5 July 2015

Psychic Surgery Unmasked

A Short documentary looking at the Psychic Surgery Scam


  1. Behind you 100% on this one Jon!

    1. So you will also be behind the FACT that Colin Fry once got caught cheating and exposed by his own peers during a physical mediumship seance when he went under the name Lincoln. And that after he was exposed the SNU did everything they could to twist things and try and cover up the truth.

    2. I never heard about that !

    3. See http://www.badpsychics.com/2013/02/colin-fry-trumpet-incident-news-report.html

      Bit awkward that I know more about the history of spiritualism than you Matthew

    4. Skeptics know the history of frauds usually more than the proponents. In researching various subjects like 'psychics', cryptids, ufos, ghosts and such one can easily feel as if they are adrift in a sea of woo and nonsense.
      Atheists have often read more of the bible than the religious folks have and examined closer the claims of faith-healing, crying statues of the virgin mary and what-not, which just adds to the incredulity we can feel when confronting deeply held beliefs.

    5. So true Woody! The fact that Matthew James claims he never heard about Colin being exposed as a fraud by his own peers amazes me!