22 February 2019

REVIEW: Most Haunted - Kelham Hall Pt 1 - Airdate 22/02/2019

Another Friday and another episode of Most Haunted.

Having just finished my analysis of a Pet Psychic, I thought I would keep the computer on and get my review of Most Haunted done and dusted. Damn my shoulders and neck are aching. Too much writing for one day me thinks. Apologies if this article is not up to my usual incredibly high standards.

Anyway did someone just say BLURB?

"Yvette Fielding and her team visit Kelham Hall in Nottinghamshire. From the start, activity is prevalent in this historical building, and Glen is faced with something unexplained."

Well I changed my ad blocker in the hope it would stop UKTV from forcing ads down my throat but unfortunately it has not worked.

If anyone knows a Chrome Extension that 100% blocks the ads on UKTV please let me know on my twitter account @TheBadPsych

The late Kim Jong-il of North Korea just contacted me through a fake psychic, he told me to tell Yvette he wants his "look" back.

I do wonder sometimes if Yvette has any mirrors in her house?

It looks like this episode was filmed in the middle of summer, so expect plenty of shots of Fred in an unbuttoned shirt.

I have never visited Kelham Hall, but it does look like an incredible building.

Thought I would check Trip Advisor with regards to Kelham Hall, and blimey there are so many unhappy people there. No wonder they are selling their soul to Most Haunted, they need any publicity they can get. Plus they want the "ghost hunter money"

As Yvette walks into the building she starts talking about the Gulags she wants to set up, since now she is an East Asian dictator she needs to get the ball running on her post Most Haunted career.

Oh come on Yvette, you are talking the piss now! You are even doing "evil hand" gestures.

Yvette has finished her intro into the benefits of Communism, and Glen arrives. With a smirk on his face of course.

(Don't forget to play your Most Haunted Drinking Game Card)

Resident Skeptic Glen is already recounting a door slamming shut. Of course OFF CAMERA.

Worth noting this is another cost saving two parter, did you know the entire series of 10 episodes was filmed on just 5 nights.

Glen has already pulled out his number 1 "on the pull" pose.
Notice the jumper he is wearing, no t-shirt underneath, just his naked flesh against the material.

Glen has revealed that Kelham Hall has no record of any murders or killings. So that should mean no ghosts right?

One finger in his pocket and BOOM, the pose has worked, and Yvette tightly grips Glen forearm, his girth throbbing in her hand.

The walk round is complete and they have wasted 10 minutes.

Did I not call it? Damn I am on form today! Fred in an unbuttoned shirt!

No idea why they have night vision on, since it is clearly lit up where they are, and even Karl admits there is lighting still on which is causing shadows.

And before you know it they are hearing banging, taps etc.

Oh god I hope it is not another episode full of pointless taps and knocks.

I may have to further entertain myself if this is the case.

Yvette decides to start walking towards the cameras and asking the ghosts to copy her. Of course the ghosts refuse as that would be way too easy.

Suddenly Yvette has sat down as she feels sick, then suddenly a book is thrown and lands right near Glen, do I need to say that this happened OFF CAMERA?

I wonder who possibly could have thrown the book. It wasn't Glen since his arms are folded. But there is no one else near, definitely a ghost. It has to be, what other possible explanation could there be?

Karl then does a pathetic attempt to investigate, by examining a nearby book case.

Anyone who thinks this was paranormal is an idiot.

Because ghosts understand smartphones, they are now communicating to Yvette by tapping when she has her finger over the right letter. Didn't they do this nonsense a few episodes ago and exposed themselves as frauds as they got the information from an incorrect newspaper clipping?

They get the name Johnathan Collebrough, which Fred instantly confirms is correct.
Here we go again.

They get 1771 as well.
Then Fred pulls out his research.

Which amazingly matches what the ghost told Yvette. Although the Johnathan, should be John or Johno by the looks of it. Do you think this is proof? I don't. I just see it as Yvette knowing before hand what she had to type out.

Again easy way to prove this was real would be to ask the ghost to tap directly on the screen!

Karl asks Fred if he has shown that info to anyone, and he denies it, because to admit it would be ridiculous.

Yvette sees a shadow and quickly starts running towards it. Remember earlier Karl admitted there was a lot of lights on that were creating shadows.

Fred starts speaking in Latin, nothing happens. But if you are playing the drinking game, you know what you need to do.

