27 August 2015

Monica The Medium - Season 1 Episode 1 Thoughts

Monica the Medium is an American reality television series about Monica Ten-Kate, a student at Pennsylvania State University who is also a medium.

The show premiered August 25, 2015 on ABC Family.

Ok so this is a "reality" show, but with clearly edited and staged events, think The Only Way is Essex but with a manipulative girl called Monica Ten-Kate using everything she has learned from watching fake mediums like John Edward, James Van Praagh and Syvlia Brown to put together her little mediumship gig.

No idea how she has got her own TV show, and I had never heard of her before this show.

This show is pretty much Monica trying to live a normal life and get a boyfriend, but constantly ruining it by giving readings in the middle of various social situations.

In doing some research on Monica Ten-Kate I found this lovely piece. Please go read it quick and then come back here. Link = http://onwardstate.com/2015/04/08/psychic-mediums-like-monica-ten-kate-are-lying-frauds-a-retraction/

Nice to see people are already calling her out on being a fraud.

Anyway as I watch the show, despite this being a reality show, it is very clear that she is using various known techniques when giving her readings, reminds me of John Edward and his shotgun techniques. Also what is quite clear is the heavy editing this show has.

I am curious as to who trained Monica, as everything about her act screams fake, from her verbiage, to her body language and so on, it seems very trained and not at all natural or self delusional. She is very definitely using cold reading.

ABC Family who have commissioned this pile of crap need to take responsibility for giving Monica a platform to build her career. Surely the execs at ABC realise that Monica is not the real deal, the fact she asks so many questions, and controls the readings, not to mention they are editing out all the misses, and keeping all the hits.

The show pretty much goes along the lines of many reality shows, following someone's life, staging events to get a reaction, but with the twist that the star of the show is a fake psychic. It is a shame that stations like ABC are so desperate of TV that will appeal to a certain demographic that they have to trot out rubbish like this.

So save yourself the trouble, each episode is pretty much Monica leading a normal life, then gets contacted by a spirit, then she gives a reading to some poor idiot, reduces them to tears, all the stooges then applaud her. But she is then rejected by a boy cause she is a freak, and the show ends.

Truly people avoid this pap.


By Jon Donnis

25 August 2015

Colin Fry Dead

News has come in this morning that Colin Fry finally lost his battle against Lung Cancer.

Let me firstly say I offer my condolences to his family and close friends.

Colin passed away peacefully in Hospital in the early hours at 2:50am on the 25th August 2015

But with that said, I do not feel sad, I do not feel happy, I feel indifferent.

I pleaded with Colin to help take down the psychic industry, the SNU and so on before he died, but he refused. For him even after death, there was too much for him to lose if he came clean, and that is sad, but I can understand that, he has to try to protect Mikey, just imagine the lawsuits that would come about from the thousands of people who Colin took money from to pretend to talk to their dead relatives. It would leave Colin's estate in ruins. So although I would have preferred he die a hero, I can understand that dying a villain was the easier option.

Colin Fry never quite reached the pinnacle of British Mediumship, he was always overshadowed by Derek Acorah, and then both were overshadowed by Sally Morgan. Colin Fry also never really got past the fact he started his career after getting caught cheating by his own peers in the now infamous Trumpet Incident.

So what is the legacy that Colin leaves behind?

He convinced thousands he was legit, but never once proved his claims in a credible scientific study.
His legacy is as empty as the promises he made.

I always got on quite well with Colin on a personal level, we had many a conversation over the years, but I could never quite get him to admit to me it was all an act, although not too close to his death I spoke to him and I asked him something, and he replied in a very interesting manner. So I will leave you with what I said and how he replied.

Jon - "When you die can you do me one favour, I want you to haunt me, I want you to do whatever you can to prove you still exist on whatever level you can.

Colin - "I think we both know that will never happen"

For those who knew him, remember the man, not the act, not the gimmick, not the tricks.
For now he is dead, he cannot take a penny more from people to pretend to talk to the dead.

