8 January 2017

A Look at Psychic Joe Power

The following article was originally published on 25th June 2009

In recent times a 'psychic' by the name of Joe Power has come into the media eye, in fact we have covered the last few years of his professional career in some detail on this site, but how has a psychic such as this manipulated his position in life to that of a 'wannabe celebrity' psychic. Well for that we must go back to the beginning, well not the beginning, but lets say 2006 instead.

In April of 2006, Joe Power caused controversy when he made it public that he was going to contact the spirit of John Lennon, as you can imagine this caused a lot of discussion, even Yoko Ono had her representatives release a statement calling the stunt “Exploitative”, but of course this is exactly what Joe Power wanted, media attention. A US TV station had apparently found someone who would be willing to partake in this stunt and for what? A pay-per view TV special. Oh how very spiritual, and only $9.95, that's a good $5 cheaper than the Princess Diana séance from a few years earlier.

So what did John Lennon have to say for himself, well the ground breaking message from the dead Lennon was “peace....the message is peace”, now if that isn't worth $9.95 then I don't know what is.

Despite appearing on this American special, things were still not going great for Joe, despite his own claims, he was having to cancel shows on a regular basis due to poor ticket sales, when you cant sell out small hotel function rooms then you know that a new stunt is in order, especially since the Lennon séance did nothing for his career.

One of the claims Joe has made over the years is one that many psychics use, that being that they have helped the police solve crimes, you hear this all the time, but with Joe Power we decided to dig deeper. He claimed to have helped Southport Police in the Lyndsey Quy murder case, yet when we asked Detective Superintendent Geoff Sloan, he made the following statement: “I wish to state, categorically, that as Senior Investigating Officer on the Lyndsey Quy murder, I made a policy decision not to use psychics on the investigation. Joe Power has allegedly made claims that he assisted the enquiry but this is not the case.”

So like most if not all psychics Joe Power was simply making claims that were not true, but this would not stop him from using such claims in the future, claims we would show were untrue time after time after time.

Joe also claimed “through one of his astonishing spirit links” to have known the killer of model Sally Anne Bowman and that he informed the police that the killer was a “Stephen” or “Stephan White”, aged between 24 and 26 and was a delivery driver. Yet following DNA evidence the police arrested and charged 36 year old chef Mark Dixie who is now serving a life sentence in prison. So yet again Joe is wrong. Yet he keeps telling people how he helps the police.

So despite cancelling 44% of his publicised shows in 2005, 2006 and 2007, Joe Power was still hungry for 'power' and fame. In 2008 he made an astounding public statement when he said “‘TV mediums are ripping people off. The place is saturated with fake mediums getting away with playing on people’s emotions ....” Yes the same man who did a tacky pay-per view TV special in America contacting John Lennon, despite the objections of the Lennon estate and Yoko Ono.

Throughout 2008 things just got worse for Joe, of 65 advertised shows at least 51 were cancelled due to poor sales.

But in 2009 Joe saw an opportunity, an opportunity to get himself on the front page of every newspaper in the country, and he took it. This was at the time when the Madeleine McCann story had become worldwide news, another child by the name of Shannon Matthews had gone missing in similar circumstances, knowing full well that the interest of this story would be front page news Joe visited the Shannons mother Karen Matthews and her partner Craig Meehan, he gave them a reading which would even be quoted in the Sunday People newspaper. Suddenly he found himself in the papers, In a photograph standing next to Karen Matthews, this was exactly what Joe wanted, media attention.

Unfortunately despite claiming to be clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairessient, and despite spending a lot of time with the family of Shannon Matthews, Joe seemed to have missed one tiny detail, that being that Karen Matthews had actually been behind the fake kidnap of her 9 year old daughter. Karen Matthews is now serving time in prison, and has shown no remorse for her crimes. This is the woman who Joe Power happily had his photo taken with, and who he gave readings too.

As you would expect this was not the kind of thing that Joe had hoped that would happen, he now found himself in the position of failed psychic once again.

Joe Power claims he has helped the police solve crimes, we know this is not true, in fact from the very mouths of the police, he has not helped them at all. The one case where he truly put himself on the line, he failed miserably.

So now we find ourselves bang up to date, many tacky stunts, failed tours, cancelled shows, yet still Joe Power manages to find himself a book publisher, although when a member of Bad Psychics went along to one of his signings, all that could be found was a lonely figure of Joe sat at a table on his own, no line of people, no crowds scrambling for his photo, nothing, maybe this is all that is left for this man, or maybe he has already planned his next stunt, only time will tell.

But Joe would have one last dig at those who dare to doubt him.

I will quote from my good friend, Bad Psychics member and Merseyside skeptic Marsh who recently met Joe Power, and handed him an application form for the JREF Million Dollar challenge, Joe would reply:

“The thing about you sceptics, is that you sit there, festering in front of your computers at 3am, thinking up ways to get at people. What if I were to sit in front of your house and tell people you’re a paedophile?”

“because you’re there festering, at 3am, plotting to get at me, in the same way that paedophiles fester and plot to interfere with children – you both have to be sick in the head to do what you do.”

”I think most sceptics probably are paedophiles. I mean you’re sat around at 3am, plotting, aren’t you? Do you deny that?”

