3 November 2015

UPDATED: Karl Beattie admits he had cable attached to him on Most Haunted Live

In one of the more bizarre videos of recent times, Karl Beattie has explained what the cable was that was attached to his waste that was used to pull him up the stairs which he then claimed was paranormal!

I really don't understand this, as he is admitting he had a cable attached to him, which was tight, and Stuart was off camera.

Here is the video from the live show of him being jerked off by someone off camera using the cable/rope. (By the way it was Stuart)

And here is the video of Karl admitting he had a cable attached to him! Again don't follow the logic of this since it is simply admitting he had a cable attached to him which could be used to pull him up the stairs (by Stuart)

Ok so according to Karl his camera cable shows up as white in night vision!
Only problem is he is lying.

Mal Function ‏on Twitter sent this in
At 25mins, 57 seconds of the live show - Karl's camera... in night vision.

Amanda Jane Kendall sent in the following....
"From the room that Karl got pulled back too. When they thought a bed had been moved Yvette moved it back, and look whats under then bed!"

Your move Karl! Already proven you as a liar now!


  1. He's trying to prove the colour contrast, which is not the point lol. The point is, he has a taught cable attached to him and Stuart 'in the bedroom' Why was Stuart with him? Oh yeah, he bulled the cable.

    1. Agreed it is not the point, if anything he is admitting he cheated in a way.

    2. Look, he went up the stairs without a cable attached, he came down the stairs without a cable attached, so he attached a cable to himself with no camera to attach to it, crouched in a brace position for no reason whatsoever and expects us to believe that nonsense?

  2. Having viewed both the live feed and the show many times, the sound is out, with Fred saying different things at the same time it is supposed to have happened, Yvette gets to the stairs incredibly quickly, and Karl waits for his cue at the top of the stairs, but why did he come down if he was supposed to be filming upstairs, when there had been nothing happen that needed him downstairs, and if he put the camera down at the top of the stairs as he suggests, there would have been footage of him from the top!!

  3. it is also showing they can pretend it's dark when it's not, with the switch over to night vision.

  4. biggest load of scammers going , tricking the public , sign this https://www.change.org/p/the-public-ban-most-haunted-off-tv-for-being-utterly-fake?recruiter=50608449&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=share_facebook_responsive&utm_term=des-md-share_petition-no_msg&fb_ref=Default

  5. Thank you for that very convincing explanation Karl. We are, however left with a tricky question. Were you pulled backwards by someone (Stuart) tugging on the cable or by someone who died hundreds of years ago?
    I suggest the use of Ockhams razor.

  6. Tbh I didn't even know this show had been re-commissioned again until Halloween. I thought it was well known that they scammed the public when the first incarnation of the show ended. With so much hype on Social Media, I thought I'd take a look and watched the episode in its entirety on YT. The simple fact is, he did have a cable attached to him, ethics KB does not deny, so whether skeptic or believer, this CANNOT be used as evidence he was pulled up the stairs. What his "explanation" video should have said was, "After having a day or two to evaluate the incident, I would like to make it clear I do not think this incident was paranormal or unexplained, as I had this cable attached to me and was unable to observe if someone (Stuart) could have become caught on the cable an therefore made me lose balance etc." That is the truth of the matter.

    Jon, I choose to believe there is something out there we don't understand, but I am not a fool and can see this show for exactly what it is. This makes me very angry as they are damaging any future, genuine attempts at evidencing paranormal/unexplained phenomena.

  7. Why was there no cameras upstair they had 1 in the freekin coal shed but none in the upstairs i also think that box had a hidden part to it that worked by them closing it it didnt even look like the same knife

  8. Every incident (Knife,Rope,Glass) has Karl is at the heart of it, he is so poor at trying to act innocent. Using distraction (very badly) to trick the audience. Money grabbing idiots, the lot of them.