30 December 2022

ChatGPT - I asked this new AI to write a 2000 word article exposing how psychics perform their tricks

I thought I would check out the new AI that has been in the news called ChatGPT, and I made a simple request.

Write a 2000 word article exposing how psychics perform their tricks.

Here is the result.

Psychics are individuals who claim to have the ability to perceive and communicate with the supernatural, or to possess other extraordinary powers such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition. Many people believe in the abilities of psychics and seek out their services for guidance, healing, or other forms of assistance. However, the claims of psychics are often met with skepticism and disbelief by those who view their abilities as fraudulent or superstitious.

There are various ways in which psychics may appear to perform their tricks and convince others of their powers. Some psychics may use cold reading techniques, in which they use subtle cues and generalizations to make educated guesses about their clients and their lives. For example, a psychic may ask leading questions or make broad statements that are likely to be true for many people, and then present these guesses as specific revelations or insights.

Other psychics may use hot reading techniques, in which they gather information about their clients before their sessions through research, observation, or other means. For example, a psychic may use information from social media profiles, news articles, or public records to learn about their clients and their lives, and then present this information as supernatural revelations during their sessions.

Another common trick used by psychics is the use of props or other tools to create the illusion of supernatural abilities. For example, a psychic may use a crystal ball, tarot cards, or other objects to make it seem as if they are receiving messages or insights from the other side. In reality, these objects may be used as distractions or props to help the psychic direct the conversation and control the flow of information.

Psychics may also use psychological manipulation techniques to influence the beliefs and behavior of their clients. For example, they may use techniques such as hypnosis, suggestion, or even mild forms of brainwashing to alter the perceptions and memories of their clients. This can make it difficult for clients to critically evaluate the accuracy or validity of the information provided by the psychic, and can lead to a false sense of belief in their powers.

In conclusion, the tricks used by psychics to appear to have supernatural powers are varied and varied. While some psychics may genuinely believe in their abilities, many use techniques such as cold reading, hot reading, props, and psychological manipulation to create the illusion of supernatural abilities and convince their clients of their powers. It is important for individuals seeking the services of psychics to be aware of these techniques and to approach such claims with a healthy level of skepticism.