12 August 2018

REPOST: An Analysis of Psychic / Medium Charlie Kelly. Could it get any worse? Yes, Yes it could - Part 2

First of all if you have not read part 1 of my Charlie Kelly analysis please do so before going any further, you can read it by clicking HERE

If you recall, a lady by the name of Cathy, who is the owner of the "Light afterlife" Spiritual forum, told me she had received a reading from a medium by the name of Charlie Kelly, and that it had convinced her, that he had told her things he had no possible way of knowing, you know the classic stuff believers say when waxing lyrical about a medium who has convinced them.

So me being me I decided to expose Charlie Kelly, show the world his clever methods of manipulation, and how he didn't really communicate with the dead, but instead used known and replicable psychological trickery to fool people. Now considering that Cathy herself claims magical powers, I was desperate to show her how wrong she could be, but I also suspected that she would not mention his name in my vicinity unless he was really good, so I puffed out my chest, and got ready for a big challenge. I managed to find an unedited raw recording of Charlie performing readings at Healing Hearts Centre in Essex in 2016. This was perfect. I had the recording, I got someone to transcribe the 65 minute piece for me, and off I could go. Little did I know that Charlie Kelly would be the single worst, most useless excuse for a psychic medium I had ever seen, hear or read.

Just consider that for a moment, I have been exposing psychics/mediums for over 13 years, and he is the worst, of the thousands of readings I have analysed, he has the least ability. I wanted some super smart braniac psychic medium who would test every ounce of my knowledge on the subject and instead if got Zippy off of Rainbow throwing out things like this.
"...so this was my first one but I bottled it, so is there anybody in the room that would have lost someone through something like a natural disaster, or the tsunami or something like that?  I am very aware of this natural disaster feel to it.  Come on, where are you? No. No loose connection there because I feel like I need to talk about a couple who that would have passed in that way, no, not to worry I’ll bench it for now.  Oh I can't, sort of half towards the back there, no-one there, no-one understand this, not to worry I’ll leave it for a moment...."
That was the highlight of the first article!
Anyway I posted the first article and I admitted that I got the analysis short as it was so bad, so tedious, but that I would try to finish it off if I ever got chance. Now cards on the table time, I had no interest in really finishing it off, it was so bad, that it was painful for me to write about, so I thought I would give Charlie Kelly a kinda pass, I would let the article float on the site, and forget about it. Afterall he is a small time, no name psychic, who has never really done anything with his life, not really very good at his job, and only the incredibly gullible or desperate will be falling for his act, he wont be making much money. So what the hell, the first article will forever be online and does its job in highlighting how terrible he is.

And the best thing about this site is that it has great Google Ranking, so anyone searching for his name will see this site within the first few results, usually just after Charlie Kelly's own official website and his facebook page.

But then Cathy, the aforementioned owner of the "Light afterlife" Spiritual forum emailed me regarding a different topic, I helped he best I could as I always do, and also asked her if she had read my article on Charlie, since I had not seen or heard any reaction from her. She then accused me of "Cherry picking" and "conveniently" only analysing half of the recording, as if I had somehow masterminded a plot to ignore his amazing abilities, and bury his talents behind misrepresentations and lies! Clearly she missed the fact that I posted a full transcript of what I did analyse, as well as include the raw recording of the entire event! Unedited for anyone to listen to and make their own mind up!

Do you know I did not have one single complaint about the article, no one, not even Charlie Kelly himself complained. No solicitor contacted me accusing me of libel, no one offered any alternative opinion, or said I had mis-transcribed any part of the reading, nothing! So I was a little surprised by Cathy saying that, but then it occured to me, she never really read any of the article, she was just attacking me because that is what she does. She makes a claim, I expose it as bogus, she attacks me and calls me names. 

So where does that leave things? Well it leaves me with 30 odd minutes of readings to expose, so coffee ready, paracetamol taken, lets get on with finishing it, oh and if any part of it is mis-transcribed, if I miss anything, If I misrepresent anything, if a single part of anything I say is wrong, then tell me, post in the comments, tweet me @JonDonnis, make a fuss out of it! But if everything I say is right, well we know what happens. Bury your head in the sand.

Download unedited raw recording from Dropbox - by clicking here
Please note for some reason when I first tried to downloaded it, it made my computer freeze, not sure why, so if you do click to download, please be aware of that, and just be patient and it will work eventually.

Charlie Kelly - in bold font
Member of the Audience/Client - in regular font
Me (Jon Donnis) - in red font

So, I'm going to have to come to you, I need to get rid of this, I really need to get rid of it so the boy that drowned in Thailand you say (Yes) Yo​u would understand that there would be, was is he living there? I feel like something is going on there so it's more than a holiday. (Yes) ​and I know that the lad in question is of an adventurous nature so a little bit of a jack the lad I want to say?

He was very talkative.

First of all, what horrible verbiage to use when talking about dead children. "I need to get rid of this". Charlie these are peoples lives you are talking about, not some lost fluffy slippers under the sofa!

Regarding the boy that drowned in Thailand, see part 1 of this for where this was brought up. As a reminder, he had talked about the Tsunami in Indonesia, and one of the people in the crowd TOLD Charlie that their son's friend had died in Thailand, so keep in mind that they told Charlie about a dead person not the other way around. This is why sometimes a medium will get some information and then come back to it later in the evening, by doing this the people present will forget who said what and then just assume and recall after the fact that it was Charlie who said a boy had died in Thailand in the sea, when the truth is the opposite.

To see I am telling the truth, go back to the first article by clicking HERE and search the page for the word "Thailand" you will find 6 results, you can see for yourself who said what and to whom.

Also note that Charlie above clearly says a "boy", where as the woman originally said her son's friend. Now the reason for this is because Charlie is confusing her with someone else who had also mentioned that their Thai friend had a relative who had died there.