16 August 2015

So someone tried to blackmail me after i questioned the education and intelligence of Eamon Van Harris

Doing what I do, I invite a certain amount of abuse, I accept that. When you plead for a dying man to come clean regarding his crimes, and to die a hero and not a villain, you accept that by saying this you will piss off a lot of people. And I got a fair few death threats because of the Colin Fry article.

When I exposed Derek Acorah many years ago, the Acorahs themselves had someone contact them with my full name and home address, they were given this information with the intention of them either suing me, or coming after me in a more aggressive manner, you can use your imagination to determine which one. Luckily Gwen Acorah decided it was best to contact me directly and to tell me that someone had given them that info. I always respected her decision to do that.

Oh by the way, the photo above is me, widely available on all of my social media accounts.

And over the past 12 or so years there have been websites created about me. More fake social media accounts than I can shake a stick at. Someone found a very old MySpace account of mine, copied all the photos and published them on a website "exposing" me.

I was the inspiration for the short lived "BadSkeptics" site.

Basically over the years I have had to deal with a fair amount of crazies. But I always took it in my stride and accepted it as part of the deal. You expose criminals, and there is a good chance the criminals or their underlings will come after you and try to use whatever they can to come after you.

Death Threats, Stalking, Daily Abuse, you name it, I have had it. When I exposed Ciaran O'Keeffe a self proclaimed skeptic, I had my twitter and facebook hacked, not to mention many threats made against me! And all because I revealed how Ciaran had covered up the racist comments made by a psychic he was about to release a book with!

A few days ago, I questioned the experience and knowledge of Most Haunted's Eamon Van-Harris, mainly due to the fact he often likes to talk about science, he once said "we are making some huge strides in the field of Physics", all of this in regards to him sitting in front of a computer, recording background noise, manipulating it, filtering it, changing the tempo, until eventually he has an "EVP" that vaguely sounds like something recognisable. The fact he seemed incapable of understanding what Audio Pareidolia was, made me question everything he did.

Anyway by questioning his experience and knowledge, I suddenly found that a group calling themselves UKHaunted started defending him. For anyone who doesn't know who they are, it's your typical Most Haunted wannabe group, who are trying to get on TV. Now I am used to such groups attacking me, or defending me, I expect it, and I have no problem with them making fun of me, or verbally abusing me. Afterall they have to defend what is making them money.

Then they took things to another level by posting a very old photo of me they had found on an old Badoo account. Badoo is a social media site, you can meet new people and so on. Now they published this photo, I asked for them to remove it, which they eventually did, but not before it had been copied and reposted by others. They claimed that they were sent the photo anonymously, and that since it was available online they had done nothing wrong. Now if you consider what they have done to be right or wrong that is up to you. But that account was not under the name of Jon Donnis, it was under a previous name I had used. So clearly someone had been doing some deep snooping to find it, and use it as a way to attack me.

Let me be clear why I try to protect my image and who I am. I am not scared to show my face, but I always wanted what I did to be the focus of my work, and not who I was. I did not want to be a celebrity, or even appear to be wanting fame, as that in itself is a detriment to what I do. Also there is the issue of trying to protect myself from the crazies, the stalkers, and also just incase one of those death threats is from someone who really wants to kill me. Better they don't have a photo in their hand of me. Either way I always tried to keep my personal life separate, so it would not effect my family. Anywho, UKHaunted started a chain of events which brings me to why I am writing this.

This morning I received the following anonymously sent email. I have redacted some parts for privacy reasons, and removed some parts due to the rambling lengthy stories they tell. But I wanted to share it here, and also reply to it here as that is the only way I can reply to this person. My replies are in red bold.


Dear ##########

I have redacted this because although they got my "real" name wrong, I have no interest in publishing it as it is a very common Greek name, and I do not want to invite any abuse onto anyone with that name who they may think is me.

And so it seems that in this game of cat and mouse, the cat finally found the mouse.

So many questions I have for you but so little time to ask, you know me but I barely know you, for many years you made my life a living hell, It got so bad that I became paranoid, my wife left me and I had a nervous breakdown, you caused all of this and I never understood why? You have maliciously attacked your victims for so long without a care in the world, as I write this I have also reported you to the police.

