8 February 2013

George Anderson - Psychic Medium and one unhappy customer

Forum member Forests mentioned on the forum that he had been told by a Spiritualist that Medium George Anderson had never been exposed as a fake.

Personally I have never even heard of this medium, despite claims on his website that he was the worlds most scientifically tested medium.

"In his career, George has done more than 35,000 sessions for the bereaved, and is the most scientifically tested medium of this century. He has earned the respect and acclaim of those who work in scientific, medical and religious fields not only due to his ability, but his dedication to those who suffer the loss of a loved one. Researchers in the field of science, afterlife studies and spirituality have called George "Astonishing," "The Gold Standard by which all mediums are measured," and "A Stradivarius among mediums." He continues to work with people from all over the world, from everyday people to politicians, heads of state, celebrities and royalty, who have been astounded by his simple manner and extraordinary ability to communicate messages from the souls."

The fact I have not heard of him, is probably all you need to know, and as for his claims of being tested by scientists, again I ask where are the peer reviewed papers on this? Who are the credible and qualified scientists? A bit like asking a car mechanic to fix your girlfriends hair straighteners, just because someone is a scientist does not make them instantly qualified to test a psychic!

Anyway upon asking about George Anderson on the forum, member Forests actually found a review of George Anderson on Amazon, as a review of one of his books.

I will publish it here, I do not know who wrote it, so I will let you read it and make your own mind up, is this really a medium you want to go to? I know I personally would avoid him at all costs.
Anyway here is the review, also do click through to Amazon and read some of the replies to this review too. Some eye opening stuff.

By tamrakatThis review is from: We Don't Die (Paperback) 
I first read the earlier edition of "We Don't Die" around 1996. It was my favorite book and I recommended it to everyone. I swore that if anything happened to someone I loved I would find a way to get a reading with George. I was so convinced he was the real thing. Then tragedy struck in the summer of 1998 when both my husband and son died just a few weeks apart. I contacted George's office right away, but because he was so booked up the first available $1,000 phone appointment was in 3 months. I made the appointment and waited with great expectations. I felt so hopeful that when the reading took place I would hear from my beloved son and husband and feel some relief from the horrible pain I was in. I had no other children so I had really lost my whole family in just a few short weeks. 
George called me at our scheduled appointment time. I can't explain what a horrible sinking feeling it was while listening to George and slowly realizing he was only telling me things that anyone could find through public records, like my husband's name, cause of death, how long we'd been married and that it was the first marriage for both of us, where we got married, etc. There were a lot of mentions in between the vital information of how much my husband loved me, wanted me to go on and be happy.... Generally, words of comfort, just what a person in my situation would desperately want and need to hear. It all seemed so fake that I began to feel disgusted, but I held my tongue and kept hoping, but he really didn't tell me anything convincing even though I sat there during the reading surrounded by knick-knacks and photos from various trips we'd taken, match books from our favorite restaurants, etc.
But here was the clincher: George said that my husband and I had NO CHILDREN. I didn't correct him because I didn't want to help in any way if he was fishing for clues, but my heart really hit bottom when he said that. Toward the end of the reading I asked if there wasn't someone, anyone else, that might want to come through, but he just started guessing and asking me questions, like "would this person's name begin with a letter that's in the first half of the alphabet?". You see, the problem for George was that my son was born, and later died, in another country, so both his birth and death certificates would be difficult to find, especially if one assumed there was no reason to look for them. 
It pains me to say this, but talking to George 3 months after my losses actually sent me into a deeper and literally more hopeless depression because by the time the reading was over I had gone from a true believer to a person who knew right down to the bone that this guy was a fake. I believed so strongly in George's abilities before the reading, and expected to feel relieved afterward, but no, I don't believe in George anymore. I felt ripped off and hopeless. I don't know if there are real mediums, I surely hope so, and I truly hope some day I can meet one who can connect me with the ones I've lost.
It took many years before I could write this review because I didn't want to hurt anyone who's grieving by saying these things. George may justify what he's doing by telling himself he's helping people, and he probably is as long as they believe in his ability. But he's still lying, and I don't think it's moral or decent for a liar to profit off of people who are fragile, hurting and devastated. If there are other mediums who are genuine, then they deserve to make a living from their books and readings. I'm still open-minded, just not a fan of this particular medium (or Sylvia Brown, whose predictions have been wrong on way too many occasions) with whom I had a very shallow, meaningless and expensive reading.
Sorry if I've offended anyone, but this is the truth about my reading with George.

