21 November 2019

A start in how to expose a fake psychic/medium.

Pick a psychic, any psychic.

For the sake of this article, I will use the word psychic as a catch all word to describe anyone who claims psychic, paranormal or medium powers. So please no comments about me not knowing the difference.

One of the problems I face, is that I receive a lot of messages, either by email, or through social media. They usually go something like this.

"Have you heard of psychic Bob McBobberson, he is such a fraud, I wish you would expose him."

(Disclaimer: Bob McBobberson is a made up name, however if there is a real world, self proclaimed psychic by that name, I guarantee you he is a fake.)

I then face a dilema, if that psychic is a small time internet only psychic, with a few hundred followers, if I expose him, and put his name on this site, I will inadvertently give him publicity, and he can then claim to be in the same league as many of the big name psychics I have exposed.

I have literally seen psychics use being exposed on this site, as a badge of honour to say to their followers to gain sympathy. So as you can imagine, the last thing I want to do is help give a psychic publicity, even if I am exposing them along the way. You see believers will see such an article, and not read it, they will instantly dismiss it because it is written by me and published on this site. And clearly that is not a good thing for me, or for skepticism in general.

For bigger name psychics this is not a problem, as their names are already out there, and often I will get such a name thrown at me as someone who has never been exposed. Usually when I hear that, I will find a clip of them, and expose how they do it. Job done. My site ranks very highly in google, and their fans tend to read such articles.

It is much easier to reveal the truth to a fan of Gordon Smith for example, than a fan of Bob McBobberson, for the fan of Smith will have invested a lot of time and money in that psychic, going to shows, buying books and so on, so they will want to prove me wrong, and will try to find flaws in what I write, so will actually read my article. Of course the hope is, by doing that they realise they were fooled, get angry and never spend a penny of that psychic again.

Whereas fans of Bob McBobberson will be the types of believer that jump from one psychic to the next, again and again, trying to get that "fix" to feed their addiction.

So what I want to do here, is try to help people understand how to expose a psychic themselves, and at the very least, see through some of the tricks they would have previously fallen for.

And with that I am going to try to talk you through my thought process when I am faced with exposing a medium.

If you read through my replies to comments on this site, or on the forum, you will notice that I always offer a challenge to someone who is defending a psychic. That challenge is always the same.

Show me an unedited recording/video or a psychic you are 100% convinced is real, and I guarantee you 100% that I can show you how it is done.

Now the first thing you should notice here is what I am asking for, I am asking for an unedited recording. The reason is I understand how television works. When Colin Fry used to record his TV show, he would record for a few hours, but the final show would only be 25 minutes. His readings would seem incredibly accurate and the responses of the people being read, would completely validate what he had told them, whether that was in post show interviews, or even the affirmative nods on their faces during the show.

When making television, all entertainment shows need certain reactions from the audience. On X-Factor for examples, the warm up guy will often ask the crowd to give a standing ovation that can be filmed and used later. And peoples reactions will be filmed and shown out of order. There is no difference when it comes to psychics and their TV shows.

If a woman is shown nodding affirmatively to something the psychic has said, or crying, or some other emotion, you never truly know if that is a direct reaction to what the psychic has said, or if that has been edited to make the psychic seem more accurate. You are witnessing an edit, and every time the camera switches, there is a chance you are not seeing something in real time. So when I ask for an unedited recording, all that means is that it hasn't been professionally produced.

Often I will take such unedited records direct from a psychic's own youtube page. Because often they themselves are proud of their own work, and know that 99% of people who watch it, wont realise what is going on.

So when judging a psychic that you believe is real, or at least think are doing something you cant easily explain, make sure you are not watching something with multiple cameras, edits and cuts. So forget professionally produced TV shows.

One thing to note here, there is always a chance of hot reading, whether that is researching someone who has booked a reading using their name, email, whatever, there are endless ways to research someone. Just look at the latest Facebook scandal with data being sold. There are so many ways to find out about people in the world of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on.

But let's assume the person has not been researched and the psychic really has no idea who they are and has no prior knowledge on them, this reading could be one on one, or it could be someone picked out from an audience. How do we start to spot a fake?

The absolute easiest way to spot a fake psychic is if they tell the client to only answer yes or no. This is the oldest trick in the book, a psychic does this so they can claim that they are not fishing for information, or that the client is telling them things and so on. The truth is the complete opposite, the psychic by forcing the client to only answer in one of two ways is taking complete control of the reading, they are able to frame it in such a way that most times regardless of how the client reacts, it will end up being a hit.

Let me give you a simple example.

Psychic: Did your Grandfather smoke?
Client: No
Psychic: Yes he is telling me it disgusted him.
Client: Correct.

So the person then comes away thinking the psychic knew that your Grandfather didn't like people who smoked. Let's try again.

Psychic: Did your Grandfather smoke?
Client: Yes
Psychic: Yes I can see him sat in his favourite chair smoking and having a whiskey.
Client: Correct

Now regardless of how the client reacts, the psychic can follow it up with a statement supposedly from the dead Grandfather.

Now if the psychic hadn't ordered the client to only answer yes or no, they may have added information in their answer, which then would have taken away what the psychic said in reply.

Psychic: Did your Grandfather smoke?
Client: Yes, he would enjoy a smoke with a glass of whiskey in the evening.
Psychic: Yes he is showing me that now.
Client: ok.

Can you see the difference, now the client has given the psychic more information, which gives the psychic less to repeat back, of course sometimes this does happen, and the psychic will simply repeat back the information the client told him perhaps later in the reading.

So this is a good place to start, if the psychic is controlling the reading completely they will tell you to answer yes or no, so if you hear that, they are a fraud, time to go home. Game over.

Now if they don't tell you that, then you need to keep track of what the psychic says, and what the client says.

This is why I will always have a reading transcribed, it makes it much easier to keep track.

Now if you do this yourself, the easiest thing you can do is count how many questions the psychics asks. Simple as that.

A real psychic would not need to ask any questions at all. Not even "would you understand that?" By asking "Would you understand that?" The psychic is FISHING, they need to know their reading is going the right direction so they can continue, if they do not know, then their reading could go in the complete wrong direction and they end up looking a fool.

If the person reacts in a negative manner to that question, it allows the medium to change directions, they can tell the client that they need to "take that home with you", this basically is their way out, they are getting rid of you. They then change the direction of the reading or end it completely. You go home, you ask your relatives a version of what the psychic has said, if it is vaguely right, then you are amazed because there is no way he could have known about it, and he couldn't have picked it up from you, if he is wrong, it is just forgotten about. Either way the psychic doesn't have to deal with the result.