UKHaunted also claimed they had reported me to the police, I look forward to hearing from them. Despite what you think my address is actually easily available, and to claim you finally found the mouse shows what an ignoramus you are. The fact your wife left you, should tell you more about the kind of person you are, than anything I could ever have done to you.

You claim I made your life a living hell, well that woulsuggest you claim to have magic powers, and little old me exposed you. As for your claims of having a nervous breakdown, sorry to say I don't believe you, you see if you do work as a psychic, then you simply could have stopped doing that job, got a real job, and all your problems would have gone away.

Yesterday a kind soul forwarded information about you, basically everything. Who you are, where you are, what you do, what you look like, I was always intrigued as to the man behind the machine, the man wearing the mask, what did he look like? Was he real?

If you type "Jon Donnis" into google, and then click on images, there is a photo of me there, in a Greece footy shirt with a bottle of Ouzo, and in fact that photo has been widely available for many years! I even use it for my Twitter and Facebook profiles, which anyone can see.

You see many years ago when someone much smarter than you, who could also keep hold of a woman decided to publish photos of me, I decided to choose one photo and use it, so that if people were curious about me, they could see who I was. What I looked like and so on.

As for where I am, again not really a big secret, I post photos pretty much daily on my Instagram account, those photos are geotagged, I even hashtag the area I live in. So where I am, also widely known now for years and years! Did you think you were gonna scare me by saying such things? Hell go to Malia and ask anyone if they know Cyprus Jon, and pretty much everyone does! Not a secret.

 I have to admit even when you maliciously attacked me, I guess I was in absolute awe that someone could hide away for so many years, undetected for so long in the pits of despair, aimlessly attacking victims, then I wondered was this because you wanted to carry on the legacy of your father Nicholas?

Again haven't been hiding away, when in the UK I would regularly go to the Birmingham Skeptics in the Pub meetings, I have been to see Derek Acorah live, met him and his lovely wife on a few occasions, all of which I announced before hand. And like I said I kinda like Instagram and post photos of where I am all the time, and I share them on Twitter too.

Now you mention my "father" Nicholas. And also his "legacy", now this is where your detective work has let you down somewhat. You see you have heard or been told that the person who started BadPsychics was called Nik, and for some reason you think that is my father. Sorry to say wrong Nik, I know it is a common name, infact a very common name in Cyprus and Greece, but the fact my dad cant even use a computer would suggest that he was never the mastermind behind the worlds most popular skeptic site exposing psychics. Also as I have revealed many times on my forum, in public, my dad even likes to read coffee cups in the old Greek style! So not really the thing to do if you are the founder! So whoever "told" you this, yet again got it wrong!

Was this because you wanted your father’s approval? Or maybe he was the sensible sceptic, the one that didn’t have to bully people? Either way I am proud of you for being loyal to his legacy and doing the work you do. I think you have unearthed some genuinely “bad psychics” (no pun intended) and in some ways that needed to happen, but then every dog has its day, and you may friend have had your day.

Oh dear, lol. My dad is a Christian Orthodox, goes to Church and wears a cross, he is about as skeptical as a potato! But I do love it when someone tries to psychobabble me. And as for bullying people, my dad is a war hero, lived through the Turkish invasion of 1974. But thanks for trying to sully his great name, what a sad pathetic NON psychic you clearly are. And yes I have unearthed some genuinely bad psychics, it seems like you were one of them!

This game of chess we play has finally comes to an end, checkmate im afraid, I realise that the amount of information being given out about you is rather large, the reason people want information is because they have questions, theres no threat, people just want to know the human being behind the fake account, deep down in there Yannis I know there is a good heart, your just like me!

I think I have already kinda proved you are not very good at chess, and more than that you seemingly don't even know the rules. As for calling me "Yannis" as some kind of master stroke. Ok here is the easy bit, my name is Jon, everyone knows I am Greek Cypriot, due to the fact I am constantly talking about it. It is also common knowledge that Jon in Greek is Yannis, so you are hardly exposing me by using that name. Especially because my name is not even Yannis. It is in fact Giannis, slightly different spelling, but still different, and what is even better is that on my official baptism certificate, signed by the Archbishop my name is in fact JOHN! Yes under the eyes of the big guy who lives in the cloud, my name is in fact John! Now if you had exposed my misspelling of John as Jon, then I might have been impressed.

