1 March 2019

REVIEW: Most Haunted - Kelham Hall Pt 2 - Airdate 01/03/2019

It's that time of week again, where I unscrew yet another bottle of Jack Daniels, down a pack of ibuprofen and hope I can make it through an episode of grown adult humans running around an old building, while banging their feet and throwing coins about. Just consider that for a moment, imagine making a living from making this show. Imagine the sheer contempt you must hold for the viewing public.

But before we get to the terror, did you know I have an Instagram page?
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Anyway with the blatant plug out of the way, lets start with the totally pointless blurb.

"Yvette continues with her team in a remarkable investigation of Kelham Hall, as they venture out of the cellar and investigate the upper floors."

We are back at Kelham Hall for part 2 of this investigation.
And for the life of me I cant remember a single thing that happened in part 1, luckily they need to waste a few minutes on the show, so we get a nice recap.

Karl dropped a book behind Glen.
Yvette recalled what Fred told her earlier and then typed it out on her phone.
Stuart chucked a pipe at someone, and Stuart flipped a table then carefully filmed around it to pretend it was a ghost.

We carry on where they left off, and if you remember some machinery went off and scared them all. One of the only genuine reactions you will ever see from them as it wasn't expected.

Karl then knocks an old phone off the wall.

Don't forget to play your Most Haunted Drinking Game. Especially as Fred is already chanting in Latin.

This guy is filming his arm pit, and then there is a noise and a pipe has been thrown again, so he decides to leave in the other direction to where he reveals other crew members are filming.

Glen is getting bored as nothing happening by him since he is on his own.

Back with Fred, Yvette and Karl, Karl is determined to convince people the phone he knocked off the wall OFF CAMERA, was done by a ghost. Clearly he meant to do this, but the machine going off threw off his routine.

Hint of cleavage from Fred.

New teams form.
Greg, Stuart and Fred, Karl on his own, and Yvette alone with Glen!

With Karl and he admits all the lights are on, yet keeps the camera on "nightvision"

He then hears a noise and then hilariously he goes through a door and a office chair is spinning slowly. He then looks around to prove no one is about.

His acting is really poor here, anyone could easily have just hidden and then sneaked out of the room when he went in. Most likely Stuart. Or even easier he could have put the chair on a really fast spin, left the room, filmed a bit and then came back in.

I hate to repeat myself, but a simple static camera filming the corridor would prove that Karl was the only person to enter the room and for how long etc.

With Stuart's gang now and Stuart is convinced a door that was open earlier is now locked, he eventually realises that he needs to pull not push. And idiot of the day goes to Stuart.

Greg, Stuart and Fred go upstairs and into a small room, and Fred reveals the room is cold. So a room that has been closed all day, is cold at night. Kinda makes sense, if warm air does not get into a room, it wont magically heat up. With the recent hot weather in the UK, often I would enter my house and it would feel cold, as I like to keep everything closed. Nothing ghostly.

Karl on his own and he is hearing noises, a very weird deep laughing noise is heard, he goes back to the room with the office chair, but it is not spinning this time.

To his credit he is building tension here for something to happen, and just when you think something will happen, they cut to Yvette and Glen on their own in a room with his laptop.

Glen is sat on the floor, his legs wide apart. Trying to stretch the material in his jeans, so his unfortunate bulge isn't as obvious.

The laptop is recording audio in the hope they get some EVP.

Glen hears a noise so runs across the room to investigate.
Finds nothing.

Yvette then starts to sing Ave Maria, getting some good acoustics in this room, but even they cant help her god awful voice.

Fred then decides to show us his man boob.
No context needed.

Karl is still looking for ghosts up and down the hall, in the room with the office chair.
When he leaves the room a large bin has been placed near the entrance to the room. He moves it out of the way very easily and with very little sound. He then claims that everyone is accounted for. Despite the fact I have shown time after time that they do not records everyone's segments at the same time.

They show a split screen to prove they are all accounted for, but he literally adds these split screens in post production, since this is NOT a live broadcast. So this is very dishonest.

Simply put when he went in the room, the ghost (Stuart) spun the chair and creeped out earlier,  and then later on placed the light plastic bin in place.

