8 December 2016

Yvette Fielding and Karl Beattie Caught Bullying and Humiliating Innocent Teenager on Twitter

Yesterday (7th December 2016), Yvette Fielding was lucky enough to go to a spa!
It was all going well until her Ladyship Yvette was annoyed by another client at the spa.
She tweeted out the following to her 52,000 followers

Source: https://twitter.com/Yfielding/status/806478370888384512

What followed was lots of people attacking this random person, being nasty and so on.
But thing took a nasty turn when she took a "sneaky pic" and published it online.
I have edited the lads face to protect his identity. Yvette did NOT edit it, instead wanting to humiliate the lad.

Even Yvette's husband Karl Beattie joined in the bullying, by quoting her tweet and sharing with his 26,000 followers the following.

Now the problems began when someone pointed out that this young man might have some kind of disability, or have some kind of special needs. A lot of people were offended that Yvette and Karl would use their celebrity as a way to humiliate and bully an innocent young man on Twitter to their combined 77,000 followers.

Of course after it was brought up that this lad might have some kind of disability, Yvette quickly deleted the photo, but then also went into defensive mode, and even tried to play the victim herself!

Karl even live streamed himself on Periscope attacking people for daring to suggest that Yvette or himself had done anything wrong.

You can watch that video at https://www.periscope.tv/w/1RDGloAanXmKL
I have also made a copy of the video below incase he decides to delete the Periscope video

Karl also posted the following Tweet, again trying to deflect from the fact his wife abused an innocent young lad on Twitter and tried to humiliate him.

Since this all kicked off yesterday a debate has been raging as to whether or not what Yvette did was ok or not. Would it be ok to humiliate and bully an innocent young lad on twitter if he is not disabled? Or is it only wrong if he is disabled or has some kind of special needs.

Is the young lad disabled or does he have special needs? I honestly do not know. But let us look at the facts.
A woman in the public eye, who has over 50,000 followers on Twitter decided to take a secret photo of an innocent young man, in a spa, she then published that photo, along with other abusive tweets with the sole intention of humiliating and bullying him.

At best this was Yvette abusing, humiliating and bullying a young lad, at worse this was the kind of discrimination that has landed certain people in a lot of hot water, I am reminded of the recent case of a model " Dani Mathers" taking a "sneaky pic" of a 70 year old woman in a changing room “with the intent to invade the privacy of that other person”  Dani Mathers is now having to go to trial and could face 6 months in prison and a fine.


Clearly what Yvette did is not as bad as taking a photo of a naked 70 year old woman to body shame her, but Yvette did take a photo of a teenager, with the sole purpose of humiliating and shaming him. And by taking the photo she did invade his privacy, especially if the spa they were in is a private members spa, then there is an assumption of privacy. Her photo could very well have broken the law. And I have been told that police have been informed and are investigating, although I doubt anything will come of it, unless the boy and his family were to complain, but I doubt they are even aware of what Yvette did.

Also Bannatyne Group (Owners of the Spa) are now investigating to see if their own privacy rules were broken. Best they could do is ban Yvette and Karl from all Bannatyne businesses!

Regardless of whether or not he has special needs, what she did was wrong, and instead of apologising for getting things really wrong, she is now playing the victim, getting lots of sympathy from her followers who now claim that Yvette is the one being bullied! Yes the irony there is amazing.

Lets hope that these nasty comments by Yvette and Karl come back to haunt them! (Yes I did just say that)

So what do you think? Leave your comments below.