In the inner circle, this is known by psychics as the "Take Home Escape", and pretty much all psychics use it. Think of it like a fishing net, you have a small net. Psychic asks you if you understand the number 50. You have no idea. So you go home and ask your parents, because there is two of them, their net is twice as big, so a wider chance of success. That number 50 might be the number of the house someone lived in 40 years, the year someone was born/died, joined the army. If your parents don't know, they ask their siblings, their net is double the size for each added person to the question, and so on.

One of the reasons it is called "fishing for information" is the wider you cast the net, the more chance you will catch a fish.

So as you transcribe the reading, every time a sentence ends in a question mark, note it down, and count them up. Then at the end of the reading, just read through them all, and ask yourself, why is the psychic asking question after question.

It might look something like this.
Would you understand that?
Is your mother still alive?
Did he work in the steel industry?
I'm getting the number 4, was he 1 of 4 children, or did he have 4 siblings?
Did he die of something to do with the chest area?

Next, take out everything the psychic says, and only read the responses from the client, note down all the information they give the psychic. This truly is the easiest way to see how much the client says compared to how much the psychic says.

Notice how often the client will ask no questions at all. How strange is that when you really think about it? You pay to see a psychic, they claim that they are speaking to your dead relative, yet you never ask a question or at least never get a direct response to a question, yet the psychic asks you question after question.

If you can separate what the psychic says and what the client says, this really is a great way to see the direction the information flows, and it is never from the psychic to the client.

Of course there is much much more that can be analysed in readings, but this truly is the easiest way to expose a psychic and a great way to start doing it yourself.

So to summarize.
1. Write down and count how many questions the psychic asks.
2. Write down all the information the client gives the psychic.

Compare the two. Does it still look like the psychic told the client everything? Or does it seem more like the client gave the information and the psychic just repeated it back and elaborated a bit.

Now I have given you a starting point, why not use this knowledge. You want to expose a psychic. Do as I suggest. Find that unedited raw recording, transcribe it, and go through it.

You can open on a free blog on Blogger.com or Wordpress or something like that, and publish it.

You can even drop me a line and ask me to look it over first, to make sure it all looks good, I will happily do that, and even give you advice and help you.

The more we expose psychics the better, but this is just one site, I would much prefer an army of 100s of people all with their own little blogs, all publishing articles, exposing the methods.

So you have a choice, sit on your backside and do nothing, or help me to help you and others.

By Jon Donnis

20 November 2019

The secrets behind the Spiritualist Church Mediums

A few days ago I published an article in the hope that people could start to look at readings from Psychics/Mediums and by using some basic knowledge start to figure out what was really going.

If you haven't yet, please read that article by clicking the link below.

That article made a few assumptions, the main one being that the medium had no prior knowledge on any person being read, and was not being fed any information either before or during the reading.

One of the problems I face is when someone emails me and they say they saw a medium in a spiritualist church, and they never asked for any money, yet they were incredibly accurate. How do I explain that?

Well firstly just because a medium does not charge, does not mean he or she is not making any money, many spiritualist churches will pay mediums to perform, and of course the bigger the name, the bigger the paycheck. All spiritualist churches will ask for donations, so even if you only have 20 people in some small room above a library in Dudley, that can quickly translate into some money, I've witnessed pensioners throw £20 notes into the collection tray before.

But often Spiritualist churches are just an easy way for a medium to drum up trade so they can sell private readings which is where the big bucks come in. It also gives them a way to appear more spiritual, more honest, after all we are told that all mediums are only in it for the money right? So a medium doing a gig in a spiritualist church whereby he might only get his travel expenses covered, he must be the real deal?

But like I said, it is all about selling those private readings, and what better way than in a spiritualist church whereby many of the readings are scarily accurate. So accurate that you simply cant put it down to cold reading. But how is this possible when then medium may never have even performed at that Spiritualist church before?

The answer? Something called "The Book", also known as "The Blue Book", "The Data", "The Info", "The Run Down", and many more names.

In Lemar Keenes book "The Psychic Mafia" he referred to "The Blue Book", this was where all the information was kept on the regular attendees.

In my investigations over the past 15+ years, one thing I have realised is that pretty much every Spiritualist Church will have this book. Now please understand, that the word "Book" will conjure a very specific image in your head, instead you need to see this as not just a book, but a collection of information, this could be a notepad with hand written notes on, a Rolodex with individual cards on, a USB stick files with info on. I even heard of a single document file being held on a google drive and that being "The Book" of that Spiritualist church. It varies from Church to Church.

One person at each Church will be in charge of the book, often it is not the official secretary, or treasurer, or even the President of the church, usually it is someone who they themselves claim psychic powers, but they will often lead proceedings in the Church, and often are in charge of booking the mediums to perform.

If you are a regular experienced medium, and you are to perform at a Church, you will be contacted by the booker, and given the date, and if everything is agreed, when you arrive at the Church, before the service, you will require some private time to do some meditation, this is usually when the medium is given the book, so they can prepare for the show.

If you are a newer medium, you will need to be introduced to the right people as you go along. This is why often young mediums will have a mentor, or seem to be hand picked, they are literally being groomed and told the secrets. But since these are secrets, everything is done very privately, and you need to earn your trust, and as such younger, newer mediums would not even be told of the existence of the book, and instead just be expected to go out there and cold read, to earn their stripes.

I know of people who worked very high up at the SNU, in administerial positions who were never let in on the gig, and they went their whole lives believing that mediumship was real. People who ran the Churches would not be in on it. This is why the SNU (Spiritualists' National Union) would always want to control and be in charge of any Spiritualist Church, they would literally confiscate the deeds to Churches, and ban any of their mediums from performing at any non SNU Churches. Of course I would never claim that any SNU Affiliated Church would ever use the Book, or use any means of prior research on their congregation.
Although I once attended a SNU Spiritualist Church and someone realised who I was, and the medium who was due to perform, mysteriously had to leave and the service was left without a medium. Very strange coincidence.

You thought Scientology was a secretive organisation, trust me Spiritualist Churches are way more secretive.

So you can understand that a medium can sit down for 30 minutes before a show, look at the book, and have enough information to go out there and have an incredibly accurate performance.

But how is this book collated I hear you ask?

Well first of all have you ever been to a Spiritualist Church? if the answer is no, then DON'T, stay away. Don't even go for a laugh or because a friend wants you to see what it is all about. Do not waste your time.

If the answer is yes, have you ever noticed they have a big remembrance book that you can leave a message to your loved ones in spirit?

"I miss you Grandpa Joe, your Grandchildren all love you, and are happy you can now walk again in spirit. Lots of love from Peter, Lucy and Steve"

It is full of messages like that. So instantly you have a fair bit of information about Grandpa Joe and his family, right. Imagine how much information you could collect on a regular attendee who comes every single week!

Have you ever tried to sit in a chair right at the front? You will often be told these seats are reserved. They are reserved for the regulars, and yes they will sit in the same chair every week. And guess who often gets the readings. Yep the people at the front.

