30 April 2016

Fake Psychic Sandra Marks aka Catherine Marks to plead guilty to fraud

"A Central Virginia woman accused of defrauding multiple clients out of millions of dollars with her psychic readings business is expected to plead guilty.

Sandra Marks, also known as Catherine Marks, of the former Readings by Catherine on U.S. 29 in Albemarle County, will be pleading guilty in a federal court in Roanoke on May 17, according to her attorney.

Marks, 42, was indicted in April 2015 on 31 counts of wire fraud, two counts of mail fraud and one count of money laundering. Ten months earlier, in June 2014, Marks’ business on was raided by federal authorities, who hauled away four vehicles and other items from the property.

The indictment states that Marks’ business offered services such as palm, candle, tarot card, astrological and spiritual readings to clients who had “suffered from emotional distress and mental disorders, or had recently gone through personal traumatic events in their lives.”

In doing so, Marks “unjustly enriched [herself] and others by obtaining money, jewelry and other things of value from her customers and clients … based on false pretenses, representations, promises and omissions of fact,” the indictment alleges. Marks would tell her clients that she had spoken to spirits and learned of a “curse” or “dark cloud” surrounding the clients’ families, the indictment states. She would then bury a box of the clients’ money or valuables and “cleanse” it through prayers, rituals or meditation, telling her clients that “money was the root of all evil.”

Marks allegedly told her clients that she would never use the money or valuables for her personal benefit and that once the items or cash were “cleansed,” they would be returned to the client.
According to the indictment, Marks received two pieces of mail, each containing $729,000, in 2011 from one of her victims,. The indictment also alleges she has received more than $2.1 million from five victims in North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and Colorado. “Cleansed” or not, Marks actually kept that money for her personal use, the indictment states.

Three months after she was indicted, Marks was arrested in New York and denied bond by a federal judge, who considered her a flight risk. She would go on to file a motion in October, asking Charlottesville federal Judge Glen Conrad to revoke her pretrial detention. Conrad said at the time that he needed time to consider the motion; court documents do not indicate that the motion was ever granted.

Marks’ case was set to go before a jury the week of May 9 in Charlottesville’s federal courthouse, but court records show the trial has been canceled and a plea hearing has been set for May 17 in Roanoke.

Marks’ attorney, Bill Dinkin, confirmed that she will be pleading guilty, but would not give details about the plea agreement."

Souce: dailyprogress.com

10 April 2016

Ghosts Are NOT Real - Jesse exposes the Ghost Hunters for the frauds they are.

At least one-third of all people believe in some kind of ghost, and TV shows about "paranormal investigation" are on every other channel. But WHY? Not a single shred of scientific evidence has ever been demonstrated for ghosts. Jesse exposes the Ghost Hunters for the frauds they are, conducts a ghost "social experiment," and asks if believing in ghosts might actually be DANGEROUS.

Check Out - http://podawful.com

7 April 2016

Should I be more open? Is there more in this world than just science?

Today someone said I should be more open and that there is more to science in this world, I wrote them a personal reply which I think my readers here might like.

No Astrologer ever found a new planet, Astronomers (Science) did.

No Homeopath ever discovered Antibiotics, Alexander Fleming did, (biologist, pharmacologist and botanist all Science)

No psychic has ever solved a single crime but Forensic pathologists have (Science)
No Reiki Master/Naturpath/Alt Med Practitioner has ever cured a single disease but Edward Jenner a physician (Science) has, known as "the father of immunology", his work has "saved more lives than the work of any other human in the entire history of the human race."

The point is that there is a reason why it is scientists that find these things, develop them and then use them to further the human race. Because they have the scientific method.

No man who went on an acid trip in Ibiza, who then claimed to receive messages from Aliens/Angels etc has ever detected DNA, or decoded the human genome, but after being started in 1990 just 13 years later the Human Genome Project did just that, opening up the world of medicine and science to a whole new way to understand the human body, evolution, medicine and so on. This was done by scientists working together around the world!

I can go on and on and on. All of these great discoveries were made by scientists who dedicated their lives to what they were researching, first a hypothesis is developed, then a working theory is put into place.

I couldn't become an Astrophysicist tomorrow, but I could become an Astrologer.
I couldn't become a Heart/Brain Surgeon tomorrow, but I could become a Reiki Healer, Spiritual Healer
I couldn't become a Pharmacist tomorrow, but I could become a Homeopath
I couldn't become a Dietitian tomorrow, but I could become a Nutritionist
I couldn't become a Forensic Anthropologist tomorrow, but I could become a psychic
I couldn't become a Grief Councillor tomorrow, but I could become a medium.

Notice the difference between all of those things, one requires genuine training, a true understanding of what you are doing, years and years of serious credible study. The others require nothing at all.

So yes there are things in this world that we don't know, and that's the great thing about science, it has no problem with saying "we don't know"

When someone comes along and says we have this liquid, it is water we put a drop of something in it and then that is been diluted a million times, we believe water has a memory and the more we dilute the more potent its effect, Science says, ok please show us your theory and the science behind your claim. No science is put forward, they just say it is so cause they believe in it. So science says ok, lets test it. 500 independent tests around the world, from every country imaginable, ALL of them say the claim is false. Science then says "Ok the claim is false, we wont accept it"


Science never refused to test homeopathy, reiki, astrology, it tested them all, and found them all to be false claims, in fact science is so great it even explained in great detail why they are wrong, and the real reason behind any supposed positive effects.

