8 February 2017

An Analysis of Psychic / Medium Charlie Kelly. Is he the real deal or a fake? Part 1

I often ask believers in the paranormal to give me the name of a psychic or medium that they are convinced is the real deal. I ask this because I see it as a challenge, and also a way to prove that any medium, however popular, or acclaimed they are can be exposed. I have yet to come across a single medium in the world that was the real deal, or used methods that I could not see through. So when Cathy, the owner of the "Light afterlife" Spiritual forum said that she had received a reading from a medium called Charlie Kelly, it piqued my interest. Now of course the first thing I did was ask if she had a copy of the reading itself, and as is often the case, the answer was no. But she insisted the reading she had was real, and the classic line of "he knew things that there was no possible way he could have known" was thrown out.

So to understand Cathy herself claims magic powers, and has even sat in spiritual circles, in fact she once sat on the floor, in the dark, put on a silly voice and channeled the spirit of a dead sailor! Yes really. Well when I say really, I mean that is what she claimed. Of course the truth is it was all make believe, but that is a different story. Now for some reason Cathy has a few fans, and people who believe every word she says, so when she claims a medium is the real deal, her little band of followers believe her. So I decided to see if I could find a reading by Charlie Kelly, and see if he really was the real deal, or if he was like all other mediums, and just using known techniques to fool the gullible and vulnerable. Can you guess yet what I found?

Now I contacted him on Twitter using my @JonDonnis account, and asked him straight out if he had some readings that he was proud of that he could show me. He said yes, then disappeared. Now luckily for me, I managed to find a recording of a "gig" he performed at the Healing Hearts Centre in Essex. It was an unedited raw audio recording, that lasts about 65 minutes. I found someone to transcribe it for me. You can listen to the recording below, so you can see that my transcription of the event is fair and honest.

Download recording from Dropbox - by clicking here
Please note for some reason when I first tried to downloaded it, it made my computer freeze, not sure why, so if you do click to download, please be aware of that, and just be patient and it will work eventually.
Here is an alternative link
Again any downloads are at your own risk, although the second link seems to work fine.

Huge thanks to the awesome Julie Mollison for transcribing this for me too.

On to the readings of which there are a few. Unfortunately he does jump back and forth a bit, and some parts were hard to figure out what was being said, but we did our best with what we had, obviously we are working with audio only, so we can only assume what clues were given away visually.

I have interjected my comments in red.

Charlie Kelly - in bold font
Member of the Audience/Client - in regular font
Me (Jon Donnis) - in red font

Most of you have seen me work, you understand that I'm not going to go direct unless I have to force the issue so just listen to what I’m saying and we will take it from there yeh? 

Yes yes.

Lively bunch I see, where’s the hecklers gone now?  Ok so I don't know have you been in the mens’ toilets and used that tap in there? I had to use the tap in there and I washed my hands after I went to the loo and soaked myself and so I'm standing under the dryer trying to dry my suit, it looked like I had wet myself, as I am about to stand in front of you lot so a little bit awkward anyway so just listen to what I’m saying and we will go from there yeh. 

A likely story!

So I am aware of a gentleman and he doesn't seem to make a great age so I'm late 50s early 60s with this gentleman but I've got a serious lung condition, there is a serious problem respiratory wise.  I don't think it's cancer but I am aware that this breathing condition is really really heavy for him.  I get a very local feeling to him I think, I think I'm in Romford or connecting to Romford in some way and there is some sort of connection to the car plant or a car plant with him, I am very very aware of that with him as well.  So ok just two of you, that will do! So you understand the lungs?  


And my guy at the back but it's not cancer I don’t think it's cancer.. sorry? 

No, he did have cancer.

Ok so where to start here, Romford is known as having a Ford plant in the 1950's, and employed a large amount of people at the time. I am guessing that Charlie Kelly did a bit of research on the area, but then again pretty much every big town and city manufactured cars back in the day, it was most likely just a guess.

But Charlie completely bombed here by saying it wasn't cancer!

Also notice that he said a local connection, then says Romford or connecting to Romford, this is a means of covering himself, since the Ford plant employed thousands of people, and many would have travelled into Romford as well as lived in the area.

He did, so I'm not with you mate so thank you for speaking up, you understand where I am, ok.  

So please note that the medium so far has got everything wrong, wrong person, wrong condition, so quickly moves to someone else hoping to make things fit later down the line.

I know that with him he was a very earthly man very grounded down to earth man and I'm not sure if he is mechanical in there. (​Yeh) ​but he would have served some sort of apprenticeship or something through that line of work you understand that? 

It's my dad he passed with lung problems.

Yeh yeh don't tell me I tell you.  

He worked in Fords as a mechanic.

So this client has just told Charlie that his dad died with Lung problems and that he worked in Ford as a mechanic. Now remember Charlie did mention Lung problems earlier, but that was to someone else, and many people have Lung issues when they did, it is a very common problem.

Charlie also said he was not sure IF the person he was with was a mechanic, he actually stated he was on some kind of apprenticeship or something connected to it, This is about as vague as it gets, but to the client after the event, I am sure they will tell people "Oh the medium KNEW that my dad was a mechanic at Ford, and had lung issues" when the truth is that he said some of that to someone else, got it wrong, and then the client actually told him all the details. This is how cold reading works!

Thats cool that’s absolutely cool, don't need to convince me, I tell you you don’t have to convince me. 

Easy to say that AFTER someone has already given you all the information. You already got one person completely wrong, moved on to someone else, who then made fit things you said. 

So I know that with this he has got this very dry banter about him. I don't know if he is joking actually you know like I have to double check myself I don't know if he is winding me up or if he's not winding me up.  I'm sure you would understand when he was joking, but for everybody else they wouldn't know they would kind of look at you and then make sure that he is that way, you understand that as a personality with him? 


So a mechanic was a bit of a joker, liked his banter. Literally just described every mechanic in history.

I know that with him this is progressive this condition that he’s got so I don't know if you shouted it out to me I tried to stop you shouting it out to me but got a strong feeling with like its COPD or emphysema that kind of feel there. 

Yeh thats right.

Yes Charlie the client TOLD you that their father died with lung problems, they gave you the information and now you are repeating it back to them. Cold reading.

Ok and I know that with this he held back from going anywhere getting any help for way too long, way way too long, and it will be alright starts off as a cough or something like that or the shortness of breath and I'm alright, I'm alright, sort of 3 months later get to the doctor go and have a look and before too long I need medication, I need help breathing, you understand that?  


Here he describes the typical attitude of a man of that generation. It sounds specific to the audience and the client, but the truth is that it was very very common for men to avoid the Doctor, say they are fine, and so on.
Even today men are dying in their thousands from prostate cancer due to embarrassment, guys get your bum checked, no shame, afterall its the doctor who has the horrible job, you just lie on your side and think of Raquel Welch and you will be fine.

Good good.  I know that with him as well that there is this dreamy kind of aspect to him, he's got this vision of providing for everybody.  Now I know that sounds generic as a dad but he really meant to do it you understand?  

I know what that means.

Even Charlie is starting to realise how generic and vague he is getting now!

and I know with him it's what gets him up in the morning, it's what drives him forward, it's what keeps him going, not for self, not for material, not for money but for the provision of family.  You understand? 


You understand ok thats good. 