Don't believe me, here is a photo of said Baptism certificate!

Yes it's that awkward moment when once again Jon backs up everything he says!

As for people wanting to know the human being behind the "fake" account, well anyone could have just said to meet me at a Skeptic in the Pub event, I was always happy to attend and say hi if someone wanted.

I remember one time when I went to see Simon Peters, a pretend psychic who half way during his show his microphone picked up the secret feed he was receiving in his ear, which he was repeating word for word a moment later. His career never quite recovered after I exposed him. Hmmmmm.

Day to day we get on with life, have a laugh, have a few beers and we become opinionated about the world around us. In your case its been great because you have 3 of you running the fake account “Jon Donnis” I also love the name “jon donnis” lord adonnis (very clever) I actually love Greece! Looked to buy a holiday home out there as its such a beautiful place! I could eat satziki by the bucket load, and Mythos!! Metaxa is gorgeous too! I have had some cronic hangovers on that!

3 people running the Jon Donnis twitter account I assume? No it is only me, I wish there was 3 of us, but alas just little old me.  I love Greece too, very nice place. You should buy a holiday home out here, the people are very superstitious so would eat up your lies and nonsense by the bucket load. Not sure what Satziki is, if you mean Tzatziki then yes it is very nice. Not sure what that has to do with exposing me, but I am guessing you are gonna start rambling now to fill out your rather sad attempt at blackmailing me.

I know everything my friend, I know who you work with, I know how you get your information, I know everything. It was easy if I am honest! Too easy, wish I had done this years ago! But I am greater, I am superior, I am the master, I am special.

Please tell the world of all these secret people I work with. Surely you know that I secretly meet with James Randi every Saturday to discuss how to take down the SNU, and that Derren Brown drinks a raki with me every Friday night as we plan his next show. 

You claim to be greater, superior, the master? Wow I thought I had a god complex!
So far you have kinda exposed yourself as being a bit of a numpty.

There’s a great scene in a book I read when I was travelling to Gambia,..............

He now tells a story that rambles on for about 3 pages, I have cut it out as trying to keep people awake.

Just like the story it’s time for this wise man to tell you that I might be able to help stop your information going out into the open, the problem you have is that its totally legal, there’s nothing wrong with passing out the name of a bully, but in return I ask for one thing and one thing only…

And here comes the blackmail part. Do you think he realises that trying to blackmail someone is actually ILLEGAL.

If you close the bad psychic’s website down in the next 24 hours then I can help you. But only if you do the decent thing and close down your website which is incredibly illegal, offensive and terrible in so many ways…This old man is giving you a chance to walk away, to get on with your life and stop bullying and hurting the lives of many under a fake name.

Ok, firstly if my website was illegal then it would have been closed down years ago. So you are wrong there. Also I do not take threats lightly. And whether you are connected to UKHaunted or not, you have done them a lot of damage in writing this threatening message to me, which reads suspiciously similar to the email they sent me yesterday after I asked them to remove that photo which they CLAIMED was sent to them anonymously.

So "old man", you claim I have made your life a living hell, your wife left you, and you were left a paranoid wreck. You think you have me beat do you? Think again.

I already spoke to the police yesterday, registered my complaint of bullying now that I know who you are, but if the website closes then I don’t need to take this any further, information being leaked stops and we can all get on with life.

The police have a file on me as thick as ten books, mainly full of all the abuse and threats I have received over the years, if the police do contact me due to your complaint, I wonder what they would think of your email BLACKMAILING me! I am sure publishing my photo online as a way to harass me too, that will not look very good to them either.

Regardless I look forward to hearing from them, if you have indeed contacted them, you see another thing is that any action taken against me I will fight and go to court, and in doing so your name will be revealed.

Again this is a friendly message to say that even though you have ruined my life, I want to help you by giving you a 2nd chance.