Clearly this woman's son's friend will not be a boy if he has gone on a working / holiday half way round the world.

Talkative? Ok, probably the wrong place to do that in Thailand isn't it, but I know that with him he wanted to experience so much that's why he has gone that far across the world he wanted to do all those kind of things you understand?


Quick note here, anyone who is prepared to leave everything they know in the UK, travel half way around the world, will have confidence, and as such will be talkative. This is not some psychic insight, this is common sense. Shy, quiet people do not travel half way around the world, and live and work there.

Now would you understand he is showing me sea urchin right now, you know what I mean the big spiky balls, so I know he would have done scuba diving or snorkeling in that sense as well. Is that the cause of his passing?


100% miss here. He has taken an educated guess, he has been told by the client that someone died in the sea in Thailand, he already knows it is not to do with any natural disaster as he already went down that route and bombed, so now he tries a simple scuba diving accident, and he gets it completely wrong.

Now either the spirit is lying, for no reason whatsoever, or Charlie Kelly is lying. I will let you decide which is more likely.

Ok that’s good, now I am aware of that around, would you understand the Cayman Islands there?

How is that good Charlie? You got something completely wrong!
And now he randomly mentions the Cayman Islands.

That's my son, my son went to the Cayman Islands and then he went to Thailand at least he didn’t die there.

So the dead man (not boy despite what Charlie said) is now forgotten about, and the client desperate to help Charlie Kelly in any way she can mentions that he own son once went to the Cayman Islands, and then to Thailand! Nothing to do with anything, nothing to do with the dead person. A completely pointless exchange.

Ok, your son is here though isn’t he?


Why is Charlie Kelly asking the client this? He is literally asking someone if their son is dead or alive! And they claim to be a medium!!

Don't want your son then, we don't want to put him there we don't want that. When you said Cayman Islands.

Yeh yeh he is showing me this sea urchin with that, that's all it is, so I know it's got that kind of area for it he's showing me with.

Now with it I am aware of more than one though you know like there is more than one that passed, or something like that, or this area is known for people drowning it's got that feel to it for me, would you understand that?

Oh don't know about that.

So Charlie admits that he has lost the plot slightly so desperately tries to drag it back on track. Now the problem here is that the Cayman Islands and Thailand are 16,000 kilometers apart. Do you think Charlie Kelly realises that, or does he think they are next to each other?

Which area Charlie? Cayman Islands which have nothing to do with anything? Or Thailand? And what the hell do sea urchins have to do with it?

Again you don't know ok so maybe you can find that out, I'm just aware of it and I can only give you what I'm getting in that sense. So I think what is going to be best for me for the evidence is if I get him to talk about your son, he knows your son. Is that better? (Yeh) a​nd we will talk about the Thailand thing because they’ve got me over there, doing it that way. So with your son, let's make it perfectly clear, he is talking about your son that is still here.

Find that out? How? Why? They are there now! You are talking to the dead, it is not up to the client to find anything out! 

Charlie even has the nerve to talk about evidence, something he seems incapable of giving!

(Yeh) ​He's actually, now I'm not saying he is schizophrenic but he’s got quite a split personality, so I know that with people that he loves and he loves being around he is actually quite open and talkative in that way but quite shy if I was just to drop him in amongst strangers in that sense. (Ok) ​ Yeh? Good. I know that with that as well I'm not sure that your son is travelling now you're going to tell me he is now he is?

No… but

Well that isn't a very nice thing to say is it! Basically calls your son schozophrenic, and then gives a classic "Barnum Statement". This is an old trick of fake mediums, you give two opposite descriptions about the same person, but word it in such a way that it covers almost everyone.

Charlie then takes a gamble and asks if the son is still travelling, he is wrong. AGAIN.

I feel like he has stepped back from that he is not doing so much life feels like it has got a little bit more serious for your son.


Hang on, the client just told you their son was not travelling, they gave you the information, and now you "feel like he has stepped back..." a moment ago you thought they were travelling!

This is cold reading folks, you ask a question, and regardless of the answer, you continue as if you knew all along.

I am aware that with that he takes it on board very seriously as well, would you understand he's taken it right to his person, because it feels like it's a little bit of a burden you know, it's a little bit heavy so that I know he has taken it right to his person, so I don't know if your son is depressive, or close to depressive in that sense but that's the weight of this. No he is not a depressive.

So not only does he call the clients son Schizophrenic, he now also calls him a depressive. And of course gets a negative reaction from the client, so has to pull it back.

Not a depressive ok but you do understand the stress he places himself under you understand?

Yes he has been under a lot of stress but he’s alright now.

So to be clear the clients son is fine now, not depressed now, not a schizophrenic. So everything Charlie has said about him has been wrong, every single thing.

Ok thats good so you understand why he's giving me it that way?

Again what am I missing here? Am I misrepresenting anything that has been said? Go listen to the reading, if I am wrong show me!

I'm going to have to tie this up so I'm going to give you message to go from there from I'm going to talk about you in that sense. So what are we going to talk about? Are you a medium? Do you work, I feel like you work in someway?

I have done.

You have done Your not doing it any more! Why, don't answer me.

For me, are you getting like an urge to go back or your awareness is heightened again it just feels to me every calling card is hitting you in the face and you are doing everything to silence it, do you understand that?


Good, so, that's why he’s here I feel like I need to get you back out get I need to sort of get you dusted off, get the rusty tools out the bag and start using them again it's got that kind of a feel to it. You know you are not doing enough you are capable of doing more and you are not doing it so it's like you are doing it. Do you find it a challenge or something like that it's just got that feel to it for me, you can't be bothered with it in that way how much pressure it is or something like that?

No I’ve just got not been very well, I've got no energy​.

