8 January 2017

A look at so called "Celebrity Psychic" William Constantine

Sometimes I get bored, and when I get bored I mess about on twitter, today I thought I would search for the term "celebrity psychic", and why not. Anyway one of the first results I received was a man by the name of Dr. William Constantine. Now to be clear, I have never heard of him, and psychics and mediums are kind of my thing, so to call yourself a celebrity is of course a grandiose claim, but maybe i am wrong and this man really is famous. After all I could walk past one of the stars of TOWIE and have no idea who they are, yet someone else may go up to one and ask for an autograph.

So starting from a point of no knowledge about William Constantine, the first thing I can do is look at his Twitter account. @wmconstantine firstly let me state that I am posting his Twitter account here purely as a reference point, I do not condone or encourage anyone to troll him, send him messages, or try to catch him out.

Looking at his Twitter account he has some impressive numbers.
Tweets 13,600
Following 133
Followers 9,347

Now, Twitter is all about ratios, if you follow 10,000 people, and you have 10,000 followers, that gives you a ratio of 1:1 This is a fair ratio, but it does not mean you have 10,000 people interested in you, or fans of you etc, it just means that the vast majority of people you follow, just followed you back.

Now William Constantine has a pretty impressive ratio, for every 1 person he follows, he pretty much has 100 people follow him. I know its not exact, but you get the idea. This is a very good ratio.
But then I noticed something strange, his average tweet was only getting the odd 1 like or 1 retweet here and there, not what you would expect from someone with 10,000 followers. Something seems odd. So I decided to use a site called "Twitter Audit" to find out how many of his followers were actual real accounts. Here is what I found.

According to this the vast majority of his followers are fake accounts! And in fact he only has 152 real followers! This would make sense as to why he doesn't get many likes or retweets. And if you look at the fact he follows 133 people, suddenly his real ratio isn't that impressive is it, Pretty much 1:1

Now before anyone moans, here is a twitter audit of my own followers.

You can check out my Twitter account @JonDonnisShow

Now pretty much every twitter account will have some fake followers, usually bots that auto follow people who post certain hashtags and so on.

Clearly it seems that William Constantine either purchased his Twitter account with the followers already there, or he purchased fake followers. Either way it is my opinion that he is being dishonest about how popular he really is on Twitter. Also worth noting that archives of Twitter have shown that his follower count is slowly dropping too, which would suggest that the paid for fake followers have been removed from Twitter, something that Twitter does every so often as part of their clean up efforts.

The same pretty much goes with his Facebook page too. About 8000 likes, but only about 1% of that number is interacting with him. His last 50 photos posted the most likes any got is about 10, with only the odd comment here and there. So it is safe to suggest that his facebook page has grown from paid "likes", I would put the real number of likes at less than 200, and probably closer to 100, which would kind of match his twitter stats.

So clearly in his social media accounts he is being manipulative, and trying to present an image of someone much more popular than he really is.

Now the reason i have gone into some detail about social media numbers is that these are very important to PR companies, as that is what they look at when judging whether to book someone for a gig of not, or to marketing companies etc who want to buy advertisement or sponsor and so on.

So if you know a psychic that has a high number of followers, don't automatically assume they are really popular so must be good. Unless they are a huge name, I guarantee you those followers will be fake.

Also he calls himself Dr. William Constantine, D.MSc. Sounds a bit fancy doesn't it, but what does the D.MSc. bit mean? Could it be Doctor of Medical Science. No.

Its one of these paid for online degrees that have no real worth in the world.
He is a  Dr. of Metaphysics, but lets not say that too loud, after all "DMSc" does mean Doctor of Medical Science, but he is not a real doctor, not by any stretch.

You can even buy one of these degrees for under $40! See here
Although there are more fancy courses you can do, usually cost about $1000 and you can get the degree, and the letters after your name, sadly it is completely legal, and nothing at all wrong with doing that, but again to call yourself a Doctor is a bit rich.