No don't give me a second chance, you try and destroy me.
You see I NEVER ruined your life, You did that all on your own, I just exposed your lies. Your wife made the best decision ever when she left you. I hope she doesn't read this and contact me directly, I am sure you have revealed enough about yourself now that she will realise it is you.

So Mr ########### – it has been emotional, I genuinely applaud you for your work, it’s fantastic but it’s also illegal, fraudulent, and offensive and you are hurting the lives of many. So stop breaking the law and close your website down. Spend that time doing something productive? Perhaps do more DJ’ing at other bars? Theres so much you can do, just stop bullying people please.

Not illegal and not fraudulent, that is what YOU do. I just expose the truth.
And yes happy to do more DJ'ing, the only problem is I have no idea how, you see if you had looked at that photo properly, you would have realised that the deck I was mixing on was in fact an ashtray, the headphones were not even plugged in, and I was clearly not in a club! Whoops!

And the irony of your email is that you are trying to bully me, but unlike you, I am a man who can hold on to a woman, and I will not go cry in my soup at what you have said.

We both aren’t getting any younger, man to man I plead with you, its in everyones best interest to close your website down, hopefully by 11pm tomorrow so that we can start the week fresh.

Well I am still in my prime, so I don't worry about age. It is funny how you try to expose who I "really am", yet you do so through an anonymous email server.

Instead of running websites maybe you should go on TV and be a sceptic? I think you would do a great job.

Nope no interest in being famous.

Thank you for reading this Yannis, I bid you a goodnight, I wish you all the best in your future endeavours, but firstly please shut down your website

My name is Jon, but whatever. I am sure when you wrote your email you thought you were so clever. Not feeling so clever now are you!

All the best



So there you have it, the latest attempt to take me down and destroy me.

Now if you want to be a man and correspond with me like an adult, you can email me in private, tell me who you are, and we can talk, if you apologise for your ridiculous attempt at blackmail, hell I might even throw you a bone, and remove any articles about you, as a good will gesture.

But don't go down the route you have started here, you have already clearly lost a lot due to your work, morals and lack of ethics, do you really think blackmailing and threatening someone is the way to get your life back?

You want to know the man behind the mask, you just had to ask, I am in fact quite a nice man, just ask the Acorahs, hell even Colin Fry likes me.

So ask yourself, what kind of person do you really want to be?

Jon Donnis

6 August 2015

Tyler Fischer Goes Undercover To Prove Manhattan Storefront Psychics Are Full Of It

I have never understood how so many psychic storefronts can survive in Manhattan.

Are they legitimate at all, or are people just eager to pay cash under the table to strangers in exchange for comforting lies?

Psychics are generally very vague about your past and present with statements like, “You’ve thought about moving,” and, “You know someone with the letter ‘M’ in his or her name.”

When it comes to your future, however, they become very specific with information you can’t immediately disprove, like when you will die, how many kids you will have, etc.

If psychics were truly as accurate as they are confident, wouldn’t they all have the same reading if they looked at the same palm? If not, what did I just pay $30 for?

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Starring: Tyler Fischer
Concept by Skyler Fulton

4 August 2015

EXCLUSIVE REVIEW: Most Haunted S02E10 (Capesthorne Hall)

(UPDATED: Originally published 15th July. I decided to bump this back up to the top of the site since this is the single most faked episode of Most Haunted in its entire history and it airs in a couple of days! Make sure you let your disgust be heard, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter or Paranormal forums. But when you do, please Hashtag your comments with #BadPsychics wherever you post them)

I am happy today, and you know why? Its cause I get to finish watching and reviewing Most Haunted! ITS THE LAST EPISODE PEOPLE!!

Here is the blurb:
To Air Thursday 6th August, 10pm
S02E10/10. Capesthorne Hall
Really’s terrifying series concludes at Capesthorne Hall in Cheshire as for the first time in Most Haunted history a vigil is shown in its entirety. Visitors and residents have reported seeing disembodied limbs floating across rooms, dark shadows lurking in corridors, poltergeists lying in wait to surprise passers-by, and have witnessed books being thrown off shelves. With such a range of unusual activity, the team are in for some big surprises. Stuart ventures to the upstairs quarters alone, only to experience some of the most extreme paranormal activity seen during this series and when Karl later ventures upstairs his discoveries are enough to rattle the strongest of sceptics. In this dramatic final episode, the team makes some extraordinary discoveries that are not to be missed.