Just before I go to your message I am aware of he must have received like a gift from Fords or a gift from Gates, I think it's a watch he's showing me, I think, but I know that you must have that because I know he is making me aware of that, that he’s been giving this gift in that sense for service or for redundancy or something like that you understand? 

I know that's related.

Again very common, nothing specific here. Happens in many industries of that time, and even today to get a watch upon retirement etc, and of course when someone dies, the watch is passed down to a family member.

That's absolutely brilliant so why is here for you today why is he coming in?  Now Immediately I want to wind you up, this kind of banter with him that almost it's like a kick up the bum sort of always pushing you forward always trying to get you going and it's like for me he feels like or for you it felt like you were always trying to receive praise from him in some way and although he wouldn't openingly give you praise I think you know you got the praise when he kind of ... some form of acknowledgement you would understand that ok. 

Well I got praise tonight.

What praise? Did I miss something? Charlie is again using well known characteristics common to many men of that generation. 

Ok, well that's good that's brilliant so I know that with that he’s got this acknowledgement that I need to give you that I feel that it's finally going in the right way, it's finally sorting itself out and it feels like it has been a little bit too gloopy for too long and now you can start to move your life forward, you can start to take the right direction, things are starting to drop into place.  So I feel like I need to say well done but I am not giving you it, it's got that kind of feel to it for me ok.  So I leave a tremendous amount of love with you thank you for working with me. 

Ok, so we get it people yeh?  


Good good! 

So that is the end of reading number 1 (or 2 if you accept he bombed the first person)
Now lets look at what really happened.
The client revealed that it was their father who died, that he died of lung related problems, and that he was a mechanic.

Those 3 major points were all given to Charlie by the client, this is undeniable. Charlie Kelly actually said that he was not sure if he was "mechanical", the client gave him that. Charlie's original comment regarding a connection to a car plant in Romford was to a completely different person! So do not confuse that. The client told Charlie that his dad worked at the Ford Plant, not the other way around.

I repeat myself here a bit as I want you to understand how cold reading works in instances like this.
It is all about being vague, using ambiguous language, which makes the medium sound accurate after the event, but the reality is the medium asks questions, and the client gives all the information. Everything else is just guess work using typical characteristics of the age of the kind of person being described. The thing about humour, banter, not seeing a doctor, working for the family and so on.

Ok I would say that the first reading it is pretty clear to see that Charlie is not really communicating with the dead, but hey I might be wrong, maybe he was just warming up, other than the cancer mistake, and someone telling him everything which he then repeated back to them, it wasn't that bad, lets see if he gets better.

So I’m going to throw a bit of a curve ball in here now, because I needed a safety net with that one,

You know I am really surprised he said this, because this is actually insider terminology used by mediums. They will always have a "character" that they can use over and over again, which will almost always get them a hit, sometimes it is the young man who died on his motorbike, sometimes an older man with chest pains, you get the idea, these are actually called "safety nets" in the industry. Safe bets, usually thrown out first to get the night going, or used mid way if readings are going poorly. Just thought I would mention that as it surprised me to hear him use the term Safety Net.

so this was my first one but I bottled it, so is there anybody in the room that would have lost someone through something like a natural disaster, or the tsunami or something like that?  I am very aware of this natural disaster feel to it.  Come on, where are you? No. No loose connection there because I feel like I need to talk about a couple who that would have passed in that way, no, not to worry I’ll bench it for now.  Oh I can't, sort of half towards the back there, no-one there, no-one understand this, not to worry I’ll leave it for a moment. 

Bizarrely this is the second time in the past few months I have heard a medium go this route, and they also failed miserably. Regardless this was a total fail, cant really comment any more.

Ok, ok so I'm going to work with a lady that steps forward now, this lady is about 4 foot 10 so she is tiny compared to me.  I know that with her she feels like she’s got quite a large family so a number of children there.  Dark haired but I mean quick really quick with her tongue, really fiery and I know that this is consistent for her character throughout her life.  Her passing feels very very difficult at the end so transition is a big issue I know that I am in and out of coherence with her and I know that it's very very difficult with that there is a generic kind of losing of weight or being in a bed for a long time I don't want to talk about that I need to talk about this lady’s character there and when I say children I am sure its either 9 or 11 it's something like that, she had 11 or lost 2 and was left with 9 something like that right up there with the high figures.  Who understand that? 

I’m wondering if it’s my great grandmother and she had 12 children.

Great grandmother, a little bit far for for me, a little bit far.

I'm the youngest of nine.

You're the youngest of nine?  Mum’s in the spirit world and she has got a very quick, yeh? There was one more hand where was that other hand, no, don't want it now, there was another one over there weren't there, no ok it must be you can I work with you?


Yes this is as confusing as you think.
This is how cold reading works, you throw out something and you see who bites. You let teh client give you all the information and you use it back at them.

Notice how Charlie says this dead woman had 9 children, then 11 children, then she might have lost 2.
The client then suggest it is their Great Grandmother that had 12 children! Can you see how people are desperate to connect. They then reveal that they are themselves the youngest of 9. Charlie is not sure about this person, and even tries to go back to other people who put their hands up.

So keep in mind Charlie is speaking to a room full of people, I am not sure on the exact number, but usually these types of shows have about 50-100 people, all grieving, all have lost people, and all desperate to connect. It is perfect fodder for a fake medium. And again saying that someone in spirit had 9 or 11 kids sounds like a lot? Well you go back to that generation and large families were very common, and by him throwing out a few different numbers, it allows him to cover more possibilities, and allow the client to make things fit.

I'm going to use her character because you would understand mum’s character is ridiculously powerful, yeh? Ok.  So there’s is no mincing of words with her if you asked her does my bum look big in this dress you would get a yes if it did.


A quick note here, when performing cold reading as Charlie is here, you always want your victim to only answer yes or no during the reading, it is an old trick and it allows the medium to gather information while at the same time controlling the reading, the last thing you want is the client asking too many questions, because then you get caught out.

Regarding this little old lady character he has come up with, it is another very common "safety net" character that I have heard many many times before used by many different mediums.

Little old lady, big family, strong personality. From that generation of "pull your socks up and get on with things", pretty much all of us can relate to that kind of character, which is why it is a "safety net" character used by so many mediums, almost always guaranteed a hit, even more so in a large audience.

Ok so no she is not saving any airs and graces for the scenario you understand that.  I feel like she has upset a lot of people with this direct way to her which has caused like rifts within the family. Some rifts are still present now where some family members still don't talk because of these rifts.  Ok, now I know that with her I am not sure if she swears, I'm not sure, I don't need to tell you me but I know that the power of it is very direct like swearing.

Yeh, she did swear.

When you have large families, there are always rifts, this is a simple fact of life. I have a very large family going up 3 generations above me, and there are always people who fell out with others, every type of character imaginable. Don't believe me? Take this little old lady character, and go ask your mom if that character fits anyone in the family. I bet it does! Also notice that Charlie has not given a single name yet? That is actually quite strange, usually you get the "is there anyone here who would understand a John who liked to be called Jack?" (That is a classic safety net line by the way).
You would think that if you were a dead person floating about, and want a medium to connect to your grieving child in the audience the first thing you would say is
"Hey Charlie, tell Derek Johnson that his dead dad Brian Johnson is here in spirit and wants to pass on a message"

Instead we get nonsense like a short lady, with sharp wit, and swears a lot, thrown out to an audience of 50 - 100 people!

