17 February 2018

REVIEW: Most Haunted - Series 21 Episode 6 (23rd February 2018) Dudley Castle

Ring Ring....
Yam yam yam yam....
Whoever this is speak clearly I'm a Brummy, we spek proppa English.
Hi, It's Lenny Henry 'ere...
Oh hi Len, how you doing mate, been a while, whats up?..
I urd dat Most Haunted wur in my neck of the woods en thought I-ud give yow da eds up...
What? They are in Dudley?...
Yeah man. Down at the Costle...
Cool, I will look out of the episode when it airs....
Oh en I fund this old shu that a Bull ad bin ate-in, it was cover in drool, but inside was a sodden bost piece of peper...

Really? What was written on it?....

"Spook-searching with Yvette Fielding and co! The ruins of Dudley Castle house a plethora of paranormal activity, with strange noises and a violent poltergeist awaiting Yvette and her team."

Yes it is that time again, and since Most Haunted this week are at Dudley Castle, I thought I would put my big boy pants on and get the review done early for once.
Now I know Dudley very well, I've investigated the Castle a few times, have known people who have worked there, in the museum part, in the Zoo, on the grounds, I even know people who have been employed as actors to pretend to be ghosts to hide around the place when there is a ghost hunt on.

Dudley Castle is NOT haunted, there are no ghosts there, (Or anywhere of course), all of the stories of hauntings from the castle, have been created to help with tourism, to sell ghost hunting tours, merchandise and so on. I repeat there are NO ghosts, poltergeists, ghoulies, a drummer boy, a grey lady, nothing at Dudley Castle, it is 100% made up for tourism.

Next up time for predictions for the episode.

1. Something will be thrown OFF CAMERA.
2. Fred will act suspiciously.
3. Karl will challenge a ghost to murder him.
4. Darren will get a throb on.
5. I will want to poke my own eyes out in frustration.

And with that lets get to the show.

Yvette is wrapped up well today, I am guessing it was a classic Dudley day with the weather.

For those of you with good memories, Most Haunted has investigated Dudley Castle before, on a Most Haunted Live, although they never mention that tonight. It's a great location for an event like that, as it is nice and big, lots to do etc. For a straight forward one night investigation, it's an old castle, it's a bit boring.

Looks like Stuart is back from his r̶e̶h̶a̶b̶ holiday this week. 

Yvette and Glen start off in the museum area, And even see the rats. They are part of the Zoo area.

Although I am sure there are wild rats in Dudley, they probably like to stay in the sewers and not pose for the cameras.

Yvette is talking about the Castle, the hauntings and so on.
Even Glen points out it is stereotypical.

For some bizarre reason we keep getting this "behind the scenes" shot, the show even started with us hearing Karl say "Action". Not sure why they are doing this, but at least it is something different, but perhaps it exposes the fact that everything is very much scripted and pre-planned.

Lovely red lipstick on Yvette today, nice to see her make an effort.

Yvette and Glen are looking around, and doing a good job showing the various things to see in the museum area. Doing a good job advertising the Castle Museum.

They now start the investigation.
Yvette is with Darren and Glen.
Karl is with Fred and Stuart.

Yvette is already hearing bangs. Worth saying at this point, it is very easy for anyone to get on the Castle grounds, for kids to hide, mess about etc. And trust me if people see a camera crew, they gonna try and prank.

At roughly 13m 35s there is a weird sound, to me it sounded like a stone being thrown and then spinning on the floor. The sound has definitely been enhanced here.

Fred hears a noise, so they run about a bit, they are on the roof of the castle, so open air, and noises could be anything, hell a bird could pick up a stone and drop it near them. Karl decides to balance over the spiral stairs for no reason at all.

Karl reveals that they couldn't have Watson there because it is a zoo as well. But hang on a second Watson hasn't been on camera on any of the episodes of this season has he? And ALL the animals are contained at the zoo, you don't have giraffes walking about loose you know.

Glen is bored so is looking at the latest additions to The Fappening website, hoping beyond hope that a naked photo of Yvette has been leaked.

