25 September 2017

The One Where “Psychic” Tyler Henry Reads Alan Thicke

“He’s so sweet.”

“What a nice guy.”

“Caring and with malice to no one.”

“How can you call him a grief vampire when he helps so many people?”

“He’s helping them get over their grief and move on.”

“He is a blessing and adorable!”

The positive adjectives keep coming; this is all I hear about Tyler Henry these days, the star of Hollywood Medium, on its third season on the E! Network. I am starting to hear from his supporters as I become known as his key detractor. Emails, Facebook messages, comments on YouTube: all want to know what my problem with him is. “Why do you say such mean things about him? He is a doll, a gift from heaven, everyone loves him.”

One woman wrote to me on Facebook that she is an atheist and skeptic but can’t understand why I can’t see that Henry is the real thing. Normally I answer by explaining that the burden of proof lies on the person making the extraordinary claim. If he can communicate with the dead, then he would be breaking the laws of physics, and it is up to him to prove he can do it. The default is that he can’t. But for some reason this statement never satisfies believers. They want me to disprove him, show that he is faking it. This is something that I really can’t do; I can only show that there are much simpler ways to do what he appears to be doing—communicating with the dead.  Cold-reading or hot-reading techniques and clever editing are all more reasonable possibilities, and they don’t require unproven explanations.

Finally, one day someone answered me when I asked for their best evidence of why they believed that Henry can communicate with the dead.  Something specific, and not just because he has a great smile. She told me that Henry told actor Alan Thicke that he had heart issues. She said, “No way could Tyler have predicted Thicke’s death from heart failure unless Henry can talk to the dead.” That is something I can look into; a specific claim is being made. Did Henry predict Alan Thicke’s death? Luckily, for just a few dollars and an Amazon Prime account, and the benefit of pause and rewind on my computer keyboard, I could look into the details of the reading.

At the end of 2016, Tyler Henry went to the home of actor Alan Thicke and his wife Tanya. In nearly every Hollywood Medium show, Henry mentions that he does not know who he will be reading for in advance. This time there was no mention that Henry did not know who he would be reading. Tanya was a complete fan; she was so excited that Henry was going to be reading her husband. When the cameras started rolling, Alan stated that he is a skeptic, scientific minded, “Show me proof; I don’t have any faith in the afterlife.”

There were two main parts of the reading; at least that is all we see on the show. Remember the editors want to show the best parts, only the hits. The parts that weren’t exciting would be cut out. If Henry had received hit after hit, then this would have been saved for a special release. Always remember that the editors can make magic happen.

The first half shows Henry reaching Isadora, who is Thicke’s grandmother. And the second half of the reading concerns Henry telling Thicke that there might be some heart issues he should check into.

So, let’s stop right here. I need to make sure you understand that two months or so after this reading, Alan Thicke died from heart trouble. The Internet lit up with the news that a psychic predicted a death, and the E! Network, with the type of compassion known only to profit making ventures everywhere, decided that they could best honor the memory of Alan Thicke by giving his family privacy while they grieve. NOPE. Instead they sent Tyler Henry back to the home, on the two-month anniversary of his death, to show his widow the video of the reading and talk about what Alan was doing in the afterlife. Yep, really classy. Well to Tyler Henry’s fans, this is a kindness: giving his widow peace and helping her to grieve.

How can someone like me fight against that? I come off looking like a person who robbed a cancer victim. How dare I take that away from the widow. How dare I dismiss her pain. Why do I get to determine how she gets to grieve? If she wants to believe that her husband is still around her, watching and sending his love, then what kind of villain am I to say otherwise? I get it; I’m no fun at parties either. If someone is really dealing with grief, then there are people who are trained and licensed to talk to about this. If they don’t want to participate in grief therapy, then at least they can talk to friends, people who aren’t going to put your grief on the E! Network, all over their promos, and use it for their own financial gain.

Let’s review what really happened. Did Tyler Henry predict Alan Thicke’s death from a heart condition? Did Tyler Henry contact Thicke’s grandmother? Well … other explanations are more likely.

Henry was sitting across from Thicke on facing couches, across from Alan Thicke who appears to be 65–75 years old. Henry knows that Thicke wants to hear from someone that he was close to and has sitting nearby a pair of glasses (Henry uses personal objects from the departed to focus on). What we and Henry can tell are that these are old glasses worn by a woman … maybe it was Thicke’s daughter’s second grade teacher who died last year? No, Henry is hearing from an older woman, and he is getting “grandma, grandma, grandma.” The camera all this time stayed on Henry’s face, so we do not know if Thicke was nodding his head in agreement and giving feedback. So, when Henry said, “She is on your mother’s side” and received a “Yes” from Thicke, are we surprised? The odds are 50/50, and with some feedback from Thicke it wouldn’t be hard to guess it.