She did right, ok, I’d better be careful with my message then eh.  So I know that with her you understand that mum is tiny, a tiny lady but she is like a firework, you know like once you lit her you got so many minutes to get out of the way boom that's the way she is and I feel like all the males are frightened of her as well so like we don't want to upset her let's get away, you're on your own with this scenario now, you understand that. Now I am aware that with her there must have been quite a serious illness before her passing or the cause of the passing there was an illness beforehand like for me it feels likes an operation or something like that.

She had several but not close to when she passed but in her lifetime she was really poorly.

So Charlie is wrong here quite clearly. He was actually treading on pretty safe ground here with what he was saying, so to get it completely wrong is actually more unusual!

Then forgive for that I've got like a fraction of a second to translate this energy into words. Then would you understand that one went wrong, it feels like a negligence of some sort or something went wrong.

At my birth yes.

So he blames the fact that he has only a fraction of a second to translate the energy into words! I've not heard an excuse like that before, for being completely wrong, so well done Charlie on that.

Now notice how Charlie then asks a question, a rather vague question, and what happens? The client gives him all of the information.

Ok so I am happy that it still fits, I'm not here to make it fit, but I am aware of that 

But it doesn't fit Charlie, you were wrong, you asked a really vague question, the client gave you the information, and then you claim you are not trying to make it fit, but that is exactly what happened.

and this negligence has not caused her lifelong problems but at the time was like life or death scenario with it, you understand that? 


Quickly rewind here, Charlie claimed she had the illness close to her passing, he was wrong, the client revealed the information that she had had several illnesses and was really poorly in her life!
Now Charlie is repeating back that information to the client, and getting the confirmation.
Now again this is cold reading 101. After this event I am sure the client went away and told people that the medium knew all about their dead mother, knew they were close to death during their life and so on. Truth is Charlie got most of the things wrong, and the client told him everything, That is why you always need a recording and should never trust your own memory of a reading.

​I feel that she is quite affected by the way the hospital or stroke government dealt with it, I don't know why I need to say government but I feel like you didn't have like a Claims Direct or anything like that back then but I know that it was a ridiculous amount of compensation or something like that do you understand?

I do understand.

Ok, can I be really cheeky and say that it was something like 26 pence or something like that?

I don't know.

You don't know, ok, but you do understand the scenario?

I do understand yes.

What a strange line of questioning here. Ask yourself why would the dead character be talking about something that the living relative doesn't really know? How does this prove their existence. Seriously, ask yourself why this line of conversation would come up in this way.

The relative seems to confirm they "understand" but they never actually say the medium is right with what they say, in fact the client says clearly they do not know.

I think here the client is desperate for the connection and is doing their best to just go along with the reading, however wrong it is. Again no names, just weird random half stories.

Ok I'm just aware of it and she is really not happy you know like with things like that so she is the kind of woman that if I've got a problem with my housing I need her fighting my corner because I can feel the arguments unfolding like she is ranting and raving down the phone and ‘I’ll go up there then I’ll go up, you will have to force me out’ so I've got that kind of scenario with her as well.  Again I feel that with her she's got this kind of change of life there, she seems to have a very difficult life young on as a young adult then it kind of settles down for her and things seem to be going alright but then I feel it fade away again so it's like her wishes and wants, she's got no time for silly things, she ain't got time for rubbish, you understand it, it's just very matter of a fact, a very black and white lady in that sense. You understand yeh?

I do.

And that is it, the end of that reading. Read it all back, what did Charlie Kelly actually say that was a genuine hit, something that he had no way of knowing?
Even his last paragraph is kinda vague, and goes back to what the client revealed earlier on about illness in their life. And everyone has ups and downs in life.

Another really poor reading by Charlie here and not sure how in the cold light of day if you heard that from an objective point of view, you would consider that a real connection with any dead person. No names given, no real details, just lots of repeating back what the client said, and generic vague comments.

I'm going to go to your message and I am worried so I'm sure you’re worried as well with what she is going to say!  Umm ok who have you brought with you?

My daughter who wanted a message from her actually.

Oh really, you wanted a message from her ​(yeh)​ you might be my safety net I might come to you directly after to soften the blow; so just your daughter, you only brought her.

And my friend.

Remember Charlie Kelly claims to have psychic powers, and he gets it wrong, sorry I thought that was funny.

And your friend ok, so so, I don't know what to say, I really don't know what to say, don't know how to address it. Ok so this is the bad bit of the job.  Ok so I am aware that with her I need to talk to either one of you, I’m not sure which one it is, where you are not voicing your opinion you’re not voicing it, you are trying to do it for the peace you’re trying to keep everything level in some way.  It feels to me in your world right now you need to not be keeping the peace you need to rock a few boats, you know it's there, you know it's happening but you are trying to stabilize everything,  I can feel it's going that way, you can understand that?

I do understand.

I read that about 3 times, and still don't really follow his waffle. Realy really vague here.

Ok. Now I feel that with you I don't need to tell you what she would do I don't need to, you know that, but I feel that with you I think it needs to be like boundaries set, feels like boundaries are being over marked or over set and liberties will start to come into play in some way, you understand that as well and I know that I need to not swear at them, she would, but I'm not suggesting you do that but with that kind of strength, with a smile.  She’s got this way of doing it and she has got a very sarcastic smile, you understand what I mean about that​ (yes)​ so she would sign off and soften the blow with a right cheeky grin about her and you know there’s no comeback I can’t get in she’s has wrapped it all up perfectly and that's what I need to give you right now to fix this scenario around you in that way. You appreciate I am on a public forum, public format, I don't want to go into personal life too much with that, you understand what I'm saying yeh?


So I am going to leave her character with you, thank you for working with me.

Huh? What? Is that it?
That is proof of the afterlife?
Are you serious?
I don't even know how to analyse that, Charlie Kelly just waffled for a few minutes, never gave any information whatsoever. And just leaves it.

Anyone want my tsunami victim yet, no?  Ok, I may be able to slightly change it, is there someone in from like that kind of distance so foreign lands in that way?

Surprised that Charlie went back to this after failing so miserably earlier, but he is gonna try and get some blood out of this stone regardless.
Now the fact he is now going to change it, is all you need to know about how to work as a fake medium.
Say something, get it wrong, change it and hope it fits someone.

I feel like someone's drowned maybe they are using it in my mind that way so someone drowned abroad or like in Thailand or something like that I'm over that way.

I had a friend that lived here, she’s has now moved to Peterborough but she is Thai, and of course the tsunami was at Thailand but whether that's her relative or not I don't know, I never knew none of her family.

Please not the desperation of the crowd now, they are actively trying to help the medium, by giving loose connections. This really is sad, but part of the mindset of the people who go to these shows.

No no no that's way too loose for me but thanks for speaking up.  You put your hand up.

My son’s friend died in the sea in Thailand but we don't know how or why?

Now someone else throws in a friend of their son died in the sea in Thailand. Nothing to do with the Tsnuami there that killed about 8000 people. Or even the 250,000 people who died in the Indonesian Tsunami. That is a lot of dead people.