God this episode is boring, nearly fell asleep as Fred, Stuart and Greg examine in detail a door that moved a bit.

Now this next bit is very dodgy. Greg is on camera, and Stuart is filming, and they spend a decent amount of time just staring at the door. Fred slowly moves off camera to the right and disappears.

So watching on UKTV the time frame is 33m55s Fred walks off camera to the right. Despite them still examining the door.

Greg "wafts" his arm about to prove air pressure wont move the door.

Stuart then re-frames the shot to make sure as much of the door and Greg are in shot at once. And at 34m12s you can clearly see Greg watching Fred off camera. I wonder why?

Then perfectly on cue the door opens at 34m15s

So that is pretty much 20 seconds since Fred left the shot for no reason.

Another 8 seconds pass and then Fred re-appears from the other side of Stuart

Clearly Fred is responsible here for opening the door. There was plenty of time for him to get in position and do it, and then return.

Greg gives the game away by looking at what Fred was doing.

Now they examine the room and there is no other door, or way in.
So how do they do it?

There is a hatch in the room, but I cant see Fred having the dexterity to jump down, open it jump up and get back in position in time.

They admit that at the back of the room is a filing cabinet and beyond that is another room, but at no point do they open the filing cabinet. So potentially someone hiding in there. But I doubt it.

If it was me, I would use some fishing wire, tie it to the inside door handle, and then feed it through and past the filing cabinet through the gaps in the side or the top. Fred goes off camera and simply pulls the wire, if tied in just the right way it would pull the door enough and then undo, meaning it could be pulled past the filing cabinet and the evidence is then hidden. Fred just walks back into shot and job done.

The fact Greg is watching Fred and waiting for him to do whatever it is he is doing gives the game away for me.

Do you agree with my guess? How would you do it? Leave your opinion in the comments section.

Regardless of how they did it, I will admit it was very well done.

Back with Yvette and Glen, and Yvette is asking the ghosts to touch Glen, you just know Glen is wishing Yvette would touch him. Sexually.

Karl is still walking up and down the corridor. Surely he has set something up here.

Goes in a room, hears a bang and when he comes out a chair has been placed in the middle of the corridor. Again a simple static camera and you just got proof of the paranormal.

Instead it is just another thing that has happened OFF CAMERA.

Karl makes an exit, and they start to wrap up in each group.

Yvette talks about how large the property is, and how she wouldn't go to the toilet on her own, she then tells Glen he will have to go with her.

And with that bit of flirty banter, the episode ends.

The show did move along at a decent pace. Not a lot happened, but what did happen was fun. The door opening on its own was well done and I applaud them for putting some thought into how to fake something instead of the usual crap they churn out.

So I am happy to give then a fair 3 out of 10, one of the highest scores I have ever given them. Still complete crap and a waste of my time, but the fact I re-watched the door opening segment a few times means they made an effort.

Review by Jon Donnis.

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By Jon Donnis

25 February 2019

Did we catch Thomas John: Manhattan Medium posting a faked testimonial?

With Thomas John currently in the media after he was exposed by Susan Gerbic, I thought I would re-publish our article that was originally published on 12th April 2018, whereby we exposed the fact that he had published a fake testimonial. Enjoy


I had an interesting email from someone concerned about Thomas John, they believed that he had printed a faked testimonial. So I checked it out.

Click the image to see it larger.
The original post was posted here.

Now when you click that link you get.

Luckily I copy and pasted it before he removed the fake testimonial.
I received a marvelous e-mail today from a woman I gave a reading to about 6 months ago. What an amazing transformation because she was open to messages from Spirit!
Dear Thomas, 

About 6 months ago, I had a reading with you. My sister had gifted it to me. It was by the phone---I'm not sure if you remember, I was the one who had just come back from Ireland, and we spoke about Ireland. 

When you gave me my reading, I have to be honest, listening back on the tape, I was very difficult with you and I am not sure why I was like that. I noticed that you were getting very specific details and I was not being helpful to you at all. I am sure you don't like people to tell you lots of extra details, but I truly felt my energy I was being difficult intentionally. 

