13 January 2017

Are The Psychic Twins (Terry Jamison and Linda Jamison) Frauds? - By "The Stray Cat"

Linda and Terry Jamison (born 1965) are a pair of American identical twins. They have worked as performance artists and as psychics. The accuracy of their predictions has been called into question.
The Jamisons widely claim to have predicted the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center during a November 2, 1999 interview on the Art Bell radio show. However, according to show transcripts, their actual statement was: 
"We are seeing terrorist attacks on Federal Government, excuse me, federal buildings, particularly South Carolina or Georgia, by July 2002 and also the New York Trade Center, the World Trade Center in 2002." 
The September 11 attack occurred in 2001, not 2002, and it was common knowledge that the buildings had been previously attacked by terrorists in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, calling into question the Jamison's claims. - Wikipedia

"Using grieving people's emotions against them is not fun, and it's not ok. I agree with James Randi when he says psychics are nothing more than charlatans, or snake oil salesmen. A free reading for entertainment purposes is fun, but paying double-digit prices per minutes is not acceptable. Just say no to phony psychics!"

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"I've been a ghost hunter, I've written a book, I've traveled the country as a nanny, and you won't believe some of the things that have happened to me! I invite you to join me as I reminisce about terrifying, horrible, wonderful, sad, and amazing things in each of my storytime video blogs. I'll be talking about everything; aliens/extra-terrestrial, conspiracy theories, ghost/haunting/paranormal experiences and investigation, cryptozoological sightings and reports, dreams and nightmares, and even the scariest stuff like dating and romance, worst jobs and life in general!"

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