Source: http://www.amazon.com/review/R1JLR88FHOWVXQ?cdPage=5


  1. $1,000!!!! I'm in the wrong profession!

    1. George Anderson is the biggest fake of all time.. I Went to him in 2004 after we lost our son to a murder. He knew nothing about it. He disgust me after having taken advantage of us pre paying 500.00 He should be put in jail

    2. OMG why on earth would you pay ANYONE so much money!

      Please tell me you do not still pay to see any psychic, and you accept that it is ALL a con, and no such thing as talking to the dead

    3. weird... one of my parents went to contact him to ask for my grandfather that died some years ago and he say 22 facts that were in fact a TRUE fact...

      in my case i can´t say that he is a fake medium..

    4. You cant say he is a fake because you do not understand the methods behind the trick.
      Would you go see a magician like David Copperfield and then say he was real because you could not figure out the trick?

      ALL Mediums/Psychics are fake, 100%, No exceptions, this is a scientifically and historically proven fact

    5. That is not a true statement!

    6. Yes it is, can you prove me wrong? Of course you cant.

    7. John Donnis, you are a cynical douche - most likely a miserable one at that.

    8. Cynical perhaps, miserable? No never.

  2. You say you are open minded but from a skeptics perspective you seem to ignore the obvious answer that there are no psychics. Nobody has collected James Randi's offer of a million dollars to any psychic who can prove themselves. Countless "psychics" have been proven to be frauds. At some point I hope you may realize there is no evidence for psychics or any spiritual realm for that matter. It can be hard but liberating to realize we live our lives and that is it. When we realize that we make each day count because there is nothing to live for but life itself.

    1. I agree with you! There are no real psychics, history has proven that, 100% of psychics fail 100% of the time when the chance to cheat is removed.

      But you must remember that for some people it is hard to just accept that everything they believe in is just wrong, some people believe as it helps with their grief, and of course this is what mediums take advantage of.

    2. Fyi the very first message I got was thru a friend who I knew for a very short time She had a reading from a nurse who did not do readings for a living, She was relaying the info that this nurse had given her about her life and then she said that the nurse told her to tell michele that (message given) My friend said she didnt know anyone named michele. I go by a nickname shelly my birthname is michele. I knew exactly what the message meant. Itmeant nothing to my friendbcuz we had only known each other for a few months. explain that one skeptics!
      There is a foundation that does scientific research using double blindcontrols. sounds like u only look for information that confirms what u yourself already believe.

    3. Show me a recording of a reading you are convinced is 100% real, and I guarantee you 100% I can show you how it was done.
      I can back up everything I say and do.

      And please share links to any CREDIBLE peer reviewed scientific tests of psychics, as I would love to see them.

      Of course I would expect such tests to have been published in respected scientific journals, and run by actual scientists.

  3. Yes, my mother and I went to see George in 1998 or 1999 in a group setting. We too had read his books and believed we were paying to see the real deal. It was so very obvious he was a fake but at intermission people were crying and going on about how amazing he was. He was very general such as, "does anyone have an uncle bob who has passed on?" Then he would fish and read the persons face. There was one woman who was just eating it up, believing all his crap because she needed to. Well, after George made her cry by guessing she had lost a young child (she was young and obviously so over distraught) he tried to hone in on her husband who practically had steam coming out of his ears he was so infuriated at George. You could clearly see that George got the message that this gentleman was not buying his crap at all and was biting his tongue and George back peddled quickly out of the interaction. I went in fully believing and left absolutely disgusted. He should be arrested. Its so wrong what he is doing.

    1. Kara, Was the George Anderson reading that you went to in Sacramento, CA? If so I may have been that woman...

    2. Feel free to share your story on here or even better on the forum at http://moh2005.proboards.com

  4. SO I have been reading alot lately about paranormal and mediums just out of curiosity. I have noone that I am trying to connect with and just am interested. All the back and forth of real vs fake, I decided to get a reading myself from a reportedly "tested" medium from Bob Ohlson's website haha. I set the time and did a 30minute phone reading. Let me just say this, I guess I better try again because at this point it was a complete failure. He was telling me stuff about a sister entity (dont have a sister) and talking about a maternal entity with mind issues etc etc. On an accuracy rating he might be at 3%, due to the fact that he got my name right (of course he had it when I signed up LOL). Anyway, been there done that... maybe there are some real ones? But supposedly this one was and man am I disappointed!!

