The Big BadPsychics List

This list is a constant evolving work in progress, new Psychics will be added to it as we expose them. The list below is by no means a comprehensive list of all the psychics we have exposed. So please do explore the site and forum and I am sure you will find what you are looking for, and if not post a request on the forum and we will see what we can do.

Please note that the original BadPsychics List from the old site is still available along with all articles on the forum.

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Alan Bridges
Amanda De Warren
Amanda Roussety
Andrew McKellar
Amanda Hart
Ben Murphy
Barry Rathbone
Carla Baron
Charles Sibley
Charlie Kelly
Charmaine Wilson
Chip Coffey
Christine Hamlett
Christopher Heath
Colin Fry - Deceased
Deb Webber
Deborah Davies (McDonald/Higgins)
Derek Acorah
Diane Lazurus
Emma Kinsey
Ezio De Angelis
Gail Cuffe aka Psychic123UKreadings
Gordon Smith
Harry T
Jackie Dennison Koshnick
James Higgins
Janette Abbott
Jason Betts
Joe Power
John Edward
John J. Oliver
Kevin Wade
Les Driver
Lorraine Ash
Lisa Williams
Marcus Day
Matthew James
Mitchell Coombes
Nancy Orlen Weber
Sally Morgan
Theresa Caputo
Philip Holden
Psychic Twins (Terry Jamison and Linda Jamison)
Rayleen Kable
Shé D'Montford
Summer Bacon
Thomas John
Timothy Abbott
Tony Stockwell
Tyler Henry
William Constantine

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Unknown said...

IT would break my heart to see my name here!
I have been a working medium for over 35fff years. I run Aura Connections with my friend Kate and twice been asked to do TV.
There is the issue! TV ...
We once did a paranormal investigation ( with a stoke group) they said after meeting Kate and myself "we want it hard core"!! ... Really???
You will get what spirit give no more!!! And if you want us to play and act up! No chance!!
Please no we are not all like this??
But there is pressure to deliver a "show"!! Be the stronger and say NO!
I'm proud of who I am, I'm proud of where I come from. My Grandmother was the late Dora Allen she often worked with Doris Stokes.. She had a wonderful reputation in the East Midlands and I'm proud we too are going that way...
I understand why you expose these people.. But please remember a lot of us are genuine with good hearts
Donna Lesley ( psychic medium )

JD said...

Dorris Stokes was a fraud too, she was exposed in the Daily Mail if memory recalls.
She was using plants in the audience, giving readings to people she had read for before but pretending it was the first time.

And I doubt you will get your name on here, as you are small time, and I try to keep this list for big name frauds.

But I will say this, if you are genuine, I would invite you to prove yourself to me, for if you can convince me you are legit, then you can convince anyone.

Of course I already know the answer, "why should I prove myself to you" blah blah blah.

Anyway my email is on the site. find it, email me, and lets try and prove your claims as real, if not, then clearly you are a fraud as well.

JD said...

Also as clearly stated on your site
"Aura Connections would like to state readings are for entertainment purposes."

You just admitted your readings are not real right there!

JD said...

Well you arent psychic as I am happy to publish your incorrect statements

JD said...

Ok, show me which law states that?

Any psychic or medium can clearly state they are 100% genuine.
ONLY a fake one would be open to be sued, it all comes under the Consumer Protection laws, of which I know very well.

So yes I am the expert here, as clearly you have no idea what you are talking about!

There is NO law that states any medium MUST say they are for entertainment only.
The ONLY reason to state that is if you are a fraud, and you do not want to be sued for making illegal claims.

Any real medium can say they are real. Funny how none do!

Nice try but you just got "owned" by the master!
Why dont you try again?

You do realise I am the person who got the law changed and the old Fraudulent Mediums Act of 1951 removed and made it so that mediums had to answer to the Consumer Proection act right?

I believe the word for your ignorance is "Whoops"

JD said...

Yes i do, its called Satire!
See the title "IF I WAS A LYING PSYCHIC:" Right above the disclaimer!

I actually take responsibility for everything I say, and better still i can back it all up!

JD said...

No what you say is provably wrong!
I know the law better than you, since I helped change it!

You made a fool out of yourself, you thought you could catch me out, you fell on your face.

And all because some medium probably told you all that, and like a fool you believed them.
Trust me, no one knows the law better than me!

Now run along, you are boring me.

Boxed Genie said...

Psychics and Mediums are real.

They do exist.

However, no genuine psychic or medium will charge money or appear on a TV show or take any monetary gain whatsoever.

They can't. Charging for that kind of thing does not and cannot co-exist.

