18 May 2017

Is this the moment Most Haunted's Fred Batt is caught throwing something on Episode 5?

I had a few people tweet me a clip of Fred Batt from Episode 5 of the new series of Most Haunted at Weir Mill in Stockport which aired on May 12th. Unfortunately the clips they sent me were from them filming their TV which obviously isn't ideal. But I had Kevin Batchelor contact me with the exact time stamp of the incident, so with that I decided to make a clip of the event and I present it to you below.

In my opinion it shows Fred throwing something when he thinks the camera is not on him.
Now I am sure that some people will think I have edited the video, or manipulated it in some way, so here just for you cynics is how you can see for yourself.

First go to UKTVPLAY and start watching the episode, then you need to fast forward to 26m:39s.

What do you think? Leave your comments below.


  1. Hi Jon. At last we have something on screen to show what Fred Batt does in the darkness of Most Haunted. You can see his arm lift up and just as the camera pans around we hear the clunk.

  2. Fred Batt is an idiot, a self proclaimed demonologist who pathetically tries to make himself look bonafide by repeating a few simple Latin phrases on air to fool the more moronic viewers of most haunted into thinking he's something special. As the bank roller of most haunted his interests are financial only hence his behaviour. These so-called demonologists like Fred and Ed and Lorraine Warren before him are about as educated as a brick and are interested in only one thing, money. So, a bit like all psychics then, lol.

    1. If you don't like him why waste your energy watching the show

    2. I cant speak for anyone else, but I watch the show because I enjoy exposing it, and helping gullible and vulnerable people realise they were being conned, and hopefully make changes in their real lives to not fall for such scams in the future, thus saving them money.

  3. He does it again in the latest instalment of this season, early on in the episode in the kitchen with Karl. honestly, I've been a fan of this entertaining show since the beginning, but Fred is plainly an idiot if he thinks he's fooling anyone, seriously, at least make an effort to not get caught... he's done it twice now while the camera has been on him... and what's with the editing, surly Karl or whomever does it would of seen those moments clearly, unless, the whole team and production believe we are stupid, gullible and ignorant.
    It's pretty much ended my interest with this show, not while Fred's still involved.

  4. This doesn't surprise me at all.. I can't stand him! Everything is witchcraft, eeverything is an ancient pagan site and an old possible graveyard, everything is demonic! It's ridiculous, he makes a fool out of himself.