31 July 2017

UPDATED: The husband of Colin Fry and his outrage at Psychics using Colin Fry's name after his death

There has been an updated to this article, please scroll to the bottom to read - Admin 01/08/17

It was recently brought to my attention that there are a number of self proclaimed psychic mediums around the world who are claiming that Colin Fry is their new spirit guide. Yes I know, it is ridiculous, but these "mediums" have seen an opportunity to promote themselves and their career by using the name of a more famous medium, who died a couple of years ago. And guess what, I have a problem with that.

I actually knew Colin Fry, and I spoke to him regularly, and although we clearly had huge differences, Colin did respect me, and even once told his own fans to stop abusing me, as they were sending me all sorts of threats etc, Colin publicly stated that I was the only skeptic in the world that he was happy to talk to.

Now before he died I spoke with him in depth, and I asked him many questions, one was if after he died he could haunt me. He told me no. I also asked him if he would ever speak through any mediums after he had crossed over. He said that if he did it would only be through someone he was very close with, and only if his husband Mikey was the person there, he also shared his fears that he knew that after his death that his name would be used by fraudulent mediums as a way to self promote, and that sadly there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Well here we are a few years later, and exactly what he predicted has come true! (Damn how did he know?)

So I am here to call out specifically two people, and also anyone else who has made this claim.
First is a medium called Christine Snowdon

She claimed in an issue of "Spirit & Destiny Magazine" that Colin's death was a turning point in her career and that he was now her spirit guide.

I decided to speak to the one person who knew Colin Fry better than anyone, that being his husband, Mikey Fry. I asked him straight how he felt when he heard of Colin's name being used in this way by Christine Snowdon, he told me...

"First of all shame on Spirit & Destiny Magazine for allowing this claim to be published without any proof, or even consulting me Christine Snowdon is just a wannabe,using a dead man as a way to self promote and get her name out there, she is a leech. I am incredibly offended and I am looking into the legalities of the claim, and I will take action if it is possible to do so"

I think that is pretty clear.

The next self proclaimed psychic medium that I have heard making the exact same claim, that Colin Fry is their spirit guide is a medium by the name of  Tara Coyle

Tara Coyle for those who have never heard of her (and I expect that is most of you) is your classic "hanger on", in more recent times she has desperately stuck to Derek Acorah, and managed to get on tour with him. But one look at her facebook page, and you see lots of photos of her with Colin Fry. So if you believe in the idea of a spirit guide (however ridiculous that may be) perhaps she has a stronger claim. So I put it to Colin's husband Mikey, and asked him if he had heard of Tara Coyle making this claim.

He told me...

"I heard that Tara Coyle had made the claim that Colin Fry was her spirit guide during a seminar in Ireland, I do not believe her for a moment. I am disgusted by her claim, and my only interest now is to expose her. I want to make this very very clear Colin Fry is NOT a spirit guide of  Tara Coyle, or any other medium for that matter.

Both Tara Coyle and Christine Snowdon are using my late partner to perpetuate their lie and fraud and I intend to expose these parasites fully to the public for this so that they will no longer profit from Colin's name. 

I personally have no interest in financial gain from any of this, I just want them to stop using my Colin for their careers, it is not want I want as his husband, and it damn sure is not what he would want either.

I might end up losing some friends over this, but people claiming Colin is their spirit guide is just wrong, I have had enough of this, and am going to take action. 

This feels like a desecration of Colin, a violation of his soul and my memories of him, I just want it to stop...."

That was the end of my conversation with Mikey, clearly his loss is still affecting him greatly.

So where does that leave us. Well I have to be fair to everyone. We have two separate people making claims, that Colin Fry is their spirit guide, so I challenge both Tara Coyle and Christine Snowdon to prove it. If Colin Fry is really their spirit guide, then it is really easy, during my conversations with Colin before his death, we spoke about a member of my family, someone who had been deceased. No one outside of myself and Colin know who this conversation was about. So I challenge Tara Coyle and Christine Snowdon to tell me who this family member was. If you are telling the truth, then it should be easy, if you are lying, well you will stay silent.

Mikey Fry is calling you both liars, and I am calling you both liars. Prove you are telling the truth and I will delete this article, and replace it with a full page article promoting you. I think that sounds fair.

Are you a fake? Are you a fraud? Lets find out the truth.

I look forward to hearing from you both, I am easy to find, just click on the Contact page on this site for details.

By Jon Donis

22nd July 2017
After reading this article Tara Coyle contacted Mikey Fry directly and offered a full apology. She has claimed that this was a misunderstanding and that she only referred to Colin "in a third party light" as a friend, and that she does not claim that he is her spirit guide and she is very sorry for any confusion that may have occured.

