1 March 2019

REVIEW: Most Haunted - Kelham Hall Pt 2 - Airdate 01/03/2019

It's that time of week again, where I unscrew yet another bottle of Jack Daniels, down a pack of ibuprofen and hope I can make it through an episode of grown adult humans running around an old building, while banging their feet and throwing coins about. Just consider that for a moment, imagine making a living from making this show. Imagine the sheer contempt you must hold for the viewing public.

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Anyway with the blatant plug out of the way, lets start with the totally pointless blurb.

"Yvette continues with her team in a remarkable investigation of Kelham Hall, as they venture out of the cellar and investigate the upper floors."

We are back at Kelham Hall for part 2 of this investigation.
And for the life of me I cant remember a single thing that happened in part 1, luckily they need to waste a few minutes on the show, so we get a nice recap.

Karl dropped a book behind Glen.
Yvette recalled what Fred told her earlier and then typed it out on her phone.
Stuart chucked a pipe at someone, and Stuart flipped a table then carefully filmed around it to pretend it was a ghost.

We carry on where they left off, and if you remember some machinery went off and scared them all. One of the only genuine reactions you will ever see from them as it wasn't expected.

Karl then knocks an old phone off the wall.

Don't forget to play your Most Haunted Drinking Game. Especially as Fred is already chanting in Latin.

This guy is filming his arm pit, and then there is a noise and a pipe has been thrown again, so he decides to leave in the other direction to where he reveals other crew members are filming.

Glen is getting bored as nothing happening by him since he is on his own.

Back with Fred, Yvette and Karl, Karl is determined to convince people the phone he knocked off the wall OFF CAMERA, was done by a ghost. Clearly he meant to do this, but the machine going off threw off his routine.

Hint of cleavage from Fred.

New teams form.
Greg, Stuart and Fred, Karl on his own, and Yvette alone with Glen!

With Karl and he admits all the lights are on, yet keeps the camera on "nightvision"

He then hears a noise and then hilariously he goes through a door and a office chair is spinning slowly. He then looks around to prove no one is about.

His acting is really poor here, anyone could easily have just hidden and then sneaked out of the room when he went in. Most likely Stuart. Or even easier he could have put the chair on a really fast spin, left the room, filmed a bit and then came back in.

I hate to repeat myself, but a simple static camera filming the corridor would prove that Karl was the only person to enter the room and for how long etc.

With Stuart's gang now and Stuart is convinced a door that was open earlier is now locked, he eventually realises that he needs to pull not push. And idiot of the day goes to Stuart.

Greg, Stuart and Fred go upstairs and into a small room, and Fred reveals the room is cold. So a room that has been closed all day, is cold at night. Kinda makes sense, if warm air does not get into a room, it wont magically heat up. With the recent hot weather in the UK, often I would enter my house and it would feel cold, as I like to keep everything closed. Nothing ghostly.

Karl on his own and he is hearing noises, a very weird deep laughing noise is heard, he goes back to the room with the office chair, but it is not spinning this time.

To his credit he is building tension here for something to happen, and just when you think something will happen, they cut to Yvette and Glen on their own in a room with his laptop.

Glen is sat on the floor, his legs wide apart. Trying to stretch the material in his jeans, so his unfortunate bulge isn't as obvious.

The laptop is recording audio in the hope they get some EVP.

Glen hears a noise so runs across the room to investigate.
Finds nothing.

Yvette then starts to sing Ave Maria, getting some good acoustics in this room, but even they cant help her god awful voice.

Fred then decides to show us his man boob.
No context needed.

Karl is still looking for ghosts up and down the hall, in the room with the office chair.
When he leaves the room a large bin has been placed near the entrance to the room. He moves it out of the way very easily and with very little sound. He then claims that everyone is accounted for. Despite the fact I have shown time after time that they do not records everyone's segments at the same time.

They show a split screen to prove they are all accounted for, but he literally adds these split screens in post production, since this is NOT a live broadcast. So this is very dishonest.

Simply put when he went in the room, the ghost (Stuart) spun the chair and creeped out earlier,  and then later on placed the light plastic bin in place.

God this episode is boring, nearly fell asleep as Fred, Stuart and Greg examine in detail a door that moved a bit.

Now this next bit is very dodgy. Greg is on camera, and Stuart is filming, and they spend a decent amount of time just staring at the door. Fred slowly moves off camera to the right and disappears.

So watching on UKTV the time frame is 33m55s Fred walks off camera to the right. Despite them still examining the door.

Greg "wafts" his arm about to prove air pressure wont move the door.

Stuart then re-frames the shot to make sure as much of the door and Greg are in shot at once. And at 34m12s you can clearly see Greg watching Fred off camera. I wonder why?

Then perfectly on cue the door opens at 34m15s

So that is pretty much 20 seconds since Fred left the shot for no reason.

Another 8 seconds pass and then Fred re-appears from the other side of Stuart

Clearly Fred is responsible here for opening the door. There was plenty of time for him to get in position and do it, and then return.

Greg gives the game away by looking at what Fred was doing.

Now they examine the room and there is no other door, or way in.
So how do they do it?

There is a hatch in the room, but I cant see Fred having the dexterity to jump down, open it jump up and get back in position in time.

They admit that at the back of the room is a filing cabinet and beyond that is another room, but at no point do they open the filing cabinet. So potentially someone hiding in there. But I doubt it.