This weeks desperate attempt to boost flagging tourism is Capesthorne Hall. And we are promised Poltergeists, ghostly voices (hopefully made with their mouths) and all manner of spiritual shenanigans!

We start off with Yvette creepily playing the piano and telling us that the ghosties really don't like it!

You know what I really don't like? That god awful wallpaper! Seriously guys surely they can find something better than that.

This weeks "opinion piece" by someone blatantly with a vested interest comes from this delight of a woman. Kath Jefferies a wedding and events co-ordinator for Capesthorne Hall.

As she spins her lies, sorry I mean interesting stories, she does have a hint of guilt on her face. I can only imagine the smirk that Glen is giving right now listening to this woman.

Fred Batt and his money get to give a little speech to camera too.

He tells us that there has been a lot of human sacrifice at the location, lets hope they try and recreate that perhaps with Stuart? And apparently this place has ghostly body parts that haunt the place! Yep a floating arm and decapitated head that haunt the place.

Ok I am gonna post a picture now of resident "Skeptic"Glen Hunt, now before you scroll down, I want you to predict what he is doing.

Ok you can scroll down now.

If you guessed that he was smirking with his hands in his pockets, then please award yourself 10 "Acorah Points" for displaying genuine psychic abilities.

DISCLAIMER: Acorah Points have no cash value, and cannot be exchanged. They can only be used on psychic evenings/events when Derek Acorah is present.

As Glen and Yvette are talking, and Glen is pointing out all the newspaper cuttings on the wall talking about hauntings at the location etc, Stuart off camera makes a noise.

Which in turn gives Glen the perfect opportunity to point out that a simple knock suddenly becomes paranormal because of the fact they have all been primed to believe. Glen actually does a good job here to give a skeptical opinion and for that we here at BadPsychics Towers applaud him.

Yvette realising she looks stupid, starts to talk about the previous times they have been here and talks about footage they have gotten which SCIENTISTS could not explain! Yes Yvette said that.
Please Yvette share the names of these credible, experienced scientists that could not explain your footage of ghosts, cause I for sure must have missed that peer reviewed article.

And suddenly Glens face shifts from smirking to a look of utter contempt towards Yvette.

15 Minutes in and they haven't even put the green filters on the cameras and start the investigation yet! I am guessing they are struggling for footage in the edit room since they have had to fill 15 minutes with talking and smirking.

Quick stop with Eammon who has recording some background noise, and filtered and edited it to hell until it vaguely sounds interesting. The funny thing is one voice he plays is blatantly just Yvette after its been stretched and filtered, I think she realises straight away as doesn't get at all excited and quickly asks after another soundwave which sounds like nothing.

Glen is sent off upstairs on his own and gets quick lost, and then starts talking to himself. I think he is going mad. That can happen if you over smirk.


Yes it is Leah Walton! She is back! And in a lovely coat too!
Ok so I am guessing this episode was probably filmed early on since she is now pregnant and only featured in the first 3 episodes,

Finally Glen stops smirking, as he starts to hear noises upstairs on his own!
He then does something unheard of on Most Haunted, he investigates and realises the noise is from a flag poll outside. Well done Glen.

Back with Scooby and the gang, and they are hearing noises as usual, of course always off camera.

Desperate for interesting footage, Yvette narrates that for the first time ever they will show a "Vidgual" in its entirety! I can hear you all getting excited just reading that!

So Stuart is off on his "own" if you believe that. And is gonna wander about for a bit. And within 20 seconds we hear a thud. And as if by magic when he turns around a wooden cot is swinging, of course no camera was left to film the room, and we are supposed to believe that it was the ghosts who did it!

You can almost imagine Karl in the pre-show meeting talking about this scene and how great it will look on camera. It is sad that they think so lowly of their fans that they try such nonsense, Especially having Stuart involved who we know fakes things every week.

