1 July 2015

A Look At Matthew James International Celebrity Medium! - UPDATED

Back in September 2014, we published the article below, I had completely forgotten about it, afterall Matthew James is kinda a forgettable character. Anyway since we have been talking about him a lot recently, I thought I would bump this up to the top of the site, so people could see what we said about him about 10 months ago! Enjoy.
- Jon Donnis 01/07/15

Originally Published 02/09/2014 - 14:44

So this Matthew James blokes decides to write an article online whereby he uses the term "Bad Psychics" way too many times for a coincidence, usually psychics do this in the hope of nicking some google hits from BadPsychics.com

Its an old trick, he also writes a lot of articles warning people about fake psychics, which is another trick, pretty much saying "there are a lot of fakes out there but I am the real deal... honest.."

Anyway I thought I would have a look at him, and encourage others on here to do the same, and get back to me if you have had a bad experience with him.

I found this video of him.
Very stereotypical of a male medium these days! All the way down to his mannerisms and dodgy ear piercing!

Incase he removes this, a copy can be found at http://tviscool.com/play.php?vid=934

Now lets look at his Facebook Biography
Matthew James is a natural born Clairvoyant and Medium, who from the tender age of five, has seen and heard what others around him could not. 

So in other words he was a lonely child who had imaginary friends and his parents encouraged this and told him that it was ghosties!

As a young teenager, he joined his local Psychic Centre. From there he developed his gift as a Medium/Clairvoyant and has been a professional reader for over 25 years.

Developed probably not the right word here, groomed would be a better word.

Matthew James is predominately clairvoyant (Clear Seeing), clairsentient (Clear Sensing) and clairsentinent (Clear feeling); but also receives information using clairaudience (Clear hearing), clairalience (Clear smelling) and clairgustance (Clear tasting).

Wow he claims the whole gambit of magical bullshit powers does this one!

His natural abilities of mediumship, which have been employed since he was a young child, provide incredible direct connections with 'the spirit world'.

Yet these so called "natural abilities" have NOT allowed him to pick up a Nobel Prize, or win $1m from Mr James Randi.

It seems when you have these multitude of magical powers, instead of trying to change the world, you instead do little stage shows and have a booth at spiritual festivals!

Matthew James generally uses runes; numerology; his own cards, The Light Of Truth Oracle and tarot cards during his consultations.

Is there anything this man can't do??? Oh yeah he can't talk to the dead!

He conducts private readings at his home in Canberra; in expos throughout Australia; in party bookings throughout Australia & New Zealand ... as well conducting private readings via Skype, Phone & video readings for his clients all over the world ............

In other words he is willing to take money from gullible vulnerable grieving people anywhere he can find them.

He also has a nice "Legal Disclaimer" on his website, of course it is a load of tosh, but then would you expect anything less from someone claiming so many magical Jesus like powers?

Lets take a look

Legal Disclaimer: 'UK Law now states that all mediumship, clairvoyance and tarot/rune readings are for "entertainment purposes only". All guidance given from any of the services on this website are undertaken on a free will basis. Under no circumstances are you obliged to take the courses of action based on any guidance provided to you during a reading obtained from this website.'

Now a lot of Psychics and Mediums like to claim that they are forced by UK Law to have an "Entertainment Purposes Only" disclaimer, this is rubbish, no such law exists and this is a 100% LIE. Yes Matthew James has just told a blatant LIE to all of his gullible fans!

You see the truth is he does not in any way need to have any such disclaimer, in fact he can legally claim that every one of his claims is 100% true! Yep, he would not be breaking a single law if he said that..... UNLESS of course its another lie.

Now in the UK we have something called the Consumer Protection Act, now not to bore you, but basically this covers pretty much all trade, and in doing so people like Matthew James come under its jurisdiction. So if you were to phone up a plumber to come and fix your sink, but in doing so he lied, created another problem and then charged you a huge amount of money, he would be breaking the law, he might find himself on BBC Watchdog, and would definitely upset Trading Standards if a victim was to complain, And the same applies to Matthew James, and mediums/psychics like him.