That might be it eh?  You see what I mean, I’ve gone straight there, so what I’ll do is I will get more information on it and then I probably will come back to you for that ok.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with that to be honest with you but I’ll see what they say. No-one else? 

No one really wants to bite even if a few are trying

What you two discussing, dinner no? Do you have any relevance to it do you understand, do you understand it?

A relative in sorry?

Do you understand someone drowning abroad that would make me think that.


People are so bored in his show they are literally just talking between themselves now! Hahaha.
Charlie Kelly really is coming across desperate now, he might need to go back to one of his pre planned characters to get back on track.

No, you sure, your last chance.  We don't want to kill people off do we, let's just leave it there.  I will more than likely to come back to you in a moment once I understand what they want me to do with that.

He did live in Thailand.

He lived there as well.  We’ll see, So I will get them to get more information for me.

Someone lived in Thailand, that is the closest anyone has got to being killed in a Tsunami!

So in the meantime I will go with a young male, I need a young male here, this feels like a freak accident with him as well, there’s a one impact.

Ok lets keep on track of what he is saying.
A young man who has died in an ACCIDENT, and there is one impact.

 Now I don't know if I'm saying he has been punched and died or if there's an impact in a vehicle or something like that so bare with me something like that so bare with me but there is an impact for an individual,

Ok so could be a one punch knockout death, or in a "vehicle", but definitely an impact of some kind.

a young man, but everything about is screaming a freak accident for me. I know that he is a very charming young man so I know he's not into violence or into gang relation or anything like that, he’s been caught at the wrong place at the wrong time I’m very very aware of that. When I say young I think I'm in my 20s with him, quite an educated young man as well he’s got this feeling of wanting to do well for himself so I know that it's got this shock factor to it being caught up in something that you wouldn't imagine him to be in. Who understands that? This is quite hard work - one, two…. ok  So just to clarify with the two of you, is one of you an accident so that's you and one of you and yours is one with a one hit.

Possibly, more like murder.

So the medium clearly says an accident, and someone in the audience accepts that as murder. So not them!
Again desperation to connect from grieving people.

Ok and you again.

Yeh me again, my friend’s son was smashed by a car crossing a zebra crossing.

Remember Charlie clearly said this young man had died after being punched, and then from being IN a vehicle. From that we have an audience member saying their friend (who is not even in the room) their friends son was hit by a car on a crossing. None of that has anything to do with what Charlie first said, this is 100% the client trying to make things fit. The only thing Charlie has said that does fit is that it was a young male who died.

Ok let me work a little bit more with it so you three listen in and we will go from there I need to work with him I need to draw him closer I’m not wearing him enough yet. 

Yes he really did just say he is not "wearing him enough yet"

I know that with him he's got this good education to him I feel like he was always going to do well he was deemed he was going to be successful in some way you understand that,


I do feel I'm with you can I work with you


I do feel I'm with you so can I work with you, so for now I'm going to have to rule you two out just for the moment.  And you you told me it was a it was a murder, you told me that, then would you understand one major trauma with it?


Ok, that's what I want I know that with this it is not in relation to any of his activities.


It's in no relation whatsoever, and that's unusual because usually it's like a mark or a hit in that sense but he is totally unrelated to this in every way possible. You understand?


I know that with it he is actually a very very charming young man he’s almost like a gentleman in a young man’s body in that sense so I know that his manners are very good when in public you understand that.


And I know that with him he seems to have this like older head about him he can't be bothered with the young ones in that sense he just wants to get on with life.

Yeh I would say so.

 I know that with him there would be, would you understand, and it keeps coming into my mind and maybe it's Charlie getting in the way, is this like a mistaken identity was it released as a mistaken identity.


So to clarify we have moved onto the murder victim. Again this was not a character that Charlie came up with, this is someone that the client said 100% of the information.

Now Charlie is trying to role with it, but is getting the info wrong with the mistaken identity thing.

My apologies for that; I can't quite clear up what he is trying to show me there I’ll just have to say as I'm seeing it. I'm seeing him walk down like a pathway ​(yes)​ and it feels totally unprovoked in some way so like it's in, it doesn't feel like a very public way you wouldn't walk that way of norm.

At that time no you wouldn't.

The client said he was murdered, Charlie says it was unprovoked purely because no grieving person is going to admit that their dead son provoked someone to murder them. 

Ok, so you understand what I feeling there and I apologise I'm not getting close enough for you but I am with that.  He must have been carrying a bag as well at that time would you know that?

I think he might have had a present in it.

Ok but for me the bag’s not with him it's further away it's like not beside him it's further down the road, it's like it's been found in a bush or on a grass verge.

Anything could have happened that night.

So wrong, this client is very easy on the medium, not calling him out on anything. Nice and vague all round.

Ok so you are unsure of that.  Ok so, wow when you say a present, see you got me looking see you got me inquisitive you see I'm so nosey, so so nosey so I am assuming that it is someone's birthday now.

His birthday.

.It is the murdered boys birthday, and the medium had no idea. Dont you think if you were this poor murdered boy, you would tell the medium "hey its my birthday, that will help them know it is me here"
Again no names from Charlie at all.

Oh damn (in whisper) I had this earlier on in the day this one, this happened to me earlier on today.

??? (inaudible)

Yeh, yeh, that's the joys of the spirit world eh it's just he is letting you know he is there that's all that is.  So ok, and it's this whole state of confusion I've got around it I’m not sure whats going on here I really don't understand.  I feel like he is meant to be somewhere he’s meant to make somewhere but he doesn't make it and I’m not making that generic I feel that he is meeting people to go on out or to go home, I'm meeting people does that make sense?  I am aware of that and I am really sorry I'm not delivering this the way I would like to.  What I am also aware of is there is more than one person involved in this attack you would understand.


Basically the character that Charlie has built up here is a young man, walking home at night, get attacked by a gang, but he doesn't want to get too specific as that is where you can fail, so lots of questions, assumptions, vague comments etc.

But, It feels to me like not all three are not in trouble for it.

They got off quite lightly.

Note the client gave the information of 3 people did this, Charlie had no idea! But after the event, I bet this person remembers it as Charlie telling them.

Also in any kind of attack like this, you usually have one person who gets the harshest sentence, and the others get off lighter, it is sad, but happens often.

Ok so that it was down charged or wasn't quite in that way.

Other mediums have referred to it as a gross miscarriage of justice

Now this is the point that saddens me the most.
Here we have a grieving parent admitting they have seen "other mediums"
This is why the grieving process must be left alone, this parent will forever be seeing mediums, desperate to find out more details of what really happened and why. Never really accepting their loss, hoping for one more message, this is how addiction starts. And like it or not Charlie and people like him take advantage of this, take the money, and keep on doing it.

Yeh, ok and I am aware of that and for me it felt like not everybody was fully apprehended so what your statement just was there does just fit what I'm saying but I think there is a little bit more to it than that, a little bit more complex in the story in that way. 

Hang on, he wasn't aware of any of it at all.
He started off my talking about a young man who died in an ACCIDENT, from a single hit, or from being IN a vehicle. He had no idea there was 3 attackers, all of the info has come from the client and not from Charlie, now Charlie is talking like it all fits what he had been saying, when realistically he said nothing! But this kind of talk goes into peoples head, and helps them mis-remember the reading.