Henry gives a bunch of general statements about her personality; the same kind of statements everyone wants to be true about themselves and about someone they really loved and miss. It tells us nothing about accuracy but made Alan feel good. Henry went on: She is creative, amazing, and “could have lived twenty more lifetimes,” intense, strong, high-energy. All along Thicke was nodding and giving back feedback, giving Henry clues that he was on the right track.

Next came a statement that seems really specific: “I’m seeing a piano bench, and I’m sitting on the bench and this woman is putting sentimental or significant value around this. Do you know of anyone on your mom’s side that played the piano who would fit that bill?” This would have been the 1930s or ‘40s. According to the LA Times, “The piano has been the center of many American homes for generations, not only a proclamation of a love of music but also often a statement about striving for success.” And in the 1930–1940s this would have been very common. http://www.latimes.com/home/la-hm-pianos16-2009may16-story.html So for Henry to claim he saw a piano in a house that Thicke grew up in, or had access to, was a safe bet. Note Henry did not say that he saw Thicke’s maternal grandmother Isadora playing the piano; he only said he saw an older woman and then asked, “Who might that be?” There is a big difference between those two statements.

Thicke went on to tell Henry all about his grandmother, Isadora. Thicke seemed to think that Henry had shown him the proof he needed, he says “You killed that one—wooo you crushed it!” And Thicke really can’t be blamed; it all happened very quickly. He was primed to think that Henry is the real deal and did not have the ability to pause and replay as I do sitting in the quiet of my office. Thicke had not been following and viewing these kinds of readings for years, as I have. I’m going to speculate further and state that Thicke does have a potential motive to participate in a positive way.  If Thicke did not get excited about the reading, then the show may not have aired. There would be no free publicity for Thicke. And his wife, Tanya, would be disappointed.

Speaking of playing to Tanya, this bit is so precious: Henry claimed that Isadora said that she saw a wedding and was giving her congratulations; it was a wedding she was unable to attend. I wonder whose wedding that might have been? Tanya, who is quite a bit younger than Alan, kept talking about how they plan on having a baby together, so she must be younger than forty. Thicke was born in 1947, which probably means his grandmother was born in the 1880s to 1900. What are the odds that she would not have been alive when Thicke married his third wife? Wikipedia says that he married Tanya in 2005, which would have meant that Isadora would have been 105–125 years old if she had been alive to attend the wedding. Not very likely. Henry made a safe bet, and Tanya was thrilled with the news that Isadora has blessed their marriage. Interesting that Isadora didn’t have any news for her great-grandchildren or a warning that her grandson was about to die two months later. Considering that the second show on the Thickes was promoted on E! that Henry did just that, I think Isadora could have been a lot clearer with her warning.

Now comes the part of the reading where all the believers are so sure that Henry predicted Thicke’s death. Let’s look at a transcript to make sure we aren’t missing anything.

Henry: For the men in your family it’s important to take into consideration something we really have to keep in mind. Heart issues are not uncommon in men, thing is (pause) I don’t know where to start?

(insert scary music cue— cut to commercial)

(back from commercial, more ominous music)

Henry: When it comes to a family gene perspective, it’s possible that within your family that there may be multiple men who at a later age have to deal with a blood pressure issue, but also with a heart murmur or heart arrhythmia, but I have to go to heart which correlates to blood pressure. So, keep that in mind, I have a couple people passing on a similar sense saying keep in mind your own heart. There is a man who is very stubborn who passed away, he acknowledges dying because of a heart problem. His message is don’t be stubborn like I was … it could have been treatable if we had known about it.

Thicke then told Henry that there are no known heart problems in his family other than his sister who had surgery but is doing well. Then Thicke said “Thank you Doctor Henry, I’m going to take that to heart.”  Henry then threw back his head, and laughed. I’m mentioning this because it seems so heartless (pun intended) that if Henry REALLY thought that Thicke’s heart would give out only a couple months later, he should have been less flippant about it and actually very stern.