    1. Dont waste your money on any more of these frauds, thats my advice to you

  5. I understand your point for sure, but I think sometimes it is best to experience things yourself also. I can read one account of a skeptic that tells me one thing and then another from someone that is a believer that says the complete opposite, so I wanted to see what it was all about. At the end of the day I am already skeptical about most things in this area, so this was a fun experiment for me to see for myself. Anyway, thought I would share.

  6. has anyone heard from chris stillar the medium...ive watched his work on youtube he semms amazing i have been following and studying sooooooo many mediums and trying to find a genuine one and i think and truly hope he is genuine...i have a reading with him soon enough... cant wait but will let you all know... so far he seems really great even skeptics are amazed by him. so will see...

    1. Hi firstly get yourself over to the forum at http://moh2005.proboards.com and we can discuss mediums there much easier.

      Now regarding Chris Stillar, I had a look at a recent performance of his on Youtube, and I have to say it is pretty clear to someone who knows the tricks that this guy is a fraud.
      He is using known techniques.

      If I was you I would avoid not only him but any medium.

      History tells us that mediumship simply doesn't exist and is no more than simple trickery/mentalism and so on.

      As for "Skeptics" being amazed by him, says who? Show me one credible skeptic who is amazed by him?

      I am one of the leading skeptics in the UK and I am not amazed by him, in fact I think he is a bit of a joke, and I tempted to expose him as a fraud just for the sake of it.

    2. See my previous reply to you.
      The man is clearly a fraud to anyone who knows how the tricks are performed

  7. Wow..you are one of the leading skeptics ? Self-given title .. lol.. I didnt know skeptics have rankings. I am the top skeptic in the universe and I dont think you are that skeptical !

    1. I am very tongue in cheek when I say things like that, i do it as something of a piss take on mediums who say things like "international celebrity psychic" because they once met Keith Chegwin in a pub.

      HOWEVER! I do have a record not really matched by anyone else in the UK when it comes to psychics, hell even the President of the JREF has said nice things about me! See

      You find a skeptic who has done more than me when it comes to exposing fake psychics in the UK, and I will happily tip my hat, but there simply isn't anyone who has done the research I have, who has the experience and knowledge that I have.

      Hell when people in the SNU say "Jon Donnis could very well be the biggest threat to spiritualism since Houdini" then you know that you are a leading skeptic.

      I dont take myself seriously, I say things to wind people up cause it amuses me, but like it or not, I really am the UKs most experienced and most knowledgeable skeptic when it comes to psychics. No one else really comes close.

    2. How do they do it jonn? Because if you watch chris stillar giving a reading to a non believer on youtube, he is very accurate. I was just wondering what their techniques were as he seemed to spot on to be just guessing. Thanks

    3. Hi, join the forum http://moh2005.proboards.com you can post any video there and I will show you exactly how they do it.

      In general psychics use a few methods, you have Cold Reading which is a bit of a catch all term, but basically means they give the reading to someone who is a true stranger, they speak in a certain way so that it makes the client think the psychic knows things about them that they couldn't possibly know.

      Its a way of phrasing questions that sound like statements, and then using the clients respond to shape the next thing the psychic says, when you are aware of these methods it is very easy to spot.

      Think of a magician, when you dont know how the trick is done it appears like magic, when you do know how it is done, you can see it is just a trick. Mediums are no different.

      The other method psychics/mediums use is called Hot Reading, this is where by prior research is done on the client, whether it be an associate of the medium listening in on conversations prior to the reading and then feeding this info to the psychic, or the use of hidden microphones, if a person has paid by credit card then something as simple as a name can be used to find out all manner of info through social media.

      Think of how a conman would steal someones identity, psychics can use the exact same tricks to find out as much as they want about someone.

      Even if they have your phone number they can cold call your house and pretend to be taking survey, they might just ring and hang up, so they get an idea of how many people live at your house, male or female and so on.

      With regards to ANY video clip online, remember that especially if the psychic themselves put the clip up, they will always put clips up that look most impressive, again think of a magician, he would never put a clip on youtube of him fluffing the trick would he.

      I look forward to you joining the forum, as I am sure I can go into more detail of how they do their tricks. It really is easy to spot when you know how

    4. I accidentally deleted the post that my reply above was too.

      Here is a copy as I dont want anyone to think I did it on purpose.