These people aren't plants, they are not in on the gig, they are just the most loyal followers of the Church. These will be the people who will have the most information recorded about them in the book. They will also be the most generous financially to the Church, and they will be the ones most addicted to the drug of mediumship, and getting that one final message.

An example of how information might be stored on someone.
Dora McMichaels, Seat 1C
Age 89, Widow to Bert McMichaels, died aged 74, Heart Attack. Liked toy trains. Irish Accent, scared of spiders, liked Whiskey and Cigar.
1 of 5 sisters, Gertrude (Gertie), Margaret (Margy), Susan, Elizabeth.
4 Children, 8 Grandchildren. Grandson Michael (Motorbike Accident, 24)
Irish/Scottish Backgroud. Singer in youth.

From just that, a medium could easily drag out a 20 minute reading, create stories, describe characters and so on. And as this reading goes on, someone is talking notes seeing if she gives any new info to add to the book.

In one Spiritualist Church I went to, I spotted hidden microphones, one in the middle of each line of chairs. And before the show started as people were all kept waiting, what were they doing? You guessed it, they were talking about who they hoped the medium would bring through from spirit.

So one security camera on the ceiling, hidden microphone, and someone sat in the office with a notepad and pen, and you suddenly have another level in information collection, this is especially useful if you have first time visitors.

In the old days they would have a stooge at each service, who would pretend to be one of the people attending, they would strike up conversations, listen in on what people were saying, and then make little notes when no one was looking.

So you don't need fancy technology, although it helps, just ask Simon Peters, he is still wearing that headset even after I exposed him. Oh well.

The point of all of this is that often when you go to a Spiritualist Church you are seeing hot reading, ever wondered why some mediums have such a high accuracy rate at their local Church, but as soon as they are away from that and doing hotel function room shows, their accuracy rate plummets and they are back to asking endless questions. Well now you know.

The Spiritualist Church is just another way for you to be fooled by people peddling promises of immortality, but at the end of the day you will just end up poorer.

Stay Away.

By Jon Donnis.

19 November 2019

Hot Reading in the 21st Century - How the modern medium cheats!

Recently I have written articles on a number of topics, in the hope of educating people and helping people fight back against the scam that is the psychic reading and/or Mediumship.

Catch up on those by clicking the links below.
How to expose a medium yourself.
Spiritualist Church Medium Secrets.

Today I want to take a closer look at how modern mediums will hot read their victims using modern. technology, and how you can take steps to prevent this, if you are still determined to visit these grief vampires.

In the Church Mediums article I spoke about "The Blue Book" method of hot reading, well this very old fashioned method works great in Spiritualist Churches, when you have the same people attending every week. But what about when a medium hires a function room in a hotel, or a library, where they will most likely be faced with people they have not seen before. Well many more experienced mediums will just stick to cold reading, especially if they have gig after gig every night of the week. It is simply not worth the hassle and time to employ stooges, use recording equipment and so on. Just go on stage, use a few pre-prepared characters which always seem to hit, like the young man who died on the motorbike, or the old man with emphysema, and so on. Go to enough shows and these made up characters seem to appear rather regularly.

It has been alleged that Sally Morgan employs various methods as well as cold reading, one being to get everyone to leave a message for a dead loved one in a bowl, which she will then pick out later in the show to connect with. Use your imagination here, and you can figure out what could possibly be going on. Not to mention the whole scandal of the ear piece which she denied using, then there was video of her removing this non existent ear piece, so she said that was for stage direction, and so on, a legal case against the Daily Mail, big pay out cause they couldn't prove it and so on.

Regardless of that, any time you see ANY medium perform using a madonna style headset be warned, despite what they claim, there is usually more going on. I saw that first hand at a Simon Peters show, when his mic picked up the secret feed he was getting in his ear.

No medium needs a head set, or head phones, or anything like that. They can hold a mic. It is real easy. Also beware of mediums with long hair, that also covers a multitude of sins.

These are all old school techniques, but I want to show you the new school techniques.

So you are on Facebook, and you hear of a new up and coming medium, he or she has been getting rave reviews, so what do you do? You go follow a page or join a group set up by said medium, you might add them as a friend on facebook, or you might end up making friends of other people in the group and you add them.

Suddenly your entire history is available to that medium should they want it.
And what do you do when a show is announced? You click "going" to show you are going to the show.

The moment you joined that group, followed that page, or added anyone vaguely connected to that medium, you lose all right to say "they had no way of knowing......"

Even the most careful of facebook user will not have covered every base when trying to protect their data.
You know those little games you play, those apps you give permission to, to give you a horoscope reading, that data is for sale. For all you know a medium you follow created that app, and guess what, when you gave that app permission, you gave it every detail on your account.

So right now I want you to go to Facebook. Using the menu, find the link to settings, then click on APPS.
You should end up here

Now have a look through your apps. Is there a lot there? Yeah I thought so. My advice, remove the lot.

Next go to Timeline and Tagging Settings
Now to stop a nosy medium from snooping on your page, if they are not connected as a friend, then you need to tighten up these settings, have a look through and make them as secure as possible.

Next go to Privacy, again if needed make these settings much more secure.
The most important one to secure is your friends list, and you want to make it so that only you can view it.

Now why would I suggest this?
Well let's say I am a dodgy medium, maybe your photos are all private, your timeline is pretty secure, there is really nothing I can see on your profile unless I am your friend, so how can I gather info on you, well the first thing I would do is go to your friends list. I am gonna start by searching for people with your surname, that is the easiest way to find siblings, children, parents and so on. And what happens when someone dies who had a Facebook account? It ends up being left as a tribute page. So if I am a psychic and find the page of your dead relative, I can end up finding out everything I need to know to pretend they are coming through in a reading.

Other things you can do if you have access to someones friends list. You can look at profile pictures, maybe your best friend has you on their profile photo, this is gold to a psychic, for it gives them another way to research you, and if that friend doesn't have a secure enough account the psychic can look through photos and see what places you go, what you do and so on. It all helps when building up the reading. For example, is there photos of you in fancy dress at Halloween? The medium could say.

"They are telling me how much you like dressing up, they are showing me blue paint, would you understand that?"

Guess what, you dressed up as a Smurf for Halloween, but the medium had no possible way of knowing that did they?

Another setting to tighten up is the one about who can search for you using an email address. Even if you don't follow a mediums page or are in their group, maybe you book tickets to a gig online and use your email, guess what, that email just exposed your facebook page. 

One time I pointed that out to someone, and they said "but I didn't use my real email address" upon some slight investigative work, they had a @hotmail.co.uk address for facebook, but used a @yahoo.com email for booking tickets, but the bit before the @ was the same on both. And on both it was their full name with a dot and numbers. So even if you don't give your name when you book, you are giving your name in your email address. Search for that name, their location, check their likes and it is pretty clear if you have the right person.