If they sell a service which is real, and they deliver that service, then there is no problem at all, they can charge people, take money, declare it to the Taxman, and all is fine and dandy, HOWEVER if a medium like Matthew James was to sell a reading, but that reading was not real, but instead of cold reading, or he had prior researched his victim, or used anything other than real psychic powers, then he much like that dodgy plumber would be in breach of Consumer Protection Laws, and be liable for prosecution. And NOW you see why he has that Entertainment Purposes Only Disclaimer!

That Disclaimer which he puts their BY CHOICE remember! basically admits he is a fraud! Yep Matthew James the Medium is admitting he is a fraud and that what he does is just an act, like a Magician or Mentalist, there is no difference. That disclaimer is there purely to protect himself from prosecution if he used anything other than real psychic abilities!

He also claims on his site that... " he is able to provide ACCURATE FUTURE PREDICTIONS"

Yes not only can this man communicate with the dead and break the laws of physics, he can also do what no one else on the planet can do and that is see the future and make Accurate Future Predictions! Of course again his disclaimer states as a fact that what he does is just Entertainment and not real in any way, so of course his little statement can be taken with a pinch of salt.

Wait folks, there is more!
"Matthew is also a 'Medical Intuitive' which enables him to sense, feel and describe the medical ailments of his clients and also of the deceased loved ones who communicate with him."

Lets hope he doesn't contact the dead soul of someone who suffered with and died from dysentery, now that could be nasty.

Surely this man can't say anything else that would make me shake my head any more could he? Oh of course he "studied the Kabbalah for over 12 years back in the 80's & 90's and gained a deep understanding of the Tree Of Life after partaking in intensive pathworking journeys during this period."

For anyone unaware Kabbalah is just a load of spiritual mumbo jumbo made famous by Madonna!

So how much does Matthew James charge for his world changing magic powers?

1 question, 2 question or 3 question readings comprise a written reading in PDF format sent to you via E-Mail. Please allow 7 - 10 days to receive your reading. Please include your date of birth along with your question (s)
$25 for 1 question
$50 for 2 questions
$75 for 3 questions

$75 for 3 questions.
Hmmm. My 3 questions would be
1. Why do you lie
2. How do you sleep at night
3. Whats with the ear ring?

$75 for a PDF! There must be some really desperate people out there if you can charge that much for your "Entertainment Purposes Only" readings.

10 minute, 20 minute or 30 minute Voice readings comprise an MP3 recording of your absent reading undertaken by Matthew James.  Please allow 7 - 10 days to receive your reading. Please include your date of birth along with your question (s)
$30 for 10 minute Voice (MP3 recording)
$55 for 20 minute Voice (MP3 recording)
$80 for 30 minute Voice (MP3 recording)

$80 for an half hour recording of Matthew James cold reading! Blimey, that's a good living to make, much easier than actually trying to change science, take the human race forward and proving what you do is real, but wait you don't claim what you do is real, you quite clearly state what you do is entertainment, that it is an act! Lets never forget that people, remember there is NO UK LAW whatsoever that forces him to state that, he states that by his own personal choice and admission he is not really psychic!

And if you are in Canberra you can even get a one hour personal one to one reading for the bargain basement drop down price of....... wait for it ........ $160!!

And guess what to book a reading, you only have to pay a $50 NON REFUNDABLE charge!
Yep even if you book and then change your mind, you still just lost $50!

Does that sound like the kind of person you would want a reading from?

His website basically reads like a shopping list, and like so many mediums, its always about the money, there is little to no interest in proving any claims, its just about getting as much money as you can from grieving people as quickly as you can, and making sure they have as little comeback as possible if they are not happy with a reading!

You name it, he sells it, from all of his various kinds of readings, to workshops, to tarot cards, every possible gimmick you can imagine and he is in on it.

As you would expect he has a lot of testimonials on his site all saying how great he is, but remember he is a self admitted "entertainment purposes only" medium, he is not real, yet the testimonials sound almost like the people believe he is genuine! You don't suppose he has been lying to them do you?