Yvette decides that everyone needs to split up.

Remember they only have two cameras with them, yet the groups split into 4 or 5. So clearly things are not being filmed at the same time as they would have you believe.

Yvette, Karl and Fred are in what looks like a cellar area, a lot of pipes and machinery around, so instantly any sounds can be put down to them. Hilariously it sounds like Karl farts, but he blames it on a door closing. Not sure you can class this as a "stench" if you are playing the drinking game. But give the fart chance to waft and we might get lucky.

For some reason chubby bloke whose name I never remember, is talking like an estate agent and describing the rooms and walking around. No idea who thought this would make interesting viewing. I doubt any viewer of Most Haunted could afford such a location.

He finally finishes and then remembers he is supposed to be filming a paranormal investigation and starts calling out to the ghosties.

We cut to Stuart and he is not messing about, talking directly to the ghosties.

Now with Glen and he is in a small room all on his own, he has his laptop open and ready. He closes the door, unzips his trousers, whips his member out and starts furiously knocking one out, and by that I mean he presses play on the record button.

Back with Fred, Yvette and Karl and perfectly on cue there is a bang OFF CAMERA, and then another bang, OFF CAMERA.

Fred is talking Latin again, so drink up people!

Fred claims he can see a mist. By the time the camera turns around and they investigate, it has gone.

Back and forth Karl goes, trying to catch the ghost on camera, but alas the ghost is crafty and stays hidden.

More Latin from Fred. And another shot to be taken.

I hope those buttons are sewed on well on Fred's shirt, the last thing we need is a button flying off and hitting Yvette in her eye.

Nearly 30 minutes into the episode with 15 minutes left. To be fair the episode has chugged along at a decent rate for once. Perhaps more due to me entertaining myself as opposed to anything happening on screen. Plus I am playing the drinking game and feeling quite tipsy.

No coins this week, I am guessing Karl left them at home.

With this bloke again, and suddenly there is a noise and something has been thrown OFF CAMERA. Now I don't think he threw it as his reaction really seemed quite real, as opposed to the usual acting from Karl. Now supposedly he is alone, but as I pointed out earlier, they only have 2 cameras, and are filming in blocks as opposed to all at once, so this could literally be Karl or Stuart down a corridor throwing something.

A big steel pipe was what was thrown.

He asks the ghosts to throw something else or move something. Nothing happens.

Suddenly another bang and another pipe has been chucked OFF CAMERA.

After the bang there is a few blurry moments on the camera as he moves it quickly about, if there is an edit, here is the most obvious bit, I am guessing the raw footage showed Karl or Stuart sneaking about, so it was simply cut and edited. Also the audio is clearly risen at the point of both bangs to make it seem louder to the viewer.

Looks like Stuart has been playing the Most Haunted drinking game too.

As Stuart investigates, there is a bang, and something has been thrown OFF CAMERA. But we dont see what. So could have just been Stuart kicking something. Suddenly a big noise. And a table has been flipped OFF CAMERA.

Ok I didn't see any obvious camera edits, so I decided to re-watch all the footage of this segment, from when they cut to Stuart, and at no point did they show the table standing.

So I am assuming the table was put on it's side before Stuart started filming, and then all he needed to do was act as if he heard the noise (which was added in post production) and react to it.

That would be the easiest way to do it.

Before you know it there is another bang and something has happened OFF CAMERA. And with that Stuart's segment ends, and we cross to Glen who is now clearing up his mess with wet wipes.

With Yvette and she is humming and making noises. That counts on the drinking game as someone humming a tune.

It still gets to me every time Karl says "hello" to the ghosts, it is just how you would answer a phone, and there is no one on the other end.

Stuart is acting all breathless and scared, as he further examines the area and then decides to leave the area and pleads with the ghosts to leave him alone as he leaves.

Karl farts again but he claims its the door again. No stench though.

Yvette is banging on a wall, nothing happens.

To really push the lie, Karl claims that the great thing is, everyone is accounted for. And that they are all in dead end places. The inference being that it must be the ghosts making the noises and chucking things and not any of the crew members. I think I have already proven this to be a lie.

Fred starts to speak in Latin, there is a noise, Yvette screams, and then the episode pauses with this as the cliffhanger. How lucky it happened right at the point where the episode would end. Almost as if it was fixed.

