24 July 2015

BadPsychics Classic: That time we caught Dr David Bull LYING about Most Haunted

I was recently asked about Dr David Bull and his credibility as a presenter. I vaguely recalled him being caught lying to BadPsychics during an interview, but since I did not conduct the interview personally I could not recall the details.

So I delved deep into the BadPsychics archive, really deep, like I had to google some stuff cause I had no idea! Then after speaking to the "Founder", I was sent an original copy of the interview, and I am happy to republish it here purely as a historical document for people interested in how Most Haunted was originally exposed as being faked in various aspects.

This is not really new news, since it was published on the original BadPsychics site well over a decade ago. The bits of interest I have highlighted in RED, enjoy!


Interview with Dr David Bull - 15th November 2004

[BadPsychics] I would like to welcome Dr David Bull to the site, for those of us unaware of your work, could you please give us a quick history lesson on how you got to where you are now.

[David Bull] I am a fully qualified doctor and made the transition into television in 1995 where I gave medical advice to people going abroad. I then moved to Newsround on BBC1 where I became the first person in the world to broadcast to children about health issues. I was then given my own show Sort It! - a teenage debate show. I was also doing a lot of daytime TV when I then moved to Watchdog on BBC One where I had the great pleasure of working with Annie Robinson. I hosted Watchdog Healthcheck after that and then Tomorrow’s World Live! Other shows followed and then I started MHL two years ago. If you really want more detail – my full biography is on my website – www.davidbull.com

How does a GP end up presenting a paranormal based investigatory show on a cable channel?

I was a hospital doctor and loved it but I hated the system we worked under. I have always loved TV and so decided to change track.

For quite a while the BadPsychics site has been a major critic of your work on Most Haunted Live, but recently we have had a change of heart. After speaking with Louie Savva firstly after his appearance on MHL10, he declared that you were a "really nice chap" and that off camera you looked after him during his first TV appearance. And more recently after speaking with Matthew Smith on the phone after night 2 of MHL11, he also declared you to be a really nice bloke and nothing like your TV Character. What are your thoughts on both Louie and Matthew?

I think it’s really funny you are so critical of me. As you will no doubt know by now – all of us on the team are really good friends – we all respect each other and have spent many long hours after the show drinking in the bar. Both Louie and Matthew are really great guys. They have a job to do and so do I!

Do you ever feel bad having to give Matthew Smith and Louie Savva such a hard time on MHL?

No. Of course not.

Right you probably wont like this question, but what the hell, on your semi regular appearances on CH5's The Wright Stuff, you were once participating in a debate about mentally unstable people. And the conversation moved around to people who claim to hear the voices of spirits. You said and I quote "People who hear spirit voices are psychotic" would you still stick with that statement?

I think you’ve probably taken my comments out of context. I remember explaining that hearing voices is one of the symptoms of Schizophrenia – which is true. And schizophrenia is a Psychotic Illness. It was not a derogatory term.

And to follow up on the last question, do you believe that mediums like Derek Acorah, David Wells, Ian Lawman etc are really "hearing" such voices? Or do you think they are making it up?

I still don’t know what I think. I started the show extremely sceptical and yet I have seen and heard many things which have challenged that view. I really like all the people you mention. I have spent a lot of time with Derek and David in particular and they know exactly what I think of them. Suffice it to say we get on really well – we even call and text each other off screen!

I also think it’s important that you understand that the programme is subject to rules and regulations laid down by the regulator formerly the ITC now OffCom. My job is to provide a balanced show. It cannot be propaganda and must leave people to make up their own minds. Matthew Smith is there to lend an academic viewpoint which counterbalances what we hear and see from the investigative team. The Historians are there to cooberate facts. And I am there to be the ringmaster. The show also has two compliance officers to make sure that we stick to the rules.

What are your thoughts on MHL10 from Maes Artro Heritage - Llanbedr, North Wales? Did you notice that every single name that Derek came up with could all be found on one single webpage? And did you also know that even the order that he revealed them, was the same as they were shown on the site? What do you think of this coincidence?

It was a great show. I still don’t know what I think. Derek comes up with some amazing stuff. He’s often shown to be accurate but also there are times when he isn’t.

Will Hanaran of Hanaran Media, who produced the MHL where the famous spoon was thrown by Yvette has categorically stated that NO spirit threw the spoon, and in fact only one of two people could've thrown it. He refuses to say who. I wonder, who do you think it was? (cough Karl cough)

Will is entitled to his own opinion. Will was in the gallery during the show and not on location with the team so I think you should ask the team. No-one else was there. We saw what you did.

Your catchphrases include "fantastic" and "amazing" when you say these, do you really think something is fantastic or amazing, or are you just saying that to annoy us sceptics?

