28 October 2018

REVIEW: Most Haunted - Series 22 Episode 10 (28th October 2018) - Leopard Inn Part 3

We are nearly there, one episode left, then freedom. Let's hope this is a cracker, with lots of tricks, stunts and fakery, otherwise it will just be me bored out of my head.

First up lets take a look into the dark devious world of Yvette and Karl and see what kind of blurbage they have for us.

In the final part at the Leopard Inn, the team experience strange sounds and ever-increasing poltergeist activity. Can they stay until the morning? Only time will tell.

"That without a shadow of a doubt has to be paranormal" - Karl Beattie

We hear Karl say this in a voice over right as the episode starts. Take a close look at those words, without a shadow of a doubt. That means every angle must be covered, there is NO DOUBT, Literally, no doubt, no other explanation.

So I wonder why they have suddenly decided to change 22 series of bad investigating techniques and suddenly do things properly? Well lets wait and see.

Titles roll and we get the usual "Previously on...." segment to fill a few minutes of air time.

We start off with the cliff hanger. Karl hears a giggle that he adds in post production, he turns around the corner and a doll has been placed on the floor OFF CAMERA.

Karl is pretending to be scared so he leaves the area, instead of setting up static cameras on the doll.

Yvette is now hearing things. Glen hears something so runs towards the stairs, asks Yvette if they should go up to investigate, Yvette gives the game away and says they need to stay where they are as Karl is upstairs.

We flit from one group to another, all are hearing noises but everything is OFF CAMERA as usual.

With Karl and a door is slammed behind him and OFF CAMERA. As he turns the camera to film himself, a door that was in front of him slams itself OFF CAMERA.

With Stuart now and something has been thrown OFF CAMERA.

Yvette is trying to get the ghost children to play, but they don't care and ignore her.

Yvette keeps chucking a doll down a hall way hoping the ghost will throw it back, SPOILER, it doesn't.

Back with Karl and more doors are slamming OFF CAMERA.
A chair is dragged behind Karl and OFF CAMERA.

Back with Stuart and there is now a hilarious scene.

There is a noise maybe a door slam, and Stuart runs into one room, and the terrified beardy cameraman runs into another shitting his pants. Its so pathetic, but it is quite funny.

Yvette has chucked the doll and is asking the ghosts to drag it into the nursery, this is the perfect shot to have a bit of fishing wire and Karl pull it from an OFF CAMERA position, will they do it?
Sadly no, they just go past the doll and check Glens laptop.

Yvette chucks the doll again and asks the ghosts to chuck it back. Nothing happens.
They check the laptop for EVPs which as we all know is a waste of time.
Straight away they have picked up a noise and Yvette admits that it sounds like a cat, we then get a few replays and Yvette now says it could be a child.

It sounds like a bird to me.

We get a good few minutes of EVP checks, all a bit boring.

Back with Karl and he admits that "nothing will show itself if it is on bloody camera"
Yes Karl we know, because you only have 2 cameras, and you are the one making the noises and throwing things!

Another door slam, cue swearing from Karl, everything OFF CAMERA of course.

About half way through the episode now and there is a definite trend of things happening OFF CAMERA. Getting boring now.

Karl is making scared noises like a small child.

Another door slams, OFF CAMERA.

Instead of investigating and setting up multiple cameras to cover the various doors, he just decides to leave.

And at this point he delivers his line about it being without a shadow of a doubt paranormal, yet he has not actually done any investigating, he has walked up and down a bit, doors have closed OFF CAMERA. So the reality is there is a HUGE amount of doubt as to the nature of the doors slamming. And to declare this as paranormal is utter amateurish nonsense.

With Stuart and Beardy, and they are still trying to convince us that we are seeing night vision, they even turn off the big light on top of the camera as if to say this is what they can see, and then puts the light back on as if that is the night vision. Sorry but the picture is too clear to be night vision. It is such a lie.

True night vision in true low light conditions is grainy. Their images are almost crystal clear, and you can even see where the light of the camera is pointing. Night vision shows everything, but their fake night vision only shows where they are pointing.

They claim that this chair has been thrown, but off course it was OFF CAMERA.

Yvette and Glen are still looking at the EVPs on the laptop, desperately trying to find anything vaguely interesting.

So far this entire episode has just been a repeat of the first two parts.

Why do idiot paranormal investigators turn all the lights off then use torches to see where they are going? Just a thought of how ridiculous this whole genre is.

Still no sign of Fred, I am sure they previewed him talking at the end of the last episode.

It amuses me how when they hear a footstep or a noise they walk in the general direction saying "hello, hello"

Karl doesn't know what to do next, eventually decides to go back and see the others. Stuart thanks the ghosts as they leave.

Yvette is with Glen and getting all scared, Glen is loving it as Yvette is creeping up all close on him.

You can tell Glen is feeling all manly right here.

Glen is now fully erect, he has not had this much close contact in years.

Yvette is convinced there is a ghost, but of course the cameraman is filming them instead of where they are looking, which means if anything did happen it would be OFF CAMERA.

Glen leads Yvette into the darkness. Where anything could happen and he could just blame the ghosts!

They finish crawling from wherever they are, and suddenly beardy makes a HUGE admission as he says "oh hello daylight"

So despite what they claim, they have now admitted this was filmed during daylight hours.
Very surprised Karl missed this in the edit.

To finish off the episode they decide to have a group seance in what was believed to be the children's nursery.

Such a small lightweight table. I am sure everyone has seen magicians do much more with much bigger tables.

The claim the table is shaking, but you cant see it on camera.
The table starts to twist ever so slightly, but you cant see everyone's feet, so could be anyone doing it.

Looks like Karl is pushing the table with his left leg which is clearly pressed against the table leg. He moves his knees back and the table the moves some more, this time it is Karl's foot moving it, if you watch really really closely you can just about make it out.

The table moves a bit but ONLY when someone is firmly touching it. And then the episode ends.

No evidence of the paranormal. Nothing caught on camera. Another waste of an episode.
More lies exposed.

I will admit it was a somewhat entertaining episode. But it got very repetitive and tedious quite quickly.
Over the 3 episodes at the Leopard Inn, the only thing of note that happens was the doll being chucked from an OFF CAMERA position. And even that was not really looked at much other than a couple of replays.

A poor ending to what has been a very poor series.
But at least now I can have a break from watching this crap. Maybe I should go do an investigation of my own!

1 out of 10.

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