He also commented on the disappearance of Maddie McCann, afterall he is a Grief Vulture so why wouldn't he comment on this.

Intuitive Insight: Plenty of travels via boats even in recent times. Uncompleted transactions. MM still not to be released. MM very much a commodity too for financial gain = blackmail? MM location on an island (Ireland?) ... Eye surgery or changed colour of her eyes with lenses. Hair dyed black. Cornwall (Exmoor or Dartmoor ??) - most likely location with its relative quick access to sea plus isolation. - Copyright Matthew James

Much like him I like a good testimonial, so I will leave you with one I found online at ripoffreport.com

Matthew James - Predicting future events was a fail!! He may have gotten a few tiny stuff right but when it came to big predictions he was so wrong. Even with exam results he was so wrong and insisted i get a remark and it was still wrong. I dont know how he is getting so many new clients?? maybe people go to him for the connections with people who have passed?? i dont see the point in that cos we have to look to the future and not the past. People who have died  should be at peace and not disturbed. I find that he was also very adamant even when he was wrong. Very very money minded and would not tolerate any calls to follow up or clarify why his predictions were not unfolding. He once said i would be working within a month and he was sooooo confident, well until today it has not happened.. Big shame

BadPsychics.com advice - AVOID Matthew James - He does NOT speak to the dead, he is only interested in your money!


Anonymous said...

I doubt that he even had imaginary friends. Probably made all that up.

Excellent analysis although I think you should include inverted commas when using the term "psychic" as some will interpret it as there being psychic existence when there clearly hasn't been any to date (which is a bit of a clue). It's not like we haven't gave them the opportunity.

After all they say that they want to provide us with evidence of the "afterlife", so why not do that scientifically?

"Psychic" groomers does have a factual ring to it. They lure the bereaved into their network (web) of liars stating they're talking to their dead family members.

What the public need to realise are these "mediums" & "healers" are mostly people off the street who've attended circles anyone can attend & are given the opportunity to mingle with those bereaved & naive (without any police or background checks whatsoever).

Independent to this article, I am aware of a number of "mediums" & "healers" who perform at spiritualist churches where the committee & church presidents' are aware that they've been convicted of sex crimes & have served time in prison. Not only do they not care but some facilitate & cover up fresh crimes.

It's a hard fact to bare but if you've lost a loved one, seek professional counselling & remember them for who they were (buy a digital photo album to display those great times on the mantelpiece 24/7). Keep your dignity & do not allow yourselves to be exploited or put your family in danger. You don't even have to be clever to play the part of a "medium". Anyone can do it. You can throw out an Albert to the whole audience & even if maths doesn't prevail you can go to one person & if they don't accept Albert say that he's going back a few generations or was a work colleague or someone known to a work colleague or a neighbour or someone known to a neighbour or someone from your school days or someone to look out for or for someone who didn't attend that night bla bla. It's always covered.

These "mediums" contradict themselves all the time. For example some say we're simply beings of light when we reach the "other side" yet next minute say that they're "stepping back" after they've liaised a "message". Mediums have specifically started that "spirit" cannot see after they've passed yet 5 mins later say "Arthur likes watching you in your new blouse in the kitchen".

Remember each time you support these "mediums" you're making their network grow which in turn further exploits fresh victims. We all supported certain TV psychics & look what's happened because of that. It grew. Now millions of vulnerable people believe it, many of who have forked out money. One of those TV mediums charges £150 for a private reading.

They also have cutthroat lawyers. Name any of them & you'll soon know about it. Why would a genuine "psychic" feel the need to have a lawyer.

They might look the part, they might appear to be friendly but there's always a motive when someone pretends to talk to the deceased. Deceased sadly means they're dead, they're body has shut down & is going into rigormortis. It's not nice but similarly it's not nice coming up with an orchestrated pack of lies by these "psychic" groomers.

JD said...

Thanks for your comments, I agree with everything you say.
I know in the book Psychic Mafia Lemar Keene talks about the sexual abuse the mediums committed on their victims and clients.

It does go on that's for sure.

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