And that was it, nothing much other than a warning to keep an eye on his blood pressure. Keep in mind that Henry was again playing the odds. The number one cause of death for American males? You guessed it: heart disease.  If the Thicke family had a history of deaths or illnesses from heart complications, then mentioning this in the reading would have been an even better fit.

As I said, the E! Network brought Henry back to the Thicke home two months after the death. He shows the reading to the widow Tanya who says that it is “So important for me to see Tyler because if there’s anybody in this world that can give me some guidance because it’s so difficult for me to even fathom what my life is going to be like without my husband, that’s how I feel right now, I’m still healing.”

She and Henry went for a walk around the ranch, and Henry said that he is seeing a “sun symbol,” and Tanya takes that to be a message from her husband. “I thought I would never see the sun shine again.” Which is a hit in Tanya’s mind and just something vague that would have hit no matter what in my mind.

Henry then asked her if there was a Florida trip planned. Tanya had a very strong reaction and told him that her husband had planned a surprise trip to Florida with their friends. Sounds like a hit. She seems to have forgotten that only four months ago Henry and Alan had a long conversation, and it was not unlikely that Thicke mentioned that he was planning this vacation.

So, then Henry talked Tanya into taking the trip to Florida. He says that she will fall in love again, and Alan will be happy if she does. “That’s how healing happens.” She is strong; she will be fine. Henry then explained that after a thousand readings, he still does not know what happens after you die, that he thinks they have to “work through things.”

The show ends with Tanya saying that she “feels lighter—hope in her heart. Step one, picking up the pieces. The sunshine came out today.”

(Cue happy music.)

I was curious about licensed grief therapy and reached out to someone at a nearby hospice center. Cindi Gray is a licensed Clinical Social Worker and has worked in the field of death and dying through hospice for twenty-six years with Santa Cruz County. She told me that she hasn’t directly had contact with anyone who has come to them after seeking out help from a psychic. She said that she does know that they have had clients in the past who have gone to psychics for support. Her clinic does not judge; she states that “there isn’t a right or wrong way to grieve and that we are here to accompany grievers on their journey. We offer grief education and a non-judgmental space for sharing feelings and receiving support. We provide 1:1 counseling and groups for a series of weeks. Typically, we hear that the community appreciates a listening ear when they are trying to make sense of things after a death.”

Cindi is the expert. There is no right way to grieve. Personally, I’m disgusted that grief vampires exist to prey on grief and exploit them as E! and Hollywood Medium do in this case. But if this really helps the widow of Alan Thicke then it is none of my business. I am only able to comment on the Thicke’s experience with Tyler Henry because they choose to be public with the story.

My intent with this investigation is to show that there is no evidence of any communication with the dead is happening, everything that was said was general, or edited. If this is such a great case of prediction of someone getting a call from the “other side” to get your heart checked out, then why was it so vague? Is Hollywood Medium blaming Alan Thicke for not taking Henry’s reading seriously? Obviously, this is a controversial issue; education is important, if someone wants to use psychics for grief counseling then that is their choice. What I believe is that there should be more articles like this one in case people are looking for a second opinion about such an important moment in their lives.

Thank you to Rob Palmer for his help with this article.

By Susan Gerbic
Originally published on www.csicop.org

Susan Gerbic
Affectionately called the Wikipediatrician, Susan Gerbic is the cofounder of Monterey County Skeptics and a self-proclaimed skeptical junkie. Susan is also founder of the Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia (GSoW) project. You can contact her at SusanGerbic@yahoo.com

6 September 2017

Harry Hill's TV Burp - Derek Acorah - 'Air Force, Dog Ghost and Michael Jackson Séance'

Couple of classic clips from Harry Hill's TV Burp making fun of Derek Acorah

27 August 2017

Rove takes a look at "The One" a TV series testing psychics including Ezio De Angelis

Rove, formerly Rove Live, was an Australian television variety show which premiered on the Nine Network on 22 September 1999, before moving to Network Ten which aired the program from 2000 until November, 2009. The show was hosted by comedian Rove McManus, and featured an ensemble cast, who presented various segments throughout the course of the show. The show won the Logie Award for "Most Popular Light Entertainment Program" five times (2002, 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009).

Here Rove takes a look at "The One" a TV series testing psychics.
Featuring Mitchell Coombes, Rayleen Kable, Shé D'Montford, Jason Betts, Amanda Roussety, Ezio De Angelis and Charmaine Wilson.