Since we have no footage of her making the claim that Colin was her spirit guide, I am prepared to take this apology at face value, and accept her explanation that this was a misunderstanding. Tara has agreed not to talk about Colin Fry in her shows, and not to use his name as part of her act.

If you have heard Tara make the claim that Colin was her spirit guide please let me know, and if you hear her using Colin as part of her act also please let me know.

A message from BadPsychics to Tara Coyle. It is our opinion that you do NOT communicate with the dead, and that you never have, what you do is an act, an act we can and will expose. And as long as you continue to make claims that you can communicate with the dead, and then take money from vulnerable, grieving people, then you will remain a person of interest for us.

01st August 2017
After publishing the previous 22/07/17 update, we were contacted by numerous people who claimed that Tara Coyle had indeed claimed that Colin Fry was her spirit guide at a charity event in Keady and the TMAC centre in late June early July. So it seems that the original claims that were made against her have more weight now. With that said she has agree not to use Colin's name going forward and has already apologised to Mikey, however because she seemingly lied, I know that Mikey is very upset, and he is looking into his options.

It really does seem that these fake mediums really do have no depths they wont sink to try and convince a gullible and vulnerable audience that they are legit. Unluckily for them BadPsychics is always watching.


Unknown said...

Mikey fry is a dear friend.... He has suffered enough losing colin...I am sickened personally and for mikey that these people are shamelessly using colin to future their careers... This is a outrage... Pkease stop...

JD said...

I just hope this article will help convince them to stop.

Unknown said...

As a personal friend of mikey fry im appauled... This is so not what colin wanted.. These people are total frauds... Please stop..

beach1e said...

It is quite a difficult one to manage I would have thought. What possible action can anyone take when psychics are claiming they have a spirit guide? we don't own the deceased, although I accept the estate of the deceased and promotion of them may be protected when it comes to their image etc. I look forward to these people rising to the challenge !

Unknown said...

Disgusting behaviour Mikey has been through he'll and back and now this. These people need to a get a life. Disturbing actions. Bless Mikey he's a wonderful guy x

Mrs_Minniver said...

Absolute disgrace. Have they got no respect? Colin would be turning in his grave, if he knew this. As a medium, your job is to comfort the grieving and provide evidence. You are doing the exact opposite, to Colin's husband, Mike Fry. You are causing upset, trauma and distress to Mike and those who knew and loved Colin. You are disrespecting Colin Fry. Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you.

Jerry Dandridge said...

As beach1e said, this is a bit of a strange issue to deal with. Do we know whether these women using Colin's name has actually had any positive impact on their own careers?

JD said...

Thats actually a very good point.
These people are causing distress to Colin's husband, this is as you say the opposite of what these mediums claim is their purpose.

JD said...

Well the one got an interview in a popular spiritualist magazine, and actually said in that interviewed it was the turning point of her career, so in her own words yes it has helped her career.

I would hope with this article it will now have a negative impact on their careers

Unknown said...

I am behind you all and mikey they need to leave him and colin alone and they should pay for what they have put him through the scumbags.

I would take them for everything they have got and leave them with NOTHING

Jerry Dandridge said...

Before I write what i want to say, I am not trying to be an ass or offend anyone who reads this.

I get that people are upset, especially his husband; but by getting offended, upset and calling these women liars a little hypocritical on the part of his husband? Yes, Colin Fry may not have known these women from Adam, but if mediumship is as real as Colin Fry always made out it to be (and I assume his husband believes also), then why is it beyond the realms of possibility that Colin Fry is the spirit guide of one or both of these women?

Do not misunderstand me; I do not believe either of these woman are mediums, let alone in contact with Colin Fry; and they are most definitely using his name to aid their careers. But I dunno, part of me just thinks that Colin Fry's husband should have expected something like this to happen given the line of work Colin was in.

JD said...

From what I understand the medium ship part of Colin's life was nothing to do with his relationship with Mikey. So I can understand both sides. But whether any of this makes Colin a hypocrite doesn't matter since he is dead.

Mikey is the innocent Husband. He could have easily claimed to be a medium after Colin's death and claimed Colin was helping guide him and many would have believed him, instead Mikey is running his animal sanctuary in Spain, trying to live his life, and these people are using his husbands name. Its a tough one but I think we still need to call the frauds out regardless of any perceived hypocrisy

Unknown said...