Ok, so from what I can gather the client here is a medium or former medium, instantly we can disregard everything Charlie Kelly says for obvious reasons, but we will have a go regardless. Charlie asks a LOT of questions here, but his general idea is that the client pretty much cant be arsed to do it any more! WRONG! The client states that they have been ill, and have no energy. Exactly the kind of thing you would expect a real medium to pick up on from their client, even more so if the client also has the same magical powers! No excuses here for a skeptical mind blocking vibrations right!

That's because you are silencing it all the time. They will give you it, but that's what I feel like I need to get get you back to work in that sense. Thank you for working with me that is a difficult link that I've just tried to do there so thank you for working with me.

No Charlie, it is nothing to do with them "silencing" anything, they are not doing readings because they have been ill. You were wrong, you got it wrong, and you are literally blaming their own illness on them! That is pretty despicable.

So, ok, oh I’m dreading this one as well what is going on, you lot are weird round here. 

Great way to get the crowd on side, just insult them! I am guessing this is Charlie's poor attempt at "banter!

So I have a lady with me, oh this is faith I tell you, this is faith. This lady is very slim very very slim and the one thing that stands out is this ridiculous like beehive kind of hairdo, it's like everything is about this woman's hair now she is immaculate this lady, absolutely immaculate. Now I know I need to go back with this but again I don't feel she has made a wonderful age I may be wrong but this is what she is showing me and I feel with that she has got this very Americanised way to her I don't even know if she is American you know have I got Americans in, have I got an American in the room? Talk to me, talk to me!

I said Amy Winehouse​!

No No she’s not American is she? She was in London weren't she? I don't want celebrities. Are you connected to her?

No it just came to my head.

Now this made me smile as I was thinking Amy Winehouse too! Clearly this is who this "character" is based on. Remember how I have previously talked about mediums using "Characters" as part of their act. Specific sounding descriptions that they will repeatedly use at shows, as they are pretty common and easy to get a hit. Tony Stockwell will use a "young man who died in a motorcyle accident" character, and I actually spoke to his tour manager many years ago, who revealed that one night Tony used that character and it didn't "hit", and when he came back stage, he was fuming and moaning to Colin Fry about it!

Oh did it, ok. Does that make sense to anyone she has got a lot of Americanisms to her I don't know why, you know like the stance, I'm not doing the pose, you are not getting me doing the pose but there is a pose to her so I know how much this lady thinks of herself in that way I’m not saying that negatively, she really does look after herself in that way not saying thing sense so who understands that talk to me talk to me Don't whisper Who is this making sense to? Talk to me.


I need the beehive I need the hair do!

Most definite the hair.

Most definite, that's where I am I'm with you, you understand immaculate I mean immaculate yeh, you don't understand this American thing no?


Then forgive me I’ve just got to try and work it in some way not sure whats going on here but I'm seeing her in a pose where she is holding like a number up and she is posing and it feels like this is in a photo, this would be within a photo.

Without looking I …...

Ok ok not to worry. Now I know she hasn't made a great age I am aware of that you understand but with it she doesn't look to me like she has changed at all, maybe the skin has aged a little bit but for like 30 years she hasn’t changed at all, it's the same picture over and over again, you understand?

I am aware of an illness there, but I'm not sure what it is, I'll just be honest with you but it's very acute it's like it's going undetected, I'm not talking about it it's a bit of a secret in that way.

I think It was for a while.

And with that the only time people find out about it is because like she is either losing her hair or her skin is signifying she is not a well lady before anybody asks at that point. No I can't remember on that one, I know she wasn't well it we didn't know what it was but we didn't see that much of her to say that we noticed at that point I am just aware of it in that way, throw it in the bin if you don't want it I am just aware of it in that sense. Now with her she seems like not a direct lady like one of the other communicators but she doesn’t sort of waste her breath on needless talk she is quite open with her so she will discuss things quite openly except this illness but I feel very reserved with her if I’m honest she feels quite open quite prim and proper that the image she is giving me now.


Wow he is really dragging this one out isn't here. Did you notice that Charlie hasn't come out with any names whatsoever in this entire show? Unless I'm forgetting one in the first part of my analysis?

You would think that a real medium bringing through many dead people, at least one of them would tell him their name right?

and when mean that I mean she looks after people if I'm coming to her home everything is in order it's like a tea tray you are not getting a mug of tea, it's a tea tray, you understand, and everything about her mannerisms and her manners are immaculate like her presentation you understand? I know that with her I know that for all intents and purposes she is very glamourous to me and that's how I’m seeing it and everything matches as well you know like her brooches or bags and all that kind of stuff (yeh) a​nd I know I don't want to dress a picture of her being materialistic in that way because that's not what it's about it's about the outfit that she is wearing and what people's perception is of her she is very worried about that.


So that I know that everything is p’s and q’s while we are outside the front door and when we get in it's like oh my god I cant believe thats just happened. (Yeh) S​o I can go to your message with that, you claimed her so it must be you I need to talk to in some way, it might not be actually I felt a bit of a wobble there so what's the connection here?


So after all that wobbling, Charlie Kelly pretty much said nothing, and then ASKED the client what the connection was! Charlie Kelly had NO idea! The client told Charlie that this Amy Winehouse character he had come up with was her sister! Again if he was really communicating with the dead, don't you think this person might mention that her sister was in the crowd?

Sisters, ok so one of you two are worried about the perception of the people. That's going to be awkward owning up to that isn't it. Yeah, so how people view you, so the public eye how they view, because I'm not like this, this is smart. If you had seen me 10 mins ago, who was the lady in the back there, I was running in a hoodie and beanie hat and I ran out and got changed, because people listen to me dressed like this but they won't in a beanie hat and a hoodie, but one of you two have that about you.