The only way you can be safe with an email address is if it is a brand new one, never used anywhere before, and does not contain your name within it. This really should be common sense, but sadly so many people make this mistake.

So now your facebook is nice and secure, what else is there. Well of course there is Instagram. Again if your account is public, and your username is your real name, or anything easily searched for, you have just given the medium another way to find out info on you. You Gran died, what do you do? You put a RIP message on your Instagram, a photo of you with her and so on. And who will comment? People who knew her, and suddenly the medium has a load more people to use to find information about this dead relative.

So just two pieces of advice here, make your profile private, that will stop people seeing your photos as well as your friends list, and change your username to something completely unconnected to you, your real name or anything that could be guessed. DO NOT PUT YOUR REAL NAME ON YOUR INSTAGRAM!

Twitter, again same advice as above, check your permissions, now consider what you use Twitter for, the vast majority of people will have a public account on Twitter, so your entire history is now view-able, and can be downloaded in it's entirety in a matter of seconds. Imagine the sheer amount of data a medium can pick up from there. They have everything you have ever posted in front of them in a simple document file. Thousands of tweets, well they are unlikely to read through them one by one, but they can always do a search for keywords like RIP, Dad, Mum, Gran and so on. And very quickly a picture can be built up of someone. 

If you are on Social Media, unless you are incredibly careful and private, it is almost impossible to stop someone researching you. And however much you convince yourself that you cant be found from just a phone number or an email, try and google your own details, google your name, then click the images tag, google your email address, see what comes up. This info is all available to a medium who knows you are going to his gig and wants to hot read you.

Let's get away from social media a bit. In the old days when a medium would arrange a gig in a town, they would send someone to a local shop, buy the local paper, and look up the obituaries. In 2018 you don't even need to do this.

A random medium, Derek Acorah, he has a show tonight in Brierley Hill in Dudley, England.
Google "Brierley Hill obituaries" and you get multiple links to local papers that have a list of obituaries in them.

Many of the sites will even have a search function.
So I know that Steve McBobberson has booked a ticket for my show, or perhaps has clicked on the "Going" link on my facebook page. But I can't be bothered to search through their social media page, instead I can search for their surname on the obituaries for that local area. Maybe I get lucky and the name matches up. These obituaries will not only have the name of the person who has died, but their age, their relatives names, what they did for a living and sometimes even how they died.

If I am a medium, I am not interested in the 91 year old who died peacefully in her sleep, because it is unlikely that any of her relatives will feel the need to visit a medium. No I am interested in people who died at any age under 65, as that would be considered too young to die.

And now these obituary sites even have comment sections for each person who has died whereby people can leave messages. This is gold for a medium. So they go through names of people they know will be attending their show, they scan obituaries for surnames that match, they match up names of the living to that on their list. And if all of this is matching up, and if the person died young. Perhaps the obituary says something like "They were taken from us too young", then the medium can assume this person was in an accident, or even killed, and now the medium as the name of the dead, their relatives name and so on, a quick google search for "Bob McBobberson Accident" and it was probably covered in the local paper, and now you have the name and how they died as well as the names of all their relatives.

And all this from Steve McBobberson clicking "going" on a facebook event page, or from steve.mcbobberson@"£$%.com email address.

We live in a world where nothing is private, we moan about excessive CCTV cameras filming us everywhere, yet we invited the world into our living room through social media.

And criminals are taking advantage of this. You are making life easier for mediums than it has ever been in history. Yet you then tell me some medium told you something they had no way of knowing!?

Before you think the medium had no way of knowing something, ask yourself, what is more likely? Is it real, or were you fooled.

There is no shame in being fooled, it has happened to all of us, even me, but there is shame that after you are fooled you keep being fooled by the same trick. And if you do not do anything to prevent being fooled, especially in this age of technology and living our lives online, then you have to seriously question yourself and ask why you invite this upon yourself.

If you post on a forum, the webmaster can see your email address, they can see your IP, on some forums they can even read your private messages. However much you convince yourself that no one can research you, I promise you, you are wrong. And if there is a possibility that someone can research you, even if you consider that chance to be small, it is still infinitely more likely than your dead granny telling a medium that she thinks your new kitchen looks lovely.

Be smart. Try it yourself, research yourself. And then try to tighten up that security, it will never be perfect, and if someone is knowledgeable enough then can still figure things out, but ask yourself, if you make it really hard for a medium to cheat, then they are less likely to try and cheat you.

But of course my final piece of advice is simply to save your money, don't go to that medium, don't take the chance you will be conned.

By Jon Donnis

18 November 2019

If they were real, could a Psychic Be a Good Poker Player?

The world of supernatural phenomena is still unexplained today. What’s also unexplained is how some people are good at certain things. For example, poker players. Were they born with the skill of being good with cards or did they spend a lot of time learning those skills? Or did they have some kind of special aid? I have known of some poker players who claim to have psychic powers.

People who claim psychic powers exist today and the opinion about them is a dubious one and for good reason, in credible scientific tests, psychics fail 100% of the time, no exceptions. Some people claim that they’re just charlatans while others wholeheartedly believe in their powers. Nevertheless, having a psychic power would surely prove useful in a game of poker. Having telepathy at your disposal will let you know which cards opponents have but having clairvoyance will let you know which cards are going to be dealt. Having either of these powers would make you a poker god and you’ll never lose a game.

You could just go to any online casino and play any variant of poker and win effortlessly. You would do the most damage in a live poker game. Also, you could try out a scam site just so you could beat them before you check out the official website of a high-ranking casino.

Doyle Brunson was one heck of a poker player and he has stated that he believes in the existence of psychic powers. According to Sunil Padiyar, every person has a field of energy that envelopes that person. If that energy is activated then it could bring a lot of luck to that person and amplify intuition and foresight. As a person who’s written a lot on this subject, she certainly makes the case believable, if you have never investigated such things, and were to believe things at face value. Also, many universities have conducted studies to find out if there is any scientific backing to the theory of ESP and telekinesis. Despite their effort, there is hardly any evidence to support the claim. As I said earlier, 100% of psychics fail in credible tests when the chance to cheat is removed.

The rational explanation for this phenomenon would be in the subconscious. A lot of people watch all kinds of movies, TV shows, and fake documentaries so they might get the impression that a certain house is haunted or that someone has the power to move objects with their mind.

The subconscious is linked to intuition which is why some poker players have claimed to be psychics. A factor that influences their abilities would be the long years of practice they’ve had in poker. If they were professionals then they practiced shuffling decks and remembering the different variants of cards that could be dealt. Maybe they also learned how to assert dominance over their opponent and in that way influence their play.

The point is that there could be a rational explanation for all this, but people still believe in the existence of these powers.

Either way, hypothetically speaking a psychic would be a great poker player, but even if real, would you ever really admit it?