Artists impression of Glen if ever such a photo was leaked.

I am not a fan of outdoor investigations.

Back with Karl, they hear steps.

"It cant be a person" - Fred Batt.

Here is a simple question, why would a ghost need to use the stairs?

Karl claims the sounds are definitely paranormal as they cant be normal. With science like this all the skeptics need to go home.

Karl has enough of all the lies, stands ready to jump from the top of the castle. He shouts from the top of his lungs.
"I am NOT a real Samurai, I am NOT a Doctor, I flipped the bed, I threw the spoon, I cant even tie my own shoe laces"

And just as he is about to jump, Stuart grabs him and says.

"NO Karl, You ARE a real samurai, you ARE a real Doctor, and you would have gotten away with it if not for those meddling kids."

Now his head is back in the game, Karl stands up straight and challenges the ghosts to knock him off, to what would be certain death. (Perhaps someone should tell Dudley Castle about this scene, as I am sure they would not be impressed at this health and safety violation)

Never in my whole life have I wished to be wrong about ghosts. I was willing them with all my being to do ask he asked. But alas the ghosts decided to stay quiet, and avoid a potential lawsuit from Dudley Castle Ltd.

Back with Yvette and she knocks on the chair and asks the ghost to copy her, we then hear returning thuds, definitely from the ghosts, and not from one of the production team in the next room off camera.

Yvette knocks again, and again clear as day you hear a knocking back, but Glen said he could hear it very faint, and Yvette couldn't hear it all.

So basically this is being edited in or enhanced in post production, meaning what you are hearing through your TV speakers is not the same as what is being heard in the room. Sorry guys but more fakery right there. 

By the ghosts not pushing Karl to his death, Karl realises he has just proven ghosts do not exist, so he quickly has to change course and says the ghosts do not want to hurt him, because he has been hurt in the past and now the ghosts feel sorry for him and want to hug him and make love to his naked body. Or something like that I don't recall, I was picking my nose during this bit.

Notice Stuart's hairline again, I still think he fakes his Alopecia and just shaves his head.

All gone a bit boring now, at least Karl and Stuart in in the museum area now inside. Hopefully they have a nice stunt for later.

Fred is looking incredibly suspicious as usual, hands in his pocket, any noises, things thrown will definitely be him.

Yvette asks the ghosts to do something to Karl and Stuart who are elsewhere, we get the split screen to trick viewers into thinking we are seeing the same timeline on both shots, within a few seconds there is a noise, and something has been thrown OFF CAMERA. As they investigate, something else is thrown behind them OFF CAMERA.

Karl is pretending to not be able to see where he is going, despite the fact Stuart has a big light on his camera, and things in the room are clearly casting a shadow.

For some reason Stuart keeps filming up Karl Beattie's snot ridden nose, I hope you are not eating while you are watching this.

Suddenly another noise and vase or something has been thrown OFF CAMERA.

Just one stationary £50 camera at the other side of the room with them both in shot would prove this was not one of them, but instead Stuart just chucks it with his spare arm.

21 series of Most Haunted and they have NEVER EVER, not once, ever, caught something being thrown that was not a crew member, from beginning to end. Never. If any of this was real, that is the single most unlucky streak in the history of the world.

There is a noise of a chain being moved, there is a chain on the table. Karl declares neither of them were near it, and it is the only chain in the room. But how do we as viewers know it is the only chain? For all we know Stuart has one in his pocket, around his waste. One of the many off camera production team could have a chain. Why they are filming using only one camera, when you can buy a simple GoPro style camera for hardly anything is beyond me.

They could even prop up one of their smartphones in the corner of the room, and hit record, it really is that simple, yet they never do it.

Dudley Castle Museum is full of CCTV, yet we never see any footage from that, why? Because the employee from the Museum turns off the CCTV while they do their investigation. That footage would be so valuable IF this was a real investigation and not a spoof.

Fans and believers of Most Haunted, however much you hate me, please just go ask these questions yourself, ask why we are never shown the CCTV footage that ALL of these museums have.

