25 August 2005

Joe Power - An Evening With

Joe Power - An Evening With

By Lester

Joe Power (aka Joe Bolster, Joe Bolster-Power)

I have been aware of this person, who is seeking fame and fortune, for a while and have viewed his website www.joe-power.com. He has been involved in the Spiritual/Psychic world for some five years. From his web site and indeed posters/leaflets advertising his shows, which have been heavily distributed around the North West at least, it is clear that he has a very high opinion of himself and his apparent self proclaimed psychic abilities.

On his web site he claims, no doubt using his unique psychic abilities, about future show dates and says, “This Show is currently Touring Theatres across the UK and so far has had an incredible response. All performances have been sell outs and people have had to be turned away who were not fortunate enough to get a ticket in time.” This is a complete lie, as I personally know of several shows that were very poorly attended not only recently but also going back months. The only one which was sold out, that I know of, was on 4th August on the Isle of Man. The theatre held 200 and the ticket office told me they had not had a clairvoyant before.

I have seen him work on “Your Destiny” which is available on Sky 178. This program to me was complete and utter nonsense designed to attract those most gullible/desperate for “readings” and at £1.50 per minute. The information Joe (and the other “mediums”) gave to the various questions viewers texted in was either just plain common sense or unsubstantiated comments/statements with no verifiable feedback to confirm any accuracy whatsoever. The presenter continually drones on and pushes for viewers to ring in and speak to their “top psychics” for a reading. In other words this is just a money making machine which thrives on those most vulnerable.

One of the “highlights” that Joe likes to use to give him credibility is the work he has done with the police in helping to solve high profile murder cases. In particular he cites the disappearance and subsequent murder of Lynsey Quy of Southport.

You can see newspaper articles (virtually all the same) on his web site. He mentions going into Southport police station and providing useful information. If this is true then where is there any independent evidence to support this published on his web site. Why cannot he get a letter from the police, on this case and any other that he claims he has been involved in, addressed to him and thanking him for the “useful and valuable new information” that he apparently supplied? He could put such a letter on his web site which would give him credibility and silence his doubters. Without this we just have his “word” that he helped in this way. So until such time that he can prove he actually provided good and new information we are left with no alternative but to entirely question this unqualified aspect of his self-publicity. As such his major stake to fame is completely and totally flawed and should therefore be ignored.

The press do however confirm that a Psychic was asked to help in the murder of Lynsey Quy and this was Uri Geller who told police that he felt that she was near water. Well as Southport is on the coast and Lynsey came from Southport is it not a fair bet that she would be found fairly locally (statistically most victims are). For more information type in “Lynsey Quy murder Southport UK” into “Ask Jeeves” or similar search engine.

Evening of Clairvoyance – Southport Floral Hall 18th August 2005 

This was my opportunity to see Joe live. I had read the article about Joe in the local paper (Southport Visiter 15th July) and therefore was looking forward to some accurate and detailed information about those who had passed to Spirit and would make their return. Particularly as Joe had told the reporter “I make sure I’ve got lots of details before saying anything. I’m not going to say I’m getting a Peter, John, or Mark…, I’ll say that I’m getting someone who, say, was the youngest of four children, he had two brothers and a sister, he died of lung cancer at the age of 56”. This would be in sharp contrast to most mediums who throw out very general names and information hoping that someone will speak up and claim it.

I still maintain that if someone from the world of spirit wants to make contact with me in a theatre through a medium then the medium, if they are really tuned into spirit, will come directly to me as the spirit person can tell the medium exactly where I am sitting. Any medium who fails to make contact with the recipient directly can justly be accused of “fishing” the audience and leaves themselves open to various accusations of psychic inadequacy.

The evening started with some 15 minutes of Roberta Lee who is a local drag act and was designed to “liven up” the audience. It had very mixed success.

Then Joe Power was introduced. The stage was set out with a large screen and there was a camera at the side which would home in onto the person Joe would speak to. Two girls with roving mikes were there to go to the recipients so that we could all hear the responses. Joe then started and threw out some very general information and names hoping that someone would claim it. After a little while several people put there hand up and Joe tried to whittle down between them.

He asked questions of them, frequently said someone was passed when they were still alive but did have a few “woolly and loose” hits. Several recipients seemed a bit unsure about what Joe was talking about. This pattern was repeated throughout the whole evening and he gave 10 messages in total. His “performance” was in sharp contrast to his publicity in the paper and on his web site and he came nowhere near to fulfilling his own self-proclaimed abilities. What I witnessed and what was written was as different as chalk and cheese. Very disappointing but unfortunately not a surprise to me. The venue was about three quarters full.

I have and do see exactly the same quality of mediumship in Spiritualist churches for many years. The difference is that churches don’t charge £12 for a ticket (its either a free-will offering or £3-5). In addition you are much more likely to receive a message in a church because the congregations are typically upto 100 people.

Would I see Joe again? Definitely NOT. The whole evening was a complete let down for me and I felt totally misled by his exaggerated publicity. He deserves to fail because he is not being honest in what he does.

The local papers are now full of adverts (this week there are three) publicizing various “Clairvoyant” evenings with different mediums. They make great claims such as:-

“The Worlds most Evidential Medium”

“Britains Most Gifted Medium”

“The North West’s latest acclaimed”

“The UK’s next phenomena” etc etc.

It is now very clear that the general public are getting very wise to these wholly unsubstantiated and grossly exaggerated claims which are not matched by the mediums demonstration. As a result attendances are falling dramatically and rightly so. Its time these “mediums” stopped trying to rip off the public and got a proper honest job.