9 March 2018

Duck of Truth exposes OmarGosh and Moe Sargi and their Fake Paranormal Videos

OmarGosh and Moe Sargi encounter a ghost, a demon or a serial killer virtually every week. Except that they really don't.

Even those who believe in real ghosts will very rarely claim the paranormal activity you see in these ghost videos.
In this video I'll debunk some of their alleged ghost sightings and expose the magic tricks they use to create their fake paranormal videos.

Disclaimer: I don't hate Moe Sargi, OmarGoshTV or anyone else involved. I'm just pointing out that their ghost videos are fake.

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Sur real vlogs ENT. said...

I knew He was a fake all along noone believed me? Its entertainment and for MONEY and views.

Giones said...

It's visible that their videos are fake. It's entertainment and for these porpuses they have good channels, the childs get chills

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