28 September 2014

A Polite message To Those Considering to Become Mediums

Every day I get many comments to articles on here, every so often a comment left makes me smile, and even more rarely I feel the need to share such a comment with the world.

The Truth posted the following on an article we published exposing a fake medium. Enjoy!


Polite message to those considering or sitting in "development" circles hoping to become platform "psychics", "mediums", "clairvoyants", "healers", "dowsers", "psychometry" or other "spiritualism" bollock variants:

You will be committing deception & fraud no matter how well meaning you are.

As you know your practice will be to groom the vulnerable, gullible & naive into attending, opening up (not just their purses & wallets) & performing cold/warm/hot reading techniques on them. You will have then exploited & abused those persons. They become your victims. You will have perpetrated a criminal act unless you clearly mention the non-mandatory "for entertainment purposes only" disclaimer that scumbag TV fraudsters use.

Again, they have become your target, your prey.

There are 4 reasons (not necessarily separate) why you may wish to practice the above:

1) Money.
2) Recognition (attention/a partner/fame).
3) You're deluded & hope you have magical powers.
4) To give comfort to the bereaved.

If you genuinely want to comfort the bereaved, train to become a bereavement counsellor or help to expose other perpetrators by showing their victims how they perform cold reading on them. Otherwise do sod all.

You are not healing "chakras".

You are not communicating with "spirit guides".

You are not communicating with "gate keepers".

You are not communicating with the dead.

You are however liaising with strangers who're looking up to you, trusting you, whilst you know (at least in the back of your mind) that you're lying & trying to further deceive them moment after moment for whatever gratification you desire. That act is predatory. You then further put these people at risk when they come back for more with other perpetrators who don't have background checks.

It's like those drug trafficking adverts, it's not too late to stop crossing that line & if you already have tell yourself to "step back" & never set foot in those premises or exploit another victim again. Why not even come clean & show your victims some respect for once.

Everyone can help. Simply don't promote or recommend these charlatans in any manner. If you have "psychics" TV or otherwise on Facebook, remove them or try to expose them to let others know their methods before they become victims. These deviants are materialising in their swarms on Facebook. I've already blocked over 1,000 using keywords.


Psychics = perpetrators.
Churches = pimps.
Clients = victims.

They're not just bad psychics but bad people & it's no longer a joke like once was with showmanship from Acorah. Because of him & others on TV they has evolved fresh deviants with even greater victims they've violated. Don't be either of them.


Woody said...

Indeed, good comment, good message.

Unknown said...

Has anyone seen a bloke called Andrew Russel Davis on you tube apperently Diana speaks through him. He is not right in the head and her sins must find this sort of thing discraceful...whatever next.

JD said...

I doubt she cares since she is dead, but I do know her family are sick of such things but are used to it so just ignore it

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