In Bed with Medinner - Making fun of psychic Les Driver and Cyrus

In Bed with Medinner was a 1990s late-night British TV programme starring Bob Mills. It is a precursor to the contemporary Harry Hill's TV Burp, Russell Brand's Ponderland and Paddy McGuinness's Paddy's TV Guide.

In Bed with Medinner was a London Weekend Television production for ITV. Stand-up comic Bob Mills specialised in a cynical view of life and its everyday objects, and in pastiches of popular culture icons.

The show was set in Mills' home, which was dressed to resemble the home of Number Six from The Prisoner and, in the final series, Steed's flat from The Avengers. The first three series opened with a parody of The Prisoner while the fourth and final series was re-titled Still In Bed With Medinner, and the opening sequence changed to be a parody of the classic Avengers Series Five title sequence.

Mills wanders around his flat (actually a studio set), telling ludicrous fictional anecdotes about his showbusiness friends and reminiscing about his (fictional) time as a television producer. These stories are illustrated by genuine clips from the ITV archives, which, interspersed with Mills' own heavily-contrived commentaries and bizarre non-sequiturs, come together to reveal surreal fictional backstories.

Featuring psychic Les Driver and "Cyrus!"

25 August 2017

BadPsychics Classic - An Analysis Of Gordon Smith Mediumship

Originally published 13th September 2007

We keep getting asked here at BadPsychics to put more material on the site about Gordon Smith.

It is true that there isn't a great deal out there, so we decided it was time to show you guys exactly how he does it.

We got hold of some transcripts of some Gordon Smith readings, and the excellent Meercat decided to add his comments.

This is typical of a Gordon Smith reading, and after reading this, you may want to re-evaluate your opinion of this man (If you are a believer of his of course)

Analysis of the transcripts provided. My comments are in italics, the broadcast in bold and anything else is from the person who originally transcribed the piece.

Gordon Smith Hay House radio 14th November 2005
Key= RP –radio presenter C-caller GS-Gordon Smith

RP: We have a caller Gwen do you have a question for Gordon?
8mins 20secs

[b]C: My husband passed away, Id like to know what signs he gives to show that he’s around.. and what time of day?

(She has just told him who she wants to hear from and in what context)

GS: Well the funny thing is.. as soon as you speak to me I get the sense of a very powerful man in the spirit world, your husband quite a powerful figure, his character. (Mentions both a powerful figure, and character. Bases covered in case the husband turned out to be a 5 stone dwarf) I get the sense of him not liking how he was at the end of his life, there’s a sense of him not liking how he was. I feel as though he hated letting his family go.. (As opposed to being glad to see the back of them?)
C: Yes.
(What other answer could there be?)

GS: Do you know what I mean? He would not like the fact that he could not be in charge, or doing all the things that he wanted to do. But I do feel he his around you and you know he’s around you.. I sense somewhere between 12 o clock and two o clock in the early hours of the morning, that he’s very much around… and very much around you Gwen.
(Between 12 and 2? His spiritual lunchbreak? Nothing of evidence here, just telling the caller what she wants to hear, her husband is still around.)

C: Wonderful. 
(She has just been told what she wants to hear)

GS: He also makes me aware of times when you just get a sense of him, you can sense him out the corner of your eye but he’s not there, (A feeling that everyone gets at some point) or you feel his presence close.. and er.. er that’s what I would look for as his sign. There’s also something nice just happened in the family just recently, not long, I feel within the last two weeks, a month. Must have been a birthday or an anniversary, cause he makes me aware he was around at that time; but it’s for someone younger in the family… (Someone in her entire family having a Birthday or an anniversary in the last month. What’s the odds of that happening?)

Silence… (Apparently not good odds at all!)

C: Has he got a message for me about his estate?

GS: I do feel as though you’ve been to two different people, he’s making me aware. Or there’s two different parties concerning.. erm what he left behind. I’ve got to say to you ,you got to go with ..its almost like going with the original. Something to do with going with a solicitor or a lawyer that he preferred. But I feel like February/ March next year but you will get everything sorted, don’t worry.
(Basically, see a solicitor. As you would anyway)

C: I thank Gordon very much.. I needed to know.. those answers.
(And those answers were?…….)

RP : Becky now.. she’s in Knoxville Tennessee. Welcome Becky

C: Yes my brother was killed…..
(An instant lead for Smith)

Gordon interrupts.

