3 October 2014

Most Haunted Ratings Update - Episodes 4 & 5

So I received a lot of criticism for my coverage of the ratings for the first 3 episodes of Most Haunted. Fans of the show pointed out that ratings for any show go up and down all the time, and all that matters is that Most Haunted was still one of the top watched shows on REALLY TV!

And they have a fair point.

From Episode 1 to Episode 3 they lost roughly 40,000 viewers, but were still in the top 3 shows behind Ghost Adventures.

So now we have the ratings for episodes 4 and 5, so first lets remind ourself of the ratings for the first 3 episodes for comparison.

Episode 1 - 362,000
Episode 2 - 371,000
Episode 3 - 324,000

So how did Episode 4 do?

So in case the image doesn't load that is
Episode 4 - 318,000

But back to number 1!

How about Episode 5?

Down to second place with the following
Episode 5 229,000

So lets compare all of the first 5 episodes of the series.

Episode 1 - 362,000
Episode 2 - 371,000
Episode 3 - 324,000
Episode 4 - 318,000
Episode 5 - 229,000

Now again I am sure the fanboys and fangirls will point out that the show is still in the top two, but there is a very obvious trend here,  other than episode 2, every episode has lost viewers, Most Haunted has lost over 130,000 viewers!!!

This is a brand new long awaited for series, and people are turning off in their droves, and the funny thing is that Ghost Adventurers seems to be suffering a similar fate, although they seem a bit more stable.

At this rate no one will be watching Most Haunted by the time the final episode airs.

Now I spoke to a contact at UKTV who said that despite the public claims of them being happy with Most Haunted, privately there is great disappointment at how badly the show is losing viewers. The only good thing for UKTV is that they only paid about £5000 for the rights to show the episode.

UKTV did NOT commission Most Haunted, despite what some have claimed.

So with the ratings plummeting this must be bad news for ANTIX as this was their last chance to squeeze some money out of the Most Haunted name. Bankruptcy has knocked in their door a few times and they have managed to find a way out.

I wonder how long Fred Batt will be prepared to bank roll Most Haunted and trust in the promises from Karl Beattie?

If things don't improve soon, this could very well be the end of Most Haunted for ever!

And even the gorgeous Melanie Crump wont be able to save this sinking ship!

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Anonymous said...

There won't be a second series unless like you say Fred Batt has a carefree 100 grand to chuck away because he likes seeing himself on TV.

Maybe he should try certain YouTube or Facebook channels. More people would sooner watch Clones pouring ice over their heads than watch that blatant fraudulent shite.

Karl & Yvette's only available gambit was to converge the parody, lobbing & farting into one big comedy to pull in a new audience including haters & a few sceptics who realised that they'd been had from the start. Sadly Most Haunted's core audience were derived from sceptical review in newspapers or hype.

On a delightful plus side though the comeback failed miserably. People weren't laughing at or with, they simply grew up. Everyone knows why you featured Stuart now. Certainly wasn't for the shows integrity. It's a shame you didn't pay him the going rate of entertainer for the act of being the shows puppet & breadwinner. Without Stuart, Karl, lies & flatulence it would have just been locked-off dead air for all this time.

Yvette & Karl (or whoever wears the trousers in your relationship) - nobody gives a stuff about your traveling circus show (remember when you took it abroad? No wonder the Brits aren't taken seriously). Certainly people don't wish to hear you trump & must be thankful that television doesn't currently reflect the aroma of atomic farts.

You know it's bad when even the most faithful angel & fairies believing audience no longer want to tune in to that trollop.

I suspect half of the audience that remains are those who have just left their boxes tuned into Really whilst doing late night dusting or having a crap. Even I woke up to find it on last week. Same old tat (minus the showman) even after 10 years.

You could mix all these frauds of the world into a cuppa & they'd still come out calling each other frauds to individually make themselves sound believable.

Yvette & Karl - you're both a disgrace, a laughing stock. No one wants to be admit to once being a fan or mention in the presence of friends those words, "Most Haunted" again. It'd be like admitting you have something wrong with you, a disease or something. Hanging your dirty linen in public.

The audience has spoken. Money talks & you won't be getting anymore dosh from us. Try producing a real show & stick in Mel Crump to get The Donnis himself to tune in. Even I might watch.

Clurryface said...

We call it "Least Haunted" in our house.If there's nothing else on we watch it to try and see Fred the Undead chucking things for the poltergeists to catch.The best bits are when Yvette (Oh how things have changed since Blue Peter) realises that her latest freakout is a result of contact with her own hat pompom or a moth.
Here's an idea: Make a new series going back through all the episodes coming clean about all their stunts and exposing their guest charlatans series by series.Hopefully this would generate its own income and they could finally afford to ditch Fred Batt the Dreaded Rat.
See ya.
CJ xø

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