Yes I think I've got an issue at the moment about smoking and putting weight on and feel uncomfortable and ​(have a fag) now I told everybody.

So Charlie talks here about perception regarding what someone wears. The client however is talking about the perception of being a smoker and putting on weight. 

Everyone will be offering you a cigarette outside now, including myself, well done well done for giving that up.

She hasn't given up? She literally just said a moment ago that she has an issue with smoking, she is embarrassed about it along with her weight gain.

But I know that that's where my angle needs to go there, I know that no not that she wasted time or not so much but the worry of this lady on what other people thought ended up just consuming her so it must in some way be really worrying you about this weight gain or the giving up of the smoking and I know that she is just prompting me to say forget needless worry, forget it because it is doing you no favours, it's probably healthier smoking than it is stressing, it's just got that feel to it for me, let things like that fall to one side accept it and kind of get on because the worry is doing you no favours. Thank you for working with me.

Did I miss some incredible evidence here? Charlie described an "Americanised" woman, with a beehive haircut who was very very slim. And he ends up repeating back to the client what she told him about putting on weight and smoking!

He did not give a single bit of evidence here. No names, no way she died, nothing at all.

Am I cheery picking what he says here? Did I miss anything? Am I misrepresenting anything that has happened? If you think so, leave a comment, call me out on it.

What time do I go to, I'm not sure how many I can do like this, want the nans in the pinneys don’t I to make it normal.

I am not sure how much more of this I can handle either Charlie, it is so bad, you really are so awful at your job.

Ok so, ok, I'm not going to trick you in any way so I need your hand and when you give me your hand if you don't want me to work it I won't work it.

ok but I do need you to claim it as you seen I will just keep going but I'm not entirely happy with this communication at the moment.

You are not happy with this communication but all the previous ones were good? Blimey! If it was claimed that I was cherry picking your readings, then I am guessing this is the kind of one I would cherry pick to expose you right?

So I have a gentleman here he is about 5.8 he is quite broad and I have a very bad temper very abusive nature to him, feels like it goes back to when you were a child, in that sense.

Just keep in mind, a vulnerable, grieving person, has gone to visit a medium, and he is going down this route!

So I know that it has gone back or gone on for many years in that sense. His passing I feel like he is really struggling this man would have been a smoker I think there is alcohol involved with him there would be a dependency on alcohol when this abuse would start to come about, it's like he becomes aggressive with it in some way. Ok maybe, ok, so either or, and you’re ok for me to work it, and you are, and I know that with it violence with him. George connects to him very very strongly, generic name I appreciate, feels very close, maybe his father, ok, another hand has just gone up, so I apologise, I’m not getting rid of you yet, you understand what I am saying and his name is George?

No George is his dad.

The first name of the evening! And perhaps one of the most common names in history! He even admits it is a very generic name! The problem is the client he is with, and holding the hand of, is not reacting at all, so someone else puts a hand up to claim this dead character.

So to clarify, a person who claims magic powers to communicate with the dead, has gone to the wrong person, described a character called George, and someone else not involved is trying to claim this dead person for themselves.

Its his dad, that was my statement wasn't it and the abuse you would have seen and gone through.

And now Charlie is so happy he has someone who he was NOT talking to, to claim this character, he is now claiming that he came up with the connection. When in reality he went to the wrong person completely! And in a room full of people, someone raised their hand to connect to someone who is dead, whose father is called George. 

Not as a child.

The client is already picking holes in what Charlie said, he clearly said that the client (first the other person, and now this new person) was abused by this dead person as a child.

Not as a child, later on, that still fits with what I am saying and this would be violent? 


Yes that's where I am, I'm really sorry do you want me to work this? Do you want me to work this are you comfortable for me to do it.

I don't mind

Now go back and re-read what Charlie said.
The dead person is the one who abused the living person. The dead person had the alcohol issues which would bring on the aggression. This dead person is NOT George, George is the dead persons father. Are you confused yet? So the name George actually has nothing to do with either the dead person or the client. Why did the dead person not give their name? or the name of the person they wanted to communicate with? Charlie Kelly just came out with an incredibly common name, and the client (not the first one, but someone else he was not even talking to) made the connection. 

As for the name George, in my direct bloodline, I can count 5 men called George. So lets not pretend that Charlie came out with anything even vaguely evidential here.

Ok so I am aware this alcohol dependency there is something there with alcohol. It wasn't so much, there is something with that but it wasn’t so much the alcohol. Ok then there must be excessiveness in that in some way.


This is the problem with us skeptics, we never forget the details. Let me remind you what Charlie said about this dead person earlier.

"there would be a dependency on alcohol when this abuse would start to come about"

This has now changed, and that his problems were not so much because of the alcohol, but the client confirms his earlier statement, and he then switches again.

You do understand that - I feel like I can still talk to you I will be back to you in a moment. And I know that with it you would understand, I've got two I've definitely got two so I going to have to work with you both of you simultaneously. So because he won't, I will hunt you down, I'm joking so


One of the tricks of mediums is to go back and forth a lot, this creates confusion, and destroys the clients ability to accurately recall events. Charlie did this previously and looks like he is doing it again here.

If you really look at this last reading, what did he actually get right first time? Absolutely nothing. Everything was either second guesses, or someone not involved interjecting. We had our first name of the evening, and it was not the dead person, or either of the two clients involved, but another relative not present. We have no idea if the client is related to the dead person as that was never revealed. We really have no actual evidence of survival, and remember folks that is what mediums claim they can provide "Evidence of Survival"

(would he really thats the intelligence right there isn’t it) ok so with my man would you understand that a younger age there would be a period of time that you wouldn't have seen him.


