31 August 2007

Charles Sibley Gives James Randi Tarot Card Reading

Originally Published 31st August 2007

By baronvon

Well…everyone’s favourite hapless “medium” Charles Sibley is back with a new string added to his (frankly useless) bow. The brittle string is question is tarot card reading. Now, old Charlie has mentioned them before in his other videos but it’s only been in recent weeks where videos of him demonstrating this “ability” have come to surface…not to mention the fact that yesterday I realised that he has FOUR youtube accounts…and that’s not even including the ones he uses to post false positive testimonials about his work.

Now, before we get started let me just make it clear that I don’t know the mechanics of how tarot cards “work” but seeing as the vast majority of “mediums” ask us to judge them on their results (which is surprising as the results are unanimously poor) I’ll just analyse Charlie’s findings rather the all the dubious, alleged spiritual mathematics he used in order to come to his conclusions.

The subject of this “tarot reading” is James Randi.

“Hello, this is Charlie, this is…to learn people the meaning of tarot cards and it’s also gives you an idea of certain celebrities. You know, mixed with numberology - the power of numbers because erm…your name and date of birth is no accident believe me…and all these tarot cards always fit to the people’s personality as you’ll see. And you look these tarot cards up anywhere and you’ll see that the meanings are there, it’s amazing how they work.”

Ok now this is just window dressing to make the process seem vaguely scientific, of course it’s not but adding a postfix to a word such as “ology” it gives the illusion to the audience that what the “medium” is saying has some tried and tested merit. 

Also it’s worth pointing out that by doing this “readings” for well known people isn’t exactly difficult as their personalities are in the free public domain for all to see. I could give a vaguely accurate “reading” of a well known person using no psychic powers whatsoever…come to think of it, nearly everybody could.

“Anyway, this one is to do with erm…James Randi and as you can see from his name there on the chart it adds up to, in numberology, it adds up to seven – which is a chariot. A chariot can represent a lot of things like all these tarot card can. It’s to do with trying erm…successing (??) in life, victory, to do with war, to do with opinions and one opinion against another…you know?”

So basically what you’re saying about James Randi is that he wants to be successful and that he has the odd clash of opinion with someone else. Blimey, that would apply to me as well. In fact it’d apply to most of the population. Uncanny eh?

“It also represents a lack of control and…erm…but it is to do with like successing (again - ??) in life and the horses on the chariot represent erm…control, balance…you know? Negative and positive and stuff like this…”

Ok, now this part is absolutely ridiculous. First he says that the chariot represents a lack of control and then goes onto say that the horses represent control. Talk about covering all bases…especially as the next thing he says is “Negative and positive and stuff like this…” It’s like me saying that someone could be a male or could be a female.

“But I would say that this card to chariots…I would say that even though he’s had a lot of success you know, he’s also had a lot of struggle to get that success”

Success is never easy…unless you’ve got absurdly rich parents and even then it’s not a guarantee. So far this reading is about as enlightening and profound as an episode of ‘Hector’s House’.

“Two frames of mind if you wanna put it that way, represented by the two horses, could never make his mind up or…but he gets a decision in the end like if it’s good or bad.”

Again…unbelievably general and vague from Charlie, although is it just me or is he trying to subtly have a dig at Randi’s stance on the paranormal with this statement?

“And his card is ruled by cancer…which cancer represent by the moon…cancer can represent slyness, erm…working in the night…if you know what I’m trying to say. You can use your imagination.”

Again he resorts to having sly digs at Randi’s alleged character which at times borders on defamation. The “use your imagination” comment is slightly amusing too, it’s like a desperate plea for the listener to rack their brains to try and make any sort of correlation with what he’s just said. Most “mediums” encourage you to do this but the majority of them don’t resort to blatant pleas like Charlieboy here.

“And they also represent the crab which, as you know, a crab doesn’t walk straight it walks round sideways you know? And erm…it sort of goes round things arse about tit (??) if you wanna put it that way.”

More absolute dross spouted by Charlie here…although bizarrely enough this statement would better suit “mediums” than James Randi. Afterall, Randi directly challenges “psychics” to prove their supposed abilities whilst the “psychics” tend to mess around (or scuttle around if you want to keep the crab analogy) in order to avoid taking the challenge. Pretty ironic really.


“Cancer’s can also be sly, President Bush has this in his reading and that says a lot if you look at his. And that does go with President Bush and this does go with James Randi as well. To get to this success that he got in life he basically erm…not all dishonest but the majority of it is.”

Again, more completely unfounded accusations about Randi’s personality and work. I’d ask him to back up his ridiculous claims with solid evidence but since he never responds to any of my questions I sent via youtube I doubt I’d get very far.

“You look up the star signs or these tarot cards it does tell you that mean (??) and it’s amazing how it fits.”

Oh indeed, it’s absolutely amazing…amazing in its absurdity.