      "karen birkholz

      What about Edgar Cayce? was he a fake too? A skeptic is just someone who hasn't had an experience yet,.And I'm talking Paranormal...Statistically improbable there's is no life after death???? WOW.... "

  8. Jon Donnis you must have went to school with George Anderson. You sound exactly like the simple minded, morons he described in his book that are terrified of things they cannot understand. I'm just not sure why you're wasting so much time and effort , dedicating entire message boards, towards a subject that "Fails 100% of the time!" . The fact that you're so angry about the mere possibility it exists, makes you the only fake in my book.

    1. Hi, Firstly I am not angry. Secondly there is NO POSSIBILITY whatsoever that mediumship exists. It is statistically improbable that life survives death in the manner in which spiritualism suggests, so you are wrong there.

      Next up, I am a skeptic, that means you show me credible evidence and I will change my mind.

      You call me a simple minded moron, yet you are the one who is being fooled by 100+ year old parlour tricks and simple psychological trickery.

      You call me a fake. Yet I have never made a penny from this. I do what I do out of altruism, a word mediums have no idea the meaning of.

      So let me ask you, can you show me an unedited video of a reading you are convinced is real? If yes, I 100% guarantee you, I can show you how it is done, and if I cant, I will delete the whole site, how is that for a challenge?

  9. The book made me hopeful, makes me sad to hear these things about George Anderson.
    What do you think about the TV lady - long island medium ? She seems so real....

    1. She SEEMS real because she is on an edited tv show!
      She is as fake as all of them, and in fact there is plenty of material exposing her as such online if you google

    2. Edgar Cayce? Really? The man who believed in Atlantis, Aliens, Giants, and so on.
      He claimed that Piltdown man was real, yet that was later exposed as a hoax.

      Cayce was 100% a fraud and proven so!

      Skeptical investigator Joe Nickell:
      "Although Cayce was never subjected to proper testing, ESP pioneer Dr. Joseph B. Rhine of Duke University — who should have been sympathetic to Cayce's claims — was unimpressed. A reading that Cayce gave for Rhine's daughter was notably inaccurate. Frequently, Cayce was even wider off the mark, as when he provided diagnoses of subjects who had died since the letters requesting the readings were sent."

      Science writer Karen Stollznow:
      "The reality is that his cures were hearsay and his treatments were folk remedies that were useless at best and dangerous at worse... Cayce wasn't able to cure his own cousin, or his own son who died as a baby. Many of Cayce's readings took place after the patient had already died"

      So yeah he was a fake and an obvious one.
      A skeptic is someone who does not believe blindly and needs credible proof to believe.

      Clearly Karen you have no critical thinking abilities, and you are so open minded you rbrain fell out long ago.

      So yeah, your believe in Cayce, that leaves me saying WOW!

  10. To begin with, both positions (believers and non believers) are nothing more than opinions, as everything else in life. And yes, everything else means EVERYTHING, including science and scientific method, which turns to be more falsifiable than anything else we know, true, but still has its limits and boundaries (the only thing we know that exists -or some think we know, since many others are starting to say it's an illusion, such as Daniel Dennett, Richard Dawkins and many other Determinists- is called "consciousness", and it's been, and probably always will be the biggest mystery that probably will never be solved -if anyone is interested just type in "the hard problem of conciousness" for more info on the topic). Anything we call "science" is only inferred through observation and reasoning, and in order for that to happen consciousness (if it exists) comes first, so it amazes me how some people are so sure of certain things and treat them not as opinions but as irrefutable "facts" but have the authority to treat other opinions as "false" or not "based on facts". Everything is a mystery, that's the bottom line. When you even get into quantum physics/mechanics and you start admitting the possibility that something can exist and not exist -simultaneously- you realize that logic or "common sense" is nothing more than that, once again, just a showing of how limited our experience or tools to observe and/or analyze reality is, and how little we do know about everything. Paraphrasing Socrates, but with a little tweak of my own I would argue "I don't even know I only know I know nothing". And finally, if really everything is "determined" and consciousness and free will do not exist, then even this text I'm typing in here was meant to be, as well as anyone here thinking that mediums are real or fake. So let's be humble and do not pretend we know shit, because truth is we don't know anything at all (or maybe we do, or, not, because I was meant to type this text no matter what, just because my brain, neurotransmitters, or whatever is forcing me to do so, see the point?). Total craziness, isn't it? :)

    1. My daughter was killed by a drunk driver. Seven months later I had a reading with George Anderson. I sent a check in someone else's name and had the phone session at a different number than my home number. You allowed to just say yes or no and if you understand. There is absolutely no way he had prior knowledge. He was so accurate that I have to say that he is not a fake

    2. Hi
      I am very sorry to hear about your daughter first of all, that is a terrible tragedy for anyone.

      Regarding your reading, if you have a recording I can 100% show you exactly how he did it.