If anyone asks you to pay for a reading, then they are a fraud or delusional. And that is said without any exceptions.

Firstly, you do not talk with dead. Why would you want to?
It is a terrible and unpleasant business and almost all of the time, they cant see or hear you anyway. To linger means they are stuck in their own manifestation which doesn't include you.

On the very rare occasion where you see them and they see you. They have that wide eyed scary stare. That's because they are bricking it about seeing you.

Other times it is not even a ghost or spirit. Sometimes it is just a slip in time for a second or two.

When someone dies and they actually 'go on'. They really dont have much interest in coming back for a visit. Some do, but only once or twice. They really dont give a brown about coming back. Just the same as you dont really want to go across there. And those that do are mentally ill.

Then there are those people who genuinely work in a kind of spiritual environment. But it is more of a mindset, rather than conversing. And when any kind of contact happens, it is vague and completely irrelevant to anyone other than yourself.
Then you have to find out what it means and learn something.

Eventually when it gets to any level which is similar to the same kind of 'gifts' tv psychics have or charging mediums claim to be able to do. You would not be able to charge. You wouldn't want to charge. You wouldn't want to share it and you would be encouraged not to.

So, if you are watching it on telly or going to pay someone for a reading or even going to an evening of clairvoyance, it is most definitely and without exception, a fraud.

JD said...

You say "Psychics and Mediums are real. They do exist."

Where is the evidence? Who are you to make such a statement in the first place?
You say so much as if from a position of knowledge and authority, yet you offer no proof.
It is just fanciful story telling.

Boxed Genie said...

I made the statement in support of your site.

Like most people here, I watched the Most Haunted Live, mainly because I find Paul o Grady funny. But I was kind of shocked at how awful it was. It was basically mocking everybody and treating everyone like an idiot. So I wanted to see if anyone else was as shocked as I was, which brought me to your blog.

I thought perhaps I was offering some kind of support to your venture. I am against all psychics and mediums that charge and appear on television. And of course those that write books and release ridiculous oracle cards etc etc.

I have no position of authority and I offer no proof.

I just want people to wake up and stop giving their money away to people who simply could not be genuine. There are no exceptions.

Anyway, If what I wrote before has upset you. Or if you expected more from it other than what was already there, I am sorry. It was not a challenge. It was not intended to make any difference to what you are already doing.
And I think on hindsight, that I did say too much.

I Wont bother you again, and I wish you all the best of luck and success.

JD said...

How does saying mediums are real support my site?

You say "I have no position of authority and I offer no proof. "

Yet you speak as if what you are saying is a proven fact.
EVERYTHING You said is provably wrong and incorrect.

You haven't upset me, you have annoyed me that you come on here, talk a load of nonsense, offer no proof, and expect me to just let it lie.

You told LIES. But you try to wrap the lies up in some truthful statements to try and give it credibility, when clearly there is none whatsoever.

And you are welcome to bother me as much as you like, especially as you started the conversation by making outlandish claims.

Why dont you back up what you say? Or admit you are a liar. It can be only one of the other

JD said...

I do not need nor covert your support.
The fact you are here and reading my posts means I am succeeding at what I set out to do.

Dbs said...

Jon Donnis.. sadly it's your big ego that is getting in the way of anything really constructive. Didn't need a psychic to tell me that either, you have.
Something you haven't done, is to actually 'prove the Scientific Researchers who actually have accomplished numerous studies and tests, along with numerous peer reviewed research papers on the subject of Pyschic phenomena and ESP and it's existence.

Till then chap.... your wasting your time here.

I do agree that there are fraudulent spinners about and Psychic wannabe's, BUT on the flip side there are also genuine cases. Till you know the subject matter in it's entirety and true form, you have no knowledge, or awareness how to test it, let alone question it.

JD said...

Damn your grammar is so poor it is hard to understand what you abusive post is actually saying.

So instead lets look at some provable scientific and historical facts.

100% of psychics/mediums fail 100% of the time in credible scientific tests when the chance to cheat is removed.
No exceptions.

Also you do realise that scientists on their own are the worst people to test psychics, its like getting a car mechanic to judge the work of a plumber.

I clearly have way more knowledge, awareness, and experience in this field than you, by the obvious and simple mistakes you make.

Name one psychic who has passed a single CREDIBLE test that has then been successfully peer reviewed and replicated by CREDIBLE RESPECTED scientists under the watchful gaze and instruction of professional respected magicians, The very people who know how to fool better than anyone else.

Look up the Project Alpha Hoax. EDUCATE yourself!

And until you are educated, I would advise against speaking to someone like me, who will always make you look a fool, using science, historical facts, and a knowledge you could never dream to match.