Fred looking suspicious.

"We are not here for the view, we are hear for the invisible things" - Glen.

Glen is up on the roof of the castle now, seemingly on his own. Nothing happens.

Karl shows off the museum piece that Stuart chucked earlier OFF CAMERA. 

Back with Yvette and Fred, and Yvette is getting scared. You can hear steps or knocks very clearly through the camera, but they are not reacting, so this is some bad editing.

Now with Karl and Stuart and suddenly a big bang behind them and something has happened OFF CAMERA.

With Yvette and this has to be a mistake in the post production edit, I am guessing the knocks etc are supposed to be faint, but have come up really loud, but no one present is reacting to them, so they have definitely been added afterwards.

Fred has gone ahead, and there is a noise, so Yvette catches up to him, a big  dice has moved and Yvette even says "We just assumed it was you."

Why would Yvette assume it was Fred?

Yes Yvette it was him, it is always him.

This has been a really boring episode. 5 minutes left, come on Stuart and Karl, please do something.

Remember the days of Stuart fainting, or falling in graves or down a staircase. I miss that Stuart.

Suddenly there is a loud ringing of a bell, Stuart and Karl react accordingly. 

Karl finds the bell, and points out he was one side of the room, and Stuart was the other. So how did it happen?

Here are just a couple of explanations that are much more likely than a ghost did it.

Stuart is holding another bell.
They recorded the sound of the bell on their phone and just played it back.
They recorded the sound of the bell and then added it in, in post production, and then just had to signal to each other when to react.

So simple to fake.

And that is it, the big finale was a bell ringing. What a complete and utter let down. With Stuart back I had really hoped for some quality shenanigans, but instead we got a few things thrown off camera, and a bell. That's it.

What a waste of mine and your time.

I can't even give this a 1 out of 10, this is a 0 out of 10, I wont give it a minus score since it is in Dudley, but still this was a terribly boring episode.

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By Jon Donnis

13 February 2018

REVIEW: Most Haunted - Series 21 Episode 5 (16th February 2018) Beaumanor Hall Part 2

I have finally managed to stop repeatedly poking myself in the eyes after watching last weeks episode, so while I have my sight, what better time than now to review the second part of the Beaumanor Hall "Investigation".

Since my review last week it has been pointed out to me that some people will read this review the same time they are watching the episode, as some kind of colourful walk-through. And that is something this idiot never even thought people would do. So I will keep that in mind from now on.

I write these reviews so that people don't have to watch, but if you are going to watch anyway, then yes why not read and watch at the same time.

With that said I open that bottle of "Natural Redhead Hair Colour", empty out its contents, and at the very bottom of the bottle is some small writing, oh look it is the blurb for this weeks episode.

"Spook-searching with Yvette Fielding and co! Still in Beaumanor Hall, Yvette and her team venture into the abyss of the cellars where the darkness suddenly seems to come to life."

Where as the entire Film Industry, TV Industry, even noobs on Youtube would use "Previously on...." Most Haunted have to be different and instead we get...

We are then reminded of the awfulness of last week's episode. Karl pressing the button on his walkie talkie to set off the EMF Meters, (Yes that is how he did it, go back and watch last week with headphones on, and you will hear the clicking the first time, and after he edits it out.)

Reminder of Yvette moaning, and people getting scared of nothing, as well as things only happening OFF CAMERA.

So before the investigation starts it is time for my weekly predictions.

1. There will be a carefully choreographed argument.
2. A door will slam by itself OFF CAMERA.
3. Something will be thrown OFF CAMERA.
4. There will be a ridiculously bad experiment that will make everyone roll their eyes.
5. Karl will perform a stunt.

Yvette is in a downstairs tunnel, very wide tunnel, a lot of damp and dust, reminds me of Karl's colonoscopy from last year. (Get yourself checked lads, no excuses any more.)

I do like Yvette's look here, it really does seem familiar.

Yvette and Glen are walking around the cellar area, Glen is not impressed at all. Yvette is doing her best to try and drum up some interest.