The focus on my reading was speaking to my daughter, who passed away at 19 years old. She was my only daughter and we were VERY close---like best friends.
There were so many amazing things you validated! To be honest, I was skeptical. My mind went to a million places---did he Google me? Did he guess things? Did my mother tell him things? Does he have a way to spy on me? YES....I went crazy for a second! Lol! 

When we ended the reading, I had so many emotions---validation, happiness, sadness, excitement, curiosity. I will even admit that I "Googled" you and I saw you had some trouble in your past. This made me MORE skeptical. 

However about a month ago, I decided to listen to my reading again and the most amazing thing happened to me. While I was listening to the reading, you said, "I see a purple bear with a bow on it." I didn't validate it, but you said, "I literally see you finding it in the weirdest of places!" The day before I re-listened to my reading, I was going through my daughters items and I came across a purple bear. It was inside of her coat pocket. To be honest, I have no idea how or why it got there. I am not sure. I am attaching a photograph. 

Another amazing thing happened. You told me about a "plastic rectangle thing, two of them, attached together, with hearts on them." Again, when you said this to me, I was like WTF......two days ago, FOUND those in my daughters stuff! Yup! Exactly as you said......attaching pics of both!!!!!!! 

Thomas, I will forever be a believer in you and I know that you have a gift that is beyond anything I have ever experienced. Thank you for continuing to share and please, keep up your amazing work. You have healed the heart of this very sad Mother!
Thank you so much, Carin S.
West Bloomfield MI

Before I posted this article, we knew that as soon as I did, he would delete the post as he would have been found out, and then he will simply deny all knowledge, and/or block anyone who questions him about it. So we thought it might be worth sending private messages to some of his followers, letting them know what he had done, so they could see for themselves. Of course the risk being one of them challenges him and he removes the testimonial, and that is what he did.

But so far I have not actually proven the testimonial was faked have I? Well read on....

Now the testimonial itself is the typical thing that mediums publish as if to prove what they do is real. But us skeptics, we know better don't we!

Well the person who emailed me regarding this pointed out the bear picture is actually from an Ebay listing.


But what about that bookmark?

Well a quick reverse image search on google, and it is literally everywhere, loads of posts on Pinterest.

So what does this tell us?

Well there are two possibilities.

1. Thomas John just made up the testimonial, found those two unconnected photos, made up a nice little story to fit them together, and published them as proof of his magical powers.

2. Someone emailed Thomas John pretending that he had given them a spot on reading, and found photos that would match up to what he told them.

Personally I suspect number 1, as that is the most obvious, but even if it is number 2, that would only show that Thomas John has no idea when someone is lying to him, and that he has no problem posting a faked testimonial if it makes him sound good.

Either way it would suggest he has no psychic powers. For he either made it up himself, or he could not tell when someone had made up a story about him being correct in a reading, and therefore the original reading was also fake.

In future any time you see any testimonial that a psychic/medium posts, be skeptical.

We will let you make your own minds up as to how this effects Thomas John's claims of being a medium. Personally I believe he had no real psychic abilities, and that he cannot communicate with the dead.

By Jon Donnis

This article is purely the opinion of the author, and may or may not represent the opinions of BadPsychics.com

24 February 2019

REVIEW: Ghost Adventures - Gates of Hell House - US Airdate 23/02/2019

"What's this?" I hear you shout. "Why yes, it is a review of the brand new season of Ghost Adventures"

Yes it is true, Season 18 of GA started last night (23rd February) in the States, and since it has been a while since i watched the show, I thought I would give it a chance and see if anything has changed since the last time I watched and reviewed. I think the last season I did was season 14, and I managed 5 or 6 episodes, before it got so repetitive and tedious that my head exploded, and I gave up.

So they have had 4 seasons, and nearly 2 years to sort things out and become a credible paranormal investigation show, what do you think? Did they achieve that? Or is it the same old fake crap it has always been? Let us find out.

First up, we need to look at that "Synopsis" (Must be said in an American accent)

"The crew are in Las Vegas, NV, to investigate intense paranormal activity at The Freakling Bros. Trilogy of Terror, an infamous haunted attraction where employees have reported brushes with a terrifying shadow figure ..."