8 November 2019

REVIEW - HOUR 3: Most Haunted Live! Halloween 2019 - Accrington Old Courts

So I put off writing this review for a couple of days, such was the stress and hardship I put myself through for hour 1 and 2. But alas I am a man of my word, and I have to finish this, so here we are. Hour 3.

You can catch up on my previous reviews at...
Hour 1
Hour 2

A quick summary of what happened previously. The team opened a box with an angle grinder, risking the lives of every single person in the hall. They passed around a dybbuk box which was then forgotten about almost instantly. We had Sean who was the star of the show, despite being a believer he pretty much kept his cool. They wasted 30 minutes with a seance that achieved nothing, Karl did some dodgy acting. And that was it.

So let's get into hour 3.
So we are still with Karl talking about this big black shadow figure he saw OFF CAMERA. And despite the CCTV they have access to, we don't check back on the footage, and sod all happens.

We now have a good 5 minutes of them all stood about, not quite sure what to do next.

Yvette starts asking the ghosts to copy her and she makes the most annoying noise in human history.

There is a lot of chatter through the walkies, and through the ear pieces.

Then suddenly in a scene reminiscent of the famous "Karl pulled up the stairs by the rope attached to his waste" Karl pretends to be pulled back suddenly into the room directly behind him, this time he only moves a few inches, but it is ridiculous acting, even by Karl's terrible standards.

Fred and Karl then investigate the room, of course there is no one in there.
I think that Karl could have made more of an effort and gone to the floor.

If you notice, before Karl is about to do a stunt, he will fiddle with his wedding ring, this is clearly a nervous tick, which gives away when he is about to do something.

The more I watch this the more ridiculous it is. It is at roughly 2h 02m if you want to check it out.

And suddenly we have lost the feed, everything is black for a couple of minutes.
No explanation, no blaming the ghosts, just shitty equipment.

The black screen is easily the most entertaining part of Most Haunted Live so far.

When we come back Fred is invoking Satan and talking to the spirits.

Yvette bangs a door 3 times, and then there is a super faint 3 bangs back, which could literally be any of the near 100 people at the location.

I hate it when they shout out "hello", as if either the ghost will reply, or the human fannying about will put his hand up and say "hey, that was just me slamming the door shut".

More weird noises, and as usual everything is OFF CAMERA.

God this is boring, I expect they will have to go back to the Ouija board nonsense to fill some time, unless Karl has a big stunt up his sleeve. Usually though when he has he tends to be off somewhere with Stuart.

Even Karl is getting bored now. Probably wishing it was only a 2 hour show instead of a 3 hour one.

Karl announces that the "talk back" is no longer working so they are going to have to "wing it" from now on.

I thought the whole show was supposed to be ad lib. The idea that perhaps they were following a script or instructions from someone else is rather interesting.

Of course it is all a lie, if they truly lost contact with the producer, they could be off air and not know it.

Karl finally blames the ghosts for the technical issues with the talk back system.

And then out of nowhere Stuart claims the cable to his camera is being pulled, OFF CAMERA.

They keep claiming the cable is tight, yet you can clearly see it is not.

So clearly all that has happened is when he has gone around the corner, the cable has snagged slightly and it went tight there, and when you go back the way you came the cable is loose. Naughty Stuart is telling lies again.

"Honestly I am not lying" - Stuart Toreville

I could literally be watching or doing anything else right now, and it would be more entertaining.
I am sat here, a man in my early 40s, watching two idiots, standing in a room, with a black and white filter on, pretending to talk to ghosts. I wonder sometimes who is the biggest fool, them or me.

Karl keeps banging a table with his fist asking the ghosts to copy, but alas whoever he asked to bang back cant hear him, maybe they are in the toilet?

Realising its getting a bit boring, Stuart again pretends someone is pulling his camera, they investigate and the cable is still loose around the corner. Jenny then tells Yvette through her ear they cant see anything on the CCTV. Remember a few minutes ago when Karl was pretending that the talk back wasn't working? Guess its fixed now.

Yvette decides they need Charlie Dimmock's box (aka. dybbuk box) and they can do a seance with it.

Karl duly runs off to get it.

Yvette reveals that someone in the audience has heard a hiccup in another room.
Yes apparently ghosts can get hiccups! Who knew!

Karl has recovered Charlie Dimmock's box and puts it on the seance table.

While Yvette sets that up, we cut to the forgotten crew, Beardy, Glen and the female audience member. They recall the various things that have happened to them, which is basically nothing.

In an usual step, Glen does NOT have his hands in his pockets, instead he has them under his arm pits to keep them warm.

Back with Yvette and Karl and Charlie Dimmocks Box.

Yvette starts the seance, interesting it is just Yvette and Karl around the table this time with Stuart filming, I wonder if they have a stunt planned, which is why they have got rid of everyone else.

Now if I was running the show, I would have gimmicked up a fishing line attached to Charlie Dimmock's box, and then had it levitate on camera. The lines in the wall behind would have hidden the line too making it almost impossible to see. Who wouldn't want to see Charlie Dimmock's box rise up in the air. Apparently there is a strong smell of piss emanating from Charlie Dimmock's box.

Yvette is convinced there is "something" in the room with them. That's not a very nice way to refer to Stuart.

With the fact the top of the table can spin, another trick I would have employed would be a long hair tied to the table, and you could pull it without the camera seeing it and the table would move. Also easy to dispose of.

Despite smelling of piss, I really hoped Charlie Dimmock's box would have done more, maybe make a noise, or had some kind of secretion? But no, it is just sat there on the table doing nothing.

Karl has fingered Charlie Dimmock's box, but Yvette refuses to put her finger in Charlie Dimmock's box, she says she doesn't know where it has been. Karl is quite enjoying the hairs on Charlie Dimmock's box.

After much cajoling Yvette Fielding does what we all wanted to see her do, she put her finger in Charlie Dimmock's box.

Ok it is not quite in the box, more on the outside, I am not really up on the terminology of the different parts of a box, I know there are a lot of names for things and in general men have a problem understanding or even finding all the different parts, where as women are the experts.

Karl claims he can hear a noise out of Charlie Dimmock's box, but the camera audio is not picking up anything. Yvette claims the box is moving but again I cannot see any movement.

Charlie Dimmock's box better move properly soon, or else this will have been a massive waste of time.

Karl claims there is a scratching sound coming out of Charlie Dimmock's box, he then decides to get his fingers right in there. Yvette gets angry and tells him to stop putting his fingers in Charlie Dimmock's box.

Karl thinks it is hilarious. And points out its just an old box with a load of old hair.

How dare he!

25 minutes left and I am loosing the will to live.

Someone needs to burn me up and put my ashes in Charlie Dimmock's box.

Yvette decides to swap places with Stuart, and then Jenny who I think runs one of their websites for them or something also comes to join them at the table.