Glen is playing pocket billiards while looking Yvette straight in the eyes, I can only imagine the filth he has running through his mind right there.

Suddenly we jump to the investigation and Yvette is back with Karl, some poor pacing here. Yvette is hearing noises already. A squeaky door becomes a ghost talking.

While talking about noises Karl says...
"It's like everything is a couple of steps behind you"

Karl is literally stood a couple of steps behind Yvette as he says this.
I will take this as him admitting he is the cause of all the noises and things that will happen to Yvette this evening.

Picture in picture shots like this are often used to show that everyone is accounted for, yet seemingly it does not occur to any of the believers that firstly the super imposed picture has to be put on in post production, so could have been filmed at any time, not to mention they have numerous members of crew that never appear on camera.

Also someone asked me where Stuart was, and I can confirm that despite the rumours he is not in rehab, 100% definitely not in rehab, he is just on holiday.

Karl and Yvette are investigating a room, and suddenly Karl closes the door leaving Yvette on her own inside, which means that it is time for the carefully choreographed weekly argument.

Yvette is over-acting while Karl makes sure to film himself smirking and laughing to camera.

"Now I cant trust you" - Yvette Fielding.

Back with Glen, Fred etc and a door has slammed OFF CAMERA.

In the room with Yvette and Karl, and apparently some photos have moved by themselves, but as usual it was OFF CAMERA.

Yvette changes up the teams, and is going to conduct a Morse code table seance experiment thingy.

Glen says he can feel the table tremble, that will be because of the 3 of them touching the table, and the table being on an uneven floor.

Fred is doing his nonsense incantations.

Always helps the ghosts if the table has wheels on it. One of the old sayings of the SNU. (Spiritualists' National Union).

Glen has a Morse Code app on his phone, and that is on the table. I don't think it will pick up anything, mainly due to Karl not knowing Morse Code.

Glen types in a word and the phone app makes the noises in Morse Code.
If Glen was clever he would have pre-programmed it to say "This show is bollocks" in Morse Code.

As Fred is spouting his crap, Darren says there was a ghost behind him, of course nothing is caught on camera.

As the phone is repeatedly making noises on the table, Yvette says she can feel the table moving, vibrating etc. Yes that would be the phone love, it is literally right in front of you.

The phone is face up, and guess where the speaker is on the phone? Yes it is on the side touching the table.

Ok the whole table gimmick is getting boring now, and the noise from the Morse Code app is annoying as hell.

Darren has decided to bugger off on his own and leave Fred behind.

The phone is still beeping out "Hello" in Morse Code. At last they stop it. Thank god for that.

Ok they are waiting for the ghosts to tap, but hang on a second, Glen is imputing the taps to the phone himself, it is not picking up the taps automatically.

The audio feed is not picking up any taps, so this whole "experiment" is a shambles.

Darren is now running away and hiding from Fred. Not the first time someone has done that I am sure.

Darren and Fred then have a choreographed argument, did no one tell them that Yvette and Karl had already done one?

Glen is still desperately trying to get something out of this Morse Code nonsense.

Hilariously they are talking in Morse Code to the ghosts, and then asking the ghosts to reply with "1 tap for yes, 2 for no".

It is a good job this is all self funded, could you imagine anyone actually paying people to output this nonsense?

Darren and Fred are now doing a ridiculous over the top Benny Hill scene, running away from each other.

This is bad TV, whoever thought this should make the final cut is an idiot. Did Karl really thing this was funny? I know the MH fans are a bit dim, but even they are not so stupid as to find that nonsense entertaining.

Back with Glen and somehow he has come up with the name Eric Topple and 1943. Keep in mind that we cannot hear any tapping, we cannot hear any Morse Code from the ghosts at all.

Of course the name and date match, this was about as blatant a set up as they have ever done. At least Derek Acorah put some effort into names he came up with, this is just blatant bullshit. And then you realise that the ghost is not even talking in Morse Code, Glen is just pointing to the Letters/Numbers on the phone screen and then the ghost (Karl) is tapping. This whole thing is a joke. And despite the obvious fakery, lack of controls etc, the pretend skeptic, Glen, claims to be very impressed.