GS Becky I can. Even before you spoke ,I could feel a young man , and I can feel a lot of anger surrounding this passing. There are still people who are uptight and angry, it’s almost as like a feeling of injustice here as well. But not with your brother cause spiritually your brother’s fine.
(Of course there is anger, a relative has been killed, either accidentally or purposefully, either way there is anger at the loss. There of course is no justice in a person losing their life prematurely)

C: (solemnly) Okay

GS: Okay? It’s almost as though he doesn’t want people to feel anger or regret… guilt. It’s as though heavy emotions are left hanging over family; but he loves you very much, and Becky I don’t know what’s round your neck but he’s making me very aware of something should be hanging round your neck.
(Reassure the caller that their deceased relative still loves them. Making him VERY aware? Why not say what it is that should be hanging round her neck. Jump leads? A tie? Im guessing a necklace, after all they’re very rare….)
Caller is silent.

GS: Do you know what I’m talking about Becky?

C: Yep , yes I do.
(She’s had a think and finally managed to make a connection somewhere)

GS: That’s just his little sign to say.. (then he changes mid sentence) (what little sign? Has he forgotten his patter?) these are what I call 2 minute messages, where there’s not a lot of time for spirit to give me loads of information so they just go for the quickest thing they can, (Because its so busy on the otherside, rushing around, throwing stones, moaning etc..) but there’s something special hanging round your neck that keeps you connected to your brother .I feel a lovely man… ,a lovely boy who had so much potential in this world , but don’t worry he’s still carrying that potential out in the next life.

C: Ah/er… (Confusion? Either she has nothing round her neck that keeps her connected with her Brother, or he had no potential whilst he was alive…)
GS: (quickly)Your going to be learning as well he’s telling me
(Change the subject Gordon, quickly)

C: What. ?
(Obviously the wrong choice of subject)

GS: Your gonna be learning, you’re going to be taking on some new education

C: (Sounding bored) Okay. Does he have any messages for anybody else, or… (She doesn’t want to hear about her, she wants messages from her dead brother, that’s what Mediums are for.)GS: No that’s all I get darling
(What an outstanding message from the afterlife)

AD break.

26 mins and Tessa rings in from West Sussex.

C: Grandma and Mother went at about the same time and there has been a lot of family problems, I just wondered if they had any words for me.
(Smith is spoon fed information here)
GS: I do feel your mother and grandmother are very close to you and both were in this life, I feel you had a good friendship bond. I feel very tired when I talk about your Mother so she must have got very weak and tired at the end of her life.
(How surprising)

C: Absolutely .Yes.
(As opposed to ‘Actually she was as fit as a fiddle right up to the second she died of being really well’)

GS: The condition that she had. She also said you were good to her, but you had so much going on in your own life and she couldn’t have thanked you any more. Your Mother says its actually the men in your life that cause you the problem.(laughs)
(A man causing problems for a woman? Never!)

C: Yes (laughing)

GS: There’s actually a dispute in the family at the moment between a man and a member of the family. But she’s saying let it go , don’t get involved it will be fine. I’ve got your Mother’s wedding ring here Tessa, she’s showing me her wedding ring
(She has already told him that there are family problems)

C: Yes.

GS: She’s handing it over to you, does that make sense to you

C: Yes there’s a dispute over that.

RP: Wow you got that.
(No, the caller ‘got that’. At no point did Smith say Your Mother says there is a dispute about her wedding ring. The caller made it fit, not Smith)

GS: Okay[talking to spirit] I don’t why she’s saying this but she ‘s saying tell her the fourteenth of December is important.

C: Right…

GS: but that date , the 14th is also important as a memory as well, not December but another month is important also. An important date for a birthday or an anniversary. Okay?
(That’s covered the entire year then, and all eventualities)

C: Er.. ok
(The caller obviously has to think of which of the many thousands of Birthdays, Anniversaries or Memories he may be referring to)

39 mins and another, Carol calls in.
C: My question is I had a brother passed away recently and kind of quickly and unexpected to the family at a young age ,and he’s left behind a daughter, and I just wondered if there’s something more I should be doing for his daughter.
(Why not give Smith you shoe size as well?)