If they are mediums they would already have their guides, they make money off the back of the dead The gift yous were given was to help people who need assurance that their loved ones are happy and they are still with them on earth in spirit You abuse it and you will lose it.As for leaving them with nothing that is exactly what tbey have and why they use Colins name l have heard this over and over as my grandmother was a medium the best thing you can do is laugh and know the truth in your heart Colin left the physical body but his spirit is still with Mikey..Everyones out for money shame on them

JD said...

Every medium is out for money if they charge.
Lets be realistic here, 100% of mediums fail in 100% of credible scientific tests, no exceptions. They all fail.

Using Colin Fry's name is just another part of the scam for these people

beach1e said...

I see there has been no response to your fb post on Tara's page.shame. maybe she is taking a much needed break to re charge her batteries .I saw on a Midsomer Murders once how gruelling it was connecting with people on another plane.

Adrian Heath said...

I'm sorry for Colin's husband, it must be tough for him and I wish him all the best and hope that as time passes his grief will lessen and be replaced by only happy memories. I notice a lot of comments on here made by believers expressing understandable anger and distaste for the actions of these women, I have to say to these people that now in the light of these events you can perhaps see and understand a little better the anger distaste and feelings those of us opposed to the activities of psychics and mediums experience everytime someone claims the impossible action of talking to the dead, thereby arresting the grieving process and liberating the vulnerable bereaved of substantial sums of money they frequently can ill afford.

Unknown said...

This is all wrong what they are doing .. I know top mediums that have help and support me I will not use there names that they have work hard for and made there self to get were they are just so I can get to the top no way I am just happy for there support ..As a medium, your job is to comfort the grieving and provide evidence....

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Well done to Mikey Moo Fry for triggering this full investigation obliterating the False presimpotions / Lies that have been broadcasted by these fake mediums without the respect Colin & Mikey deserved also without permission from Colin fry's estate which Colin's husband is Managing which is legally binding. Lastly No one knew Colin as well as his Husband Mikey Moo Fry as far as I'm concerned so No better judge of character than Mikey hence I will continue to back him & Colin's Good names all the way!
Well done to Jon Donnis & Mikey's Barrister for pursuing so Adequately.

Adrian Heath said...

When the chance to cheat is removed 100% of mediums fail 100% of the time, I post this so much I Swear I could type it blindfolded, psychics and mediums are all fake this is why James Randi's prize of $1000,000 is unclaimed. I'd love to be proven wrong in this having lost my dad last year but thankfully my critical thinking skills are not sufficiently impaired as to render me susceptible to their wild assertions.
Mediums and psychics, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and the burden of proof is on them and anecdotal evidence is not evidence at all so the legions of fans who say such and such happened and he/she couldn't possibly have known AB or C is hugely unimpressive to me. I had hoped that believers could be honest enough to at least understand how us sceptics view this but your post just proves that frequently the desire to believe is stronger than the desire to know. Good luck with that but always know there will be those of us who fight for what is right and we will never give up never give in and will continue to press for truth and honesty, taking money from vulnerable people at a serious low point in their lives is evil pretending you can speak to the dead and giving false hope is evil even if you take no money, you cannot speak to the dead because the dead are non existent.

JD said...

See the update in this very article

JD said...

Spot on comments, although I doubt the believers posting here will ever understand a skeptics position

JD said...

Hey thats my line!

Adrian Heath said...

I learned from the best :)

Babbling Rambles said...

As bad as this is to see and without coming across as disrespectful, if you earn a living being a medium in the first place when you most likely realise you are manipulating vulnerable people, then after you die, others are going to do the same. I don't believe any of this stuff and Colin homself was happy enough to earn money from doing it. I do think it is wrong what these other mediums are doing though, but l do feel that there's a bit of hypocrisy going on when it comes down to it.

JD said...

Yes there is hypocrisy in this, however we have to separate the private and public life of Colin Fry.

To Mikey, Colin wasn't a medium, he was his partner. Mikey more than anyone could easily have "become" a medium after Colin died and used Colin Fry's name as his spirit guide and cleared up. Instead Mikey has just got on with his own life, he has not tried to use Colins name to make a fortune.

So we have to respect his wished as a widower.

I exposed Colin Fry on this very site, but now he is dead, so what am I supposed to do? Just ignore fake psychics further using the Colin Fry name for fraud, or go after them too?

I choose to go after any and all psychics, no one gets a pass with me, and even if there is some irony in what these psychics are doing, that should not be an excuse not to expose them

Babbling Rambles said...

I agree with you and l am sorry if l sounded disrespectful.

JD said...

Never apologise for your opinion.
You had a valid point, I explained my position, doesn't mean I am right and you are wrong, or the other way around.
I encourage skepticism, and I want people to question everything, including me, and including what I write on my site.

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