And I know with that it's because of this aggressive nature, the family split or moved away or something like that (yes)​ I am definitely coming back to you and I know that with this after a period of time there would have been a reconnection


and for all intents and purposes you believe he’s had changed ok and I know that he is fully aware of the mistakes that he made, he is fully aware of it but I'm not sure he will not own up to it though, he is aware but he will not apologize for it very very stubborn man you understand that. (No)​ Ok now this isn't your dad is it?


Charlie decides to take a gamble here and guess that the dead person is the clients dad, he gets it wrong, as well as the claim the dead person is stubborn. Both wrong, also note how he words the final question "now this isn't your dad is it?"

Mediums will word questions in this way, so that regardless of receiving a positive or negative reply, they make it sound like they knew already.

So for example he asks

"now this isn't your dad is it?"

They could reply.
"Yes" and the medium would follow up with "yes because he is telling me......"

But when they say no, all the crowd and the client remembers is the medium "telling" them that "....this isn't your dad is it..." This is how cold reading works. And a lot of believers struggle to understand that the way the medium talks is just if not more important that what they say. The medium will nearly always tell the client to only reply with "yes or no", this allows the medium to fully control the reading and like the example above, they can ask questions in certain ways that allows them to have either a yes or a no as an answer, and still seem like they knew all along. After the event the client only remembers it the way that suits them. The medium can claim that by telling people to only answer yes or no means he is not fishing for information and so on. All very clever if you think about it!

And if you don't believe me, go listen back to ANY reading by any half decent medium, they all use this same technique.

Is this a partner of yours? I'm jumping, so I'm just popping you on hold I don't know why they won't give up the pair of them are like that they won't give up they are so stubborn in that way and for me, I feel like I'm trying to get you in a box, I want you to be someone you are not


After striking out with the father question, he takes the next obvious choice and ASKS the client if it is their partner! Again a real medium would never ever need to ask a question, only make statements, yet if you spoke to this person after the event, I guarantee you they would claim that Charlie KNEW it was their dead partner, and that he TOLD them! And that there was no way he could possibly have known and so on....

and I want my dinner on the table at 5 o'clock,

You can want!

Sorry, I can want, and it's good that we can laugh about that now but I feel that with him that was serious very very serious and I'm making you believe that you’re at fault in some way. I know that you can't talk to anyone because if it comes out episodes would arise from that so I am manipulating you in every way possible and I'm stopping all your friends, I'm stopping family I am literally pushing you into a box and putting the lid on it, you understand and I know that there is like a snapping point for you, there’s an I’ve had enough and I'm not saying you got violent, you can say that, know that you refuse it any more. I need to pop you on hold there because the manipulation comes back for me so I know that I am manipulating you in some way. You understand?

Now what I want to say is you ain't tough enough is what I want to do I'm trying to manipulate you to be tougher man than you are.


Let me give you an example because he is showing me a clip here where I’m not saying you was bullied as a child but there is an episode where you would have got caught out someone would have beat you up or something like that and I want to give you like a hammer or a big stick and I want you to go and hit that boy with the hammer or the stick and if you don't hit him with it I'm going to hit you with it and I am very aware of the fear that comes with that and so you are caught in two states of mind now so you know it's wrong to do it but I don't want to be hit with it. It's got that moment with it.

I know that with it I don't need to go down the love route here in that sense because it is just not visible in any stretch of the imagination you understand and I know it feels to me like you’ve never heard it you’ve never had the proudness from that, say no if I’m wrong. No.

Ok then that must be you?

Sorry I wasn't listening.

Hahahaha, Possibly my favourite part of the whole reading! Charlie is doing his best to come out with characters, situations, and the client stops listening! That is how important it is to them! lol.

Well you should be, I’m working hard here (sorry) ​and I feel that with you there was no love, the words spoken I love you, never heard it wouldn't be it would be discussed in any way Now I know I need to talk to both of you in the sense of this downtrodden I'm trying to keep you both from individuals at the lowest point possible but I totally believe within myself that it's the right thing for you, which is crazy I know. I'm doing it for your own good I'm doing it for your own good in that sense.

I get the impression here that the client lost interest, and Charlie was just babbling on, clearly he was failing big time here, so I am thinking its time for him to move on.

Now I’m back here, so listen, with it it feels to me like that there was some kind of patch up at the end you tried to patch it up in the end. I'm not saying forgiveness but I want it right at the end I need it to be right at the end of the life.

I didn't see this person for a few years.

Another fail for Charlie.

Ok, so you never saw him passing or you never knew of the passing. Then do you understand, what's going on now, hold on, I feel like so you never saw him at the end and you never saw him at the end then it feels to me like a message has been passed on in some way so from another family member, yeh you got it, is that going to fit you as well. 

I found out from my friend’s ex wife.

I can imagine Charlie thinking "oh for f*cks sake" at this point.

Ok that he would have spoke of you,is that what you are saying, I feel like I talk about you, I’ve offloaded in some way after many years of keeping within myself.


More failing from Charlie here. Again I get accused of cherry picking, yet anyone can go listen to the whole show, they can leave a comment, they can point out how I am lying, or manipulating anything here. Yet silence from the very people who accuse me of such things.

No, so it is there, so I will go to your message in a minute I will go to my lady quickly there.

Onto the next "mark"

So I know he knows he knows was wrong, he knows he done wrong sorry is the spirit world never say sorry, I get the feeling or the emotion of a sorry like regret or remorse but I have never heard them say it that way.