GS: No. I don’t think there’s anything more you can do. I don’t know if it’s a distance or proximity, but… there’s a distance I don’t know why your brother was away or something like that. I don’t mean a separation in marriage but a separation in distance I feel from him. This is something I’m feeling, its almost like he’s trying to get back or he’s trying to let you know he’s so grateful for what your doing; cause its almost like your giving up part of your life your day to help his kid. Okay?
(By asking if there is any more she can do for the daughter, she implies she is doing something already, so of course a bit of her life is being given up to care for a child that is not hers. This would only leave one response from the caller…)

C: Yes
(And that’s the response)

GS: Also I’ve got to say to you Carol, there’s somebody with your brother, he’s not the only one in the spirit world, ok? I feel others around him.
(Gordon Smith amazes the World with the information that there is more than one person in the Spirit World)

C: Yes there are others in the family who’ve passed.
(Really? You mean other people in the family have died? Remarkable!)

GS: I feel a male figure who passed very quick ,like your brother but in different circumstance. I feel your brother’s was more accidental, but then another person died was like a heart attack, something that isn’t very quickly, this man stood beside him. (pick a man, any man…) (then goes into general comments about her relationship with brother) I’m feeling disaster. Something to do with a disaster as well, can you understand that Carol?
No reply from the caller.

GS: You know like a natural disaster

C: Hmmm… (Im pretty sure if you’d been involved in a ‘disaster’, you would not need to think about it too much..)

GS: You know someone-not your brother- has been affected by the hurricanes, or things like that.
(Lets look at this. Somebody, who is not her Brother, has been involved in a natural disaster. Hmmm… I think we’re into the millions there…)

C: I live in a hurricane area
(Although it is missing from the transcript, having listened to many hours of Hay House Radio, I know that every caller is introduced along with their location. So Smith already knows where this woman is from. For example this woman may have been from Texas or Florida.)

GS: Ah, something like that, I’m not saying he died in this , but he’s mentioning this; so I feel he’s been around you and was protecting you.. Hang on, you said someone, not her brother, was affected by something like hurricanes, what you have just said makes no sense) you’ve done lots for his daughter and he’s thanking you for this. (She has already implied to Smith that she is looking after the daughter, he is telling her things she already knows) Eyewear! I’ve got to talk to you about spectacles.
C: Ah ha.

GS: I dunno why, but he’s just said ”eyewear” I’ve just got to mention this to you .I don’t know if they’re yours or his but he’s mentioning specs.
(Eyewear? I have NEVER heard anyone refer to glasses as ‘eyewear’ unless they were talking about ‘protective eyewear’)

C:It is funny ,but my Mum wanted him to be buried with his glasses, and he said no.
(How a dead person says he didn’t want to be buried with his glasses is confusing)

GS: Well that’s his calling card to you.. and he wants you to know he’s very happy over there[spirit world] now I dunno who David would be, but its been written up here.

C: That’s my brother!
(This would be a hit if it wasn’t for the fact that Smith says he has no idea who David is, and yet he has just been communicating with him. Pick a name, and get lucky.)

GS: You take care my love and ..”Blow out the candles” he’s saying .There’s a birthday cake with not a lot of candles on it… and he’s telling you to blow out the candles; so there’s someone young’s birthday which is coming up
C: Right that’s my son’s birthday
(It may be, it may be someone completely different. Smith has not said anything other than ‘a young persons Birthday’. The caller has made it fit.)

GS: Well he’s telling you to blow out the candles for his birthday!
(Classic cold reading, the caller will now go away telling people that Smith knew it was her sons Birthday and told her to blow out the candles on his Birthday cake, when in fact Smith started out with a very vague statement and built on it using information from the caller)

GORDON Smith December 5th Hay House Transcript 
Start time about 9.00 mins in
For reference C=caller GS =Gordon Smith RP=radio presenter

C: My boyfriend died about a month and a week ago and I just wondered if he could get through to him?

There follows a lot of general waffle which is immaterial, so we skip to 10:45 

GS: In fact you are waiting ,at the moment to get some sort of possession of his.. you haven’t got yet, but you will get it.
(A prediction, which obviously we will never find if it comes true)


GS: But it’s something he wore, I feel it’s either a chain around his neck or something there. But you will get that.


GS: When that comes it will bring him ever closer to you.
(How exactly?)

C: Thank you

25m 09secs Gwen calls in;

C: Well, my Husband has passed, and I would like to know if he has a message for me, as to the progress I’m making.
(The caller is asking to be told that she is managing okay without her husband)

GS: I think your husband is very proud of what you are doing ,I get the sense of a man who really did love you ,who cared about you ,and I do feel as if you have taken up the reigns of your life and he is very proud of you. (Because its not good for the Medium business to turn round to a client and say “Your Husband says you are the anti-Midas, everything you touch turns to shit, what a cock-up of your life you’ve made since I died”) He’s a good man who liked to do a lot for you.
There’s something about a house around you, I’m seeing a property Gwen and he knows about the property and thinks you’re doing well.