And people wonder why Joe is disliked by so many people, why he has to cancel show after show, and why no one turns up to his book signings.

Joe Powers career should be a warning to any wannabe celebrity psychic out there. Don'tt make claims you cant back up, because the one annoying thing about skeptics is that we simplydon'tt take things on faith, we investigate, we search, and we find out the truth.

By Jon Donnis – BadPsychics.co.uk

If you have had any recent interactions with Joe Power please do get in touch, leave a comment, or send me a message.


Unknown said...

I am watching him right now on a Derren Brown show and it is not going well for him. He keeps getting everything wrong. He is not psychic and is just a terrible liar.

fotoburd said...

Found your site after Googling 'Joe Power Fake'. Great article, Ive just watched the Derren Brown show about him and he has shown himself to be an absolute tit. I hope the show puts an end to Joe Power and his shows, its a right shame the way that he manipulates people into telling him what they want to hear. I almost chocked with laughter when I read in your article that he thinks that Septics are the same as paedophilles due to the fact that they sit in front of their computer at 3am. What a complete idiot.

peter said...

never heard of this guy Joe Powers before Derren Browns show and hope I never hear of him again as he is clearly a fraudster fake and a liar , He came across as a bully , Derron Brown clearly had his card marked , Please please everybody do not get conned by this man

Unknown said...

not only a total fake (surprise!), but a nasty little man with it.

ravana said...

A terrible situation (Shannon Matthews I mean...) but that picture of the idiot fraudster and that terrible excuse for a mother is absolutely classic!

Unknown said...

Now this fraudster has promoted himself on a national radio station (Talksport, 8th August). The host, a so-called 'journalist' Ian Collins, interviewed this guy prior to his performances at the Edinburgh Festival (Yes, he is performing at this prestigious event). Needless to say virtually all of the crap that this joker came out with, went unchallenged by the aformentioned 'journalist'. Ironically, the programme was centred around undermining conspiracy theories.

Anonymous said...

What a fraudster, not a very clever one too. To top it all of, he has no shame.

I hope this article (and many others around the web) will warn the innocent, trusting and vulnerable bereaved against Joe Power. He clearly feels no guilt about what he is doing - lying and deceiving people in order to make money and get more fame.

Simply disgusting.

Xanna said...

I am watching Derren Brown too right now. I love how Derren is getting more things right than Power, all the while saying he has no physic abilities.

vicky said...

Spoke to many people who have had readings from Joe power and have said he is anything but fake don't judge someone from second hand opinions having a reading with Joe next week and I will then give you mine

vicky said...

Spoke to many people who have had readings from Joe power and have said he is anything but fake don't judge someone from second hand opinions having a reading with Joe next week and I will then give you mine

Pammy said...

Nothing good showing from this fake all looks bad sad that we had to see the awful site of his arse but that says it all about this bogus fake feel for the gulible he draws in if you have the gift why make money out of givin people answers n comfort from loved ones.

Unknown said...

The fact that he charges for his readings is enough to put me off, if he really had these abilities then why would he need to charge people? He was nothing but rude to Derren Brown and to the woman he gave the reading to (which was totally WRONG) He is taking advantage of people and doesn't show signs of stopping. We should go to a book signing and confront him. Oh yeah I'm a sceptic, so guess that makes me a pedophile too. Rather be that then a money grabbing fraud.

Unknown said...

This man has made my life hell with his so called listening to the dead and passing on comments from the grave, he has told lies about me to my family from the so called spririts and my life is at this minute a mess over these untrue lies!!!!!! I have proof to back me up up over everything am accused of Joe Powers and I will meet you anytime of the day, week, year to prove you told a pack of lies about me and I've a good mind to sue you!!!!

JD said...

So what you gonna do about it?
Have you been to a solicitor? Have you been to trading standards?
Its all good moaning about it on a forum or blog post, but you have to get pro-active otherwise frauds like this will never learn!

Fight fire with fire, hit them where it hurts, in their pockets!

Adrian said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Adrian said...

If you really have to see this chancer, you want to know if it's real, right? He will likely surprise you with the amount of mundane information he knows about you and your family, and you will forget how much of it is available on social media, public family records, information you have already given him and by just poking around (on the Derren Brown special he ask to use the toilet every single time he arrives at a client's house, so he can have a good nose around the house). Plant some false Information and see if he picks it up as if it were real. Familiarise yourself with cold reading techniques, overtly or covertly record the session and make a transcript of hits and misses, and definitely watch the Derren Brown episode on Youtube to see how easily he achieves better results by using simple non-psychic techniques.

JD said...

good advice.
I removed your other post as it was almost identical.

Unknown said...

The bbc have made a drama based on the shannon matthews case called the moorside, the first part aired last night. Alas Mr Powerless was not portrayed last night maybe he will in the second episode?

JD said...

I never even considered that, I doubt they would include him, but could be interesting if they did

Unknown said...

I have an appointment to see Joe power on Sunday, he is touring Ireland, will update how I got on, thanks for the heads up

JD said...

Why? Why on Earth would you waste your money on him? He is a proven fraud and liar?
There is literally no reason for you to see him.
You want find out anything that isn't already known about him.
And at the worst he could end up conning you and gaining a new fan!

I would much rather you cancelled and didn't put any money in his pocket

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