Stuart then finds a convenient Tennis Ball, and decides to throw it and ask the ghost children to roll the ball back, he rolls it and nothing happens. So goes into another room and starts talking to camera and the ghosts.

And then in one of the single most ridiculous moments in Most Haunted history, he goes back into the room, careful not to film the floor where the tennis ball was, claims he can hear footsteps and then the tennis ball is miraculously rolling down from upstairs. Stuart does his best acting here, but seriously even the most deluded super fan ain't gonna fall for this utter and complete crap.

Seriously I have seen some crap on this show, but this takes the biscuit.

Stuart goes up the stairs and sees a closed door. He comes back down and hears more footsteps, probably from Karl who is running about. Some more bangs, and so on. Then the tennis ball re-appears on the floor.

Then Stuarts camera suddenly goes dead, and Yvette in narration tells us that despite his camera having a full battery is just went dead.

I am sure Karl honestly thinks this whole ridiculous scene will get the fans talking, but trust me people will be rolling their eyes and turning off in their droves. Most Haunted just jumped the shark people!

Stuart rejoins the gang, and Karl heads upstairs to where Stuart was.

We then get Karl throw the tennis ball and ask for it to be returned, and of course on camera nothing happens, he then hears a noise, so he runs down the hall to the piano I mentioned earlier. He runs about checking cupboards as if to further cement he is the only person there. Now if they had a simple camera left to film the area we could see this! The acting is so bad that you cant help but laugh.

We then get Karl film himself with the piano in the background, which then makes a noise perfectly on cue!

They really have gone all out on this episode with the fakery, some classic nonsense that NO ONE will fall for.

Back with the gang, and suddenly a pair of pliers drop on the floor between them, and guess who its right by? Yep you guessed it Stuart!

It's almost as if he had them in his pocket waited till everyone's attention was elsewhere and then he dropped them.

The episode is really starting to get silly now.
Stuart claims that the pliers "went into his back" then I think it was Glen, points out that Stuart had his back to the wall! Whoops, got caught out there Stuart! lol. And even Yvette doesn't look too impressed.

We then hear another bang, they run off and find a block of wood! (or Yvettes personality if you will)

39 Minutes in and this is already the dumbest episode ever. Back to Karl and the piano is making noises again. Karl who is too dumb doesn't even check the piano for gimmicks, or if there is a rat inside the piano, he just films himself saying how scared he is and that it definitely is not human!

Keep in mind they filmed this episode early on, yet left it for the final of the series, this is because they probably had to edit out a lot of mistakes, and people getting caught doing things and on camera.

Glen has clearly been edited out of proceedings since the silly-ness started, as I am assuming he kept pointing out how ridiculous it was.

Stuart then throws something at Leah which makes her scream. And then tries to claim it was a ghost. Karl still on his own upstairs has a bit of an anxiety attack, yet still manages to keep filming himself, which is funny. The camera goes dead, and then when it comes back on Karl claims he passed out!

And with that Yvette says they are ending the investigation, and we get some quick highlights of all the ridiculous fakery that has taken place, the main one being Stuarts terrible acting.

Truly one of the most stupid, over the top, ridiculous episodes ever, whereby it was so over the top and obvious, that it actually spoils thing.

Oh well, glad the series is over now.
This episode pushed even me too far,

By Jon Donnis

2 August 2015

Good Thinking Investigates: Palmistry (Part 3)

In our previous readings with a palm reader, our volunteers from the Merseyside Skeptics Society were given advice they felt was misleading and irresponsible. Perhaps even worse, each of our readings began to sound eerily familiar, as demonstrated by this compilation of our clips from the three visits to the same psychic by different investigators...

Clearly it seemed our volunteers’ lives were alarmingly similar. What would happen if a fourth investigator visited a second palmist in the same booth – the daughter of the previous palmist?

Read the full investigation at http://goodthinkingsociety.org/good-thinking-investigates-palmistry-part-3/

We contacted the psychics to share our investigations and our concerns, but they did not respond.

