2 January 2007

Nancy Orlen Weber - An experience with a cold hearted Psychic

The following article was originally published on the old website on 2nd January 2007, I have republished it per request of a user.


Rev. Nancy Orlen Weber, R.N is an American Psychic peddling her wares and selling her oils to any unsuspecting person out there.

Here forum member "vthokiegirl" tells us of her experience with Nancy Orlen Weber and gets a harsh lesson in the depths some psychics will go to make money.

By vthokiegirl
Last weekend, with great anticipation, I began a trip to my home state, New Jersey, USA. I was to catch up with old friends and to have a one hour session with the self-professed psychic medium, Nancy Orlen Weber. She advertises herself as a reverend, an R.N., a psychic, a medium, a medical intuitive, and an animal communicator. She is gaining recognition by her work as a psychic police detective, aiding her local police in finding missing and deceased persons. She has appeared on Court TV’s half-hour reality-based show, “Psychic Detectives,” as well as The Biography Channel’s “Psychic Investigators.” She has yet, however, to be embraced by paranormal enthusiasts within the Internet forum and blog community. 

I believed that her credentials, along with the fact that she resides not far from my home town, gave her added credibility. On her website, she states that “a reading usually touches on two things, the first what I see and feel about you, your energy, your life, your health, influences in your life, etc. and the second is the direction you ask me to take in the reading so it can be a mixture of whatever you need.” As you will read below, I was not offered a chance to direct the session and, although I once believed myself to be a sophisticated skeptic, I realized that I was just as easily hoodwinked and bedazzled as the average believer by the charm of that "glib and oily art to speak and purpose not.” 

I feel that I am now aware, as I had not been before, of some of the potential dangers surrounding psychic readings. What I experienced from the reading was a sense of loss. By that, I mean, a loss of faith (in humanity and an afterlife), of my pride, of my time, and, of course, my hard earned money. I traveled over 1000 miles. I spent $205.00 on the session. What I gained was a sense of having been scammed by a slick, well-oiled, well-trained saleswoman. 

May I suggest that you heed my warning, for self-professed psychic mediums do not come with their own warning labels. Legally, one cannot prove that someone is not a psychic. Therefore, buyer beware. You may read this material and think to yourself, “Weber’s information may be useful. I think I will look into purchasing the book that she refers to.” I have nothing against homeopathic remedies. If nutrition or homeopathy is your bag, become a nutritionist or homeopath. Don’t practice these respected fields under the guise of being a psychic medium. I traveled a great distance to make contact with those who have crossed over. I was lead to believe that this psychic medium had the ability to make that contact. Instead, what I received was a cold reading and an Avon lady sales pitch for Young Living herbal products. The following is a transcript of the session.

Weber: You don’t have very much energy…I am seeing a disconnect between your nerves and your muscles…Your nerve to muscle is not strong. I am not allowed to diagnose. I am a medical intuitive. Nerve to muscle is significant for you. 

VT: Humm..

Weber: I am looking at the relay and thinking this is not happening well. I am also looking at consequences of medical treatment that has left you – they have left their own set of problems. Fortunately, you have some really strong arenas working for you. You have will power and a half. You have probably needed it.

So, in saying that, I want you to open up the door of conversation about this…because we need to talk together. I look at you and go – you are better than you have been and you are through the woods, but you still need to do a lot of changes. And you still need to take care of something and learn some things here that I know nursing doesn’t teach us.

VT: I am happy to learn anything.

Weber: I know – I understand.

VT: What would you like to know?

Weber: Anything you would like to say about it, because I go tentatively on this one….you already know…

VT: I do have arthritis in my thumbs, it’s hereditary…Sometimes my neck gets sore…

Weber: Yeah, I know…

VT: I have had some surgery.

Weber: Yeah, that I saw. And that is part of the consequences that I see you have been experiencing.

VT: My parents are deceased. Their dying was very difficult for me. 

Weber: And that doesn’t help. I see a lot of stress. Years ago, when my prognosis was a permanent wheelchair, I said “Well, if I aim in the direction of healing, I may never dance again but I might walk.” But at least if I start moving in that direction, I will slow down the process. Well that was about 30 years ago. I haven’t needed a wheelchair or had any symptoms of anything since doing the Essential Oils. I bypassed the problems. All my money went to learning nutrition and homeopathy and getting antioxidants. We didn’t have clothes or health insurance, but we were well. This is what we call the Oil Bible (holding the Essential Oils: Desk Reference).

VT: By the way, I have to ask you: do you have mediumship ability?

Weber: Yeah, I do and if they come in, I will be telling you. I knew you were looking….

VT: Well, I’m sure everyone coming in here asks.

Weber: Well, no. Some people don’t even mention….but I don’t mention it unless somebody says something.

VT: I see…

Weber: I keep these books here so you don’t have to pay shipping or tax.

VT: Oh, you sell them…

Weber, Yeah I keep extras here for people who want to learn. How is your blood pressure?

VT: It’s usually good.

Weber: Right, give me your pinky (she puts some oil on my finger). This is peppermint, put it on your tongue and take a deep breath…that is the equivalent of 26 cups of peppermint tea. It is very antifungal. You can put in a drop in water and you drink peppermint water a couple of times a day.