C: Does anyone else have anything to say to me?
(What about the property Gwen?)

GS: I thought I felt a mother coming forward as well in the spirit world. an elderly lady coming forward here, who was quite infirm before she passed over , I felt she couldn’t walk very well .Her body was wasting before she died; an I feel her presence coming forward and I see her smile at you. I do feel you have a picture of this woman ,a photograph of this woman around you. I feel as though she talks to you , you talk to her ,you send her out thoughts.
(So you’re saying she may have a picture of her Mother or her Grand Mother? Brilliant.)

C: Oh. Thanks very much
(For what?)

RP: We have Trevor calling from Wales over there in Great Britain.

C: I lost my Dad , a couple of years ago I just wondering if you had any messages at all? That make sense anyhow…

(You’re asking a Medium to make sense? Good luck….)

GS: The first thing I sense is from you psychically, more than from your father. I sense there is unfinished business between
.Its almost as if you’re asking something from him or you’re asking permission from your Father. This is what I get, but I get the sense your father being someone who didn’t communicate all the well with you. Does that, make sense?

C: That’s right, yes.
(A Father who didn’t communicate with his son very well. How very rare…)

GS: that’s why I had to come into your psyche to get contact with him; and it’s though what he’s making me aware of. He is learning a lot in the spirit world. Stuff that he would never have wanted to look at, talk about when he was here. (Basket Weaving?) I feel he has been made to look at them in order for you to carry on your life. (This is just new-age babble that means absolutely nothing)
C: Oh right, wow.

GS: Can I just say to you, watch Trevor, because by the time you come to July, next year, your gong to be a lot more contented. A lot of that I feel is to do with relationships.
C: Oh right.

GS: Incidentally Trevor, I’ve just been given a watch, an ordinary wrist watch, not a pocket watch; just an ordinary wrist watch here.
C: Yeah.

GS: So it’s something to do with your Dad.
(Is it?)

C: Yeah give me a watch, yeah.
(He’s been given a watch? He wants a watch given?…)
GS: Well, that’s just his little connection to you to say he’s here.
(If he means that Trevor has a watch that used to belong to his Father, then I think you’ll find many sons who also have the same thing)

GS: and also Trevor, I do..[speaks to spirits] [spirits again]yes okay…Hear the name James being called forward and also the name of.. it’s like David, but its said differently.. could be Daffyd or whatever. (James, David and Daffyd)

GS: But I do hear those two names being called in from two different people in the spirit world.

GS: Okay?
(Please God let me get a hit…)

C: (no answer)

GS: And you know what ,Trevor? Do you know Colwyn Bay?
(He’s from Wales, what the hell do you think Gordon?)

C: Yes.

GS: He’s taking me up there for memories.. and Prestatyn.It’s almost like the North line of Wales..so there must be some memories that link to that North coast.
(Yes Gordon, he’s from WALES!)

C: Yeah
GS: Angelssey , Ive got to go to Anglssey as well.Ok
(Why not Gordon, just keep mentioning places in Wales, he’s Welsh remember…)

C: Yes, brilliant.
(Not just brilliant, its bloody genius…)

GS:But I do feel he’s around. He must have worn glasses, your father, cos he’s just shown me himself wearing glasses.
(I wonder statistically how many of the population wears glasses)

C: Oh, right, yeah (no idea if he is agreeing with the statement or confirming the statement. His tone of voice suggest the former. Its nonchalant, non committal.)

GS:I don’t know if someone kept the spectacles ,but I do see them there in front of me.. and he’s got a dog with him in the spirit world (inaudible as music kicks in)

RP: Lisa on the line form Richmond hills Canada 

C: I’m calling because my dad passed over in June, and I’d like to know who he’s with on the other side.

GS: First thing I get Lisa with your father is when he passed, it was time for him to go; time for the spirit to come round and get him.Okay? I feel as though there was a woman there with her hands out waiting to take him over to the other side.

C: Oh was it?

GS: Yep I feel an older woman, Im going back toward your Grandmother ok?

C: Oh my Grandmother…Ok.
(Any evidence here? No. This could apply to absolutely anyone)

GS I feel as though she was waiting to take him across. I also feel another male that connects to your father. Feels like a brother or someone in that line who was also standing there, and I get the sense of these people taking him across, and I do feel he’s reunited with many family. But I’ve got to take you across to the UK for links as well, there must be links in your family going back, that take you to the UK.. to Britain.
(Once again, any evidence? Names? Maybe the Britain connection?….)