Guess we will have to wait until next week to find out what the noise is. (Spoiler. It was a bit of machinery, a cooling system or something that came on. Nothing ghostly)

We get a quick preview of next weeks episode and roll the credits.

The episode did seem to roll along at a decent pace, but still nothing very impressive happened. I will give the show a 2/10 though, mainly due to Yvette Fielding deciding to become a Communist dictator.

Review by Jon Donnis.

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By Jon Donnis

Analysis - Amanda De Warren - Pet Psychic

We have been talking about Amanda De Warren for a while over on the BadPsychics Forum and when one of our forum members transcribed a few pet readings by Amanda De Warren from an Aussie radio show, I couldn't help but take a look, and I decided to go "old school" and analyse it for everyone, so you can see exactly how she does what she claims.

Firstly you can listen to the show at this link, no idea how long it will stay up, but always good to listen to the recording, but perhaps listen to it after you have read my analysis so that you have more of an idea what to look out for.


As with any psychic, the methods are often the same regardless of if you are giving a reading to a human, or an animal. The truth is it is always the human who is being read, because no one can read the mind of an animal.

So let's start off with the readings. I will interject my comment in BOLD lettering.

The show was published on February 20, 2019.

Transcript by Forum member john66

The show starts off with some waffle by the host and an introduction to Amanda.

First interview (Host)

Ash: Amanda, I'm gonna take the opportunity to talk to you about my little lady. Is that alright?

Amanda: Yes, with attitude. Yes.

To start off I believe the Ash talking is one of the co-hosts, Ash London. And you would also assume that any time a psychic goes on a show, they would most likely do a bit of research on who is interviewing them. And a quick check of Ash London's social media and there are plenty of photos of her dog, and conversations about the dog, so incredibly easy to do some prior research if needed. But for the sake of this article, I will assume that Amanda did no prior research and truly came in "cold". However unlikely that may be, we have to give the benefit of the doubt.

Ash: Her name is Honey and she is a rescue greyhound and she's being moving around a lot lately because we've been..

Amanda: [interrupts] I was gonna say to you it feels like she's been shifting a lot, from house to house to house and it feels like, but you're just about stopping where you are at this point, aren't you?

Straight away Amanda realises that she is being given information and she needs to "claim it" for herself as the psychic, so that it can be repeated back. And this is exactly what happens here. Ash tells the Amanda about the dog, Amanda repeats the info back with a bit more info, and makes it sound like she already knew. You will notice if you listen to the readings how often Amanda interrupts people. It is a trick used by psychics to convince the client that they know the info. After the reading the client will convince themselves that the psychic knew stuff, when the truth is they gave away all of the information.

Ash: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, we're settling in

Amanda: I feel like, um, and she's very cheerful, she's a very cheerful dog, it's like all she wants to do is make you happy and, um, she's very, has she got a little bit of a problem with one of her legs as well?

Ash revealed that the dog was a rescue dog, a rescue dog by its very nature has been rescued from a situation that was not pleasant, so a dog being grateful for being treated better than it was previously is really quite likely. Now notice how Amanda asks a QUESTION here, remember a real psychic would never need to ask a question. She asks Ash if the dog has a problem with one of her legs.

Ash: She does. She has arthritis in her back leg.

Amanda: Yeah, because I felt pain in her back legs, because she's showing me a lot of pain in her back legs and she's saying, "I'm struggling to walk at times."

So Ash confirms there is a problem with the back leg, and gives away more information that the dog has arthritis. So straight away Amanda has more info given to her that she can now repeat.

The original question was if the dog had "a little bit of a problem with one of her legs". From a little bit of a problem, Amanda now jumps to "a lot of pain" and "struggling to walk"

All of this info is gained from Ash using the word arthritis.

Many rescue dogs have issues with limbs which is often why they are given up in the first place, but still Amanda asked about a leg problem, how could she possibly come to the decision to ask that? Well go back a bit and look at what Ash originally said "she is a rescue greyhound".

This is very important. Given that Amanda is making a living from this job, she will know about animals, and rarely if ever do you see 100% healthy greyhounds given up. They are only ever given up if they are unable to run, since that is what they are bred for. And what is the main reason a greyhound cant run? Yep it will be a leg issue. And that is exactly what Amanda ASKED Ash, all of the information that Amanda has said so far comes from what Ash has told her. Using common sense and educated guesswork, as well as just repeating back what she has been told by the client.

Ash: [crying]

Grant: Ash, are you ok, darl?

