22 October 2017

REVIEW: Search for the Truth - Episode 1 Bryn Hall - The Haunted Hunts

After receiving a lot of threats, I thought I would replace my article with this picture of some poo, since that better represents my opinion than a long article and is all the publicity that "Search For The Truth" by "The Haunted Hunts" deserves.


Jane Arnold said...

Will happily post the numbers and it's not Steve by the way. The numbers were given today and it's actually 75,324 will happily post a screenshot of it when they are given over. Jon you have around 400 followers you're a joke and you contridict yourself on a regular basis..... guess what, your address is about to go public

JD said...

Hi Jane. All I am asking for is the source of the numbers.

Also whats with the threats? Thats not very nice.

Jane Arnold said...

Not threatening you I just think you publicly try to slate people and in return I think people should give you a taste of your own medicine so we have your address and will post it online to over 24,000 people including all those you have publicly took a dig at over the past. If I were you 'Jon' I'd learn to stop slating people who are trying to do something because karma is a real bitch

JD said...

Well it is a threat, and as someone who has received death threats, and the police have a large file of all the threats against me, anyone publishing my home address, to incite hate towards me would be in a lot of trouble.

Just think twice before you publish anything.

People can say as much mean things about me as they like, but threatening my life and my family, well that is just a tad too far.

Jane Arnold said...

Have not threatened you or your family will just tell you to back off or we'll post it. The police will be well aware that you are causing your own problems and as someone who has friends in very high places in the legal system I know for a fact that you will have been advised to stop winding people up. You've caused a lot of problems 'Jon' and we know a lot about you.... stop slating these kind people and get on with your life

JD said...

You claim to not threaten me, then threaten me in the next sentence.
This is getting interesting.
The police are well aware of me purely because I report every single threat to them which they add to my file. That way if anything happens to me again they have a paper trail.

You see when you get death threats the police take these things very seriously, so anyone threatening to release the private home address publicly is not looked upon lightly, and could be considered harrassment.

All I did was write a review about a TV show.

Where as you are now trying to blackmail me by saying if I dont "back off" you will publish my private home address to 20,000+ people.

Do you think you are the first person to threaten me?

Jane Arnold said...

Take care 'Jon' we've offered our advice to you this time as you do to so many others before slating them.... we have your info and are very happy to give it to those who want it but then again... a man in your position should really make it a lot more difficult to dig up personal info. Not so clever now are we mr big shot

JD said...

So to clarify you are now offering to give my private home address to anyone who wants it. So someone who has threatened to kill me before, you would give them my home address.

Ok, I have a record of this, I will pass this to the police as it is a direct threat.

Oh I will also be contacted "Made In" TV Network to report this, I am sure they will be interested to hear this too.

Unknown said...

Jon, I think it's ok for a budget show and a good effort for this group of guys trying to get a foot in the door. I take my hat off to anyone who starts at the bottom because that is where the flack starts, I think there are some good building blocks here and I give them 6 to 7 out of 10 only because I can't make my mind up. Keep up the good work guys you get my vote��

JD said...

Fair comments. Just a shame that certain people associated with them is incapable of taking constructive criticism, and is now threatening me.

Oh well.

Adrian Heath said...

Wow, if your show is so f#**ing amazing and such a phenomenal success it will stand on its own merits without the need for you Jane to act like a total arsehole if Jon is so insignificant then why do you claim he's made a lot of trouble for you ? If you cannot write a coherent and non contradictory series of comments.and statements and feel the need to try and threaten and blackmail, rather than using educated rebuttal and counter argument all you are doing is proving Jons points. But then you are probably too dumb to realise this.

Unknown said...

The show is now on insight tv and I was just laughing with my husband on how fake it appears, then I thought why not read more about it on the internet and here I am reading the funniest review done on a tv show 😂 nice job !

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