So I know that with it as bad as the episode was or that time period for you, I think that you have turned into such a completely different person but in the positive way; (yes)​ it has opened your eyes to so many false people, it has opened your eyes to so many naive situations that you would have found yourself in if you wasn't conditioned in the way that you was, it ain't ever happening to me again and so I know that there has been potential for that to happen again but you’ve just ‘I'm not doing it I'm much stronger I'm never going back there’ and I know that he in that sense he is willing you forward in that way, he is not taking any congregations or anything like that and I am not going to offend you by saying I am sorry but I know that because of the journey that you’ve had, you have had you’ve turned into this wonderful person that maybe even wants to help people in that situation, you can see it a mile off and not so directly but you can almost advise people it gets worse it gets worse so that must be happening around you as well for that to come into play so I know that I just need to give him his voice in that sense, so I thank you for letting me work with that thank you very much

How to say nothing despite speaking a lot!
Did I miss some "evidence of survival there?"

So have you brought someone with you?


You haven’t, so do you know these people beside you.

I do yes.

So would you have discussed this in any way I feel like someone needs to back me up right now that's all it is.

No​ , might have discussed it…​…...inaudible

So someone who has gone to a mediums show on their own, have discussed a dead person they would like to connect with, to other people in the audience. Now lets say you were a fake medium, what would be the best way to gather information on someone without anyone knowing? Yep, you have an associate mingle in the crowd. You place hidden microphones about. So many ways to gather information if you really want to.

No worries don't worry. Now with it for me I feel that this has never left you in any way, it's always been present it's always been there in your life and I'm not saying it has destroyed in you in some way but it hinders you in some way, do you understand that like it's, I don't mean like a chip on the shoulder but you are always mindful it only takes an episode to throw you straight back to where you are, (yes) so​ it clouds your mind and clouds your judgement in that sense. 

Now I know that with you are learning you are moving forward and you try to let it go and you try to dare I say forgive in some way but you just can't do it you just can't sort of understand why someone would do that, why someone could inflict that upon you that and I know that with that is not him asking for forgiveness I'm not doing that but I think it would benefit you in some way by not forgetting not even forgiving but letting the scenario dissolve in some way. 

So I'm not undervaluing it in any way either but I know that it has caused too much aggro already in your life and I just feel like now is a good time for you to sort of flourish it just feels to me like stop letting it hold, it's like a ball and chain around my ankle and I'm constantly dragging it along and I think he just wants to just cut the ball and chain off for you, don't let me have any more power over you anymore in that sense so I'm going to leave that. I don't want to leave anything of his there in that, I think he has done what he needed to do in that sense. 

Thank you for hearing him out and hopefully you can resolve the issue there.

Again no actual evidence, just a lot of waffle, doesn't really get any kind of response from the client, so just tells them what he thinks sounds good and ends it.

What time do I go, how long have I got?

20 minutes.

I need a Red Bull now not a water.

I need a bottle of Jack Daniels just to get through this god awful performance!

This is unbelievable this one, I am so sorry, so I have got like a, is it called a twitcher someone who likes the birds, the flying birds I mean, I don't mean like a curtain twitcher, oh I’ve embarrassed myself there, are they called that? 

it is that good and I’ve got a gentleman that would be very much drawn to the outside like that I feel quite well traveled with him so I know that he likes to be outside in that way. 

I feel that with him he is either late 60s or early 70s this gentleman but I think he ages incredibly right at the end there, there is this aging process that makes him look much older I think but I know that with him he has got this thing for like eggs, like birds eggs or a collection of eggs or birds nests it's got that kind of thing for me so I'm very very aware of that with him in that sense so please someone take this guy. So who understands that so far, loosely even, I’ll take it loosely even and I will correct myself as I go along. My man, well done!

The age is wrong.

So he is older?


Another "character" that would probably usually get a perfect hit, but this time Charlie fails, gets the age wrong, TWICE! As he then assumes it is an even older person!

Younger ok ok so everything else is ok? But I need the eggs I definitely need the eggs. 

Thats right.

So in Charlie's mind, and that of his fans, it is perfectly ok to get the most important parts of the dead person completely wrong, but as long as at least one small thing fits we can go on!

Ok and I feel that with it there is like a massive selection of these eggs, (yeh)​ and with that I don't just want the UK I want like Indonesia Malaysia, India so I've got these eggs from everywhere, absolutely everywhere, you understand that.

Not just bird eggs snakes and lizards the lizards came from all over the world, the snakes and the lizards.

The client reveals that its more than just birds eggs! Remember Charlie started off by talking about an old man who was a "twitcher" who happened to like bird eggs.

Now we have a younger character who likes bird eggs, snakes, lizards and the such from around the world!

From birdwatching old man to a younger someone who kept lizards!

So I am seeing it as eggs, I have no idea about how lizards and snakes and all that kind of stuff is done but I feel like he man makes the nests, I don't know what word I need to use for that but he would have like the incubators or something but he makes it or adjusts it for that, you would understand, so he has got a tremendous amount of knowledge on the subject in that way. Now I know with him I don't want to say reclusive but he is very private you only get very close to this man if he wants you there, If he is talking to you you are lucky. He was reclusive a bit.

He was reclusive ok his world he is just not up for conversation his world is within his confines, ok. Now I know that his knowledge doesn't just stop at snakes and lizards did you say?


I feel that his knowledge was much vaster, had a much bigger interest in the whole field of it, but narrowed down to the passion of what he had. You understand that?


Again all of this is what the client told Charlie! Charlie had an old 60s/70s birdwatcher, he was completely wrong about that, but now Charlie is repeating back to the client what they told him, as if he knew all along. This is cold reading ladies and gentlemen!

Ok, now do you understand like display cabinets as well like where he would keep this kind of stuff and with it, I don't know the word to use, I know what word I would use outside but of a public format I don't know what word to use so if someone could help me and shout it out, but it is very precise with labeling, (yes) I​ mean like it's got everything upon this label with it. I feel that with him he's got like everything, all his money goes into this project of his so with him, he looks a bit worn, a little bit…..

He looked a lot older than what he was.