1 August 2015

Good Thinking Investigates: Palmistry (Part 2)

Having visited our chosen palmist once, we partnered with the Merseyside Skeptics Society to test how accurate palm reading can be for someone in a serious situation.

Our investigator Alice suffers from Hypermobility Syndrome (a chronic and highly-painful disability), but she responds to the palmist as she would have done prior to receiving her diagnosis. Everything Alice tells the palmist about her symptoms is true.

Our investigator agreed to a £30 reading. After a little general information, the reading turned to the topic of health.

Read the full investigation at http://goodthinkingsociety.org/good-thinking-investigates-palmistry-part-2/

We contacted the psychics to share our investigations and our concerns, but they did not respond.

31 July 2015

Good Thinking Investigates: Palmistry (Part 1)

Palm readers have operated in seaside towns across the country for many years.

Many people put their trust (and hand over considerable amounts of money) to psychics - especially in times of need.

In the absence of any proof that palmists have any ability to accurately advise on the future, we wanted to find out whether that trust was well-placed, so we visited a palm reader in Blackpool...

Read the full investigation at: http://goodthinkingsociety.org/good-thinking-investigates-palmistry-part-1/

We contacted the psychic to share our investigations and our concerns, but she did not respond.

30 July 2015

Finally Physical Mediumship, Seances, Ectoplasm Can Be Proven!

Yes it is true! Physical mediumship, seances, manifestations from ectoplasm, all of that can at last be proven 100% scientifically without any danger to the medium!

Let me put you all into the picture, for over 100 years, mediums have sat in the dark, and conducted seances. While in the dark, and when I say dark I mean pitch black, or sometimes with a dull red lamp turned on and off. A medium will sit behind a curtain, and then ectoplasm will exude from their orifices, and by orifices I include nose, mouth, ears, anus and vagina! (Yes that is what spiritualists have claimed), and this ectoplasm will manifest into the dead. So it could be a full figure, or just a disembodied hand, sometimes the ectoplasm would pick up objects and float them around the room, or even speak though a spirit trumpet.

Now of course all of this sounds ridiculous, and in 100% of cases whereby it has been filmed either on purpose or secretly, it has shown fraud. Either the medium stood up having escaped his bonds and waving the things about or even pretending to be the dead spirit himself, or an extendible rod has been used to control the flying tambourines or whatever. Or it has shown that these manifestated spirits are no more than dolls, that are being manipulated by the medium or an associate.

The excuse has always been that these are frauds and real mediums produce real manifestations, so where is the video of the real manifestations? Well the problem is that ectoplasm is a sensitive "material", and that any exposure to light can cause the ectoplasm to retreat at speed back into the medium, and cause horrific internal damage. Although there is not a single documented medical case in history that shows any such thing, this is what the spiritualists claimed.

So along came infra red filming capabilities, surely this was the answer! Oh no wait, ectoplasm doesn't like infra red either! Now lets ignore the science of infra red because well it is everywhere and comes off everything, and its a bit too "sciency" for me, and despite the fact that scientifically mediums have no excuse to claim infra-red can affect ectoplasm since it is a nonsense claim, lets still take it at face value. So what can we do?

Well here is the answer! Science has finally given spiritualists the perfect tool to film in full HD, in full COLOUR, and in complete pitch black conditions! And without any of those annoying infra red lights!

I present to you the Canon ME20F-SH

It is released in December, and yes will cost a lot of money, but just imagine, you have the chance to be the first medium in history to categorically prove spirit manifestation in the seance room. There is literally no excuses left now.  This camera can film IN PITCH BLACK in FULL colour! and in HD!

No more grainy dodgy footage, you don't even need to use a silly red light!

Now of course if no mediums buy this camera, and no footage of ectoplasm is filmed, then once again I have been proven right and it's all a load of crap! So any mediums wont to prove me wrong, and change the world in the process? Some how I think not!

"The camera is able to capture full HD colour video in pitch black conditions with an ISO of 4,000,000"

28 July 2015

100% Proof that Ouija Boards Do Not Work!

Anyone with half a brain knows that Ouija Boards are total nonsense, but here is a great way to 100% prove they are nonsense, and best thing is anyone can try this!