C: Okay. .my own personal family, myself and my children or my Father’s side..?
(Nope, it seems not…)

GS: No.. no. Your father’s family.

C: Ok….(non committal)

GS: There’s links in the past.. to the UK
(How far in the past for heavens sake?…)

C: Okay…Is my father happy now, cos he went through a lifetime of suffering. is he happy?

GS: I do feel he’s happy now, and the last part of his life I do feel he was .. kind of unconscious. He was in different states of mind, the latter part just before he passed. It was at this point he saw different people coming forward for him.
(Lets face it, you don’t have to be a Medium to reassure this woman)
C: From the spirit world?
(PC World perhaps?….sorry…)

GS : He was becoming accustomed to it before he even went over there, but I do have to say there is a connection to grandchildren, that he still links to the grandkids he says
(Yes, as a couple of minutes ago she told you she had children)

C: (Amazed tone of voice) You’re connecting to him right now?
(Of course he is…..)
GS: He’s mentioning there was a birthday
(Yes of course there was a birthday, everyone has one once a year)

C: A birthday?

GS: He’s saying tell them I didn’t miss the birthday.. I saw it from the spirit world.

C: Whose birthday?
(Exactly, whose Birthday and when was it)

GS: I feel it was one of the grandkids
(Whose name would be?……)

C: Ooohh okay. Does he come around the family much?

GS: Yes I do feel he does, one time he will be there close to all the family is at the Xmas time. So just remember him at that time, cos I feel he loved having family around him. So he will be a part of the family, okay?
(Blah blah blah….)

RP: Okay thanks Lisa for your call.

Gordon Smith Transcript January 16th 2006-02-01
Key as always GS,=Gordon Smith, C=Caller, RP=radio presenter

We start the transcript at 20 mins in.
Sandra from Canada :

C: In November 2002 my Stepfather passed away, and his daughter produced a will that we believed to be false, that he fabricated it herself. And we’re trying to locate the true will. Does it exist or has she destroyed everything

GS : I think its gone Sandra , I really do. Sandra there’s a Scottish connection around you somewhere.

C: Okay…(hesitant)

GS: Scottish connections, do you know where they are, because I’m getting a sense of someone Scottish in the spirit world coming forward to me. .ah a woman, and she’s making me aware try as you may this is going to be a very difficult thing for you to overcome.

C: Uh huh.

GS: But I do feel, the majority of the family believe this all made up, and I believe it is. I think its gonna be very hard for you….. but what I feel is your wasting such a lot of your own energy, and it’s been driving you mad; cause you’d love to achieve something. But you keep coming up against brick walls.(more general pleasantries but nothing exciting)

Thirty seven minutes in and Emily calls: 
C: About 6 years ago we were living in Wales and we didn’t manage to get my Grandmother’s Christmas present in time before she died, and me and my Mother in particular have felt so guilty since then..

GS: But your Nan would know that’s fine, she would know the intention, they feel the intention, more than the physical act.And do you know what, I just saw Anglesssey, and Rhyll and Prestatyn, going around like that. A lovely picture.. a memory of that place.
(Once again he has encountered someone from Wales and is mentioning all the places in Wales he can remember)

C: (excited voice)Yes,yes…

GS: Of going out there.. and I do feel your Nan is very close. In fact somebody.. a Christmas time is very important. Its either a birthday or an anniversary time, because she’s just showing me the Christmas time..
(Which is it? A Birthday or an Anniversary? Christmas Time? That covers about 4 weeks…)

C: Er.. erm …My cousin was born.. er..

GS: She like, sees somebody celebrating a birthday at Xmas time, so your Nan’s very much with you. Tell your Mother she needs to get some more energy around her just now.
(Blah , blah, blah)

C: Yes she does

GS: She’s a little bit flat, she needs picking up, and don’t you worry about the financial thing you’ve going over its all fine. Everything’s going to be fine, its going to be a much better year for you.

If anyone can find evidence of 'Medium' abilities here, I'm a small mountain goat called Barry. Please dont give me any of this 'but he's better on stage' business, he is supposed to be a Medium, spirits Im sure do not care if he's on a phone or on a stage. He has NO psychic ability. Where the hell he got the signature "most acurate Medium" from is beyond me.