      The old Yes/No argument, the problem with that is that telling someone to only answer yes or no is one of the basic tricks of cold reading. It allows the medium to completely control the reading, and this alone tells me 100% that the reading you received was a cold read.

      Remember just because you do not know how a trick is done, does not make it real.

      So your opinion that he was so accurate that he cant be a fake, is like me saying, "I have no idea how he made the statue of liberty disappear therefore it must be real magic"

      It is the exact same principle.

      So again if you have a recording i guarantee you I can show you how he did it.

    3. Brilliantly stated, you never know! Your point was only enhanced by the reply "What a load of nonsense"to which I am sure that you were not offended because your mind is not closed to possibility neither do you doggedly cling to any position. It could all be a load of nonsense or maybe not at least you have the wisdom to know that you don't know, or as you said yourself to not even know that much. I am curious what event would trigger someone to dedicate so much time to being the leading skeptic on psychics. My sincere sympathy to this man for whatever encounter that he experienced that is fueling this quest.

    4. Not sure how to answer you Rachel, you posted two near identical posts, one of which i deleted since pointless putting two on.

      The only question there I can answer is what triggered me to dedicate so much time to exposing psychics, well first of all these days I dont really spend that much time doing it.
      As for what triggered me, nothing really, my cousin had created this site, he stopped doing it, I took over, and found that I felt very passionate about people conning over people, I wanted to help victims, and I wanted to expose frauds because it is the morally right thing to do, that simple really.

      I am naturally very intelligent, and have great critical thinking skills, therefore I find it very easy to see through tricks that perhaps others would struggle to see through. This is one reason why I can so confidently state things like "if you show me the reading I will 100% guarantee you I can show you how it was done"

      I have analysed over 2000 readings and I have yet to find one i couldn't easily explain the methods behind.

      As I alluded too previously, just because someone doesn't know how a trick is performed, does not make it any less of a trick.
      And magic stops being magic when you know the secrets.
      I KNOW the secrets, believers do not. Therefore I am always at a huge advantage to such people. And I can make claims that I can 100% back up.

  11. Your actually NOT the best Skeptic nor are you the universe's most knowledgeable on anything to do with Psychic phenomena.. your only good at picking up some obvious party trick type ventures that some folk buy in to. You have absolutely NO idea whatsoever about Psychic phenomena, which actually is a True requirement to be able to decipher between True or Fraudulent or misinterpretations of messages by either party.
    Also another thing to consider is, if a genuine medium or psychic does get a message detail incorrect, it doesn't make them a fraudster. It means they made an error, misinterpreted a detail. A big difference. Of course folk like yourself get your jollies off at the slightest chance, and think they can justify a crucifixion. Folk with such gun hoe Ego's, so hell bent thinking they know it all, and you simply do not, simple as that... Your claims of 100% guarantee to show how everything is done, is all in your own head.

    I wonder if any of my comments will get posted up, or will you edit/delete to simply 'falsify' your site's public responses... You know, being deliberately selective is also crafty....tsk tsk

    1. Actually never said those things, I have stated factual comments such as I am the most experienced and knowledgeable skeptic in the UK when it comes to psychics and mediums. Find me one person in the UK who has my knowledge base and experience, as I would love to meet them and swap stories.

      Not sure what "Gun Hoe" means, I know the term "Gung ho" but not heard Gun Hoe before! (I think we might be dealing with a fool here folks)

      Also my 100% guarantee to show anyone how a psychic does their tricks is a 100% guarantee I have had challenged over 2000 times, and I have never failed. Just consider that for a moment, over 2000 psychic and mediumship readings debunked from the worlds most famous psychics/mediums to the little old lady in your front room type psychic. Never failed, not once, never! So 100% claim is based on provable history.

      And I have happily published EVERY SINGLE ONE of your comments in full, unedited, and I have answered every single one, so your bogus claim that I edit/delete or falsify anything, is yet another lie I can prove you have told.

      You really are struggling here aren't you?
      I bet in your little world you are the one who out wits the skeptics, out talks them, beats them, and then you came here thinking I would be like those on your little forum.