They all place their fingers on Charlie Dimmock's box.

Not a great deal happens.

We cut to the other group and the audience member is now running a little seance. Seems a bit over confident. Knows her script well. I am not suggesting for one moment she is a plant.

Mary starts to do her best Yvette impression and makes noises for the spirits to copy.
Glen starts to whistle.

Nothing happens.

We cut back to Yvette and perfectly on cue, Yvette jumps up claiming someone has pulled her hood.
She then claims she cannot see, and has to sit down. All very over dramatic.

I watched the clip back and her hood does not move.
If she is not faking it, at worst it was a small spider that made her jump.

Yvette claims there was a film of grey come over her eyes. The one time I needed Glen to be there to make a joke and he is not!

Credit to Jenny here, she is not really playing along here, doesn't seem fussed by anything. I am guessing she has worked on the Most Haunted Experience tour things, and has seen all this nonsense before.

Just over 10 minutes left. Nearly there folks. Hold on a bit longer, you can do it.

Everything Yvette is experiencing if not acting can be put down to psychology, all of it. Not a single thing has happened in 3 hours that can not be explained by either deliberate fakery, or psychology.

Well apart from the ghost hiccuping, that is beyond science.

Karl looks like he is exposing himself to Charlie Dimmock's box.

They head back upstairs, and there is terrible feedback on the audio.

Yvette claims she can hear steps and tapping, and then hilariously someone just walks past the door in the corridor, and Yvette pretends to not even notice, and keeps listening out for the noises.

This guy! lol

One of the audience members who perhaps popped to the toilet.

Again a reminder there is nearly 100 people on this shoot, no real restrictions on what they can do or where they can go, no controls, nothing.

More taps and knocks, so they put the camera on the floor, but again while positioning it, you can clearly see one of the security or crew members in the background.

Yvette starts to single Twinkle Twinkle Little Star again. The ghost then tries to kill himself, but realises he is already dead.

And with that they decide to end things, lights come on, and they walk around to the front of the court room with all the virgins and middle aged housewives in it.

Yvette does a final piece to camera, and the show ends.

That was awful. Even Charlie Dimmock's box couldn't save this awful show.
No wonder it has been relegated to Youtube, no TV stations in the UK would be stupid enough to pay for this crap.

So I will give me final score. And it is another 1/10
The show over the 3 hours was consistently awful. Nothing really happened, the stunts were poor, the acting was naff, and I have wasted a chunk of my life I will never get back. The only brief ray of sunshine was the excellent Sean, who refused to play along.

So I will say it again for real this time. NEVER AGAIN!

By Jon Donnis

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By Jon Donnis

4 November 2019

REVIEW - HOUR 2: Most Haunted Live! Halloween 2019 - Accrington Old Courts

I survived hour 1, so now I have some motivation, I thought I would recap and review hour 2. If you haven't read my first review on Hour 1, you can do so HERE.

Let's quickly summarize hour 1.
They fannied about in some rooms and corridors, some things were thrown OFF CAMERA. Mary Beattie called out beardy boy for blatantly faking demonic noises. And that's about it.

Hang on, I could have just written that for my previous review and it would have been equally as accurate. Oh well, we live and learn.

We start off and Stuart is asking Mary if she has her K2 meter on her. Wasn't that the robot dog in Doctor Who?

Straight away it seems that Mary is being given a bigger role in hour 2.

They hear a noise, and Stuart decides they will "walk and talk".

Their K2 Meters are picking up the REM POD thing. [Sarcasm]Boy this is fascinating nonsense.[/Sarcasm]

Stuart, Mary and the other guy start talking about the REM POD and it quickly becomes clear that no one really knows how it works or what it does.

Remember these are "professional paranormal investigators".
If you can gonna do this, and if you are gonna use completely useless nonsense equipment you paid £134 for off Ebay then at least read the manual, and pretend you know what you are doing.

Suddenly we awkwardly cut to Yvette and the rest of the gang back in the court with the Haunties, and by Haunties, I mean virgin males, and their deluded middle aged white female friends.

Yvette has a box, and is claiming she did not want to use this thingy. It is a dybbuk box.

"The dybbuk box, or dibbuk box (in the Hebrew language known as קופסת דיבוק, or Kufsat Dibbuk), is a wine box which is said to be haunted by a dybbuk. A dybbuk is said to be a restless, usually malicious, spirit believed to be able to haunt and even possess the living. 

Supposedly, if a dybbuk box is burned, the box will take a long time to do so. But as it is burned, the dybbuk is fully released. However, this is just a part of the horror story."

So clearly its a load of rubbish, so what better place for it to be used than on Most Haunted.
I am guessing she recently saw the film The Possessed, which featured such a box as part of the story-line.

Yvette however seems to be getting a few things wrong in her description of the box.

Behind Yvette is the burnt haunted doll, that Karl set on fire using a £10 fire starter he purchased from eBay.

Karl claims that the dybbuk box is complete hogwash. And he would be right.

Karl tells the story of how they got the box, and where it was found etc. Sounds like he made it himself at home and made up the story himself.

Then in a totally bizarre moment, Karl pulls out a working angle grinder and uses it to open the box. No gloves, no safety glasses, just cuts into the box. Now for health and safety reasons this would NEVER have been allowed on a legit TV show. If the wheel off an angle grinder were to break mid use it could fly off and literally kill someone present. But Karl doesn't care, since this is only youtube. I do wonder what the owners of Accrington Old Courts think of him using this piece of equipment with no safety checks put into place. It's a lawsuit waiting to happen.

He opens it and there is some crap inside, nothing specific looking, some hair, something red, who knows, Yvette claims there is a smell of ammonia

Karl then passes the box around the idiots in the audience, who all then handle it, smell it and basically prove it is a complete waste of time. I expect that this will be the last we hear of the box.

A good shot of the virgins and middle aged housewives in the audience. I bet if you asked them who believed they had psychic powers all of them would raise their hands.

Just remember when they tell you that they are in darkness, look at the size of the light on that camera.

We now have audio of Stuart and Mary, but video from the Court. Lots of insects flying about, so I am assuming the idiots watching were claiming there were lots of orbs.

How fancy they have multiple CCTV streams. Strange how they NEVER EVER use the CCTV on normal investigations.

Finally whoever is producing this, manages to get the picture from Stuarts gang up, and we are back to investigating.

Mary decides to go into a small room on her own and closes the door, notice how she refers to "Uncle Stu". Stuart then makes some misogynistic comments towards Mary. This little thing is instantly forgotten, nothing happens to Mary.

We switch to Yvette and she has one of the audience members with her.
She asks him if he is a believer, and of course he says yes, because why else would he be there.

They have a seance table set up. They take the audience member (Sean) into a cell next door, and give him a copper rod to hold, and then they leave him on his own and go back to the room with the seance table.