Now go play with your crystals and candles, and leave the serious debate to the adults with an IQ over 70

Mark said...

I'd love to know if Tony Ortzen, Maurice Barbanell, Brother John and the rest really believed all the total nonsense they printed, year after year, in Psychic News. They must have been laughing all the way to the bank.

JD said...

You'd be surprised how gullible a lot of people involved in spiritualism but who are not mediums really are.

A lot of times they are the true believers and are victims just like the people that the mediums rip off

Unknown said...

check out heather tarot on facebook. i know for a fact this person is a a person who run away from severe debts. and based in grangemouth scotland

whomever said...

Most people were probably jumped to this page via a link from a google search. I read one of the articles on this site and felt it was very well written. Then, I saw the scrutiny you place upon your viewers. I understand being a skeptic but to throw out anything anyone says that doesn't completely parallel your mindset is ignorant. Especially when some were written in a very friendly peaceful manner. How one handles themselves contributes to their overall credibility. How your rebuttals are written and handled discredits anything you have on this site. You may think that people reading your posts means that you are succeeding in what you sent out to do when in actuality people may want to align with the viewpoint opposite of yours simply because of how you have treated them. You can say only an idiot would believe this or that when it is possible to disprove scientific laws. People believe what they believe based on a combination of the experiences they have had, their culture, their environment, upbringing, intelligence, etc. Whatever it may be it is not your place, or anyone's to deem a belief as idiotic. Really, most things are probable. There was a time when people could not imagine the possibility of a computer, let alone touch screen - or the ability to fly in he air in a craft. People would laugh and say that such devices would only be explainable by some sort of magick. Now it is completely normal. Some cultures and beliefs revolve heavily around astrology - Hindu being one. Who are you to claim an entire culture to be idiotic? It's actually a scientific viewpoint to think that time is not linear and the we could experience multiple universes or points in time while remaining where we are.

JD said...

I call something idiotic when it has now evidence at all, has been completely debunked, is based on flawed thinking and so on.

You mention Astrology, EVERYONE who believes in astrology is a fool, BECAUSE it is nonsense and has been proven to be.

And even if Astrology could be real, the way the stars move and have moved since the inception of astrology makes it all useless anyway.

So the fact it has been 100% debunked, every aspect of it from top to bottom, to still believe in it is to be foolish. Sorry but that is the truth, just because a lot of people believe in something does not make it any more real.

For example the moon illusion (Google it).
I could line up 1 million people, shoulder to shoulder, and tell them to look at the moon while it is low on the horizon, and pretty much everyone would say the moon is larger than normal, now obviously it is not, but you have 1 million people all claiming the exact same thing, and every single one of them is wrong, can be proven wrong, the effect can be explained by science. Now after explaining why this illusion happens, and educating people, if they still believe the moon to actually be bigger, then yes they are a fool.

I have no respect for beliefs which are based on ignorance, whether that be a belief in a God who raped a 12 year old girl to give birth to himself, who would later become a zombie (Christianity) or whether you believe that humans have magic powers to bend metal with their minds, or people can talk to the dead.

You mention the time when people could not imagine a computer, you know what changed? SCIENCE! TECHNOLOGY!!!

Science evolves, even the very thing you are using to have a go at me is because of SCIENCE, not religion, not belief but science.

So please understand when I call someone an idiot, this is not just some blind opinion from a keyboard warrior, it is something that is based in fact.

If you believe in fairies in your garden, you are an idiot, if you believe in magical men who live in the sky who have no problem drowning newborn disabled babies (The great flood), then you are an idiot, if you believe that Uri Geller bends spoons with his mind you are an idiot, as clearly he is doing it the hard way!

Unknown said...

I'm confused. If as you state "all psychics are frauds" then why do you need this list?

JD said...

Well you got me there, ok I guess it is just a list of recent psychics I have exposed as frauds, there are many many more on the forum

Unknown said...

They say "for entertainment purposes" so they can hopefully avoid being prosecuted under the Fraud Act 2006 or the Consumer Rights Act 2015. When they say their act is for "entertainment only" what they are confessing to is they have no psychic ability whatsoever and are merely performing entertainers. There is no law on the statute books that obliges people who claim to have psychic ability to proclaim that their performance is for "entertainment purposes". In fact, that would probably do nothing to protect them from being sued in a civil case. After all, the people who pay to see these psychics are expecting something supernatural to occur. They do not pay to simply be entertained; they can get entertainment on the TV free of charge.

JD said...

All correct comments, the amount of times i have heard psychics claim that they are forced to use the Entertainment Only disclaimer. I always point out that nothing is forcing them to do so, and that any real psychic could claim to be real and have nothing to worry about.

