12 May 2021

Psychic Medium Amanda Molloy Should be well and truly ashamed of herself.

Lauren Dent was not only a victim of a bad reading from fake "psychic medium" Amanda Molloy, but when she asked for her £10 back, she had what can only be described as a bit of a threat from the woman who pretends she can speak to the dead.

Check out the message thread between Lauren and Amanda Molloy, is Amanda Molly insinuating that Lauren is going to die in 3 years time? Imagine the psychological damage that something like this could do to a vulnerable young person.

Luckily it seems that Lauren, despite getting conned by a fake psychic, does have her head screwed on somewhat, and made this post about it.

I fully agree with Lauren here. Amanda Molloy should be well and truly ashamed of herself.

Take this lesson Lauren and NEVER EVER give a penny to these people again.

And for anyone reading this, thinking of having a reading with Amanda Molloy. Think twice.

By Jon Donnis

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