Amanda: Um, it comes and goes. She's not really that old though, is she? What is she, about 4 or 5?

Already Ash is crying. Literally the psychic has told her nothing, but Ash has been hooked, and Amanda has won. 

Grant: Ash is tearing up.

Ash: No, she's a bit older. She's 7.

The first true attempt at something specific in the reading, that being the age of the dog, and Amanda is wrong.

The average age a greyhound will live to is roughly 10.
And the average age a Greyhound stops racing is 3-5.

Source: http://www.gbgb.org.uk/FAQs.aspx

So Amanda makes takes a chance and guesses 4 or 5, which would be the most likely age. But she is off by a few years. The equivalent of being wrong by about 20-30% of the dogs age.

Amanda: Sorry, I make everyone cry, it's my job.

Ash: Cause I worry about her back legs, because we have stairs and when she goes up the stairs I worry.

Amanda: Of course, yeah, yeah, and that's what she's talking about. She's talking about her back legs and she's saying, "it's ok, I'm having good days and bad days, but I know you love me."

Again Amanda is just taking what Ash tells her and repeats it back but with more detail and as if she is getting it from the dog.

Grant: Aw, that's..

Amanda: But I know she struggles with the back legs. Look, she's fine, um, I do a lot of healing on animals, but she really needed her mum to know about the back legs, because that's the first thing I picked up on. It's "I love you so much, mummy, I know you're doing everything." Are you doing some, like, alternative medicine on her at the moment, like healing or..?

Ash: I give her massages, and I look up on the Internet how to do dog massages.

Amanda: Yes, I was just about to say healing.. yes, because she's talking about healing thing you're doing, the alternative, it feels like massage or something. She said, "Aw, that's just,
that's awesome. I love it."

Amanda asks if Ash is doing any alternative medicine or healing on the dog.
Well the dog has arthritis, and Ash is blubbing here, so clearly Ash is a huge believer in this kind of nonsense, plus massage and such things are pretty obvious.

Ash tells Amanda she does massage the dog, and then Amanda repeats it back as if it is knowledge she has gotten from the dog.

Ash: Aw, I hope she likes it, cause greyhounds don't give a lot of emotion.

Amanda: She does.

Ash: So when I do it, she just stares at me, like does she even like the dog massage that I'm learning how to do off YouTube?

Amanda: You're actually, you're actually doing really well with that.

Ash: Thank you, Amanda.

So Ash pretty much admits here that the dog doesn't care for the massages, but Amanda purely to make Ash feel better, says that the dog likes it. Basically telling the client what they want to hear, to make them feel better about themselves and psychologically it makes you feel closer to the psychic.

Amanda: I'm gonna send her some healing as well, so, but she's absolutely gorgeous. Please go and give her a big hug.

Ash: I will, thank you.

Amanda: She has, she has not, she's not one of these dogs that wants to race.

Ash: No, at all, she's a lazy lady.

Well since she is a good 3-4 years past the retirement age for a greyhound, and has a bad leg, and was a rescue, it would be highly unlikely that she would want to race.

Amanda: She had no intention, it's like you say, what, what do you want to me to do.. [not sure about next words]

So that is the first reading done, and as with all psychics there is a clear pattern emerging. 
Repeat back to the client what they have already told you, but with more detail to make it sound like you know.

Make educated guesses, and use common knowledge and pass it off as if divined psychically.

Lets see if this tactic carries on to the next reading, I suspect it will.

Second interview (Cara)

Amanda: How can I help you and your baby?

Cara: So I have two, but I'm more curious about one. So his name's Nuts (?) and he's very handsome, ah, but we have a bit of a behavioural issue where, um, he cries a lot..

Amanda: Does he get a little bit aggressive? I feel like he has an underlying fear. I'm sorry to interrupt you, but I felt like there is an underlying fear and it seems to come out as like, he's not showing aggression, but I feel like, yes, because there's a fearfulness around him as well. Has he missed another dog? I feel like there's another dog that's passed over, is that right?

Cara: No, he's a cat, but, um.. he

How crap of a pet psychic do you have to be to not even know what kind of animal you are communicating with. This is hilariously bad. To be fair, from the way Cara was speaking I did assume it was a dog too, the name, the crying, do make you picture a dog. Let's see how Amanda talks her way out of this.

Amanda: Aw, a cat, I'm sorry, who's the dog that keeps coming through? A dog passed over?