I don’t set out to annoy you. I'm also a sceptic so how does that work?

You have an unusual knack of making it seem that a lot is happening on MHL when in fact nothing at all has happened. This is a great ability, and do you think this is one of the reasons you host the show?

Thank you. I don’t know. Ask the producer or the commissioning editor or the channel controller!

During the last MHL, for about 1 hour, Yvette, Ciaran and the crew were measuring each others farts (for lack of a better word) with a 25 thousand pound thermal imaging cam. Have you seen this clip yet? and if yes what did you think?

Of course I saw it - I see everything that goes out on air. I think the thermal imaging camera is a great idea. I am a big fan of bringing in more science to the show. If we can capture something on specialist equipment it would provide a very powerful argument that there really is something out there.
NOTE: He had not seen this clip, as this clip never aired on the show, this was one of the behind the scenes clips that I leaked onto the internet and had come from the legendary Most Haunted Mole
As a doctor, and in your professional opinion, have you seen any conclusive evidence that any kind of psychic ability exists? And what is your diagnosis of people who claim to be able to speak to the dead?

If I had truly conclusive proof I would be a believer. As I said earlier I have seen some amazing stuff that has opened my eyes and helped me to look at things in a different way. I cannot prove nor disprove that people can talk to the dead.

Richard Felix often claims that certain info that Derek comes out with, is only in rare hard to find books, yet we always find all the info within seconds of using Google on the net, do you think Richard Felix is deliberately trying to mislead the public with regards to how Derek may or may not be able to research things?

Richard Felix thinks Derek is amazing. Richard is not a cynic. He is certainly not setting out to mislead people.

Gwen Acorah is often to be seen with her Laptop in hand, have you ever seen her with her laptop? And have you ever seen Derek looking with Gwen at her laptop during a live show?

NO. Gwen often doesn’t stay for the whole show.

When someone is picked out of the audience to participate on the show, would you agree that these people are pre selected and not random as suggested on the show, and would you also agree that they have to sign contracts to prevent them talking about anything they see?

They are picked at random. They have no idea that they are to be picked and they do not sign contracts to prevent them talking about what they see.

(The Following Reply was added after the original interview had come back)
Reply. I have a been told of someone who was approached while waiting to go in before the show. He was taken to a car and talked through the procedure, and made to sign legal papers regarding appearing on the show. Also at the last MHL, many people have reported that the girl who was chosen out of the audience was actually at the location and in the VIP area before anyone else. I would say with upmost surety that the people chosen, are chosen before the show has started, and are prepped as such. Do you think there is a chance you have been kept out of the loop regarding this?

I’m afraid I really don’t have any more time – if you want to know any more technical details of the show please can you ask Carl Beattie at Antix or Living TV.

A while back on a Most Haunted Live, a pre recorded scene was presented as Live. The scene in question is the now infamous "Mary Loves Dick" scene. I have a copy of the original tape. Not only was the tape NOT shot in night vision as was suggested on the show, the tape also brings into doubt many aspects of the show.

The fact it is not live, and that Yvette is apparently hearing you confirm that the historians are excited about what Derek has said, brings into doubt the validity of the whole scene. Can i ask you straight, why was the scene pre recorded? Did yourself, Yvette and the historians know in advance that the remarks Derek would make would be correct? and if so how if it is not scripted?

I remember the scene. In the earlier days of the show we had less technical capability and a couple of things were recorded. In general we do say when the audience is about to see a recorded vigil. I can’t remember whether this scene was recorded but if it was it makes it no less valid. If it was recorded I wouldn’t have seen it before transmission and neither would any of the experts.

(The Following Reply was added after the original interview had come back)
Reply. After sending David Bull the footage mentioned in the above question i replied. If yourself and the historians had not seen the footage before transmission, then how would Yvette have known what yourself and the historians would say at least 5 hours before you said it?

I’m afraid I really don’t have any more time – if you want to know any more technical details of the show please can you ask Carl Beattie at Antix or Living TV.

Do you think there is any scientific merit in experiments such as Table Tipping, Staring in mirrors, and other such parlour tricks?

It’s not scientific but it's fascinating. And nothing you see is in anyway faked or made up.

I would like to if possible finish on simple word association, in just a few words could you please give what first comes to mind.

1.Most Haunted
The most amazing show to come out of Living TV.

2.Derek Acorah
A lovely guy who may have an extraordinary gift.

3.Matthew Smith
The housewives favourite!

4.Table Tipping
Amazing to watch if something happens.

5.David Wells
A brilliant new addition to the show. Thrilled he’s on it.

Very visible and I’ve seen a lot of them.

A fascinating subject to investigate.

8.Psychic ability
An art.

9.Uri Geller
Spoon Bender

10.BadPsychics.co.uk (This Site)


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