 I think a lot of missed evidence is involved in this as well in some way, we can't pin it down exactly you understand ok. So now I don't know, he is making me aware of colder months as well I want to be in the colder months for some reason but this feels like an anniversary so I'm not saying it's his birthday in the colder months but there’s an anniversary there that I need to be going to, I can see the breath coming out of my mouth and he is drawing me to this time, he very much enjoys that I think I'm in November .  So you understand November?

Not really no.

He took a guess at November, he got it wrong. As far as I know these readings all took part in October 2016. Either way he is wrong, and if he was a real medium, really communicating with the dead he would not get such a thing wrong.

And it feels a female as we so the anniversary is of a female, I need to be there.

His mum.

So again more guesswork, changes to some female connected to the murdered boy, the client reveals his mother has some kind of anniversary?

So you understand it that's absolutely fine.  So why is he coming for you why is he here for you, and you are dad I assume?


You’re not dad.

I know the family.

Even I assumed it was the murdered boys parent! But this is a HUGE fail for Charlie, and inside he must be so pissed off he went down this route and got so many things wrong, and then he is not even with the parent of the boy!

Ok then you would understand and this is going to be hard what I am going to say so I don't want to offend you in any way ok, so it's like they can't let it go in any way, and don't get me wrong I have children and I totally understand that stance, but it cannot be dropped in any way at the moment, do you understand that with the family there?

Mum is the worse one.

Yeh, ok and with that I feel and again a very harsh statement but it's almost like she is willing her own life away through the way she is responding.

100% you’re spot on.

So despite how many things Charlie has got wrong, he makes a comment about the mother of the dead boy (who is not even there) cant let go of their murdered child, and now this person in the audience is responding with "100% you're spot on"

That one line there is what people in the audience here, what they remember, this is the psychology of the matter. And all it took was Charlie to say something so blindingly obvious like the mother cant let it go that her child was murdered. 

And I know that the only reason he is in here to day is to let the vengeance go to let it go in some way and continue her life in the way she needs to, I know, I know, I have friends and family that have encountered the same thing and so you are just to pass the message on in that sense so please do the lad a favour and pass it on in whichever way you can.

Not easy.

No, I totally understand. Thank you very much, I thank you for him.  Thank you.

Now honestly tell me, am I being too harsh? Did I miss something?
This was a terrible reading, it wasn't even vaguely good cold reading. No names, no real info, lots of guess work, all the main info was given by the client. Charlie didn't even realise the person being read was not even related to the murdered person!

This is not me cherry picking bad readings, every single reading he has given has been terrible, and I doubt anything will change if I carry on. If I am wrong tell me. Dont tell me about your experiences with Charlie, as unless you have a recording, your memory cannot be trusted, because I am sure you gave Charlie all the info he needed just like the people at this event!

I am only about half way through the recording and this is so tedious, so bad. So for now I will leave it here and see what peoples opinions of this are.

If needed I will analyse the rest of the readings, but please understand this is incredibly time consuming and very tedious especially when a medium is as terrible as Charlie Kelly.

Please leave your comments and opinions, remember if I am wrong about something or missed something out tell me. But please no stories of how great Charlie is unless you can provide me proof with a recording.

By Jon Donnis

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This article is the opinion of the author, any media used, is used under fair use laws for criticism/parody.

5 February 2017

Proving "Ghosts" Exist Scientifically - Was Your Experience Really Paranormal?

Proving ghosts exist scientifically. Is it possible? Do ghosts exist?How can we prove the paranormal?
In this video I'll explain why it's not impossible to prove ghosts exist through science.

We'll also talk about accepting ghosts to be real. Maybe you had a paranormal experience, but was it really paranormal or just plain normal?

Our poor ability to observe reality can make us think there is a ghost, while really there is another explanation.

Does that mean ghosts don't exist? No, but it does mean that many ghost sightings are not really ghost sightings.

We'll also talk about why we shouldn't believe in ghosts based on faith alone.

The current tools paranormal investigators use are often flawed.
It seems they are intentionally designed to rely on pareidolia, confirmation bias and other psychological phenomena.

Tools like the ghost box, EMF meter and ITC photography can produce a lot of results, but unfortunately a lot, if not all, of these results will be false results.

This is great when hunting ghosts for entertainment, but not to gather scientific data.

So how can we prove the paranormal? We need to use more reliable tools to make observations that don't rely on our poor ability to judge reality.

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2 February 2017

An Analysis of Self Proclaimed Psychic Lisa Williams - Live in Adelaide - June 19th 2013

The following article is the opinion of the author and may not correspond with the opinions of BadPsychics.com

This article is for Entertainment purposes only, and/or for scientific experimentation

I am back again with some more analysis of pretend Psychic Lisa Williams.

Why? I hear you ask, well after I thoroughly debunked her readings performed as a guest on a chat show, I had her fans moaning at me. Excuses ranged from her being rushed because of time constraints, to her not being ready, one fan even said that she is much better than that in live shows, so here I am again, and as usual I am prepared to put my self on the line, so I found a ten minute clip from a Live show she performed in Adelaide from June 19th 2013. This is from her own show and filmed by someone in the audience.

Now unfortunately this is just random readings cobbled together, so not the pure raw unedited footage I would prefer, but we do what we can here.

I got the video transcribed, so as before watch the video first, and then after scroll down to see my analysis of each reading. Keep in mind usually after I expose a psychic, and debunk their methods, the video soon gets removed so they can hide it, but the transcript will remain as an accurate account of the reading.

I will interject my opinions in BOLD type, please leave your own comments and opinions in the comments section.

Readings start at 1 minute.

Transcript Key:
Lisa Williams

Before we start remember the techniques she did in the last reading I exposed, they usually go along the line of "ask question, get answer, repeat back to victim"

And you talk to your son in the car, correct?

All the time!

All right, because he keeps talking about you talking to him in the car now he is giving you the paper in some aspect so there is something about the newspaper, and I feel like its rolled up almost like the old you know throw the newspaper and stuff, whether he was a paper boy I don't know but I just keep being shown the newspaper for some reason. Would that make any sense? 

No not at the moment!

Do you always have the newspaper in your car?


Ok so we start off with her usual technique, ask a question, then repeat back to victim with added detail, this is classic and pretty obvious cold reading.

The funny thing she started off well with the talking in the car thing, which is a pretty easy thing to get a hit off, most people will talk to a dead loved one when in private, its part of the grieving process, but then Lisa Williams completely bombs, she even tried to twist what she said when she got it wrong from claiming the dead son was a paper boy, to there being a rolled up paper in the car.

Both totally wrong.

I'm going to leave it with you because I cant make it change. What I'm seeing is what I'm seeing don't worry about it.  Now he is just said dad I'm ok, he's absolutely ok - is his name followed on after you?


Alright because he is showing there is a following on with the name and I have to tell, sorry mum and sister I will deal with you in a minute alright, but this about dad - dad you may have sat on the fence and been a sceptic for a little bit of a time ok which is fine but he is showing me that you have a belief now, do you understand? 

Yes I do

thank you...And what he is actually telling me, and he comes in a dream.......

So she gets a hit on the question of if the child has taken his fathers name, notice the way in which she said it "followed on after you", now a normal person would say "he has your name" but of course that leaves things too specific, so by saying it the way she has, it leaves open the dead child having his fathers name as his first name, his middle name, hell it could even mean his surname!