Whereas Most Haunted start their show by admitting it is faked, Ghost Adventures start their show off by telling you that it might scare you. Very interesting tactic.

GA airs on The Travel Channel in the USA, a channel that shows such great TV series like Baggage Battles, Chowdown Countdown and Bite Me with Dr. Mike.

This is clearly a very high brow channel, that only airs the most serious of programming.

Now keep in mind I have no idea who any of the characters are other than Zak.

"We have spent years building our credibility, our reputation" - Zak

Sorry to say Zak you have pretty much failed on that.

So according to the intro package there are 4 people, Zak "Don't call me Bilbo" Bagans, Aaron "Goonies" Goodwin, Billy "Tesco" Tolley and Jay "Wasssup" Wasley.

4 middle aged white guys. Between the 4 of them I heard that they have had sex a combined 3 times in their lives. That's pretty good for ghost hunters.

Why is Zak wearing glasses that don't look to have any lenses? Is this a Yank thing?

Ok so this week they are at a place called The Freakling Bros. Trilogy of Terror, and from what I can understand, this is a fake Haunted Attraction thing. Created in 1976.

So GA are investigating a 43 year old theme park style haunted house. Now come on, this is taking the piss. They have clearly been paid to do a show at a FAKE haunted house attraction, and then claim it is really haunted, in the hope it makes more people visit this place. I remind you of Zak's earlier quote.

"We have spent years building our credibility, our reputation" - Zak

Straight away Zak has put on his ridiculous breathing mask, I remember this from before, he has Asthma or something and instead of using an inhaler like normal people, he wears a ridiculous mask so that he can pretend to be Bane. Lets not give him anymore attention that he clearly desperately craves for his ridiculous mask.

Well things have picked up quickly, we get an interview with the scary Staysha Randall. A former performer at The Freakling Bros.

Not even gonna comment on this.

They leave the area, but Staysha had to go back to get her purse, and when she comes back she claims to have seen a ghostly hand. Of course none of this is on camera.

The team quickly start investigating and put on the thoroughly debunked and completely pointless Spirit Box.

The box says "Trinity", which is quickly related to the Unholy Trinity, 666 and all that nonsense.

We are getting lots of people claiming to be touched, and in pain. Zak is feeling negative energy in his spine.

It is really hard to follow what is going on as the camera darts back and forth so quick, and the ridiculous Spirit Box makes such a racket. I am not sure how any of this equates to "investigating".

They move to another area and now they are interviewing another former performer from The Freakling Bros. This guy literally only worked there one night and then quit, after he was scratched by a ghost.

Every time Zak speaks while wearing his dumb mask, I cant help but laugh, I know it is supposed to add to the atmosphere, but it really just looks and sounds silly.

Some of the other guys have put the Spirit Box on, when suddenly everything goes a bit crazy, and I see a ghost, on screen, which in turn scares them, cue running, screaming and general panic. Now I have paused the show, and without knowing what they are about to show or say, I am 100% sure this is one of the gimmicks in the location that has activated, and that is what has scared them.

And as expected, they had activated a witch gimmick, but they are claiming that the motion sensor in the fake witch had been removed and she is not supposed to go off.

I repeat Zak's quote.
"We have spent years building our credibility, our reputation"

In a matter of 11 minutes, if I was to believe that quote, then their credibility and reputation is in tatters.

So they are investigating a haunted house, and one of the displays has scared them, and they are trying to claim that a ghost is what activated the display.

Too many face palms already for me.

We are introduced to John Shaw, a Satanist. I like this guy, he looks like fun.

He talks about the Satanist symbols, and so on. All relatively interesting.

Some excellent beard-scaping from this guy.

As I watch this, it becomes clear that this is not a paranormal investigation, not in the same way that Most Haunted pretends to be a paranormal investigation, if you know what I mean. This is purely presented as an entertainment based TV show that happens to have paranormal investigating as the theme.

On Aarons phone, Siri suddenly says "Did you accidentally summon me?"

Yes really. The ghost has taken over Aaron's phone. Well only for one message.