      Well sorry to say there is a reason why I am number 1, and that is because I eat knowitalls like you for breakfast!

      But please do keep going with your "gun hoe" believer attitude, for the more you say, the dumber you look!

  12. How about that kid that was on Dr. Phil today? His name is Tyler Henry. I only caught the last 10 min of the show but it seems he made some people very happy...

    1. Yes I am well aware of him, clearly he is a fraud and a fraud of the more disgusting kind.

      Notice I am making a specific claim that could get me sued if I was lying, that is how confident I am that not only do i know his methods, but also that I could catagorically prove it in a court of law.

      There is a great article looking at him, but for the life of me I cant find it.

    2. Here is another article on him

  13. You, Jon, are a moron. Your only criterion for evidence against George is you aren't aware of him?? If you're so unevolved that you've never had a personal psychic experience, never known when someone was gna call, etc, then of course you want to reduce everything down to your size. The vast majority of us aren't so mindless tho, and you have no idea how foolish you look. I spoke to George for an hour and he gave over fifty pieces of info he cdnt have gotten on the web or from the mysterious Mormon records cynics like you are so in awe of. Someday you'll realize how ignorant you've been. Meanwhile we're stuck with you...Galileo, send us some patience...

    1. Ok, I am not a moron, for a start i dont believe in magic, fairies, magical men who live in the sky, and people who claim they can talk to the dead, so on a scale of 1-10, only one person here registers a 10 on the moron scale and it damn sure isn't me.

      Next up you mention the "phenomena" of knowing when someone is going to call and then they do. Did you know there has been plenty of scientific studies on this very thing, and in every single one, they find no psychic ability, and results are well within the realms of coincidence.

      You say that George gave you over 50 pieces of evidence that have convinced you, would you be prepared to back that claim up and provide me with a copy of the reading?
      I am 100% sure I can show you exactly how he did it, and if I cannot, I will publish a full apology to George, and leave it on the front of the site for one whole year with a link to his website.

      You can screen grab this post so i can wriggle out of it too.
      I am that confident that I know how he performs his tricks that I am willing to put my entire reputation on the line to back up everything I say.

      Now are you as confident in your beliefs? Somehow I expect the answer will be no, thus confirming that I am right once again/

    2. Hey John, do you believe in God or that Jesus Christ is our savior? Did you ever think there is a possibility that some of these mediums are the real deal, but, the downfall is that they are working with evil spirits. You see the Good Lord did cast Satan to earth and it is written in the bible that Satan can appear as a human or other. I believe that these mediums could very well be working with these mediums and bringing them hope not knowing that these mediums are in great danger by disturbing the dead. As we know it is written in the bible that God does not want us to disturb the deceased yet this is exactly what these mediums are doing. Now this is just my perspective as I believe in God and the Devil (Satan). I believe he is the one that is making us all ill and God is trying to help us with giving the doctors the knowledge to try and help us. God will come again to judge the living and the dead. These mediums who could in fact be working with evil spirits sent from Satan (Lucifer) will be judged. So, Jon, we cannot say that there is no such thing as a medium because there are but not of who any of us should go and see. Again, just my perspective. You may be right there is no such thing as a medium, but if you believe in God then you also believe in the devil. And, this very well could be the workings of the devil. God tells us not to contact the dead. As it is written in the bible.

      What does the Bible say about ouija boards and contacting spirits?

      In fact, there are strong warnings against contacting the spirits. Leviticus 19:31, “Give no regard to mediums and familiar spirits; do not seek after them, to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God.” 20:6, “And the person who turns to mediums and familiar spirits, to prostitute himself with them, I will set My face against that person and cut him off from his people.” Why?

      Satan (devil) can appear as anything. Satan (devil) is the one that is destroying the world through all of our wrong doings.


    3. Hi Julia
      Ok will try to answer your questions.

      "do you believe in God or that Jesus Christ is our savior?"

      There is no proof of either, therefor no I do not believe, I am atheist

      "Did you ever think there is a possibility that some of these mediums are the real deal, but, the downfall is that they are working with evil spirits."

      There is no possibility of what you say. Every medium I have ever witnessed, I have been able to see how they do it, they are using psychological trickery, cheating, and so on. There is nothing mystical about what they do, nothing supernatural.

      I understand you are a Christian, but the Bible is not a good book, it is not even the word of any God, it was written by man, many different men, many years after any alleged events, through 2nd and 3rd hand accounts.

