8 August 2007

Exposed Psychic "Goldy" Attacks Sceptics Over Madeleine McCann Psychic Whores

The following article was originally published 8th August 2007.

Recently on this website we have attacked the psychics who have in a desperate attempt at self publication, travelled to Portugal and tried to get involved in the Madeleine McCann case.

People like Diane Lazurus and Ben Murphy, as well as Amanda Hart who have released press releases telling of their psychic predictions and so on.

To this day NO psychic has been able to find Madeleine, or offer the police any help whatsoever.

(10 years later in 2017 as I republish this, the above statement still stands as a statement of fact)
Well now we have a PROVEN FRAUD in Goldy, a psychic who was exposed as such on BBC's The Bullshit Detectives cheating, attacking us sceptics for daring to critisise these media whores.

On Goldys latest MySpace Blog she writes:


The skeptics have yet again criticised the 3 british psychics who at their own expense went to Portugal to see if they could pick up links or clues to finding madeleine. The skeptics once again came to their own conclusion these psychics were going to make a name for themselves and for no other reason.

We came to this conclusion due to the FACT that the psychics named released public press releases to the newspapers, and also due to the fact they have NOT actually found Madeleine or offered any REAL help to the investigation.


Genuine psychics dont need to make a name for themselves they already are established.

Not a single psychic in history has been able to prove they are genuine, you especially, in fact you are a proven fake.

As for the psychics mentioned, the very fact they released press releases should tell you that their only interest was that of publicity.


Did the thought that people really care about others not cross their mind, did the thought that if any of the psychics were able to find a clue that would lead to whereabouts of maddie that a child just may be reunited with her parents?

There is nothing more I would like than for Madeleine to be found alive, but if it does happen, it will be the hard work of the Portugese police and foresics, as well as the British detectives working hard.

It wont be because of 3 self proclaimed psychics contradicting each other, and releasing PR info to the media.

Ask yourself Goldy why they didn't just find Madeleine, and quietly be happy with their acheivement, instead we had this self promotion off the back of a very sensitive case.

For the record the family did NOT ask for any psychic help, and in fact due to their Catholic backgrounds would be very strict against the use of psychics.


why do skeptics not give psychics the benefit of the doubt before they jump on the so called band wagon so they could in turn say 'told you so;! did these skeptics put their hands together at any time and pray for this missing child?

We don't give these frauds the benefit of the doubt because they do not deserve it. They are self proclaimed unproven Acorah wannabes, people who go to every Audition for a psychic on TV, trust me I know I have seen them.

As for saying a prayer, well who should I pray to? God? I would be more interested in asking YOUR god why he would allow Madeleine to be taken in the first place.


doubt it cos whilst they are writing about what they have no knowledge about someone out there really cares enough to pray and get involved in physically doing something genuine to help.

And what exactly have you done Goldy?
In the past 40 years of your horrid little life, what have you ever done to actually help solve a crime?

On the BadPsychics team we have real police officers, people who have worked on serious cases, helped solve real crimes with real detective work.

You throw stones, when in fact you should be ashamed of yourself.


does it matter what type of person visits the scene of the crime if it brings a result?

Yes, it matters if that person is giving false hope, sending police on wild goose chases, upsetting the parents and so on.


whilst its healthy being a skeptic its sick knocking others for doing something they believe in, at the same time, without skeptics challenging us there would be no science.

What is sick is trying to make your name off of the back of the abduction of a young child, releasing press releases just to get your name in the papers in conjunction with a missing child case. That is sick Goldy, and you are sick for supporting these people.


I lay my hat off to the 3 british psychics who have laid their name on the line to help find a little girl taken from her parents. I wish you every success and all the love in the world in accomplishing such a difficult psychic and physical task.

You lay your hat off? I am sure that will mean a lot to them.

Personally I feel physically sick that there are evil scum out there who would committ such a heinous crime like abducting a child, I really don't give a shit about the feelings of a couple of frauds trying to make their name off of the back of such a crime.

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