If it was me, I would use some fishing wire, tie it to the inside door handle, and then feed it through and past the filing cabinet through the gaps in the side or the top. Fred goes off camera and simply pulls the wire, if tied in just the right way it would pull the door enough and then undo, meaning it could be pulled past the filing cabinet and the evidence is then hidden. Fred just walks back into shot and job done.

The fact Greg is watching Fred and waiting for him to do whatever it is he is doing gives the game away for me.

Do you agree with my guess? How would you do it? Leave your opinion in the comments section.

Regardless of how they did it, I will admit it was very well done.

Back with Yvette and Glen, and Yvette is asking the ghosts to touch Glen, you just know Glen is wishing Yvette would touch him. Sexually.

Karl is still walking up and down the corridor. Surely he has set something up here.

Goes in a room, hears a bang and when he comes out a chair has been placed in the middle of the corridor. Again a simple static camera and you just got proof of the paranormal.

Instead it is just another thing that has happened OFF CAMERA.

Karl makes an exit, and they start to wrap up in each group.

Yvette talks about how large the property is, and how she wouldn't go to the toilet on her own, she then tells Glen he will have to go with her.

And with that bit of flirty banter, the episode ends.

The show did move along at a decent pace. Not a lot happened, but what did happen was fun. The door opening on its own was well done and I applaud them for putting some thought into how to fake something instead of the usual crap they churn out.

So I am happy to give then a fair 3 out of 10, one of the highest scores I have ever given them. Still complete crap and a waste of my time, but the fact I re-watched the door opening segment a few times means they made an effort.

Review by Jon Donnis.

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By Jon Donnis


Unknown said...

Is it possible that Fred ran to the room on the other side of the filing cabinet and opening the door in that room causes a change in air pressure that opens the door this side? Not well described I know but you get the picture.

JD said...

Possible. They could've figured out that happened when the door is not closed properly.

L Simon said...

Karl doesn't seem to understand how self regulating machines work (or rather is relying on his viewers not to) as he infers that the unprecedented start up growl of the machine could only have been triggered by ghosts — because they know how to operate 21st century machinery, right! This shows the level of contempt he has for his viewers. He lets out another extended exhale to align his chakras so that the action of him sliding a phone down a machine top is not translated through the camera lens. But Yvette is still not playing along. Karl insists on returning to the phone to prove that he couldn’t have pulled the cord with his foot. Just let it go Karl, not even Yvette is interested in this nonsense! He then blatantly blows over the camera microphone, but claims it was a ghost growling in his ear. Yvette is just mourning all the viewers they are set to lose.

Back with Greg and a shelving unit has been pushed over. In slow motion, as he flails the camera around, there seems to be a fine thread dangling from the metal pole he is carrying. I own a couple of these shelving units and they are extremely light and unstable when not loaded, so it would be very easy to lever them over by using fishing wire wrapped around a nail, for example. The weight and length of the pole would translate any small movement of Greg’s hand into a large enough force to cause the fall. Indeed, as he walks beneath the archway that leads to the prone shelving unit, he seems to be struggling with something and the audio cuts out for a couple of seconds (perhaps when the wire twanged off)? Alternatively, Stuart just crept up the corridor, pulled over the unit, and then crept back down again; and the audio cut was to cover some kind of ambulatory mishap.

Karl is now on his own and he hears a spooky laugh, which sounds uncannily like Yvette. He follows it through a door and is confronted by an office chair spinning in the closed room! He makes a point of not filming behind the door he has entered by, but instead walks across the room to check the door at the far side, by which time the first door has shut by itself. He rushes back out through the first door and pans the camera up the corridor in both directions, but does not investigate further. He pans the camera first to the left, but wait, what was that reflected in the door glass at the bottom of the corridor? Was it somebody creeping into a doorway at the opposite end of the corridor? If only Karl had first panned the camera right, he would have caught the nasty apparition.

Karl: “It is so difficult sometimes to adequately describe how frightened you can actually be”. Replace the word “describe” with the word “feign” and you will get a truer statement.

Yvette then hums through her nose while subtly moving her head around to disperse the sound. She only acknowledges the sound, and acts all shocked, when Glen says he thought he heard a whisper. She says she heard a humming sound, and that it was floating in the air between them!

As for the “haunted” door:-
When Greg saw the door open off camera, Fred was opening the door to exit the room, and when he shut door the “haunted” door started to close again but was stopped by Greg. Greg then demonstrates how the door does not open by itself; the first time he grips the central panel to control its swing, and the second time he keeps his fingers pressed to it until the door reaches it's sticking point. It is as though he is trying to hide the fact that the door swings open easily at the beginning of its travel. In the lead up to the door opening on camera you can hear Fred banging about next to the exit door and when he finally opens it, with the words, “Lets go back down here,” the “haunted” door opens at exactly the same time. So I agree with the previous contributor in that the “haunted” door is being moved by either a change in the air pressure controlled by the exit door state, or by the resulting vibration travelling along the wall between the doors. They simply took advantage of a happy coincidence.

postnatalsupport said...

I’m so disappointed. I adore the paranormal and have watched MH since the start. I’ve defended it from the start so why am I now reading your reviews weekly then watching the show to check out what you’ve said?

I totally agree that locked off cameras should be used. I find the show boring now but will always watch it because I live in hope that something genuine will happen.

tish xx67 said...

I think intravenous morphine is probably best for most haunted and a blindfold and earplugs will help a lot

JD said...

Bottle of Jack for me does the job

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