Here is how you instantly debunk this.
Get a nice big iPad, bring up the keyboard, turn the iPad upside down, blindfold everyone present, and whoever is in charge move their finger across the keyboard, and with no one else able to see the keyboard, press the screen when you hear a tap. When you finish, turn the iPad over and see what was written, I guarantee you, much like how Ouija Boards don't work when people are blindfolded, neither will this nonsense gimmick.

The teams get split up and changed again, Karl is on his own, Glen is with Fred, Darren is with Yvette and Greg.

In Yvette's group, there is a noise, and something has been thrown OFF CAMERA.

Just 10 minutes left, so not long to go guys.

Yvette and the lads are hearing noises again.

Karl is on his own, and hearing noises too, I suspect he has something in mind here, some kind of stunt.

Then bizarrely after one of the lads (maybe Greg?) knocks a table, Yvette says that people have edited videos of her on Youtube that show her knocking the table when it is supposed to be a ghost, and that is why she doesn't knock tables any more so she cant be edited. Now I have never heard of this happening, or seen any videos showing this. I have seen her get caught kicking a table in a Most Haunted Live show, I have seen her faking ghost noises when she thought she wasn't on camera. And whenever anything like this happens, I always direct people to watch official footage direct from the UKTV site, as well as any clip I put on here.

So if anyone has any idea what exactly she is referencing here, please do let me know. The last thing I want is people faking stuff to make them look like they have faked something. We can catch them cheating for real.

I hope Glen doesn't see how close Yvette and Greg are getting here.

With Glen and Fred now and something has been thrown OFF CAMERA. They go off to investigate.

Karl is still begging for something to be moved in the room he is in.

Right at exactly 40 minutes, listen to the audio, right as Karl sighs, the audio is cut and then replaced with Karl talking, then a noise is heard in the other room, he goes to look, then another noise and when he returns a metal container has magically been moved to the middle of the room.



I have re-watched the scene a few times, there is no edit in the footage itself, so everything happens in real time, but the audio has been edited.

So here is how it is done.

As soon as you hear him say.
"You're making sounds, not moving anything"
Then he sighs and the audio is edited right after that, so the new audio will have him sighing on, and then that is merged into the original sound file, and that helps cover up the audio switch. During this segment Karl will not film himself talking like he usually does, as that would give the game away.

Then just after Karl says.
"Whatever the bloody hell they are called"

The camera pans up slightly and stays in one place, at this moment Karl moves the metal container with his free hand. Then there is a noise in the other room, he carefully turns while pointing the camera upwards so he doesn't get the metal container in shot, moves to the other room, and then comes back to see the container he moved now in shot.

At 40m 50s, the audio then is switched back to the original recording. Right after Karl says "That's right in the middle of the floor now."

It is all quite well done, but the audio really gives it away.
Here is how he would do it.
Film the scene first.
Then while watching the scene back, record audio of him reacting, that matches the scene he has just shot. Edit in the audio in post production. And job done.

I must admit I prefer fakery like this, than splicing two videos into one. But sorry Karl you can't get anything past me.

And as usual I don't want anyone to just take my word on this, go to the UKTV website, watch the episode on catch-up, or even as it airs this Friday, put your headphones on while you watch, and you should be able to hear the audio edit.

Karl then tries to prove that there is no one else there, hears another noise OFF CAMERA, but nothing has been moved, and then we go back to Yvette.

Quickly back to Karl who is now filming his own face. Note how he never filmed himself at all during the 50 second audio edit.

And the episode then ends.

Now last weeks episode I gave a negative score and called it the worst episode ever, this weeks episode was much better, still awful, but better. Karl made an effort to fool us, and I appreciate that, as recording extra audio to then edit in takes time, and effort, and if he was better at editing audio, then perhaps he could have got it past me, but alas he couldn't so it is another goal for the good guys at BadPsychics.

So I will give this episode a 3 out of 10.

