29 April 2015

Disneyland Ghost Debunked

First of all lets take a look at the original video posted on youtube a while back.
This video has received over 12 million views!

Now what could it be? Is it a ghost?
Well no, anyone with half a brain could tell you it is not a ghost, but then most believers and advocates of videos like this could only dream of having half a brain.

So who better to debunk this video than everyones favourite Debunker. Captain Disillusion!

So there you have it, clearly not a ghost.
Now please stop believing in video like this and grown up.
Remember there is no such thing as ghosts!


Tim Whitcher said...

What's wrong with your face?

JD said...

Captain Disillusion is a character played by Latvian-born independent filmmaker Alan Melikdjanian

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