Grade A and grade B are the grades of oils. Therapeutic grade doesn’t exist in America. One drop of an oil can have hundreds of properties of an essential oil. In France and Germany, they use them in hospitals and they use them all over. Two companies in America use therapeutic grade. This company, “Young Living” - it’s all organic. I have been to the distillery and seen the manufacturing. Joy (she holds up the bottle) - this is a blend of many essential oils. One is helichrysum, which maps out nerves and repairs nerves. It’s the only thing I have ever seen that can. Now this is for pain and arthritis…Here is some Basel…OK, now we are doing lemon grass…

Ok, we are going to talk about unburdening your body. We have something called toxic brew…in today’s world…we have about 170 known insecticides, pesticides coming in if you are not eating 100% organic. You are having at least the same amount of known toxic chemicals on the body with your personal care products everyday and in your household cleansers. Household chemicals, Lysol. Your olfactory bulb is the most potent messenger to the brain. You are going to throw them out and you are going to go to a health food store and you can get anything you want there except for one other ingredient. Let’s see if I have an open bottle and you can smell it. Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, and Rosemarie…Like it?

VT: Smells good.

Weber: OK, well there is this “Thieves Household Cleanser” that is actually ingestible. This is the strongest known antibacterial agent on this planet, bar known. Kills periodontal disease in its tracks. Kills staph, strep, pneumococus. This is all lab tested. 
So, coming back to you…unburdening the body…I smell a lot of coffee around your father.

VT: He liked his cup of espresso.

Weber: He’s listening. So, he’s here for the lesson, too.

Ok, getting the Ph to be normal in interstitial tissue means that you do not inundate the body with known ph imbalances. This means you get rid of your household cleansers. 

VT: I have so many.

Weber: Yeah, but they’re killing you. This house is totally cleaned with organic products. I use it everywhere. No one gets sick here.

VT: What is this product?

Weber: I’ll give you a catalogue. I have some here in stock. You order it from Utah. I carry some extras here for people to get started. I can get the book here. So, with these products, you unburden the body. 

VT: Well, you know I’m a skeptic…

Weber: You shouldn’t eat sugars, nothing artificial, no Splenda. Chlorinated sugar – the pharmaceutical companies should be shot. Artificial affects the central nervous system. It affects everything. It weakens muscles unbelievably. There are a group of people that I have worked with over the years, who when they suddenly collapse and they are unable to walk, the first thing I say to them, how much diet soda do you drink a day. Everyone of them gives me a history of it. It goes to the muscles. So, no soda. It leaches calcium from the bone. I’ll give you some samples called Emergen-C, they are vitamin Cs. One box is about $12.00 in the store, 30 packets, you carry it around and you pop it in water. It fizzles, it is very healthy for you. 

Lemon oil, orange oil…they are essential oils. They are very inexpensive. Peppermint oils, lemon oils are about $10.00…285 drops…They are good for several months…You put them in water, you drink lemon water….Lemon is your most alkalizing food known to man. It’s Ph of 9.0. You add organic squeezed lemons to water or anything you eat.

VT: But I like my soda. I am skeptical of these kinds of products…

Weber: They are telling me you were like this when you were little…..yes, she was always like this…wasn’t that fun for you (she looks at the ceiling, as if talking to my parents’ spirits). Actually, they are saying you were adorable. They were saying that you were as cute as can be and fun.

VT: (laughing) I was…

Weber: Did you put on plays or something. Did you put on little shows for them or something. 

VT: I was always trying to be entertaining.

Weber: Yeah, they are telling me you put on little skits. What’s this they are telling me about a rabbit or bunny or something?

VT: (I’m looking puzzled. I never owned a rabbit.)

Weber: I don’t think it was real. 

VT: I use to have lots of stuffed animals. 

Weber: Yes, that is what they are telling me. 

VT: I wish they could tell me what lies ahead in the future.

Weber: I am sure if they could sit here with you, they would tell you they would not want you to suffer and they would want you to take a look at things. Regardless of whether this is an answer today or anything is an answer, they would want you to continue to seek healing and not let negative feelings be the guide to what you do. How about instead of looking for clarity that way, how about looking for clarity in taking care of your body and making some very basic changes. How does your neck feel right now? (She had rubbed some oils into my neck previously). I’ll give you a catalogue and I suggest you look at the book (Essential Oils). Chapter 26 is “Liver, Health, and Ph Balance.” All health is basic, get rid of your household cleansers. I looked at you and I said, “How are we going to get her to do this?” So, this is the catalogue, the book, and this is the website, you can look up anything and read about the oils.

By vthokiegirl

Most of you can see quite easily that Nancy is only interested in selling her various oils and books.

Some people may see this as harmless, but this is big business and psychics like Nancy are coining in a fortune from unsuspecting people.

We can only say to people to avoid psychics like this, but unfortunately there seems to be a constant stream of people ready to be ripped off.

We can only commend "vthokiegirl" for telling us of her experience so it can act as a warning to others.

By Jon Donnis