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The Official BadPsychics Podcast - "The BadCast" Episode 01 - 6th March 2010

0:00:00 Introduction: Two Blokes in their bedroom trying to be funny.
0:01:35 Matt Parker - Maths behind Homeopathy
0:07:50 Richard Saunders - Psychics
0:15:35 Emma-Louise Rhodes - True Believer Syndrome
0:20:40 William Brougham - My Journey to Skepticism

Welcome to the first episode of the official BadPsychics.com Podcast or the BadCast for short.

This week we have Mathematician Matt Parker who talks about the numbers behind homeopathy, Australian Skeptic Richard Saunders talking about psychics, Emma-Louise Rhodes joins us to talk about True Believer Syndrome.

And our final guest is journalist William Brougham (Kensington) who talks about his journey into skepticism.

Hope you enjoy the show any question please post them on the Forum or leave a comment on this page.

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