Also interesting to note that so far the whole show has been filmed and presented in normal vision, no night vision or green filters.

The cast have now started hearing noises, but the fact they are in a haunted house, with power to the gimmicks still on, means that 100% of what happens can easily be dismissed due to the lack of controls.

And before you know it they have switched night vision on.

Zak is talking about feeling a pain, it was OFF CAMERA, but another camera picked up the audio of him screaming. So if we take him at his word (a big mistake), the first thought I would have is he had a muscle spasm, which can bloody hurt.

Worth saying that these Haunted House Attractions can be quiet scary if they are well made, and imagine investigating one when it is closed, even the most hardened of skeptics would feel their heart pumping fast. Not because there are any real ghosts, but because you know these places are full of jump scare gimmicks, and the anxiety of one of these going off even by accident would get you going.

Aaron has gone off to investigate on his own, and is starting to panic a bit as he is in the area where the animatronic witch gimmick went off earlier. It is really scary looking to be fair.

I am widely regarded as the toughest skeptic on the planet, but even the great JD would wet himself if that thing went off without warning.

Aaron walks right up the the witch, and walks past the gimmick, and disappointingly it doesn't go off.

Bizarrely Zak has turned into a 3 year old, and is making a silly voice and pulling faces, and pretending to be a fan of the show who is moaning because he sent Aaron in on his own and Zak didn't go with him.

Just over half the episode gone now, and I am getting a bit bored.

Regardless of what you think of the show, it is hard to deny that this is one really well made Haunted House. Looks scary as hell, so purely as a PR stunt by the owners, this must be working and they will get more tourists coming to visit.

More Spirit Box nonsense, and now the ghost is speaking in Spanish, and then English

They pull out a new thermo cam thingy that one of the guys has made. Looks pretty cool to be fair.
One thing you can always say about Ghost Adventures, is that they do spend some money on nice gimmicks and expensive cameras. No expense spared.

One episode of Ghost Adventures costs more than an entire season of Most Haunted to make. This is why Ghost Adventures has totally replaced Most Haunted as the Worlds number one fake ghost hunting show.

I have to admit I prefer Most Haunted purely because I am not a fan of shows that are overly produced, which Ghost Adventures is. And the really amateur attempts of fakery on Most Haunted are more amusing.

Whatever you think of the show, this is an epic shot as they walk towards "The Gates of Hell".

Zak has pulled out his Xbox Kinect nonsense, so again another piece of 100% debunked technology they are using to find stick figures, or shapes. Total waste of time. At least the Thermo cam looks cool.

As expected they get a stick figure, again no point even talking about this as the technology is 100% understood, and this is 100% not a ghost.

They check the digital recorder, for EVPs nothing of interest.

They check the "X Camera" which was left in the previous location and it picks up a noise, again because it is a gimmicked haunted house, and noises can be put down to being the machinery etc.

During this episode I have not seen any obviously faked activity, so I wouldn't say the show is faked in the same way that Most Haunted is, but the show is faked due to their flawed investigation methods and the way they present that "evidence" as something it is clearly not. I would be surprised to accept that the crew are not aware of the truth, so I assume they just play along as they know it makes better TV if they use spirit boxes and Kinect sensors and so on.

A gate suddenly slams behind them. OFF CAMERA. And when they investigate they catch an orb go through the gate, and by orb I mean an insect.

More nonsense from the spirit box.

Suddenly Zak is communicating with the ghosts and claiming they are trying to possess him. Did Zak always do this or is this a new thing? All a bit silly.

We get some quick replays of various nonsense that happened throughout the episode and with that the show ends.

The show does tick along at a decent rate, and it is entertaining to watch. As a paranormal investigation it is completely pointless as it does not present any credible evidence whatsoever.

They are also not deliberately faking things, but they are presenting fake results as if they are credible.

I don't think I will bother reviewing any more, as this is no different to what they were doing 2 years ago, it is a set formula, and it bores me.

I give the episode 4 out of 10, I suspect if I watched this show week in and week out that score would be lower. It only gets a 4 as I am coming to the show as a new viewer. But it did not offer me enough to keep me as a viewer.

Review by Jon Donnis.

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By Jon Donnis