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By Jon Donnis

8 February 2018

REVIEW: Celebrity Ghost Hunt - Episode 1 (Nuclear Bunker)

So I am behaving myself for once on Twitter, minding my own business, and Gwen Acorah (The Wife and Boss of Derek) Tweets me.

I ask her when it is on, and I am informed that it has already aired last Tuesday.
Now I was aware of the show, but I had completely mixed it up with Celebrity Haunted Hotel, thinking they were one and the same.

Bit surprised when i heard that this guy was hosting, but I got the names mixed up.

A quick bit of googling, I find the catch up link, and here is my review. But just before that, it seems that Rylan (not the rat), has had a lot of people calling the show fake, here is his response to those accusations.

The fact that he says "Nothing on Celebrity Ghost Hunt is faked" amuses me, and after 20 minutes of trying to find it on catch up, and starting to watch last years live special by mistake, I eventually managed to find it, then it wouldn't work on any browser that has a built in ad blocker, so if you want to watch, you might need to use internet explorer basic or Microsoft Edge.


You see that disclaimer at the bottom of the screen?

So we get introduced to the "Celebrities" and the first one is someone called Bobby Norris.

No idea who this "Celebrity" is, but he has so much botox and filler in his face, he could be anyone on the planet. What a strange looking individual. Makes Stuart Torreville look perfectly normal!

Next up is someone from Love Island, Marcel Thingybob.

Again never heard of him, at least Five Star have bothered to put a token black guy on the show, Most Haunted in 21 series I don't think has had a single "ethnic" person on the show, and a perma-tan Derek Acorah does not count before anyone says it.

We get Marnie Simpson next.

Now I have actually heard of her, although again why at her young ages she needs to pump her face full of botox and filler I will never know, she is a naturally beautiful girl even before she had the nose job, most famous for having sex on a TV show, I know her from Celebrity Big Brother.

We get introduced to a couple of the "investigators".

This is Alex Gibbs, a ridiculously pretty Psychic, so she might just get a pass from me! Just kidding of course.

The "Celebs" are given pointless "Ghost Hunting" equipment, and cameras, and are then off to investigate on their own. Hilariously they are being filmed clearly by professional cameramen, who are already in rooms that they are going to investigate in. A huge fail here from a production standpoint.

Bobby Norris is doing his best Yvette Fielding impression, talking to the ghosts, and asking "is there anything here, give us a sound, touch one of us."

Bobby has an EMF meter, it suddenly goes up to 11, and Bobby brilliantly debunks it without realising, by pointing out the typewriter/printer thing they are looking at is electric.

The three of them enter a room, and a professional cameraman is filming them, at no point do they look at the cameraman/camera, talk to him or acknowledge he/she is there. This is really bad. And as you can see there is no need for "night vision" as it is clearly very bright there.

Bobby then tries to talk to the ghost of Margaret Thatcher. Yes really.

To recap, we started the show with Rylan, who then left 3 celebs on their own in a nuclear bunker to investigate, no format to the show, no official direction. Just 3 idiots wandering about, pretending they cannot see the professional cameraman, producer etc telling them what to do and where to go.

And we go to commercial, which is instantly more interesting and credible than anything we have seen so far. Luckily though it looks like we might get Rylan and the hot psychic in the next segment of the show.

As bad as Most Haunted is, it does have an easy to follow format, you know what to expect, and whether you like what they do or not, they do deliver.

Part 2 starts, and Bobby is shitting himself and calling out for Rylan. Hopefully he can drag this show into some kind of semblance of a ghost hunt.

Sexy Psychic Alex is with them now, and she is getting "feelings", says she feels sick and cant breath.

Rylan claims they have now turned off their camera lights, despite the fact there is still obviously a major light on them and they are perfectly lit up in night vision.

Then there is a knocking sound, which could be any of the many off camera crew.
Alex is getting a female presence, she then acts out the routine from Tragedy.

So all we can gather from this is that H from Steps is now a ghost and is haunting a nuclear bunker.

