10 August 2007

The Worlds Second Worst Trance Medium - Summer Bacon

Originally published 10th August 2007

I received the following email from Karl Mullings The Director of Sales and Marketing for Summer Bacon.


This Web Site Does not have permission to use any of the copyrighted material of Summer Bacon ie. photos and quotes. Please take our material off your site ASAP.

Therefore I have removed the photo of Summer Bacon, and replaced it with a photo of Dr Peebles. 

(I have republished a photo of Summer Bacon, a photo that was found on google images, and in the public domain, if you would like me to remove this, please provide proof of copyright, and as soon as all photos of you are removed from google images, I will happily remove it as well. - Jon Donnis 16/08/2017)

As for the youtube video, it has been uploaded freely to youtube and I am allowed to use it under the T&C; of youtube.

As for the quotes, again I am covered by "fair use"

You can quote excerpts from a piece of original work in certain situations, including educational, research purposes and reviewing purposes.

When a movie or a book reviewer quotes material from the book or movie, they are not violating Copyright under the Fair Use Act. This is because the reviewer is using the material to exemplify the work. They are not reproducing the work in it's entirety, or alluding that the work may be their own. This provision also protects educational institutions. The Fair Use Provision makes it possible for professors to quote excerpts form a book at the beginning of class, or for librarians to photocopy certain sections of material.

Even under the Fair Use provision, however, you should always attribute the creator of the work you are citing. You should also be sure that you are only using as little material as needed to illustrate your point.

Therefore I do not need to remove anything else.

Published 9th August 2007
Firstly let me just confirm that her name actually is Summer Bacon, I am left wondering why her mother would give her the name of delicious seasonal snack. (thanks Bob)

Anyway, we all thought that we had found the worlds worst trance medium in Charley boy, but now there is a pretender to his rather de-shevelled crown.

Summer Bacon channels someone called Dr. James Martin Peebles (1822-1922), and no that is nothing to do with Stuart from Most Haunted.

Anyway for some strange reason Dr Peebles seems to talk like Southern US cattle auctioneer, all very weird.

Lets take a look

(Summer Bacon has since deleted all videos from her youtube channel, however I did find this one of her channelling Dr Peeble!)

On her site: www.summerbacon.com
it says
"Summer is considered to be the clearest and most authentic Trance Medium of our time."

Can I ask who by? Who exactly considers Summer to be the most authentic Trance Medium of all time? I know i don't, I know that everyone who has seen the video on our forum doesn't.

So I would suggest that it is Summer herself who declares herself to be the most authentic trance medium of our time.

It should also be noted that Dr Peebles himself while being channelled by another psychic, has claimed that he has 25 "channels" that he comes through in North America alone! Yep there are 25 psychics all claiming to channel the same guy! Suddenly Summer doesn't seem to be so unique after all.

Of course like any psychic of her ilk, it all comes down to money, and Summer has an endless stream of it, selling DVDs, a book, and other merchandise, as well as her open workshops where she charges people to teach them various things.

What is even stranger is that just a couple of days ago Summer wrote a sceptical article regarding an Anti-Aging Remedy.

I would like to quote one small part of her article.
A fool and her money are easily parted, and I was just about to be the fool

You see Summer here is being a hypocrit, she is attacking a bogus anti aging cream for being nothing more than propoganda and false hope, when she herself deals in the exact same thing.

Shame on you Summer.

My advice for anyone thinking of wasting your money on a psychic, take that money and spend it on your family, on yourself, buy yourself something nice, it will make you feel much better, and you will have something tangible at the end of it.

Or you could just donate it to charity.

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