My first name is also my dads middle name and my grandfathers first name, and my middle name is my dads first name, my surname is my great grandfathers first name, as well as my name day name.

I think you get my point when it comes to names.

Lisa Williams also has the cheek to tell this poor grieving man that he may have been a skeptic etc, well if he wasn't before he sure is now if he has any sense!

Lisa Williams is aggressive and unkind in her delivery, which is a common tactic of a failing medium, it puts the guilt on the person being read, which really is cruel.

Onto the next reading.


And he is not actually happy about the change of the dynamics in the family

I'm sure both of them aren't!

They're not, your mother is more vocal about it than your father. 

Remember the routine, ask a question, get an answer and repeat back what you have been told.

She clearly states "he is not happy", the victim replies that "both of them aren't" and Lisa's next line is "They're not..."

This is cold reading folks, she starts off with a small gold nugget, and with the feedback from the victim she turns it into a gold bar! Pretty much all of Lisa Williams readings I have seen go along this simple formula.

Ok, she is showing me that this needs to change and would this be between one of the brothers or two of the brothers?

Its between me and the disagreements we've got now between both brothers; I've decided that we don't see eye to eye at the moment so I don't want to see them and I told them that so, and I know my parents wouldn't be happy about that. 

Again Lisa is asking a question here, the victim gives all of the info. At the start all Lisa said was "he" was unhappy with the change of dynamics in the family, that's it! EVERYTHING else the victim has told Lisa which she has just repeated back, and added too.

No they're not. However, is there a disagreement over a house or a property?

There was, ermmm...

So Lisa asks a question, gets a reply, so we all know what comes next!
And you tell me who hasn't had disagreements about property when someone dies, or in life in general, this is one of the most common disagreements between family members anywhere!

Again The only thing Lisa actually said as far as this reading shows, from her own mouth was that the dead father was "not actually happy about the change of the dynamics in the family", everything else has come from the person being read, everything! It was both parents unhappy, and not just the father, the fact that brothers are disagreeing and arguing, all from the person being read.

All Lisa has done is ask very vague open ended questions and then repeated back the info given to her, how is this proof of mediumship? How is this real?

It's a joke, its really pathetic when you really look at what is going on, anyway back to the reading, and its the bit where she repeats back to him again!

Ok they're showing me the disagreement over the property and this may have started it or whatever but what they are showing me is that they would love it to come back together because they are telling me that this is something that needs to, well in their minds needs to happen. You're obviously a grown man you can make your own decisions but that's their side, ok, however your youngest brother the younger one of the two doesn't listen. 

No that's right!

So a younger brother doesn't listen! Wow! Ground breaking stuff! The man already told Lisa he was disagreeing and arguing with his brothers! 

and your mum is pretty much aware of this ok and they are actually aware of the fact that he doesn't listen, so he is the headstrong one not the other one!


ok and that's where the difficulties may lie.

So another terrible reading whereby she never actually gave any information of interest across, she repeated back everything she was told after she asked a question. This is no mediumship, this is fakery people!


That's alright but its just like he would wind you up, do you understand that, and often when they wind you up its because they like you, this is how they show me, but he really thinks the world of you, now were you not there at the funeral, 

Yes I was

Who wasn't there at the funeral then There's someone who wasn't there at the funeral

yeah 2 of his children

So she ASKS a question, that being if the woman was not at the funeral, Lisa Williams gets this totally wrong, so to fix this she then asks another question, so she can shift the target of the original question elsewhere, pretty much every funeral will have someone who cannot attend for various reasons, Lisa has simply asked two questions here, now can you guess what is coming next? Yep its Lisa now repeating back info she has just been fed from the victim! EVERY reading Lisa does is like this, yet people keep telling me she is the real deal! I am not hand picking these you know, they are ALL the same!

Ok because he keeps acknowledging the fact someone wasn’t there who should have been there who wasn’t but should have been there it doesn’t matter.

Has your mum crossed?


At a quick look the woman in the video seems to be in her early 50s I would guess, and going to see a medium, so its a pretty safe guess that a parent will have died, so Lisa does her classic ask a question routine, and again gets it wrong, next up Lisa will twist this negative answer from the victim, and use it as part of the message supposedly from the other side!

alright, in that case, he is saying …..

ah hang on I need more info about the mother,

Let me explain this, he actually wants to acknowledge your mum alright but its like he wants to say hi to mum. 

But the spirit thought she was dead a second ago, now he wants to say hi? Make your mind up Lisa

That's what he was acknowledging here, now Im going to come back to the mother figure in a minute ok cos I do feel as though there is a female thats actually wandering in on this little jaunt thats going on. 

Lisa has now switched to a Mother figure, remember from the other reading how I explained that Mother figure is a term used by fakes, as it allows them to widen the net in the search for a dead person! So Mother figure could be, Mother, Mother in law, Grandmother, Grandmother in law, Aunty, Older Sister, work colleague, friend, and on and on and on.

Basically mother figure covers any woman older than you!

Now he is giving me a birthday but theres a feeling around a birthday but is obviously my birthday so I will take all the happy birthdays I can get even if they are dead but they always do they are like hey happy birthday! Do you want to eat the chocolate ive been given because trust me I'm going to be this wide otherwise! 

But what he is showing me is that there is a connection to a birthday either it someone’s birthday now or then eh passed it was around someone birthday 

It was when he passed it was around his daughters birthday

Because he is acknowledging the fact of the birthday Very important to acknowledge he wants you to know he know he is ok and can you tell my mum Im sorry...

No hit off the mother figure at all, so now she starts babbling on about birthdays, and then Lisa asks the question, is it someones birthday now, or then. It is always someones birthday now or then! Birthdays are a classic tactic used by fakes, because they sound specific but in reality are insanely easy to get a hit off.

Just look what Lisa has done, she has ASKED if there is a Birthday of ANYONE related to this person now, and also if there was a Birthday of ANYONE related to this woman near to the time of death! I don't need to point out the sheer number of people this question could fit, in fact if there wasn't a birthday in this time period, I would be more shocked!

So another terrible reading from Lisa Williams here, I hope her fans who are reading this and getting ready to send me angry tweets @JonDonnis are starting to see a a trend here in what she says, because once you are aware of her routine it really is so very easy to spot.


And he passed after your grandfather and there was a big gap and it was on your father's side 


Now in that case was your grandfather, sorry grandmother, on your mother's, sorry father's side, difficult when your grandfather passed.


Even I am confused listening to that, she throws out these things, makes deliberate little mistakes, so that she can easily twist any reply she gets.
All I can figure out from that is that someone was difficult when someone died!

Ok because what she is showing me is that she was more difficult once your grandfather passed and she was just hard work

Yes she was very sad and very alone and she would drink a lot

So Lisa is pointing out that a widow struggled and was difficult once her life partner and husband died! Maybe Lisa would also like to point out that The Pope is a Catholic, and that a Bear just did a poo in the woods! Just incase people didn't know of course!

It was heavy duty you know, I just keep seeing it as like hard work, she is laughing actually because she saw what she was like and she is saying that she is sorry and I feel as though she would talk the hind legs off a donkey and she would just talk talk talk. 

and my dads inherited that trait too 

Yeh right and this is how it is coming across, now let me go with this, the four of them in that case are actually quite friendly so they all knew each other there is a lot fun here. Ok now is your mum still with us?