Cara: I've never had a dog, but he may have had a dog previously. He's a rescue.

Realising she messed up huge, Amanda tries to go down the whole ghost dog routine

Amanda: Ok, that's what he's trying to show me.

Cara: I think he was surrendered.

So to understand, a ghost dog, is connecting to Amanda, to talk about the cat who the woman is calling in about. Well its a bit of a reach, but Amanda has managed to turn an incredible balls up into something she can use in the reading.

Amanda: Yes, yes, because I feel a dog and a dog keeps coming through and connecting to this cat. I'm sorry, I'm trying to be really quick here. Um, but the cat, has he got an.. he's very fearful at times, but the dog was what he was connected to for a long time and that's what he's missing. He's telling me about the dog. He's been.. he's gone to several different homes has he, so far, the cat?

Cara: Yep, yep.

Cats are notorious travellers, so to suggest that a cat has gone to several different homes, is very different to saying a dog has, with a dog you would assume that meant different owners, with a cat however the meaning is that the cat has gone to different houses.

Amanda: Yes, because he said, "many, many homes but I.."

Cara: He's been with me for a few years.

Amanda: Yes, but he had, um, anoth- a dog that he was very connected to that that dog is passed over and it's trying to connect to him. So he wakes up in the middle of the night and he's all noisy and, uh, kind of cries out does he?

Cara: Yes, people think I have a crying baby, but it's not a baby, it's my cat.

Amanda is desperate to connect this cat's behavioural issues to this imaginary dead dog. After making such a big mistake early on, Amanda is cleverly using it to explain the reason why the cat is crying so much.

Amanda: Yeah, that's what he's showing me, the crying out, the crying out, it's the dog that's passed over that comes to him and he senses that dog at night and they were very, very close.

Host: I'm sorry to cut in, I know it's very technical, I know there's a lot going on, but we've got so many calls coming through, it's so busy.

Amanda: I'm so sorry, but anyway, the dog is there.

Host: Do we have a little tip for Cara that will.. so a little tip for Cara, something she can do perhaps, Amanda?

Amanda: I tried to remove the dog, so that Cara and this has happened many times, so your cat can actually get some peace.

Host: Great stuff. Alright, look, as I say so many trying to get through.

And perhaps realising how badly this reading is going, and how Amanda is not really saying anything of worth, the other host quickly moves her on to the next person on the phone. And poor Nuts the cat is still left without an answer.

Third interview (Natalie)

Natalie: Hello!

Amanda: Natalie!

Natalia: Hi, how are you going?

Amanda: Good, darling. How can I help you?

Natalie: I'm ringing up about my beloved dog Brutus, sorry I'm gonna cry. Um, yeah, he passed away about 18 months ago. We had him for almost 14 years..

So straight away, once again the client is giving all the information away. The dog is dead not alive, his age, how long ago it happened. Even the name of dog.

Amanda: You had to put him, you had to put him to sleep, did you?

Natalie: No, we didn't have to put him to sleep. He actually passed away in my son's arms.

Straight away a major fail by Amanda. It is the smart guess to make, an old dog dies, most likely had various illnesses, take it to the vet, vet puts the dog out of its misery, but NO, Amanda gets it 100% wrong. The dog died in her sons arms.

Amanda: I feel like it was quick. It felt really, really quick with him. Yes, because I feel you weren't expecting this, this was very sudden and you weren't expecting this.

Natalie: Yep. Not at all.

Well the fact the woman is clearly still grieving for a dog that died 18 months ago, would suggest that it was sudden, and that it wasn't expected, regardless of the age of the dog.

Amanda: And he said he went downhill really fast. He said he didn't suffer.

Natalie: Ok.

Amanda: I just felt like his whole body shut down. Was it like an impact or something or come to something like an umph gone?

Natalie: He literally just, he just coughed and he was gone.

So with the info she has got, Amanda now takes a guess that since it was unexpected, and since the dog died in the ladies son's arms, it was most likely run over, this is a common sense guess. But wow again she is 100% wrong.

Amanda: Yes. That's what he's showing to me. I'm feeling, uh, gone. That's what he's showing me.

Natalie: Yeah, that was exactly it.

No, that is not exactly it. This is the opposite of exactly it. Amanda guessed he was run over, but the woman at no point confirms that, she literally says that he just coughed and then died. I wonder if he was a bulldog of some sort, the name Brutus makes me think of such a dog, and they are famous for having breathing issues.

