13 September 2012

Derek Acorah a victim of "Cyber Bullying"

According to the Southport Champion, a local newspaper in Southport, a cyber bully under the twitter handle of @DerekAfraudstah has decided that his next victim should be non other than Mr Entertainment himself Derek Acorah.

Acorah of course is no stranger to controversy or criticism, and as a relative newbie to the world of social media, it has probably come as a bit of a shock to him.

My advice to Derek Acorah is either to ignore (block) the cyber bullys account, or perhaps grow a pair and admit that what you do is no more than an "act", that it is not real, and you do not really talk to the dead. I think if you did do that then perhaps so called cyber bullies like @DerekAfraudstah would find something better to do with their time.

Below you can see a scan of the article from the Southport Champion, and of course if you would like to follow the great man himself on Twitter you can so by following him on @derek_acorah just make sure you dont confuse the two, especially if you are a fan of Acorah!

You can also follow me on Twitter if you so choose @JonDonnis

Why don’t we have dinosaur ghosts?

I was perusing Twitter as I do most days, and I came across an amusing artist/doodler who came up with this simple answer to one of the biggest questions in paranormal research. Why don’t we have dinosaur ghosts? I think she answers it very well.

You can check out her 2 Twitter accounts @Twistedlilkitty and @twisteddoodles and if you want to follow my own Tweets you can do so @JonDonnis

12 September 2012

The Randi Show - "Why Skepticism Matters" - Live from Dragon*Con 2012

In this special live recording from Dragon*Con 2012 in Atlanta, GA, James Randi leads a packed audience through his early years as a skeptic exposing faith healers and psychic charlatans on national television. He talks about how this work led into the creation of the James Randi Educational Foundation, which continues to use skepticism to educate, protect, and entertain the public to this day.

11 September 2012

Karl Pilkington vs Psychics

You can always rely on Karl Pilkington to tell it how it is.
The following image was created by Andy Appleton

And here is a couple I knocked up

9 September 2012

Just another Sylvia Browne victim

This is the heartbreaking story of what is now sadly known as just another Sylvia Browne Victim.

Psychics/mediums are doing harm. They may wrap up their lies and fraud in a false justification of helping people, but to believers their words are so strong, to them its real. And all it takes is one wrong word from a psychic, and you are left with an eternity of hurt and regret.

Here is a news story from KMOV on just such a victim.

KMOV's hidden cameras capture self-proclaimed psychic Sylvia Browne making bold predictions about a mother's dying son. Not one of Browne's predictions came true. The woman's son died two days later. This story was on KMOV-TV in May 2010.