27 October 2007

Sensing Bullshit - Psychic Deb Webber Exposed.

By Jon Donnis

On August 13th, 2004 Australian Channel 7 broadcast a show called "Caught on Hidden Camera" but this wasn't a Beadles About type show, instead it was an exposure of one of Australia's best known Psychics.

They set Deb Webber up, by letting her give readings to three people, psychologist Michelle Smith, Tahlia and Joshua.

Deb then continued to communicate with dead people, who simply never existed.

But before we get into the exposure, lets take a quick look at Deb Webber herself.

Just 2 years ago, Deb Webber was a simply a single mother living in the Sunshine Coast area of Queensland. She was living by way of a pension.

But it seems she found a way to make much more money, from her humble beginnings she now charges $200 per hour to talk to YOUR dead relatives.

Just think about that for a second, she is charging YOU money so YOU can speak to your own dead relatives. Surely no one would want to pay that? Well they do, and in their droves.

On Debs promotional video she even talks to the famous dead, and Michael Hutchence makes an appearence during a reading for his brother Rhett.

But Deb is not without her critics, of which I am one of course.

Just think of what type of person is likely to visit Deb, the recently bereaved are always going to be vunerable people. And it wouldn't take much to be able to convince a person in such a state that you areindeed speaking to their dead relatives. Afterall who likes to think that once you're dead, you're dead.

One of Debs quotes when asked about sceptisism is:
"I don't judge the butcher, because I can't cut meat,"

Hang on a second Deb, Butchers actually do something that can be seen and measured.
Yes you will have good and bad butchers, but the fact they cut meat is not in question, it is only their skill.

So lets get back to the exposure, and first up is Psychologist Michelle Smith.
Michelle is single, but creates a dead husband for Deb to speak to.

And Deb obliges, she even manages to speak to this imaginary dead husband on more than one occasion!

Now that is an amazing skill, reminds me of a certain Derek Acorah!

Anyway Michelle later reveals.
"I never had a husband,"

"She saw two large dogs, a large house and property, I have none of those things."

Deb Webbers response to this is:
"If they lie to me, well it's like the spirits do it back to them,"

"All I can say is: people tell me I can do it."

Hang on, why would the spirits lie back to the clients through Deb? if this truly is the case, how can Deb ever trust what she receives? the truth is she can't.

Her other defence is that people tell her she can do it, well if I tell you Deb you can fly, will you go jump off the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

No didn't think so.

Deb was also tested with two other sitters. 
Next up was Joshua who invented a dead daughter and yet again Deb was able to fully communicate with this imaginary spirit.

And finally Tahlia who said she wanted to communicate with her dead sister, but as you have already guessed this dead sister simply did not exist. And yet amazingly Deb Webber was able to communicate with her.

Deb again defends herself.
"It's the truth,"

"I'm 100 per cent truthful - I only say what I'm getting back and I can't explain what I'm getting."

"I help more people than I hurt and I don't want to harm anyone."

Well Deb you claim to be truthful, yet you have been caught talking to spirits who never existed, and on more than one occasion too.

Your claims that if you lie to spirit they will lie back is simply ridiculous. If you were truly speaking to the dead, then should't you be able to tell who is real and who is not?

By Jon Donnis

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