The seance table has a Hasbro Ouija Board on it, and is surrounded by copper tubing, and a wire that goes outside and connects to the tube that Sean is holding.

Glen convinces Yvette to sit right up close to him. We all know why.

The table can also spin around as well, so it is clearly a very well gimmicked table.

The three of them touch the glass, and Yvette blatantly starts pushing it about.
As I have said many times, this is all bullshit. You can instantly prove that a Ouija Board is nonsense by blindfolding the people touching it. Suddenly the ghosties can no longer spell if you do.

There are other ways you can prove it is people pushing it, just remove friction between their fingers and the planchette (upturned glass), that can be done with a small piece of silk cloth. Whatever you do, 100% of everything that happens with a Ouija Board is nonsense, nothing to do with ghosts and was invented by Hasbro as a board game in the 19th century. Seriously, google it if you don't believe me, it was nothing to do with speaking to ghosts either.

Darren, Stuart, Karl and Mary join in the nonsense at the table.

Sean is still sat peacefully on his own in the next room like an absolute noob holding his piece of copper.

They are all now touching pinkie fingers.

Poor Sean looking like something out of The League of Gentlemen.

Yvette is trying to get the ghosts to communicate, the table top starts to spin slightly, as you would expect it to with so many people touching it, and with it being gimmicked so heavily.

Although I do not believe Sean is a plant, he was not just randomly picked out of the audience, there are legal things that need to be signed, so he would have been chosen earlier. Again not a big deal, happens all the time on TV just for time saving purposes.

Sean is shivering, but its definitely not because of the cold and the fact he has just a T-Shirt on under an open jacket, at what would have been 10:25pm on a cold October night.

Suddenly the cameraman does some acting and claims the camera cable was pulled. Of course this happened OFF CAMERA despite the fact they have CCTV covering that exact area. Will we see that footage? I highly doubt it.

Instead we hear crappy audio replay from Glen's computer that proves nothing.

Karl swaps positions with Sean.

They restart the seance, the K2 meters on the table are flashing, which is definitely the ghosts and not all the electrical equipment, copper tubes, mic packs and so on all around it.

After being told through his ear piece he is on camera, Karl pretends that he gets a shock from the copper tube, of course this never happened when Sean was holding it.

They try to blame static. They mooch about a bit, Yvette claims she has heard a growl. Karl re-positions with the copper tube.

They restart the seance.

Hilariously they hear a growl and for the first time in Most Haunted history someone (Sean) admits it was his stomach, a clearly disappointed Yvette says there most be something wrong with him. Yes Yvette it is called HONESTY!

Karl claims he can hear a whisper, however the audio is clearly picking up little squeaks which would suggest mice or rats or even a small bird, which would make sense in an old abandoned building.

This hour is dragging. I am struggling here folks.

On the seance table and they are all pointlessly pushing the glass about.

Karl is in the other room swearing at the imaginary ghosts.

Just think if an alien was watching this, he would think what utter idiots humans are.

Karl claims something pushed him back against the wall.

We don't actually see the "push" on camera, as the feed was showing the seance room, so all we see as the camera cuts back is Karl holding his chest, at first I thought he was going to pretend he was having a heart attack, maybe he was then realised he was holding the wrong side of his chest!

Glen points out that it happened just as Yvette had asked the ghost to do something, we then get a lovely bit of dishonestly as Yvette claims she was speaking quietly so Karl wouldn't have heard her, but hang on a moment, Karl and Yvette both have ear pieces in so they can hear each other and the producer. Whoops!

Yvette decides to swap with Karl, proving that she doesn't believe Karl is telling the truth, because if you believed that someone had received firstly a shock from the copper tube, and then a forceful push against a wall that hurt him, the last thing you would do IF YOU BELIEVED, would offer to try it yourself.

Will Yvette finally use her acting credentials to do something interesting? (Spoiler: No)

They start the seance again and Karl is calling the ghost a piece of shit.

This whole segment is mind-numbingly boring. This is a good 30 minutes or so you can fast forward through.

Yvette finally gets bored and they all get up and leave the seance table. So that was a massive waste of time.

Nothing happened to Sean, nothing happened to Yvette, and Karl did some bad acting OFF CAMERA.

Yvette is back in the court room and talks to Sean who is now sat down, she tries to push him to say he experienced things, at best he says he got a bit trembly.

Some other people claim they could hear footsteps in the room. Worth noting there is 50 odd people in that room, plus the security people and other people involved in the "Most Haunted Experience" gig.

The middle aged women are exaggerating their experiences in the court room to impress Yvette.

Yvette takes one of the women and asks her to join them on the next part of their investigations.

We cut to Karl and he is moaning that he saw a proper big geezer (ghost) stood at the other end of the corridor, and it scared him and Darren. All OFF CAMERA of course.

Everyone is re-positioning, the woman who has joined them is called Rachel.

It all goes very amateurish now as they are trying to sort out what to do next, moving cameras and cables about. And with that I decide that that is enough for me for today, almost at the end of the second hour, so I will finish off the review/recap another day.

Hour 2 was better than Hour 1, they made more of an effort, but the whole seance room thing just dragged and dragged and dragged.

The star of Hour 2 was definitely Sean, who sat quietly and did nothing, easily the most credible person to ever appear on the show.

I will give Hour 2 the same score I gave Hour 1, and that is 1/10

Nothing really happened, I lost interest a few times, and there was a general lack of effort from the ghosts to entertain me.

By Jon Donnis

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By Jon Donnis

3 November 2019

REVIEW - HOUR 1: Most Haunted Live! Halloween 2019 - Accrington Old Courts

Why do I do this to myself? I promised myself that I was done with Most Haunted after I reviewed their first Youtube only episode, it was so awful and watched by only about 20,000 people when it first aired, and after 4 months it still only has about 50,000 views. But guess what stupid Jon said he would do, he said that if Most Haunted Live got over 100,000 views he would review it. Annoyingly when something is streamed on youtube as opposed to uploaded in full, every time someone logs on to the stream it counts as a view, so the same person logging in and out multiple times over 3 hours, would count over and over again. As well as the views after the event had finished, and last I checked it had nearly 150,000 views. Regardless of that a promise is a promise, so I have dusted off my old reviewing hat, and will do my best to make it through 3 hours of what I know will be utter and complete pap. But I do it for you, my loyal readers.

As this is 3 hours, I will do this an hour at a time, as I just cant be arsed to sit for hour after hour watching this.

So lets start off with that filthy sticky blurbage.

"Join Yvette Fielding and the team as they embark on a live investigation of the very haunted old police station and courts at Accrington."

We start off and the first thing I noticed is that this has been filmed in 480p low resolution. To the uninformed this is basically shite. Your TV at home will probably be 1080p (Full HD), even the old "HD Ready" TVs were 720p, and now we have Ultra HD

See the tiny square in the corner? That is the resolution that Most Haunted Live is broadcasting at.

