10 November 2012

The BadPsychics Remote Viewing Experiment

The BadPsychics Remote Viewing Experiment for November 2012 has now begun.

The Rules:
A photo has been taken, and sealed in a brown envelope. Along with a randomly generated 8 digit number. The photo could be of anything, an object, a person, an event, a location.

For anyone who wishes to try and remote view, all you need to do is private message me on my forum with your prediction.
Click Here To Send Me Your Prediction

The test will end on midnight 11th of November, any entries received after this time will be ignored and consider void. I will make a note on this page when it has been closed.

I do not want essays on what the picture is of, the more specific you are the better.

Once the test is over, I will list everyone's guesses on here along with a score out of 10 that I personally will judge.

Once all the results are in, any discussion can continue.

I have no interest in interpretation, subjective opinion and so on.

I have deliberately made this experiment as easy as possible. I am not a scientist and claim no academic qualifications to hold such a test. I do it purely out of my own interest.

Anyway here is a photograph of the envelope with the photo inside. Use which ever method you so choose to try and "Remote view".

8 November 2012

"How Not to be a Paranormal Investigator" - TAM 2012

Join James Randi, Banachek, Benjamin Radford, and Matthew Baxter for this panel discussion on the right and wrong ways to investigate paranormal activity, moderated by the JREF's Director of Communications Carrie Poppy.