All of this display cabinet stuff is coming directly from the fact the client told Charlie that this dead person had lizards and snakes, so common sense would mean he would need somewhere to keep them! The bath aint gonna do is it! So what Charlie has done is take the information he was told by the client, and then elaborate on it using common sense and basic guesswork.

Yeh that was a good word, I like that, alright then, well done.

So you understand what I mean then in that sense. So he is just making me aware that he hasn't got time for it I don't feel like I’ve got time for people, don't like people just wants to stay away from people this is what he wants to do no one understands me, it's got that type of feel to it.

That’s right.

Because usually people who collect lizards and snakes are such friendly social people right! Stereotyping I know.

This is probably the craziest statement I going to go away with and it's recorded which is a nightmare, is there a connection with him and Worzel Gummidge, I'm seeing like Worzel Gummidge?

Can't say that.

No, really? Don't know what that's about then.

Neither do I Charlie! But I am sure you will find a way to twist this somehow.

He changed his head didn't he Worzel, didn't he change his head all the time all the time something like that's what I'm seeing.

If you are trying to say he is schizophrenic yes he was.

Oh sweet Jesus! lol. Now the client has told Charlie that the dead person was Schizophrenic! Again Charlie NEVER told the client that! They told him!

Oh right ok, I need to remember that, if I see Worzel then they are schizophrenic, ok I’m happy with that, because thats a man of many different heads isn't it, I like that, I like that I'll frame that now. I'm am just aware of it in that way.

I will applaud Charlie here for twisting that in such a way to get a hit, but then I wonder if he has used the Worzel gimmick before? (if you have heard him say this please let us know in the comments)

The reason I ask is that Charlie used the words "changed his head".
This could also work if someone changed their mind often, if they had bi-polar or depression. It could work if they had very different interests, for example one day they are a younger man playing with snakes, and the next day they are an elderly man birdwatching!

Now do you understand you must have had some sort of dealing when he’s passed in his belongings there must be a dealing with it?

There was a lot arguments.

The client revealing the arguments here, this gives Charlie a lot of different directions to go in if he chooses.

I understand that but I don't just want eggs I feel like there is weird stuff going on there as well.

He was obsessive with his birds and his snakes and he had all the blood lines, he could track them all the way back.

There is only 2 white boa constrictors in the world and he had one of them.

Ok so, That constitutes weird doesn't it and with that it feels like you are you’re dealing with that in some way there is some sort of hand in that you are having in getting rid of it I don't know what I'm trying to say, you are involved in some way There was a big argument.

Remember that the client told Charlie that there were arguments, here he is repeating it back to them.

Ok So why is he here for you , bet you’re panicking aren't you, nothing like Charlie right now is there. So, and that is your friend beside you, so ok. So for me I just feel like you have lived a life, and you are free to say no here it's just what I'm getting it's a feeling you lived a lived life that you thought you were living that's what society thinks I’ve got to do, that's everything I want to do and of late you’re like do you know what I have had enough of this I going to do what I want to do I don't care what people think, it's this flip of a coin, do you know what I'm done pleasing people I need to look after myself a little bit.

That's about right.

Ok and that's why he is here today to prompt you to move forward in that because it's doing you good, you're seeing the world through a new set of eyes or you’re seeing new opportunity. I just feel like things are opening up for you because you have removed the restriction of society in that sense, so he prompts you in that way. I appreciate that a schizophrenic’s point of view is not the greatest but they are not like that anymore when they go over there so ok it's just evidence they are just giving me evidence, his guidance will be sound it will really be sound. 

Remember it was the client who revealed the dead person was Schizophrenic, but Charlie makes sure to say it back to them. Helps with the false recall after the event of who said what.

So I know that you are in happier place and you can see a new way of life and I prompt you keep going forward in that direction, don't go back to what you know, don't go back to what people want you to do, do what you want to do.

Bless you, thank you.

Cool thanks for working with me, one more?

One more, one more yeh.

Ok, I'm struggling I'm looking for normal, looking for normal.

Ok so I have a lady here, I have a lady, just to double check it have I got someone in from Glasgow, have I got a Scottish some connection in the room; so you two, I’ve already worked with you two so it's highly unlikely, keep listening.

I was born in Glasgow.

So he has already spoken to some people, he says a Scottish connection. and THEY reveal they are from Glasgow.

You were born in Glasgow, that's a Glasgow connection then isn’t it? 

Yes Charlie but you said Scottish connection, you did not mention Glasgow, they did. But by repeating it back to them, it kinda sounds like you came up with it right? What kind of magic trickery is this!!?? Oh yeah, it is cold reading.

Ok so, I think it's mum I’ve got here but I need to do more with it, I can't just give you that, I need to do with it than that, so there is no one else here from Glasgow or Glasgow connection.

I've got Glasgow connections.

You were the last person I expected to say that to be honest with you.

I get everywhere. (inaudible)

Discipline Charlie, discipline. Ok so, mum was my lady there, I need defiance with her, I need defiance with mum so a very defiant lady and a very powerful lady and what I mean is that if there’s an argument she’s going to be involved in it in some way, she will be the first one in, it's got that feel to it for me it's not you?

Who are you talking to are you talking to this lady?

That lady I believe. Do you understand that?

Do I understand yes, definitely.

Oh, It's very unusual for me to go to someone twice, I can't call it out, I know what you mean.

So he started with a Scottish connection, he moved about abit, but has ended up back with someone he read earlier, THEY are the ones trying to make the connection to what Charlie is saying. That is why readings to a room of people is easy, you just say something random and hope it fits someone, and it usually will.

I don't get to pick the queue cos I wouldn't pick Worzel Gummidge. I know that I wouldn't do any of that so there so must be a reason why they are coming through a second time. There is definitely no-one else not putting their hand up, this really is your last chance. You? Glasgow connection I need the woman to be quite violent, it's a violent connection to it (violent?)​ yes, she would have punched someone in the face, really would have punched someone in the face.