Amanda: And he was perfectly ok beforehand.

Natalie: Yeah.

Amanda: Yeah, he was, he wasn't that old though, but he said to tell you I didn't pass, they think, uh, I didn't suffer. Did they think it was some kind of stroke or a heart attack or something?

Natalie: Yes, yeah.

So clearly forgetting that the woman said she had the dog 14 years, Amanda now says the dog wasn't that old. The dog WAS old. Like really old. Most dogs do not get anywhere near to 14 years of age.

Amanda: Yes, because I'm picking up on stroke or heart attack.

Now, since the dog was NOT run over like Amanda guessed, she now guesses either heart attack or stroke, she ASKS the woman this QUESTION first, and then repeats back to her after getting the answer.

Natalie: Ok.

Amanda: It was that quick, he didn't suffer.

Natalie: Yeah.

Amanda: You know what, darling? They go on loving us, even 70, 80 years down the track. I've done communications with people who have lost animals 70 years ago and they still come through. They love us unconditionally, even though they are physically not here. He did not suffer.

Another terrible reading. Bad guesswork. Nothing even remotely psychic here.

Fourth interview (Fiona)

Fiona: Yeah, hi, I've had my rescue dog Harrison for 10 years, we're best buds, as close that you can be. I've just brought a second dog into the home and he's just not quite himself. I
wanna make sure he's ok with that, he's alright with me bringing a second, young pup into the home.

Amanda: He, uh, seems to be ok, but I think the pup's energy is not on the same level of his. These two dogs seem to be completely different, conflicting personalities, uh..

Fiona: [interrupts]

Amanda: Sorry?

Fiona: I said, "they certainly are."

So an old dog, who is older than 10, as it was a rescue dog and she has had him for 10 years, so he could be 10, 11, 12 etc. Is it any surprise that an older dog may not be too pleased with a young puppy coming in, with all its energy and excitement, and the old dog just wants to sleep and chill. All pretty obvious and anyone could guess this.

Amanda: Yes, because I'm feeling like your dog is saying, "well, you know, um, you brought this dog into the house, but he's not on the same level as me, and we don't really connect that well.."

Ash: So what can she do?

Amanda: Well, all I can do is help the, help both dogs get to the same level and that's what I actually do, because the, the older dog, it's not so much about the jealousy thing, it's just about the whole, uh, energy level of the new dog. There's a lot of negativity around the old dog and the, uh, rescue dog before is trying to fathom out what this dog is about.

Ash: Great. It's like housemates, when you find a housemate off the Internet and you move in and you don't like each other:

Amanda: Exactly.

That's it. An old dog is a bit pissed off with a new young dog.
I don't know what to say here.

Fifth interview (Janet)

Janet: Hi guys, um, yeah, we bought the horse at Christmas time for my daughter, um, who's been having riding lessons for about 2 years now, um, but she's thrown my daughter off a couple of times.

Amanda: I was gonna say, it just kind of felt, I went mmm when you were talking and I was thinking, "ok, this horse has, um, it's like I'm the boss, always has been the boss, you're not the boss of me, I'll tell you when I've had enough." Um, unfortunately, this horse goes from really, really sweet and then all of a sudden, "I'm gonna throw you off" within like, uh, seconds, um and your daughter's energy is not strong enough for this horse, and I don't mean that as an insulting way, but this horse I don't think is really gonna change much at all. It has a lot of emotional problems and social problems with humans, and you find that a lot with animals. I think retraining this horse would do a lot of good.

Again the common tactic we have seen throughout these readings, the client says something, and Amanda repeats back but just adds more detail to make it sound like she is getting the info psychically.

Ash: Is that helpful, Janet?

Janet: Yeah, it is actually, because we have sort of been checking things off, so you know we had her feet done, we were having a dentist come out to see her..

Amanda: It's not um, it's not a physical problem. It's an emotional problem with her, and it's almost like bipolar. Like she's good one minute and then the minute it's like, bang, gone.

And with that the reading ends.
Again with this reading, the client tells the psychic, the psychic repeats back.

Throughout these readings I hope you see the same tricks, psychics do this all the time regardless if it is a human or an animal being read.

Really basic stuff from Amanda De Warren.

She is not psychic, she is not communicating with the dead.

By Jon Donnis