“And as you can see as it goes onto his birth…erm you add all that up and it comes to eight and the eight is a strength card. What’s so interesting about this one is if you look at his date of birth…well the strength card is represented by Leo cos that’s what James Randi is. And if you look at his star sign apart (??) from being a Leo, the ruler is strength. And when these cards repeat theirselves, if they repeat Leo twice and the strength card twice that tells a lot, you do have a lot more inflictions they are stronger. And erm, the strength card that represents self control or lack of self control…to do with a fighting life against other people or himself. Having willpower to do with whatever he wants to do…and it is very strong, he’s had a really…a lot of struggling in his life to do with a lot of things and I mean a lot of things. He had a lot of struggles and even a lot of enemies with the chariots and also this. I mean if you look at the picture in the tarot cards (unintelligible) the lion…it says a lot.”

Despite Charlie’s claims of “it says a lot” Charlie actually says nothing of any substance here. Again notice the “the strength card that represents self control or lack of self control” quote which once more covers all possibilities. It’s no wonder “mediums” get the odd hit, half the stuff they say can’t possibly be wrong whoever it supposedly applies to.

Also isn’t it funny how Randi’s only enemies seem to be the frauds he sets out to expose?

“and they’re very straightforward people…that’s what James Randi is. But he can be too straightforward. They’re that straightforward and have that much confidence and stuff like that but there’s a very negative streak there with Leo all the time. And Leos have a lack of judging situations wrong as well and they also make a lot of enemies because of their straightforwardness…they always say things which are later on…sort of regret what they say. They don’t always get it right before they open their mouth.”

Again, notice the sly attacks of Randi. Curiously enough Charlie seems to suggest that Randi regrets what he’s said about “psychics” in the past…which is absolute nonsense. He seems so intent of putting words into Randi’s mouth that it wouldn’t surprise me that when he eventually pops his clogs he’ll be “channelled” by someone like Charlie saying that he was wrong about mediums and spirits…sad but there are people out there who would attempt to piss on a dead man’s work and beliefs for their own personal gain.

“Well I said, it is very strong this Leo and the strength card is very strong indeed. He’s had a lot of problems in his life. You look at his name and birth added together as well which it adds up to fifteen if you work it out…the devil card and the lovers card put down to the number six. And erm…very interesting really that is as well, the devil is suffering to do with a lot of things. It represents some of the things that James Randi does and a lot of people think he’s a good man in one way and he’s not in another…but he is to some people but he’s got more enemies than he can handle.”

Just more nonsense here by Charlie, note how he associates the devil with Randi in another poor attempt to discredit him. I’d also say that the “more enemies than he can handle” statement is incorrect based on the facts that the vast majority of “mediums” seem absolutely terrified of him, Charlie included.


“I mean, James Randi will probably say “oh no, that doesn’t go with me, it’s a load of crap” but if you look at it and look it all up it makes a lot of sense”

Not counting the slyness and the other unfounded veiled accusations…I reckon he’d concede that some of it would apply to him. Why’s that you ask? It’s because some of the stuff Charlie has come out with is so general it’d apply to almost every entity on the planet. Those statements weren’t a result of mystical powers, just an incredibly basic grasp of human nature.


“and the type of person he is, I mean the devil…an evil, and I’ve always said he’s an evil man and a lot of people say and it’s amazing the way that fits him and strength, he’s had a lot of problems a really lot of problems in life and he’s made a lot of enemies…and the strength card really states that by repeating itself twice.”

Once more he reiterates that James Randi is an evil man and what does he base that accusation on? Well, nothing…aside from personal opinion (brought about from fear of being exposed most likely) masked under the guise of a “tarot reading”.


“And Leo…also repeats itself twice which makes it stronger again, he’s definitely a pure Leo. And cancer being in there…sly…the devil card being there…also says a lot you know? He’s had suffering himself and he’s also other people round him suffer.”

Yet again he makes tiresome claims about Randi being “sly” and such…although I’d say the only people he makes suffer are the charlatans who spend their lives conning people with the whole “psychic” charade…which I’d say is a good thing given the morality of these people.

So there you have it, another analysis of the one person who truly fits the title of “Bad Psychic”. We should be grateful he’s around really because his appalling attempts at “psychic readings” are so easy to pick apart it helps highlight the techniques used by more cunning “psychics” for all to see.

Incidentally, if Charlie ever reads he should feel free to send me (or anyone on the site for that matter) his “amazing evidence” of the afterlife he supposedly has. Although I suspect he’ll ignore that invitation just like he’s been ignoring my messages for the last couple of months or so.

But anyway, is this a true indication of psychic powers...or is it just a thinly veiled attack on a certain individual created without the use of any paranormal abilities whatsoever?

That's up to you to decide I guess...although I'll be gobsmacked if you think it's anything other than the latter...

By baronvon

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