Yeh yeh

Again repeating back what the victim has just revealed and then expanding on it so it seems like Lisa said it originally!

She finishes by asking another question, we saw in the earlier reading that regardless of a yes or no answer, Lisa can control and twist the reading any way she likes.

Why would any medium need to ASK if someones mother is still alive or not? Why wouldn't the medium already know if they were really communicating with the dead.

Alright who has had the cancer or who was.....

My auntie Ann that would be nanna's sister but she was actually 3 years younger than my mum so like sisters

Ann is she still with us or has she crossed.

No she's crossed so has nanna's other sister norma they both had lung cancer. 

Lisa asks question, victim answers, the victim gives Lisa all the information.

Ok I felt as though it was connected to someone like your mother that crossed through the cancer and I wasn't sure where this was where this was, ok 

That would be Ann 

That would be Ann its funny how the names if you notice the names sort of like come through and it all interlinks

It only interlinks because that is how a medium uses cold reading to give the appearance of speaking the dead, I think I have shown pretty clearly Lisa Williams methods here, and they are clear to see, she asks questions a lot of them, she repeats back answers that the people being read have given, she twists and turns readings to try and make things fit, and when she cant do that she just blames the spirits, leaves the victim feeling guilty and moves on.

Ok one more reading as truly this is a mind numbing experience, when it is the same thing she is doing over and over again!


I've got 2 son in laws that run their own businesses – oh, I had a business of my own

Right, and you no longer have that business do you


In the trade this is known as an open ended QUESTION, (What Lisa asked another question? Who'd have thunk it)

We know Lisa can react to a negative or positive reply to almost any question. This is why if you ever here any psychic/medium tell a victim to only reply yes or no, you know instantly that they are 100% a fraud, it is all about control, and if you can control the answers of your victim, you control the reading and can manipulate it in any way you want! This is what Lisa Williams does.

You don't have it any more because what he is showing me is that someone used to run their own business at this period of time, so it was you, and he showing me that you were very firm in what you believed and its like it was your way or the highway, it was your way or the highway in many respects. There is a lot of laughter over I have tell you , a lot of laughter,

So Lisa asked a question, got a reply from the victim, and now repeats it back while expanding and adding some extra bits that are guaranteed to hit.

Now is there also another gentleman, there is a lot of heartfelt emotion here I don't know whether there’s a husband or partner or someone

My husband

Another question from Lisa, asking if a Husband, a Partner or SOMEONE has passed recently! Husband is specific, Partner could be love interest or a business partner, or even a partner to the gym, to the coffee shop, and "someone" well that could mean anyone, Lisa has literally just asked her victim if ANYONE has died!

Whose crossed, yeah?

Just recently

She just has to make sure he is dead, again by asking the victim! Why wouldn't Lisa already know, why does she keep have to ask questions?

He's coming in and I tell you I love you and the emotion he is giving me is like this (sighs), the emotion of love and he has just walked in like this, ever so proud ever so proud, and like I cant explain it just this he said it broke his heart to leave you, 

Again keep in mind Lisa asked the question if someone had died, the victim revealed it was her husband, Lisa NEVER told her, her husband had died, the victim revealed that, Lisa then just tells the woman what anyone who had just lost a husband would want to be told.

that would be right

it broke his heart to leave you he said and you were his world. There was often talk actually in many respects about who was going to go first,

Yes that’s right we were both sick at the same time

Just think about this for a second, Lisa Williams is talking to a clearly very old woman, who has recently lost her husband, and she comes out with that, really sickening to me!

Who was going to go first and he is saying look at you fighting fit now, alright and he is showing me but he couldn't …. but you knew he was going to go somehow, there was something about it you just thought he is not going to do it he is not going to come through with this.


Ok thats fine, he is bringing me in a red rose here, now a red rose can often signify a birthday or anniversary it but I do feel as though the red rose was significant to you

It was an anniversary...

And that's the end of that. Now you have read my analysis, please go back and watch the video again, now you have a clear head and understand the techniques used by Lisa Williams, you should find it much easier to spot.

Remember, her method is simple.
Ask a question.
Get an answer
repeat back the answer adding some filler.

And that's it.

I honestly think I have now categorically proven Lisa Williams is not a medium, or psychic or anything, her methods are very clear once you know what to look for, so next time you see her on Youtube, you know what to look out for.

Remember her TV shows are HEAVILY edited, what you see on her TV show is not a true reflection of what she does. I have done my best to show you how she performs her tricks, if you still believe she has magical powers, and can communicate with the dead, well there is no more I can do for you.

If what I have written has helped open your eyes then please share your experiences and thoughts either on the comments below, or on our forum we would love to hear from you.

Feel free to send your usual abuse to me on my Twitter account @JonDonnis or perhaps if I helped you understand better, maybe a little thank you would be nice.

25 January 2017

LiveScifi Exposed! - Caught Faking Paranormal Evidence

Is LiveScifi a genuine paranormal channel or not? No. In this video you'll see how the people at LiveScifi faked a video using a wire.

Someone saw this fake video and decided to show it before Live Scifi deleted it from their channel.

LiveScifi Debunked seems like an overstatement though. Even the videos they present don't seem to be too convincing.

LiveScifi has shown themselves to fake evidence to make you think they're genuine paranormal investigators. They slipped up and exposed themselves. Live Scifi is fake.

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This is the originally uploaded LiveScifi exposed video now it has been reinstated by Youtube:

Check out their Youtube Channel

24 January 2017

Clairvoyant ordered to pay damages to client she forced into prostitution

A fake psychic in Japan has been ordered to pay £690,000 (€800,000) by the Tokyo District Court  in damages to a female client she forced into prostitution, local media is reporting.

The Court ruled that the "fake psychic had conned the woman, and convinced her that she owed thousands to the psychic and that she had made her pay off the debt by working as a prostitute and then the psychic kept nearly all of her income, roughly 90 million yen.

The psychic, who was not named in the local media, managed to convince her victim to move into a flat that she owned, and then forced her to sell her body as a way to pay rent as well as the other money she had convinced the victim that she owed to the psychic.

On Wednesday the Presiding Judge Sotaro Tomuro stated...
“The fortune teller fuelled the woman’s fears by leading her to believe that she owed her a lot of money,” 

The victim, who was looking for 100 million yen in damages, had begun seeing the psychic back in 2008 and had been relying on the psychic for advice in all aspects of her life.

In 2011 she had moved into the appartment and had started working as a prostitute, which according to court records lasted until 2013.

The court was told that the psychic forced the victim to live on just £1 a day.

Another day and another victim of a fake psychic.
At least this time the victim has fought back and won in a court of law, but for the years of her life that has been lost to Prostitution, that she will never get back.

By Jon Donnis

23 January 2017

You are All Delusional, You're Just Too Delusional To See It

Unfortunately, we’re all victims to our own cognitive biases and our experiences.
But what happens when our knowledge contains information that we assessed from a situation where insufficient information is provided? We fill in the blanks.

This is a big part of the reason people are prone to believe in lies. And once they believe lies, they’re open to accepting more lies.

