28 November 2015

UPDATED: Most Haunted Ratings for Most Haunted Live and the following three Most Haunted episodes

Ratings are in for Most Haunted, and it paints a grim reality.
Despite getting HUGE numbers for the live Halloween show on Saturday, the next nights regular Most Haunted lost more than 330,000 viewers! And the next week they lost a further 37,000 viewers and finished as the weeks 4th most watched program on REALLY TV, even Escape to the Country beat them by nearly 30,000 viewers!

Surely that is proof that the fans finally turned on Most Haunted after the debacle and cheating of the Live show.

I wanted to update this page, as week ending 15th November ratings are in, and Most Haunted didn't even make the Top 10! Now I no longer watch Most Haunted so there is a chance it wasn't aired, but IMDB has it as airing on that day! So if it did air, it must have had less than 141,000 viewers, and didn't make the top 10! This is a complete disaster of ANTIX, and proof that the fans really did desert them after the Most Haunted Live debacle!

You will notice that Karl Beattie no longer tweets the ratings of the show since the Live show! Funny that!