13 February 2013

D.J. Grothe - How to be a "Perfect" Skeptic - QED 2012

Filmed at the skepticism conference QED 2012 in Manchester, UK, D.J. Grothe presents his advice on how to be a "perfect" skeptic. Grothe is a public speaker and writer on issues at the intersection of belief and scientific skepticism, and is president of The James Randi Educational Foundation. He hosts the radio show and podcast "For Good Reason".


Numberdude said...

While I may be a skeptic regarding mediums in general, I do not dismiss the spiritual realm. After all, philosophers and laymen have tried for thousands of years to understand the "mind/body" problem. That is, how is it possible for consciousness and self-awareness to arise from a physical body? They two realms seem to be completely different, yet there it is.

JD said...

Well consciousness and self-awareness do not arise from a physical body, there exists no credible scientific evidence to suggest it does, hence why it is only philosophers and laymen who are still looking into it.

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