Notice how Rylan after less than 5 minutes "investigating" is already sat on the floor.

Ladies and Gentleman, host of the show Rylan.
He chooses to look like this you know.
To be fair, I will make fun of him, but I do like Rylan, he is fun, and made a career for himself with basically no talent, so good for him for getting paid for jobs like this.

Ghost investigator Ash, uses a "random word generator" to let the ghosties speak to them. Better known as a Spirit Box. Ash is a bit of a "geezer", so surprised that he believes in all this nonsense.

Bottom left of image, spot the professional cameraman, not fazed by anything, keeps his mouth shut and just does his job. I would love to speak to him.

We get a nice shot of the "REM - POD".

I had a look on Amazon and these sell for about £150. No joke.
Here is what it says he can do.

"The REM-POD has an EM Radiating antenna that detects energy disturbances & fluctuations around the antenna and displays any field disturbance using multi-coloured lights AND audible tones!!! The REM pod ATDD (Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection) has a telescopic antenna through which it puts out a EM field around the device.This EM field can be affected by persons or objects around it that conduct electricity. The lights on top will glow brightly depending on the frequency distortion and strength of the object (spirit or human) interacting with it. With the new ATDD(Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection) feature the Rem Pod will alert you of temperature changes using sound. A lower pitch means a drop in temperature, a higher pitch means a increase in temperature."

The celebs are all being silly and over reacting. Ash and sexy psychic are doing their best to take things seriously. And despite the ridiculous equipment and sillyness of the whole thing, I would much rather watch those two without the celebrities.

Alex has gathered them in a circle and is calling out to the spirits.

They can see something in the room behind, of course the cameras don't pick anything up.

They head into the darkened dormitory.

Investigator Ash wishing he hadn't agreed to do the show.

Psychic Alex really is the only one who seems to know what she is doing in this show, she is the "Yvette Fielding" of the crew, telling people what to do, where to go, trying to build the atmosphere and so on. She should have been hosting this show from the start and Rylan should have been one of the celebs taking part.

Thankfully the show hits another commercial break, and we can relax.

Back from break, and it seems like they have had a bit of a reset. They are now in the deepest part of this Nuclear bunker.

"I have been known to be wrong" - Psychic Alex Gibbs

Ash has a new kind of Spirit Box, which is strange since the last one worked so well.

Can someone give Alex Gibbs her own show! Seriously people, this girl is money! She is insanely pretty, very like-able, sounds down to earth. Yes I know she pretends to talk to the dead, but you cant have everything in life.

This is very much a feminism era we are living in, time we had our first ever Ghost Hunting TV show hosted by a woman. It's 2018 for gods sake! Get it done TV gods.

The spirit box is that annoying loud thing that they use on Ghost Adventures, but there is a funny moment here when Rylan shits himself at a static noise coming from the box.

The British Melania Trump.

They hear a noise, and Rylan starts asking if it is members of their production crew, of which there are shitloads.

They go to investigate further, and go into a small room, and Rylan insists they all stop moving. He then gets pissed off cause he can hear someone whispering OFF CAMERA.

Hang on a moment, isn't this John who was part of the Most Haunted crew years ago?

Rylan is listening to a clock. Scintillating television here.

Alex is getting the name "Ray, Raymond". Hmm. Maybe she is confusing herself and she is getting the name Roland. After all i made that mistake at first.

Did you know that Rylan is not his real name, his real name is Ross. And he was named after David Ross Lonsberry a Canadian professional ice hockey left winger who played 15 seasons in the National Hockey League for the Boston Bruins.

Of course that may be a lie I just concocted. But his real name is Ross.

Strangely they are playing faint groaning sounds in post production, and then lowering the volume when someone hears something. I guess it is for atmosphere. I just found it distracting.

Rylan has heard a whistle, I couldn't hear anything in the replay.

A cobweb blows past Rylan's face and he shits himself again.

If this was Most Haunted they would have had loads of things being thrown by now.

Ash has his spirit box out again, and its so annoying, one of the reasons I dislike watching Ghost Adventures so much..

