27 October 2018

REVIEW: Most Haunted - Series 22 Episode 09 (27th October 2018) - Leopard Inn Part 2

Just 2 episodes left, then freedom, back to normality.
As I do not frequent the Most Haunted forums, facebook pages and so on, please let me know the general consensus of the fans with regards to the doll being thrown in the previous episode, as I am genuinely curious as to whether anyone fell for it. Since that was the single biggest event of the previous episode, they seemed to skip past it pretty quick, and then get excited about taps and knocks.

Anyway here is some filthy sticky blurbage for you

Still at the Leopard Inn, Yvette has a close encounter in the corridors with disembodied footsteps walking toward her and aggressive poltergeist activity plagues the team.

With 10 people present. Footsteps, taps, knocks, are NOT evidence of the paranormal, just a quick starting point for you all.

"This place is definitely haunted" - Yvette Fielding

Remember when Yvette would go on TV shows, claim to be skeptical, say that they are just showing you the evidence and letting people at home make their own minds up? Yeah well that is out of the window now.

The fact they air her saying that right after the "This show is for entertainment purposes only" is all you need to know. It is very much like they are sticking two fingers up to OFCOM knowing full well their idiot fans will believe her and ignore an official regulatory body who simply is not allowed to lie.

We get the usual "previously on MH clip" showing the doors closing on their own OFF CAMERA, as well as all of the other OFF CAMERA incidents, and the various taps and knocking which prove nothing.

Straight back into the investigation, and beardy bloke claims to have heard something in his ear, could simply be the cameraman making the noise, and beardy over reacting.

Stuart is now claiming to be struggling to breath.
Instead of calling 999, he carries on investigating.
After 10 seconds he is clearly breathing normal, which would lead me to believe he was lying for dramatic effect.

Karl and Stuart are now going up and down the corridor with only one camera, and things keep happening in the opposite direction to what they are moving in. So 100% OFF CAMERA.

Ok here we have 3 shots in one, only getting audio from the Yvette shot. But Stuart and Glen are talking, we are being lead to believe all three shots are happening at the same time. This is FALSE. This is not true. There is no satellite feed. This is not a live broadcast. All three shots were filmed and recorded independently, and perhaps at least 2 of them with the exact same camera. The Stuart shot could have been filmed one hour after the Glen shot.

As far as I am concerned shots like this are misleading and are only done to push a narrative and convince the viewer that everyone is busy and in separate parts of the location.

Question everything!

We now get a lot of running around. A chair has appeared in the middle of the corridor, apparently thrown or placed OFF CAMERA. Could just have been Stuart, walking along and he thinks "I will put this chair here for fun". That is a million times more likely than any ghost doing it, especially since the ghost refuses to do it on camera.

Because Most Haunted refuses to investigate in a credible manner, and because they have never ever not once ever presented a single piece of credibly evidence, everything on the show that is presented is presented on the understanding that the viewer trusts Most Haunted are telling the truth. Simple as that, watching this show and believing in what happens comes down to your faith in Karl and Yvette.

Yet we know Karl lied and got exposed for being a fake Samurai in the mid 2000s. He literally went on TV shows and made the claim purely because The Last Samurai movie was coming out and he wanted to get some PR from that. So we know Karl lies. We have exposed on this very site so many times when they have lied to you. So even if you ignore everything we say. I just ask you use some common sense. Even if you believe they are telling the truth, why do they investigate in such a manner that leaves them so open to accusations of fakery? Why don't they put in place the most simple of controls that would eliminate fraud?

I try to suggest how they could do this, but they never do, so ask yourself why?

"What we want is it to be seen on camera, and people ask why we don't have locked off cameras, but the thing is we do have locked off cameras, but sometimes the range, you know your little go pros, the go pros aren't strong enough" - Yvette Fielding

"Depends where you point them as well, we could have 100 and still not cover the whole place" - Beardy Bloke.

Literally after I had typed my spiel they said the above on the show.

So show us the Go Pro footage? Have they ever shown a single piece of footage from a Go Pro?
Why doesn't every crew member have a body cam, like the police, another idea for you.

Why is it that every single time something happens, we only ever have one angle, and the thing that happens is OFF CAMERA?

Where are you placing these so called Go Pro cameras you have? Why aren't you placing them in an area as soon as you claim to have activity?

You try to answer the criticisms, but you expose yourself further and your ignorance by doing so.
Some of the locations you investigate are tiny, you only work in 3 or 4 rooms.
And again where is the CCTV footage? Or do you make the owners turn the CCTV off and sign non disclosure agreements? Why do you do that? Scared that they might leak to the papers footage of Karl and Stuart setting a stunt up?

Yvette just claimed "everyone is accounted for"
Remember in a previous episode when I stated that everyone has walkie talkies and everyone knows where everyone is at all times, well Yvette just confirmed it for me.

Yvette meets up with Karl and Stuart and they compare stories, in this segment Yvette admits she could hear them upstairs. So if she could hear them so easily, that would go to suggest that if you hear taps, knocks, footsteps etc, it could simply be someone else in the location.

We cut to Glen who claims he is completely and utterly lost in the cellar.

