out, talk, talk, and talk some more.

3. Finally, and the most important thing. If you do find yourself at a weak moment, and you spend your money on a psychic or medium, NEVER EVER just accept this loss of money, never just accept you are a victim of a crime and do nothing. FIGHT BACK! Report them to Trading Standards or even the police, demand a refund, use every method available to get your money back.