      Can you read "Koin Greek"? I am guessing not, I can. I have actually read the Bible in its original language, no translations, no assumptions, its 100% original language. The Bible is not a literal book, never has been.

      I do not know what exact branch of Christianity you follow, but unless it is Greek Orthodox, you are not a true Christian anyway.

      What does the Bible say about ouija boards and contacting spirits?

      You also quote Leviticus, let me also quote some of the fucked up things in Leviticus.

      Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable." Leviticus 18:22

      Quite clear, yet God created us in his own image, and Gay people exist and are perfectly normal, law abiding good citizens. So God if you believe in him, is 100% wrong in this bit, Not to mention there are plenty of "Gay" animals in nature too. Yet Leviticus says we should kill all gays.

      Here is another one

      "If a man commits adultery with another man's wife – with the wife of his neighbor – both the adulterer and the adulteress are to be put to death." Leviticus 20:10

      Again lets kill everyone who cheats on their wife! The Bible is telling you it is ok to MURDER two people for having an affair!


      "Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves." Leviticus 25:44

      Yes slavery is promoted in the Bible, do you think owning a slave is ok?

      Do you have a Tattoo on you?

      "Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD." Leviticus 19:28

      If yes you are a sinner and going against Gods wishes

      "Keep my decrees. "Do not mate different kinds of animals. "Do not plant your field with two kinds of seed. "Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material." Leviticus 19:19

      Any chance you have a pair of denim jeans on with a woolly jumper? If yes you just went against God!

      Are you getting the picture yet?

      "When a man has an emission of semen, he must bathe his whole body with water, and he will be unclean till evening."

      Do you have a bath every time you masturbate or have sex?

      The point is you cant pick and choose which parts of the Bible you choose to follow or believe in, either you believe it all as the word of God, or you deny it as the work of fiction it is.

      Just look at what is going on in the Middle East right now, that is because of religion.

      Now unless you follow the Bible perfectly, that includes the stoning of naughty children bit, then you shouldn't quote it, nor use it as any form of explanation for your opinion.

      Oh and dont get me started on incest in the Bible! Ever wonder who Adams sons had sex with to procreate? Or Noahs family?

  14. Jon Donnis, do you feel, that people who claim to have miracles happen when they visit Lourdes, France, or the Lady of Guadalupe, in Mexico, they are simply deluding themselves? Just curious of you're opinions of things we can't explain at times. Thanks, B

    1. Simple answer yes.
      Some delude themselves, some con it for publicity. Some just get better through other means and then attribute it to some kind of miracle.

      There is no proof of any miracle ever happening

  15. Seven years ago my great nephew was accidentally shot and killed. His father, my nephew, committed suicide a year later. I read many books about various psychics over the years and the only one who seemed like he might be the real deal was George Anderson. My nephew left behind a wife and four other great kids. Some of my family and I went in together to buy a phone reading with George for them. NOT cheap. On the day of his call I was there with a tape recorder so I could tape the session. The entire thing was pathetic. He said NOTHING of any value. Not one thing he said applied to our situation. Later I wrote an e-mail to him saying what a complete disappointment his reading was. I received a reply from one of his flunkies - a not so warm guy who was basically a jerk. We exchanged two or three e-mails. I told him that even if George was a fake, if he had been a GOOD fake and had given my nephews wife and kids some comfort I would have still felt it was worth the money. The flunky was sort of snarky - which also would seem odd to me if George were the real deal. It seemed like his staff would have been apologizing out the wazzoo and maybe even offering another reading to see if old George could do better. When you lose someone close to you it is painful and given the circumstances of our loss it was even more so. I understand the need some people have to find some reassurance that the one they lost is not really gone and that they are in a good place. I felt that need more than once. I think some people will convince themselves that George, or another so called psychic, are blessed with a gift. And frankly, if it helps and gives a person comfort then that is great. I envy them really. I would rather be happy and deluded than depressed and have no hope.

    1. Happy and Deluded or Depressed with no Hope?
      I have to disagree with this.
      Happy and Deluded is not a real thing, Mediumship is like a drug, you are happy when you have had your hit, but after you come down, you are left craving more and more. This is the addiction.

      Yes it is depressing when you lose someone you love, but having no hope is a personal choice. Hope is about living your life to the fullest, because that is what your loved lost ones would want for you, to be happy and enjoy your life, not crave after them for ever.