9 August 2017

Pretend TV psychic Paula Barstow aka Lillyanne and her ridiculous haunted doll

Do you remember pretend psychic Paula Barstow aka Lillyanne? We reported on her getting caught giving multiple people the exact same reading a while back. Check that out here

Anyway she is back, and this time she is going along with this new craze of filming a haunted doll, and letting the gullible idiots watching report on things that happen. Usually its an orb that is seen, or a cobweb or something just moving in the air around the doll. Well during her video something amazing happened. The doll that was sat perfectly happy on a chair, suddenly decides to fall on the floor!

On 8th of August 2017, Lillyann posted the video with the headline.

The video in question can be found at this direct facebook link, so you can download it and check it out yourself. The time frame is roughly 42 Minutes and 50 Seconds in to start watching from.

Now usually such nonsense would not even warrant a comment from me. As clearly any such videos of things happening with haunted dolls can be explained away with such ease that a child could debunk it. The only reason I am talking about it today is purely due to the fact you can clearly see the wire in the shot that is apparently pulling the doll to fall.

Now in her defence Lillyann has claimed that it is not wire, and that it is just a hair of some kind.

Well I have created a GIF, sped it up a bit so you can see the doll fall. Unfortunately you always lose a bit of quality on these, but you can make out the wire in the bottom left of the image. Also don't just take my word. Click on the link I gave previously and watch the original recording.

Here is a still shot in the best resolution I can muster. Click on the image to open it larger if you need too.

As you can see there is quite clearly something attached to the hand of the doll, that pulls it.

Again let me stress this very clearly, I encourage you to go watch the original video, go to the time frame I mentioned, open the video full screen on your device, and watch the event unfold. Now ask yourself what is more likely?

The doll is haunted, and moved and fell completely of its own accord, and that there just happens to be a random hair that just happened to be connected to the arm of the doll and that it led off camera.

Or the doll was pulled using the wire/hair.

Using a long piece of hair is the easiest way to fake such an event, as they are almost impossible to see. 


If you believe this to be a real haunted doll, then please leave a comment, I would love to hear people defend this.

We are always on the look out for things like this whereby a psychic pretty much exposes themselves with their own utter incompetence, so if you ever spot anything please get in touch.

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By Jon Donnis


Unknown said...

Get your facts right she didn't fake it

JD said...

So how do you explain the fact that there is clearly something in the footage showing the doll being pulled?
Did a ghost do it?

I am letting people make up their own mind as to what is more likely.
The doll is either haunted and proving every scientist in the world wrong, or it was faked by a middle aged woman with psychological issues, desperate for attention.

Unknown said...

I just can't believe people can watch the video, see the hair/wire, and still deny the truth of the matter! Some just want to be believers and will not abstain from it, unfortunately. All the best, Mark

JD said...

I've seen some still photos posted whereby the image has been edited to remove the end of the "wire/hair" to suggest it was not pulling the doll.

Yet anyone can go watch the original video and see the truth for themselves, yet bizarrely they dont. It's just an "us versus them" mentality.

Her followers just wont question her, and that is true believer syndrome at its most dangerous

Adrian Heath said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JD said...

I wouldn't be at all surprised if she has created accounts just to attack me.

Unknown said...

Fake fake fake 😂😂😂

Andrew said...

I can't believe this fake psychic is still taking in thousands of pounds from vulnerable, bereaved people who believe her generic drivel. Wake up to this faker people.

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