22 October 2020

RIP James Randi

The Randi Foundation have revealed that James Randi has died, aged 92.

Truly one of the greatest voices in skepticism in history, he will be truly missed.

An inspiration to me personally, and a hero, I only spoke with him a few times, and he once listed us a "recommended reading" on his website, he helped us massively, and allowed us to grow, he didn't need to do that, but he appreciated the work we were doing and wanted to help us. For that I will be forever grateful.

Thank you to James Randi for everything you did in your life. Rest in Peace.

19 September 2020

The Jon Donnis Show - Psychics Help or Hinder?

An short original Documentary made for www.badpsychics.com, part of "The Jon Donnis Show" Network

21 August 2020

Why can't Psychics gets The Lotto Numbers? - A Commentary by Rob Lester

Blame karma or blame the intentions of the psychic and the ever-shifting energies of the universe, but never get close to admitting that you might just not be psychic or your skills might be extremely poor.  And even if psychics were real, most aren't doing a good job and maybe the best they can do is normal intuitive stuff, not really displays of extrasensory skills. 

And if you were good and selfless, why wouldn't the universe want to make you better off so you can help others? 

Karma or fate or whatever on this, it's nonsense.  You just don't have the ability, and the new age movement needs excuses for believers and frauds to say why they aren't building new-age philosophy schools based on lotto wins.

17 August 2020

All good things must come to an end.

All good things must come to an end.

It is becoming quickly apparent to me that certain forces are working overtime to get BadPsychics closed down, and unfortunately I believe they will eventually be successful. And if that happens, then to be honest I will be done with the whole thing, as it is too much of a headache.

I wont say exactly what they are doing as it might encourages others, but I would like to give fans of the site an idea.

EVERYTHING on the site that is either written by me, or by an anonymous contributor you are welcome to copy and paste and upload on your own site, blog, or facebook page. I do not need credit, I don't need my name to live on, all I ask is that you put "Originally published on BadPsychics.com" somewhere on it. That is it.

Anything not written by me, just drop me a message and I will let you know if it is ok.

One day the site will just disappear, and when it does, I don't want people moaning at me, or asking me for stuff after it is gone.

The glory days of psychics and mediums in the UK is long gone. The big name psychics are either dead, or just doing small shows, there are no TV shows with them on any more, hell even Most Haunted cant get a TV deal any more.

If someone out there is creating their own Skeptical site, and needs help with old BP articles to get themselves going just let me know.

Sites like mine no longer hold the power, the people do, and as I have witnessed recently, if enough victims get together and create a Facebook group, and actively work together to report a psychic, and help each other get refunds etc, then that really is a better way to fight back, than someone like me writing an article, for whatever I do, it will never be enough.

For now the site remains, but it could go down tomorrow, or it could be there in 10 years. Who knows, but if it goes, I am done, no fanfare, no big goodbye, I will just be gone.

Jon Donnis - BadPsychics.

3 August 2020

Do you want an article written about you removed from BadPsychics? Here is how.

For so many years, many many years, we have exposed psychics/mediums on this site, but we have never really given a guideline for how a psychic can have an article about them removed.

Now why would they want an article removed? Well we rank very high on Google for a start, so anyone searching for a psychic's name, may very well come across this website and a negative article about them.

I do not accept bribes, quite a few have tried. I do not listen to threats, I have seen and heard it all before.

So if you want to have a single article removed, or even all articles about you removed, you only need to do a couple of things.

1. Publish online a video of you looking at the camera stating the following.

"My name is [insert name], I am not really psychic, I do not have magic powers, I cannot see the future or the past through any kind of supernatural ability. I do not communicate with the dead. What I do is an act, specifically a psychic/mediumship act. It is purely for entertainment purposes only.

2. Publish that same statement as text on your own official website, or official social media page.

Once you have done that, send me a link to the video and the text. And upon checking, I will remove whatever you like about you specifically, from this site.

Really! That's it. Just do that one simple thing, that being honest. And all is forgiven and forgotten. You can carry on doing what you do, and I will not care, I will not report on it, I will not expose it. And as long as you keep that video and statement online, then as far as I am concerned I have no interest in you or anything else you say or do.

I wont even publish the video statement either. As long as it is on your own site and stays there, then as far as I am concerned you do not exist in the same Universe as me.

Who wants to take me up on the challenge? No tricks. No secret articles. I will do as I say.
Surely doing this is much cheaper in the long run than wasting money on lawyers who will only tell you, you don't have a leg to stand up.

By Jon Donnis