And we go to break, which is good as it means there is only one more segment left.

And just as it comes back, the feed gets stuck and wont play, so I refresh the page and now I have to wait through 5 more ads. Wasn't catch up supposed to make life easier?

I thought I would check to see if I am blocked by Alex on Twitter, and yes I am blocked on my @JonDonnis account, so I am guessing I have had a run in with her before. But not blocked on my @TheBadPsych account! Woohoo!

Ok, we are now on ad 7, as it is running through all the ads I assume to start playing at where I left off.

Yay we are back on and only 10 minutes left.

Ash has a special Infrared camera, that can pick up things the naked eye cant see.

Hang on a second, that looks suspciously like a smartphone hooked up to a Kinect camera. Oh FFS, this has already been debunked. Ok let the sillyness commence.

As expected the device picks up a ghost sat at a desk.
It is definitely 100% a ghost, I am convinced, I can see the little stick figure. Time to close down the site.

Alex goes to stand next to the ghost, Alex is on the left in the image above, you can see her stick figure clearly, the mess to the right is the ghost.

We get a few minutes of this, Bobby goes and stands next to the ghost.

I suppose I better do my job, shock horror it is NOT a ghost. The Kinect sensor is set up to look for anything that could be a person, so that it can track your movements to play whatever game it is you have set up.

Now one of the problems with Kinect was that it was rather shit. You had to configure it in a well lit room, and ideally with a light coloured wall behind you. And you had to wear dark clothes. It would pick up shadows, and other things in the room, if you had a small area to stand in, it struggled to pick up your movements.

The problem with using it for "ghost hunting" is that you are using it in conditions it was never designed to be used. You are using it in low lit rooms, with lots of shadows, different objects in its depth of field, and worse still the Kinect unit itself is being hand held as opposed to being sat on a flat still surface like the top of your TV or Xbox.

As you can clearly see from the images, it can pick up Alex very clearly as she is stood there, but the ghost, is just a mess of dots that has lines connected, as it is trying to figure out if it is a person or not. This is a technical issue and not a ghost one.

Back to the show, and despite everyone being convinced they are looking at the worlds first ghost, they get bored and move on to investigate somewhere else, if that doesn't convince you they know its nonsense, nothing else will.

Ash is picking up another ghost on his portable Kinect sensor, but it is obviously just a shadow, as when they all move to have a look, the ghost disappears.

They move to an area with computers on desks etc.

Again more misunderstanding of how Kinect works. This is very frustrating for me, but I do understand how someone who does not have knowledge of the technology could confuse themselves and believe in a paranormal explanation.

This is not Ash trying to fake things, this is just Ash not really understanding the technology he is using. I feel a bit bad for him to be honest, because one day he will look back and feel terribly embarrassed that he tried to pass this off as evidence.

The whole final segment is this nonsense.

And with that the episode ends.

I know nothing of Ash and Alex as investigators, although I may possibly have had run ins with them in the past, but I will judge them purely on this show. And I have to say that the show itself was not faked.

Nothing was being thrown, the reactions in general were mostly legit, if hammed up a bit. Alex did some of her basic psychic routine, of feeling strange etc, but kept the names to just one. So it is possible to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she is deluded as opposed to an out and out fake.

Ash had his gimmicks, but he didn't use any of them in any way to deliberately fake things, ignorance of the technology can explain everything he found. So again I cant say anything too negative about either of them. They believe in this, this is what they do, so that's that.

The celebs were a bit crap, Bobby had some fun one liners, Marcel didn't really do anything, Marnie was just herself. As for Rylan, again I like him, but this is not the show for him.

So overall I give this show a 5 out of 10. It was an ok effort I guess. I wont watch it again, I wont review it again.

Now I like to give advice as well as just criticise, so here is my advice to 5Star who air this show.

Give Rylan another show to host, this is not for him.
Give Psychic Alex the main presenting job, give her a good budget for outfits so she can look great. Get rid of Ash and replace him with Chris Howley from Ghost Chasers, and then you might have a hit on your hands.

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