This video is intended to help you understand critical thinking and open-mindedness.
People usually assess reality using their experiences and emotions rather than facts.
My goal with this channel is to fix that. Facts should be trusted first because they are… well, they’re facts.

People often dismiss science because they think they know something that science doesn’t.
Or they admit their ignorance and proclaim that the subject is too difficult, so its considered “supernatural”.
There are many psychological tricks people use to unintentionally convince themselves.
So in a way, you’re all delusional. But you’re just too delusional to see it.

In this video you'll learn about critical thinking, emotional intelligence and what it means to be open minded.

Disclaimer: I do not exempt myself from any criticism towards humanity as a whole.

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21 January 2017

A Look at Holly Bell and her haunted plastic bag - Sacramento Paranormal Investigation and Research Team Exposed

Holly Bell is the co-founder of Sacramento Paranormal Investigation and Research Team. Sounds good doesn't it. Before i go further, lets quote her entire bio, so you can get an idea of who she is.
"I am the co-founder of Sacramento Paranormal Investigation and Research Team. My group has been to a number of investigations but we have been working on missing person cases lately and my own house due to the number of apparitions we have captured over the past year. The amazing part is all of these spirits can only be seen through the reflection in my mirrors in my bathroom. After many attempts to rid my home of spirits I decided to slow down and listen which has changed everything I've ever known about spirits."
We have another self proclaimed expert on the paranormal, they run a ghost hunting group, and put videos and photos on the internet.

Most of the photos are of herself in a mirror, and then desperately trying to find something in the reflection that vaguely resembles a dead child, or demon or something else ridiculous.

Here is example 1 taken from her Facebook page.

Description with the photo reads
"I am cleaning my tablet and found this picture from 2 months ago. Just another piece of evidence to add to my crazy haunted house file."

Yes this is "evidence" of the paranormal!
Clearly the reflection of the flash has highlighted wipe marks on the mirror, and may you can make out a face if you really squint your eyes, at the absolute best this could be put down as pareidolia, but personally I cant see anything clear at all. If you can please leave a comment.

Next photo

No description with this photo other than it being from a crazy night.
I assume it was posted because of the artifact to the left of the image.
They would call this evidence of the paranormal. I would call it an eyelash on the lense.

Photo 3

The description reads
"My bud Renee and Cofounder of SPIRIT Paranormal took her family out for some fun and paint balls. When she took a selfie she realized she was photo bombed by the Spirit of a little girl. Her daughter was in the back seat but she is not a blond and she was on the other side of the backseat."

Now most of the photos she shares are the ones in the mirror which are awful, or orbs or rubbish like that.
This photo I really like, as it really does look like a face!
This is another example of pareidolia, he face appears on the head rest of the back chair.
No real explanation here as it is just pareidolia, but it is quite a good one.

"Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists"
Photo 4

This photo was taken in a cemetery in Vacaville, California. Kinda looks like a claw right?
Clearly this is something close to the lens of the camera and out of the focal range.
Could be an insect, could be a spider, could be a spit end? Could be a lot of things, and in a cemetery too, it's hardly the cleanest of places is it. One thing for sure is that it is not a demon claw.

Anyway you get the idea, they publish these photos as "evidence" of the paranormal, they never offer up any potential rational explanations, instead jumping to the paranormal explanations instead, usually a dead girl.
What this means is that despite calling themselves experienced investigators, they are just uneducated people messing about in the dark. Would you pay to go on a ghost hunt with Sacramento Paranormal Investigation and Research Team when they consider this evidence?

And lastly, you are probably wondering why I titled this article the way I did. Well it is all because of this excellent video.

The description reads "Video of a spirit playing with a plastic bag"

Have a watch, and ask yourself, is this a haunted plastic bag? I will let you make your own conclusions as to the cause of this. Please leave a comments.

By Jon Donnis

20 January 2017

Debunking Joe Powers' 'Psychic' Secrets feat. Richard Wiseman - The Man Who Contacts The Dead

After Derren watches Joe live, he reviews the footage with psychologist, author and magician Richard Wiseman (Quirkology) and they figure out his techniques used in the show.

19 January 2017

Mellowb1rd and his ghost videos Debunked/Exposed

Mellowb1rd is one of the oldest paranormal channels on YouTube.
Naturally his poltergeist activity videos are very much fake.
He’s even admitted that he faked some of his ghost videos, yet people still believe Mellowbird.

So in this video I’ll show you why his poltergeist activity videos are a hoax and why Mellowbird is not haunted, but just uses his skills to create fake ghost sightings.

Mellowb1rd has been exposed before, but he just cleverly bends the story so people continue to believe him.

By Duck of Truth
Duck of Truth on Youtube

Should I be more open? Is there more in this world than just science?

Today someone said I should be more open and that there is more to science in this world, I wrote them a personal reply which I think my readers here might like.

No Astrologer ever found a new planet, Astronomers (Science) did.

No Homeopath ever discovered Antibiotics, Alexander Fleming did, (biologist, pharmacologist and botanist all Science)

No psychic has ever solved a single crime but Forensic pathologists have (Science)
No Reiki Master/Naturpath/Alt Med Practitioner has ever cured a single disease but Edward Jenner a physician (Science) has, known as "the father of immunology", his work has "saved more lives than the work of any other human in the entire history of the human race."

The point is that there is a reason why it is scientists that find these things, develop them and then use them to further the human race. Because they have the scientific method.

No man who went on an acid trip in Ibiza, who then claimed to receive messages from Aliens/Angels etc has ever detected DNA, or decoded the human genome, but after being started in 1990 just 13 years later the Human Genome Project did just that, opening up the world of medicine and science to a whole new way to understand the human body, evolution, medicine and so on. This was done by scientists working together around the world!

I can go on and on and on. All of these great discoveries were made by scientists who dedicated their lives to what they were researching, first a hypothesis is developed, then a working theory is put into place.

I couldn't become an Astrophysicist tomorrow, but I could become an Astrologer.
I couldn't become a Heart/Brain Surgeon tomorrow, but I could become a Reiki Healer, Spiritual Healer
I couldn't become a Pharmacist tomorrow, but I could become a Homeopath
I couldn't become a Dietitian tomorrow, but I could become a Nutritionist
I couldn't become a Forensic Anthropologist tomorrow, but I could become a psychic
I couldn't become a Grief Councillor tomorrow, but I could become a medium.

Notice the difference between all of those things, one requires genuine training, a true understanding of what you are doing, years and years of serious credible study. The others require nothing at all.

So yes there are things in this world that we don't know, and that's the great thing about science, it has no problem with saying "we don't know"

When someone comes along and says we have this liquid, it is water we put a drop of something in it and then that is been diluted a million times, we believe water has a memory and the more we dilute the more potent its effect, Science says, ok please show us your theory and the science behind your claim. No science is put forward, they just say it is so cause they believe in it. So science says ok, lets test it. 500 independent tests around the world, from every country imaginable, ALL of them say the claim is false. Science then says "Ok the claim is false, we wont accept it"


Science never refused to test homeopathy, reiki, astrology, it tested them all, and found them all to be false claims, in fact science is so great it even explained in great detail why they are wrong, and the real reason behind any supposed positive effects.

Yet still people say science doesn't know everything, and science says, we don't know everything.

That is why I trust in science, because it does exactly what it says on the tin.