UPDATE: He got his "Doctorate" from The University of Metaphysics. And it would have cost him roughly $1200

Basically these Metaphysics degrees are a load of spiritual mumbo jumbo, but are protected by law due to religious protections.

So what have we learned today about William Constantine, well he has vastly exaggerated his "celebrity", and he is not the kind of Doctor you would want near you if you were having a heart attack.

So ask yourself now, if he goes to these lengths just to make himself seem more popular than he is, and to have fancy sounding letters after his names, whats the chances that he really can talk to the dead?

If you have ever heard of him or had any experiences with him let me know.

He could be the real deal, he could be the worlds first real psychic medium, but in my opinion he is just another person pretending he has magical powers so he can charge $250 for a 1 hour reading! (Yes that is actually how much he charges) and before I finish off for today, lets take a quick look at the disclaimer on his site. Something he has written in teeny tiny font on his website making it hard to read. Luckily I will keep it at normal size here. My comments interjected in RED

Legal Notice & Disclaimer:
You must be at least 18 years old to use the consulting services of Dr. William Constantine. Payment for William’s time must be by credit card in your name.  

First alarm right here, you must pay for his services using a credit card and in your name!
Some would say that is so he has time to research you. Not me though, I would never suggest such a thing. After all what has searching about something achieved for me today? :D

Please be advised that no psychic reading can predict, forecast, diagnose or provide information with absolute certainty. 

So in other words, he is saying that if he is wrong it is not his fault.

No guarantees or assurances of any kind are given and William Constantine will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during readings.

That is a fair enough statement to cover his own backside.

 As law mandates, all readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Does the law mandate this? He is in America, so I am not as familiar with US law as I am UK law, but I would suggest that the law does not mandate any such thing, and that if he was the real deal he could say so. It is almost like he is admitting that he is not really communicating with the dead, but trying to get out of it by saying he is forced to say that by those evil law makers!

William does not provide any advice regarding medical conditions, legal issues, psychological disorders, financial matters, or investment opportunities. All advice for any such issues or matters should be obtained from a qualified professional. No consultation with William is to be considered as any kind of medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment for any condition. Any discussions pertaining to any professional matter is for general information purposes only. Do not ignore advice from a qualified professional based upon any consultation with William.

This is actually good advice, it is just a shame that people tend to ignore all of this when they go to see a medium, it is kind of the whole point. You go to see a psychic/medium because you want information that you cant get through any other way, whether it is what will happen in the future, or advice from a dead relative. 

You understand that William cannot make any warranties or guarantees regarding the information he provides and that he cannot be held responsible or liable for the actions you take as a result of the session. 

This disclaimer is all about covering his arse, but the best bit is the final 2 lines.

You are completely responsible for any actions you take after any consultation with William.


In other words he can say what he likes to you, he can give you any advice he likes, and he is not responsible. Unlike REAL Doctors who ARE responsible for what they say and do, and can face serious consequences if they mess up, including losing their job and even imprisonment, our new friend William Constantine doesn't care about you, and whatever you do, is not his problem.

But the best is the last line, you can pay for your reading, and even if you are unhappy, even if you are convinced he has conned you, lied to you, whatever, you can't get your money back, and the very fact you have a reading with him, you are accepting that.

Now one last time, does this sound like an honest man you should trust with your personal problems? Your grief, your stress, your pain?

I don't think so.

By Jon Donnis

Disclaimer: This article is the OPINION of the author Jon Donnis, any assumptions he makes in this article are based on the evidence available to him at the time of print. If you have any issues with anything said, please leave a comment and we will try to reply to them.


Unknown said...

Dear Mr. Donnis, Now that you've shared your opinion, why not schedule a reading with William? I think you might be in for a big surprise. I happen to know him. He's done several readings for me. You really should check him out firsthand before you trash him here. Or is that what you do to everyone?

JD said...

I could do that, but whatever I say about the reading you would call me a liar, say that I refuse to admit he was right and so on, so instead of that you claim to have had a few readings from him, if you have these recorded how about you give them to me, I will get them transcribed and then I will show you how he did it. That way you can't say I am lying. I will publish my findings for everyone to see.