I can take that. 

For her to punch someone in the face, she wouldn’t punch someone but someone quite violent towards her?

No, no, no, this woman is like the man of the house I need her to be the man of the house this woman is defiant.

Physical punch or sexual attack??

I think it is a physical punch, you don't understand that?


So I will remove Glasgow at the moment because I have got your voice would someone understand that, a woman but with no Glasgow, does anyone else understand that, no. I wouldn't own up to it either to be honest with you. 

Nothing to do with people not owning up, it is that you are spouting utter rubbish Charlie.

But, for me let me work with her for a minute, she seems a very very active lady in her younger years she has a lot of problems going on at the end of her life, what I mean that my back is absolutely killing me so I've either got arthritis to the back I'm struggling to walk and I’m borderline diabetic so I got a lot of problems going on and I'm taking a lot of medication a lot of medication is counteracting all these other problems that I've got going on in my body.

I know that is my mum.

He "knows" that it is his mother. Hmmmm. Are things about to get a bit suspicious?

It is, so I'm going to work with you and I know that with her, so you would understand that when I say she is blunt I mean really blunt? What's your name?


Jay? I know that. Are you Jay Love?


Ok cool, nice to meet you.

That awkward moment when Charlie pretends to be meeting Jay Love for the first time! Now long time readers of BadPsychics might remember Jay Love. For those who don't recall, Jay Love once tried to befriend me on facebook. He has Greek heritage and tried to use that as a way to get in with me.

You can read more on Jay Love or Jason Anastas as he goes by these days on the forum by clicking here.

And you can sear

You might even find out about the time Jay Love threatened an elderly man! Yep Jay Love really is a terrible human being.

You’re telling everyone my mum punched people? You are spot on, you have got my mum there.

Ok is your name shortened or is it Jay?

Right what's happened is I've just switched over the greek name which is Jason ?????? my mum's maiden name shortened.

But I think if people knocked on your door and went is Jay there she would shut the door she was like no you call him by his real name.

Yeh Jason.

Ok right it's like Is Jay there, it's bonk and she would just go and sit down. You wont be informed that your mates are stood outside the door because they didn't call you by your real name.

Yes I gather what she's talking about.

Ok and I've got this sense of like not embarrassment but it's like mum what are you doing it's everywhere we go everywhere you do it, she has got this way to her now it's not cynical but but it's just who mum is it's just the way she is and I feel like I do not want to be in Tescos queue in and someone try and push in front of her because that is a scene which no one needs she will raise her voice or do something in that way you understand.


Now I am also aware there is something with music, now generic maybe with Greek, but there’s something with music but it's like the Greeks must have huge parties, again that must be generic in some way but with it, it feels like the party is in Glasgow that's what it feels like (yeh)​ so although in my mind Greeks are large and they’re cuddles and they’re absolutely everything and immediately they go to Glasgow at this party and it's just a huge punch up it's like everyone is having a mass brawl. 

Charlie says he is being generic here, I would say he is being rather racist. I am of Greek Cypriot descent, and I take offence at what Charlie says here.

I’m talking about my sisters and brothers are flying to Glasgow to go and see my family. 

So right ok, you understand why that’s coming in in that way cool. So I know that with it she's giving me this sense of always being there, always like, I feel like she knew everybody. 


What happened to this big punch up?

Like in the town everyone knows her and so I think that if you’re around the corner, as an example I'm not saying this is it, but if you’re knocking on someone's door or having a sneaky fag somewhere, you will go in and you have no idea but she knows the entire story and you're like oh my god how does she know that, and it's not until maybe 2 or 3 years later you realise everyone knows mum, everyone knows her, everyone’s squealing on you or keeping their eye on you in that way, you understand that.


Has Charlie been watching some Greek tv here?

For the record this is not evidence of survival, this is someone who has watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and judges the entirety of Greeks of being like that!


So I know that with it there is a troublesome childhood for yourself, she is making me aware of not necessarily bullying but I just feel restrictions in some area and it feels monetary in some way, you know like things were tight, it was a little bit difficult in that way but she always came up with the goods, she always got you through it some way not the way you wanted to but she got you there and I feel that that's where she wants to go with this message. There's something like that in your world where things are becoming or have been a little bit difficult or have been a little bit problematic.

Yes that's right.

and i feel that with it you got through it, you’ve come through it you got out of it as you always do. You seem to have like this little lucky charm about you where things always seem to right themselves in the end.

Yes I reckon that's the spirit world.

Ok and for me it's her just letting you know that she's there, she's doing her motherly job not quite the way everyone else would understand a loving mum would give you a hug, a cuddle and a kiss, more in the way of ‘Jay get on with it, stop messing around’ duh duh duh very black and white in that sense. You understand?


So I'm going to leave mum’s character with you.

??????? She was in a violent relationship in Glasgow I'm a step dad that's what I

???? smack him in the mouth ???

Oh right, that's what I saw.

She’s going to ?????

I'm not.


The audio is a bit bad here, apologies.
I see little point in really examining what Charlie Kelly says to Jay Love here, mainly because we already know that Jay Love is a fake psychic, and the very fact he is at this gig stinks to high heaven, and the fact he is the final reading of the evening smacks of a fix. An easy way to end the night with someone just agreeing with the medium, no real evidence given, just a lot of generic stereotyping of Greeks.

No hands go up now please. So cool, so I leave her character with you. Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

And that is it!
So did I miss anything? Did I cherry pick any data and ignore the good stuff?
I started to look into Charlie Kelly because I was told he was the real deal.
The reality however is that he is not the real deal. It is my opinion that he cold reads, and I hope that in this article and the previous one I have shown in great detail how he does just that.

For now that is me signing off.

By Jon Donnis
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