10 January 2017

The Haunting of Michael D Magee - Debunking his claims of being haunted - Duck of Truth

Michael D Magee claims to have been haunted since late 2010. He's believed to be one of the most credible paranormal investigators with amazing paranormal evidence. But is he really?

His series is called Real Paranormal Activity but in this Michael Magee Debunked video I'll explain why it's not so real.

His amazing paranormal evidence is easy to fake and in at least one video I can prove that it's fake.

His videos are nothing more than a hoax to convince people that ghosts exist for his own personal gain.
If you're interested in watching hoax videos, go right ahead.

But this video is intended for people who are interested in the truth.

Below we will see some editing mistakes in his poltergeist activity videos. Masking, visible string and a look back at the Kinect video he made.

At this point we can safely say Michael Magee has been exposed.

There is no other way around it. The paranormal evidence Michael D Magee produces is fake. Nothing more than a hoax.

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And check out his youtube channel

Here is the latest video debunking him, scroll down for the 2 previous videos that exposed his claims.


Presley35 said...

Michael Magee does my nogging in. If you were supposedly haunted wouldn't you be contacting scientists, tv crews, paranormal investigators, Zak Bagans 😜 I mean this is ground breaking you can prove one of the biggest debates going: Are ghosts real?
But no he decides to. Just post YouTube videos and makes up excuses on why he won't let investigators into his house.

Kath said...

Why should he have to prove to anyone? Don't blame him for not contacting scientists as they would just poopoo evidence.
I was part of a paranormal team years ago and had the opportunity to go 'Most haunted ' style on a TV channel, we refused as we knew the crap that would come with it.
You can actually refuse the stardom or even the mocking power of the TV and so called scientific tests.
The guy does no harm, so why have a go....leave him be....does anyone debunk the Christian faith? Doubtful....

JD said...

SO you admit that scientists would poo poo his evidence, you know why they would do this? Because it is EASY to expose his lies and fraud!

And you ask does anyone debunk the Christian faith, are you serious? It is the single most debunked religion on the planet, every single part of it has been exposed as a lie.

I think you need to do some more reading and stop waving useless equipment about in the dark that you do not even understand how to use correctly

Anonymous said...

Jon, i love the site. Just found it while googling fakery or the likes around the east drive home.

I'm interested in reading anything you have on religion.


JD said...

Hi Mark, glad you like the site, I have covered religion too, but not as much compared to the psychic stuff. I have a religion site at www.badreligion.co.uk
But like i said not so much on there, already loads of people taking on religion, but not so many taking on psychics

Anonymous said...

Just keep up the good work.

My sister went to see an awful medium called Andrew round my ways who told her that her husband was cheating on her. I then went to see him n he got a hit on nothing so started throwing out the young guy who died on a motorbike thing, a ghost dog and the classic elderly woman on her death bed surrounded by family, George with his war medal, or watch and an old lady called Elizabeth. All popular things in the war era. When I threw him a bone about my friend recently dying from suicide he changed the woman on the death bed to my young female friend and made it fit. When he failed to get hits on me he would cover himself by saying it was someone close to me.

He was truly shit. The worse part was the intro his wife gave about him and his history before he came in that sounded like the start of an epic film.


JD said...

Glad you seeing the tricks of how they do it.

Unknown said...

I used to be a ghost Hunter and had some great experiences (and non faked evidence)but when I showed people what I had captured in photos and video all I got was ridiculed and told they were all faked.i have studied most of Michael's videos as I hate fakers and I have to admit that even I'm struggling to work out how some of the things are moved with wires etc.its easy to say that something is faked even when it isn't so I think people should give him the benefit of the doubt until there is 100% proof against him.as for not letting "expert"paranormal investigators in,how does anybody know that it is him not wanting them in,it could be his girlfriend saying no to the idea.

JD said...

There IS 100% proof, watch the videos in the article.
Even if you only accept that he faked things once, that is proof he is a fake, and the moment someone fakes something once, they lose all credibility for ever.

Also there is a difference between a ghost hunting faking things, and a ghost hunter simply being convinced that they have caught something real. 99.999% of ghost hunters have no idea what they are doing, they don't understand the equipment they use, and they dont understand photography and video enough to debunk basic things.

Unknown said...

I'm glad that you pointed out the obvious. Besides that, I personally dealt with the paranormal and in 2014 we had a group come into house and they were the ones that confirmed what I knew all along. Not because of my opinions but the opinions and experiences of my entire family and complete strangers who entered my home. That's what prompted me to get a paranormal group to investigate my home and they had more equipment than i had ever seen on any of these shows. The group consisted of 5 individuals and a paranormal doctor. Come to find out it was our land that was plagued with a bad history. Since my divorce I've not been affected by the paranormal but it has taught me a lot and now I own my own equipment EMF detector, PSB-7 spirit box, EVP recorder and amplified Bluetooth speaker/headphones. If these things were happening to him as he claims in his videos I would want others specifically strangers to experience and explain what is going on. Screw the damn privacy...

Unknown said...

who else thinks the supposed new you tuber 'the dark knight' is michael magee?

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