And how about this, if I am unable to completely show you exactly how he does it, I will remove this article on him and post a public apology!

Feel free to take a screengrab of this post as proof of what I say, so I can't wriggle out of it later.

There ya go. I'm prepared to full back up everything I say.

Also I'm interested to know your opinion on the facts of the article above, if you actually bothered to read it of course.

Unknown said...

You're a joke! If this is how you make a living, all I can say is that I definitely would not want your karma.

My audio recordings are very personal & I would only share them with family or close friends. They would not enable you to "show me" how he did it. He has a gift and I will always be forever grateful to him for sharing his gift with the world.

Are there any psychic mediums that you do like and/or believe have a gift? Just curious.

I have been blessed to have William give me readings and bring through family & friends multiple times. I am grateful for the closure in some cases, and confirmation and details in others that have shown me that they are here with us & know what has happened since their passing.

Regarding your article, I don't do twitter, so I can't respond to that, however I have followed William for the past 7 years first on myspace, then Facebook. He has many many followers on Facebook and (Surprise!) we are real people.

JD said...

Firstly I don't make a living doing this I do it for free.
Secondly I'm hardly surprised you refused and just insulted me. That is the doubt in the back of your mind.

I can 100% guarantee you that I could show you step by step how he does a reading. You see its all a trick and I know how its done.
Sadly he has convinced you and took your money. That makes you a victim.

Since you are unwilling to back up anything you say and run scared I think its best you run along and go play with the other middle aged women on his forum.

If you change your mind and want to know how he does it, I'll be here.

As for William, everything I say above us the truth can be backed up. I am prepared to back up everything I say and claim about any medium.

William Constantine does NOT communicate with the dead, he uses a mixture of psychological tricks and hot reading to convince people.

I can prove it to anyone who wants to know how a reading of his was done.

I have proven that he has lied and manipulated his social media, and I am willing to prove he has lied and manipulated you too.

You know where I am.

Good day

Unknown said...

I happened to have been married to this clown, and he is not who he says he is. He was never this person before we divorced. Manipulating,yes but not psychic!!! The most I heard was that he could do astrological projections. He didn't even believe in God, and would not include himself in our daughter's christening, but now he's an "ordained minister"! He charges all this money, preys upon innocent victims and doesn't support his children. He claims to have "breakfast with dead people". Yeah,he may really hear voices...it's called mental illness!!!

Unknown said...

Hi I just wanted to point out two clarifies for you. 1. William is not a celebrity psychic in that he is so well known that he is a celebrity, but that he is a psychic to celebrities in that he reads for clients that are recognizable in the film and TV world in the USA, 2. California State Law requires all psychics, mediums, etc who work in the metaphysics's make that disclaimer. You will find it placed anywhere in California from websites to actual occult shops. They must post For Entertainment Purposes and that entire disclaimer you posted.
Thanks just wanted to let you know.

JD said...

He refers to himself as "Celebrity Psychic" Now usually when a psychic does this, yes they try to suggest they are a psychic to celebrities, Of course this is a bone face lie in his case,and no celebrity is coming to him for psychic advice.

They usually claim they are an "international psychic" as well, its all gimmicks. When you only have a couple of hundred twitter followers, you have no reputation. "Fake it till you make it"

Also notice that since I posted this article his twitter account has lost nearly 1000 followers! I am guessing these were some of those paid for accounts that have been nuked by Twitter for being bots etc.

Also I will repeat this, any REAL psychic does not need any disclaimer stating they are fake. There is no law stating that a REAL psychic has to call themselves fake by using the Entertainment Only disclaimer, this is a nonsense.

Motherof5andstillalive@yahoo.com said...

I used to live with him. Total fake. I’ve heard him yell at people on phone “readings” because they would disagree with what he was saying. He copies lots of fake website profiles from other mediums and has been called out on it several times. This one is as fake as they come.

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