Poor Glen and his child's scarf.

They all meet up and then split off again for solo "VIDGUALS"

So they are now claiming to have 5 broadcast quality cameras in action at the same time.
As well as the so called locked off cameras that we never see any footage from.

With Karl and suddenly the music box from the previous episode has been opened and is playing. So quickly Karl runs to the room and finds it. Of course anyone could have just opened it, as there was no camera filming it. And since they said they hoped a ghost would make it play, seems strange they didn't put a camera on it.

With Stuart and he hears running footsteps, OFF CAMERA, then as he looks down a corridor, a door slowly opens by itself ON CAMERA! Yes on camera!

There is no video edit. This is a one take scene. So how do they do it, in the room there is no second door. The trick on this is simple, notice how Stuart keeps the camera high up. This is so ghost Karl who is crouched down on the floor is out of shot, as Stuart enters the room he suspicious films towards the window meaning the area to the direct left of the door is completely hidden, a crouched down ghost Karl simply crawls out of the room at this point, and Stuart is then free to film anywhere he likes.

Now a proper investigator would have put a camera outside of the room to film the back of Stuart as he goes in, just to prove no one leaves the room craftily.

Very easy trick to do, you could practice the shot a couple of times to know where to point the camera and then do it.

But a nice scene I will give them that. And well choreographed.

Glen can hear knocking from above him, but admits it could be another team, so right there he has admitted it is easy to hear other people in the location.

Half way through the episode now.

With Stuart and another door has opened slightly. Again he goes in but leaves the space to the right of the door off camera allowing the hidden ghost Karl to creep out.

Back with Karl and the music box has started playing again, and despite this already happening once already, he STILL did not leave a static camera to film it. So instantly all of their claims are utterly debunked, they have NO GoPros, they have no common sense, and they are lying to you. He could get the smartphone out of his pocket, put it on record prop it up somewhere and leave it to film the music box.

Karl is hearing more bangs and footsteps.

Back with Stuart and he is hearing footsteps too, so he SLOWLY walks down the corridor, almost as if he is carrying something heavy with his other hand. Suddenly there is a bang and a chair drops right behind Stuart and OFF CAMERA.

No static camera shots, no secondary footage, no GoPro shots, nothing. Just Stuart walking along with one camera.

We are supposed to believe a decent sized chair has just been thrown at Stuart, yet if that happened for real to me, I would call everyone together, set up multiple cameras and wait.

Instead Stuart brushes it off as if it is nothing and carries on.

He hears a bang and as he turns around a door has opened on its own, this time I think he just kicked it.

Funnily enough, Glen who is on his own in the bar area is just chilling out and nothing has happened.
Guessing that is why we have not seen much of him these two episodes. As useless as Glen is, I do not believe he deliberately fakes anything, of course he knows the others do, and has witnessed them faking first hand, but he himself does not throw things.

10 minutes left and this cant finish quick enough, It has all got a bit silly and repetitive now.

Karl is hearing things that he will later add in post production, which is clever if you think about it.

Yvette is asking the ghosts to do something before she leaves. They ignore her.
Despite Yvette claiming the temperature is dropping quickly, there is no visible breath showing from any of the crew.

Karl claims a door has closed on it own OFF CAMERA.
He then opens the door but pretends it is really hard to do as if someone is pushing back.

We cut between all the various crew and all of them saying they are done.
Have they all forgot this is a 3 part investigation?

Glen is the only honest person in this episode with regards to the footage from his investigating, as nothing has happened, nothing at all. And the reality is if the whole crew were not faking, then they would all have the same experience.

Stuart is now claiming to have stabbing pains in the side of his chest. Of course he does not dial 999 and get paramedics to check him out, instead he just says he will carry on.

Final shot with Karl and he asks the ghosts to do something before he goes, and just as his post production edit of a child giggling is played the episode ends.

A few previews of the next episode and looks like we will get more stuff being thrown, some table tipping and some glass divination. Such joy. But also strangely we hear that Fred will be in the next episode? Unless it wasn't his voice. He hasn't appeared so far. That is a big mystery.

Episode ends.

Well much like the previous episode they have made an effort and I do appreciate that. Stuart did the best stunts with the door opening, and dropping a chair behind him.

But again the fact remains, nothing happened ON CAMERA. everything was OFF CAMERA.
This is a total fail if you look at things purely from an investigating angle.

I score this episode 1 out of 10 again, they made an effort but it was still not good enough.

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By Jon Donnis

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L Simon said...

The ghosts employ a stealthy new tactic to discredit the team in this episode. One where the viewer is made to question everything they have witnessed so far. It is quite subtle, but this is exactly what makes it so effective.
When Stuart approaches the second door that opens by itself there is a big bang to accompany the movement, which makes him cry out. But, here is the killer, in the replay footage shown at the beginning of the next episode there is only the sound of Stuart crying out, the bang has mysteriously disappeared! Which is real? Can anything be trusted to be genuine?
I have heard whispers of what the ghosts call this latest attack, a phrase they appropriated from the Most Haunted crew themselves in a twisted parody. They named it “call back phenomena”!

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