Unknown said...

I truly dislike fake people. Esp psychics. But what makes me happiest is to see the biggest fake on here. Livescifi. The guys so dry and does ouiji boards on his own. In a garage. Lmfao. God almighty. People still pay him to watch bull

Kimmie1 said...

Is Christinaspells on Fiverr is she a scam I couldn't find information on her weather good or bad thanks

JD said...

No need to keep looking she 100% does NOT communicate with the dead, she cannot see the future, and she has no magic powers. AVOID

Unknown said...

I don't know who repulses me more, people like Most Haunted for making money from tricks or people like you who begs for donations for a living as being, what (?) An arrogant pig who gets off from slagging people like Most Haunted off....

JD said...

Wow. Not very nice.
I run this site for free. Hardly any ads, no pop ups.
I help thousands of people a year get refunds from fake psychics, I spend countless hours writing and educating people, and you think I'm an arrogant pig cause I give people the ability to donate an amazon gift card. Not money mind you, a gift card.

Would you prefer I got nothing at all out of helping people and doing so much work?

Oh well.

Unknown said...

To charge or not is each person's perogative. There's no rules saying otherwise.

JD said...

Actually there are rules, there are laws, you cannot charge people for a false service. You can spot a fake medium as they will admit their readings are not real and just for "entertainment purposes only" they will even claim they are forced to say this due to EU laws, of course that is a lie.

Sam0009 said...

Jon Donnis do you believe in GOD.Please answer it yes or no.

JD said...

I have seen no evidence of any religious description of a God, therefore I do not believe in any religious God.

Sam0009 said...

Thanks for your reply.

Unknown said...

I was recently lied to taken advantage of and stolrn from by a lady on your list. She was caught out.

JD said...

Which psychic was it?

Did you report them to trading standards? Did you demand a refund?
Did you learn your lesson and accept these people are all fakes?

Unknown said...

Rayleen kable. I havnt reported theres no point theyre not gonna do anything. Theres no way shes giving refund. This isnt the first time ive been duped by one. Yes ive learnt a very expensive and emotional lesson that mediums are all fakes preying on the most fragile of souls

JD said...

Report her. Demand a refund. Use my name if you want.
Why you give up before trying. Report her!!!

Unknown said...

Ive just emailed and demanded refund also for the space clearing which i never recieved smudge pack which very clearly states on website a client is to recieve

JD said...

Now put in a claim with PayPal if that's how you paid, and also report to trading standards.

Let me know how you get o. Also join my forum and post how you get on there so others can learn too

Unknown said...

I paid by cash and no reciept so i have no physical prrof to report her. Im not on facebook anymore but ill have to rejoin to leave review on her page. I will absolutely keep you updated

Unknown said...

Not surprisingly i never heard back to recieve refund from rayleen kable. I wrote a 100% truthful review on psychic review website to hopefully warn at least one person.

JD said...

Ok so now you report her to tax man. Keep emailing her, write a physical letter to her business address. Don't give up

Drivers said...

i feel sorry for you, you are terribly miserable!



English is not my maternal language, therefore there can be some spelling mistakes.

Im from brazil and im extremelly pleased to finally find a place where people think like me. I always thought phychics were a scam, and i've tried several ones just to see if some of them could tell me something there were absolutely no way they know about.

Do you know how many times this happened? NEVER!

The last one i asked that said that he would not tell me anything about myself and it was up to me to believe wheter he was or not a fraud. After that, a pregnant lady asked him if it was going to be a boy or a girl and he said: DEPENDS ON WHAT you want (could you be more vague than that???)

Honestly there are no such thing as talking to the dead, seeing spirits, ghosts, angels, or any stuff made by the crazy human mind, desperate to believe in something or to accept death.

JD said...

Welcome to the site. Glad to see you have figured it all out, and I hope you will never spend another penny on these frauds.

Unknown said...

Jon I could read your replies to people ALL DAY! It is so funny how people get offended by what you say. Projection is a funny thing LOL

Sparky480 said...

I really like this website the more I view it. Too bad I just discovered it. I don't think mediums ripping off people is what's most dangerous. What I think is most dangerous is the religions "mediums" tend to create, frequently writing books. They gaslight reality while creating victim-blaming ideologies. When I hear about "how a young child suffering from cancer choose to live this life before they were born", my stomach crawls. Zammit is the worse. And maybe the late Dolores Cannon, a rather despicable woman who claims cancer is due to mental illness. I know you don't concentrate on spiritual philosophies and yet I still think they are extremely dangerous.

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