Yet still people say science doesn't know everything, and science says, we don't know everything.

That is why I trust in science, because it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Proof of Ghost Adventures Fakery - EXPOSED!

Reddit user Yorambo noticed that the exact same scream is heard in two separate Ghost Adventures episodes.

Here is his post
"Hey you guys, long time Ghost Adventures fan here. Was just watching the season 10 halloween special, and realized something.. when Nick hears the scream when he goes into the oubliette, he is completely stunned. However, the scream is the EXACT same noise as they hear in the Lincoln County Hospital in season 11. Did anyone else notice this?"

This is not the first time the show has been faked, and of course ALL shows like this fake stuff, they have to otherwise they would not get commissioned since nothing would happen.
I have seen some hilarious excuses from GA fans explaining this fake scream. One of the more ridiculous excuses was that it was a fox, and that fox screams always sound the same!

And you though the Most Haunted fans were dumb!

Anyway enjoy!

Video Backup incase above video gets removed.


Deluded energy shield master takes on a martial artist!

One of my favourite things is watching people who believe they can use Chi, or other Eastern mystical bullshit as a form of self defence, there are a few great clips out there. Truth is there is no such thing as an invisible energy shield, but it does seem that these idiots really believe in it, that is until they get punched in the face!

This deluded energy shield master takes on a professional martial artist and it ends predictably.


15 March 2016

Talking to the Dead: James Van Praagh Tested

Here is a classic investigation into James Van Praagh, showing exactly what he is, what he does, and how he does it

8 March 2016

Mediumship is Impossible, but will it always be?

Science tells us that mediumship is statistically improbable but will it always be so?

Lets first see what the official definition of mediumship is

Mediumship can be defined as follows: The process whereby a human instrument, known as a MEDIUM or CHANNEL, is used by one or more discarnate, spirit personalities for the purpose of:
Presenting information, verifiable or otherwise.
Causing so-called paranormal activities to occur.
Channeling forth certain types of energies.
Manifesting themselves for objective examination and/or identification.

Lets put it into simplified terms. Mediumship is a living person communicating with non-living person.

Now when I used the word impossible, I often get criticised, people will say

"How can you know it is impossible, have you tested every medium on the planet"
"You can't prove mediumship does not exist"

To answer the first statement, I don't need to test every medium on the planet, history has shown us that mediums cannot back up their claims.

And to answer the second statement, you cant prove a negative, can you prove that invisible midgets wearing pirate hats did NOT just sing a symphony on Jupiter? Of course not, but that doesn't mean it ever happened.

Science and specifically biology tells us that when we die, and our brain ceases to have activity, that's it for us, we are dead, no coming back.

As of today there is zero % proof of life after death.

Now here is my question, I know mediumship is impossible because science tells me so, but will it always be so?

Travelling to the moon in the year 1876 was impossible, travelling to the moon in 1925 was impossible.
But in 1969 it became possible after it was achieved by the late Neil Armstrong.

He did it not in a magic car, or by going through a wormhole he did it by using rocketpower.

So what does that tell us? It tells us that with technological advances, almost anything is possible eventually.

So how does this pertain to mediumship?

It is pretty clear to most intelligent people that mediumship in its current form is not only impossible but always will be impossible, but mediumship in the broader sense of the word "To communicate with the dead" may not always be impossible, how? well that's where we go back to science and the advancement of technology.

If mediumship is the ability to communicate with the dead, well what if in the future we develop a way to digitise our thought patterns, our very mind transferred to a computer, we would in a way continue to exist long after our body, our brain and our mind had long turned to dust. So to communicate with such a digitised version of someone could be considered mediumship.

What about if in the future we are able to communicate with a parallel universe, identical in every way to our own, except that life started on the other Earth say 20 years after it did on our own.

You could speak to your own dead mother years before her death in the other universe. Would that not be a form of mediumship?

There are many more ideas, all of which are rooted deep in science and technological advances, and not in spiritualism or the church.

So keep in mind when I say something is impossible, it doesn't mean it will always remain impossible, but it may mean that you need to redefine that what it is we are deeming impossible in the first place.

10 February 2016

Fake TV psychic Paula Barstow aka Lillyanne sends almost identical readings to dozens of customers

"A WELL-KNOWN psychic sent identical “letters from heaven” to dozens of bereaved customers who paid her to contact their lost loved ones.

Karen Brannigan handed £38 to medium Lillyanne in the hope she could contact her late mother.

She got a letter back with a message that the psychic claimed had come from the dead woman.

But Karen found out other customers had received the same message.

She said: “I knew right away that something was wrong. It just didn’t ring true.”

Lillyanne’s representatives claim an administrative error meant one letter had been copied and sent to multiple customers.

But Karen, who lost her mum five months ago, is furious and she fears many more vulnerable people could have been ripped off."

Read Full Story at http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk

Here is the fake cold read she sent to multiple people in the hope they would never find out!

8 February 2016

Psychics In a Nutshell

Old clip of James Randi talking about the psychic fraud Sylvia Browne, this interview was on television before Sylvia died, as you will know, but the rule fits most or all psychics. Make up your own minds.

10 Reasons Psychics Aren't Real