1 November 2015

Most Haunted Live Halloween 2015 - Exposed!

So they decided to do another Most Haunted Live, unfortunately UKTV (Really) refused to give them any kind of use-able budget, so they had no choice but to get rid of any live crowd or studio setting and do it low key at someones house instead! Also I am guessing Sky TV Own the rights to the original Most Haunted Live format, like they do the normal Most Haunted format, so whether they wanted to do a live show in a studio with an audience they couldn't anyway.

Well, usually I would watch the show and expose it, but now we have this magical thing called Twitter, which was actually more interesting than watching the show.
The reason was it was 99% people taking the piss.

And what also made my job easier was that people were spotting the moments of fakery, and posting videos and links on Twitter.

A couple of great examples was Karl appearing to have the knife concealed in his sleeve during the seance.

Jason akamrdaddy on Youtube:
"Watch him take the knife out off his trousers and throws it on the bed...u can clearly see him huntch over as he takes the knife out and then jerk his arm quickly in a throwing action....plus he had to be the first one in there....wonder why...look at the body language after he did it....arms out hands open...look I haven't got anything....lol...its that or a ghost did it...what's more believable"

(Please note, we incorrectly had a shot of Glen with what looked like the knife in his pocket, we mistakenly attributed this to being Karl, as the head was cut off.  I doubt Glen was involved in any fakery)

One of the most blatant cheats of the night, was when Karl got pulled UP the stairs by mysterious forces! Or Stuart as we like to call him. Unfortunately he didn't manage to hide the rope that he had tied to himself, and Twitter went mental when they spotted it!

Here is a video posted on Youtube by renegadeeng that exposes it!

Another clip posted by jason fallows on Youtube that shows it a bit better

And another look at it

So how do they defend the indefensible, well here is what Yvette had to say about the rope.

And just one look at the #MostHauntedLive on Twitter, and probably about 99% of people have FINALLY realised I was right all along, and that Most Haunted is faked, a spoof, a joke.

Fact is they got caught out tonight, as they have so many times.
But if you accept that the show is faked, and a spoof, you can enjoy it for what it is.
Otherwise stop watching!

I like this man who lived a few doors down from where they filmed, he made his views known in the best way possible!

By Jon Donnis


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Unknown said...

the first video with the knife. the knife is already on the bed when they walk in the room if you look. i believe that most haunted is fake easy way to make money. i did like ghost hunters better. i do believe there is something out there is it ghosts or spirits i duno. what i do know is i would like to do a live online episode of this myself.

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