22 July 2015

Skeptic Zone Podcast

Richard Saunders on the skeptic podcasting panel. He discusses the Skeptic Zone with the audience

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Woody said...

Bloody anti-vaxers, it bothered me too when they used the word 'sceptics' in their new title. That word refers to people who have looked not just at the claim but they've examined what investigation has occurred already on the subject, what testing may have been done. We often know about the public rise of the claim and any early or more modern research that has gone into it and what the results of those investigations has been! Then also we can't help but see what the media has added to the fray, the controversy and belief created by characters who have added their questionable expertise in this show or that book.
Anti-vaxers deny the investigative process of science and spout shit about corruption and false information at the same time as children of anti-vax parents die from preventable diseases which would have already been all but removed from the Earth if good vaccination programs had not been ruined by the insidious bias of anti-vaxers on concerned parents!
Had to get all that out of my system, thanks for reading.
All the best,

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