NASA broadcast from the ISS at a higher resolution and they are in space.

Anyway lets forget the cheapskates that are Most Haunted and get on with watching this.

You can tell this is live as Yvette is already stumbling over her lines. She quickly introduces their live audience, which is basically 50 deluded white people in a court room.

Yvette Fielding starts begging the watching audience to let them know if they see anything.

We cut to a pre-record explanation about the place, sounds nice enough, typical ghost hunting location, lots of unconfirmed stories, an abandoned building, spooky corridors and so on.

The whole crew is there, including Mary Beattie, so keeping it in the family again, she has even copied her mothers hairstyle. And on cue Karl reveals he has heard a noise, so they turn around walk off and start the usual stuff.

Once again they are not in darkness.

As you can see the main camera has a huge light on it.

There is a faint sound of footsteps and even a whistle and stomach rumble, sorry I mean demonic growl, all within the first 10 minutes.

Fred nearly trips over a cable, which is funny.

Imagine going along and sitting in the cold watching this for 3 hours on a big TV.
You have to be some kind of "special" to want to do that. Looks more like a Jeremy Corbyn fan club meeting. No Jews Allowed!

Fred has a massive crucifix which he is carrying about. Wonder which church he nicked that from?

As far as I can see they are filming this with one corded camera. So there will not be a single point in this entire Most Haunted Live whereby everyone will be on camera.

The various crew members are noting that it is getting colder. I am sure that will be the ghosts and not the fact it is a late October evening.

Fred is now demanding the gates of hell be opened in the name of Satan.
Just your typical night out in Accrington. Where is Ian Rush when you need him?

As expected when the camera is facing the wrong way there is a loud noise OFF CAMERA and from the direction of where Karl was stood.

Whatever made the noise has not made another and nothing is found, so might just have been a ghost kicking a door or wall.

Suddenly they seemingly have a second camera, and only now are they deciding to plug it in! Such professionals.

Karl is gonna climb through a hole in the wall. Greg decides to investigate on his own for a moment with the main camera, leaving everyone else free to do whatever they want for a few minutes.

Karl and Stuart are in the hole. Sounds like a game show.

They are all struggling with the cables here, usually they would film with handheld cameras, but they clearly don't want to pay for the technology to stream that live, so are doing it old school with plug in cameras.

With Karl and Stuart in a hole, Glen sees his chance to get closer to Yvette.
In the above shot he is checking he brought the latex free condoms with him, as we know he had an allergic reaction last time. Swelled up to the size of a melon.

With Stuart and Karl in the hole, and there is a noise and something has been thrown OFF CAMERA.

Apparently the noise came from outside, Stuart points out a vent that goes to the outside, so of course there could just be someone outside having fun.

Karl asks the spirits to slap Stuart upside the head. Never before have I wanted the ghosties to be real as much as right now, as expected nothing happens.

They climb out of the hole and Karl notices a door that is open that was previously shut, of course no camera on it, so could be anyone.

There is then a soft edit. So basically the whole segment with Karl and Stuart in the hole was clearly a pre-record. So this is not completely live. I suspect some scenes are live and some are pre-recorded. There is nothing majorly wrong about this, it just makes it easier for them I guess, it's a bit dishonest, but then the whole show is dishonest.

Darren makes a grunting noise ON CAMERA, Yvette realises it was on camera so has a go at him for making such a noise on a paranormal investigation.

More cable problems with a cable getting caught in the door.

Karl then decides they should continue with just one camera, and put the other one down and use it as a "locked off" camera. I wonder if they will do some camera trickery later? Or if they only had the one pre-record for this first 3rd of the show.

Apparently loads of people are seeing the apparition of a small child down the corridor, I cant see anything.

Yvette starts singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
The ghost child starts dancing and skipping around, and fully manifests in a worlds first! Just kidding, nothing happens.

Yvette struggles to say "Soft Tapping" and instead says "Saft Topping", which funnily enough is the name of her favourite sex position with Karl.

Karl has a little detector thingy on the floor.

Looks like one of those nonsense £10 thingys off of Ebay.

Yvette is priming the audience to believe there is a ghost child, and keeps repeating it.
As of right now there is 0% evidence of any ghosts on this episode of Most Haunted live.

Found the REM-POD-EMT thing on Ebay! This one is going for £131! And they have sold over 525 of them.

What kind of idiot would buy that, oh yeah Karl would, Unless the company who makes them donated one to them for the free PR.

Here is the spiel
"The REM-POD covers 360 degrees detection with its mini telescopic antenna that radiates its own magnetic field. In the most updated version, you can manually set the baseline. The REM range is programmable for 5 different sensitivity levels - that is distances of the REM range.  It also has automatic setting of the baseline. Changes in the ambient temperature are alerted in increments of changes in temp of 5 degrees. An ascending tone and red LED light alerts an increase in temperature and a descending tone and a blue LED light signifies a decrease in temperature."

Apparently the device was originally created for the team from Ghost Adventures.
So Most Haunted have literally purchased a device that was made for one of their competitors.

Yvette and the gang are just standing about and talking, something is thrown behind the cameraman OFF CAMERA. Yvette swears, Mary finds a piece of wood. Suddenly another bang OFF CAMERA, a broom has fallen over.

Blatantly was Stuart.

The piece of wood that Mary found looks like a kids building block, and they throw it down the corridor and ask the ghost child to throw it back. Nothing happens.

Karl hears something and runs off, the cameraman does his best to keep up.
The REM POD thing is going off. Completely meaningless.

Skeptic Glen says the ghost is an implied intelligence and is making them run about. Yes he is the skeptic.

The ghost child is gone, and now we have a human sized dark shadow, that Karl has seen OFF CAMERA.

"I am hearing a high pitched whine" - Darren

I would call that Yvette Fielding.

I am curious as to why Mary Beattie has had the exact same hair cut as her mum? Does anyone do that?

Beardy man has his hand covering his mouth, Mary hears a gasp sound, she then accuses Beardy of making the noise, he denies it, even though it was blatantly him. Go to 56 Minutes and see the point he puts his hand over his mouth and make the noise.

Mary clearly hasn't been on enough of these investigations, so is reacting in an honest fashion when someone present is faking stuff. Good for you Mary.

Yvette is going to set up the next experiment. Cameras are swapped and adjusted, and hour 1 is practically over.

And with that I am done. I will perhaps review the next two hours if there is interest, otherwise I wont bother, let me know if you want me to.

Also you will have noticed I have not linked or embedded the MHL video, the reason for that is that I have no interest in helping their view count.

Hour 1 I will give 1/10 - Nothing really happened, no effort was made to do anything interesting.

Review by Jon Donnis.

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By Jon Donnis