2 August 2017

The Return of The Jon Donnis Show Podcast

Now when I say "return" lets be honest here, I knocked up 3 short podcasts about 7 years ago, using 2 snippets of me taken from the old BadCast podcast, and an interview I had on an Irish radio station. But I was bored a few days back, and wanted to get some info out so I thought I would shove it on the Jon Donnis Show Podcast feed. Well I broke an exclusive on the first one, that being that Derek Acorah was 100% definitely going into the Celebrity Big Brother house. I say "exclusive" despite the fact various tabloids had said he was going in, and that is because I knew that I was telling the truth, whereas the tabloids say Derek's name every year, I had insider knowledge that it would happen, in fact I knew about it back in April but promised not to reveal it, in part because contracts were still being talked about etc.

Anyway after I released that and the millions of people had listened to it (millions in the Zimbabwe currency value model), I watched Derek go in the house, and heard someone in the crowd shout "Mary Loves Dick" and this made me want to record another podcast just to talk about that, so that is exactly what I did.

I may or may not release further podcasts, and I may or may not plug them on here, so if you want them to appear magically on your podcast device, you can subscribe on iTunes using the following link


Or you can just do a search for "Jon Donnis" from your podcast app, and it should show up.

If you do subscribe, I would really appreciate it if you left me a 5 Star review. If you feel the need to abuse me and send hate my way please do it through Twitter @JonDonnis

If people subscribe, leave reviews etc, then I will do more podcasts, if no one cares then I wont do any more.

You can also Tweet me your ideas for future podcast subjects.

Please note this is not a BadPsychics Podcast, this is The Jon Donnis Show Podcast, that means that although I will talk about psychics and the paranormal, I will also talk about other subjects, what they may be, you will have to see, time to climb out of the pigeon hole I have created for myself.

If you are new to the PodCast world and don't have an iPhone, the best Android app for Podcasts is Podcast Addict which you can either search for in your store, or get by clicking this link.
Play Store - Podcast Addict
One you are in the app click the + button at the top of the screen, and then click on the search engine button. From there click the little magnifying glass icon, and search for Jon Donnis, make sure to tick the box to Use iTunes search engine. And then click the link that comes up that says The Jon Donnis Show, and then click Subscribe, and the episodes should download to your device, any problems leave a comment here and I will try to help.

And for those of you who do not have a PodCast app on your phone, I have uploaded the latest episode to Youtube so you can watch below.

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