28 November 2015

UPDATED: Most Haunted Ratings for Most Haunted Live and the following three Most Haunted episodes

Ratings are in for Most Haunted, and it paints a grim reality.
Despite getting HUGE numbers for the live Halloween show on Saturday, the next nights regular Most Haunted lost more than 330,000 viewers! And the next week they lost a further 37,000 viewers and finished as the weeks 4th most watched program on REALLY TV, even Escape to the Country beat them by nearly 30,000 viewers!

Surely that is proof that the fans finally turned on Most Haunted after the debacle and cheating of the Live show.

I wanted to update this page, as week ending 15th November ratings are in, and Most Haunted didn't even make the Top 10! Now I no longer watch Most Haunted so there is a chance it wasn't aired, but IMDB has it as airing on that day! So if it did air, it must have had less than 141,000 viewers, and didn't make the top 10! This is a complete disaster of ANTIX, and proof that the fans really did desert them after the Most Haunted Live debacle!

You will notice that Karl Beattie no longer tweets the ratings of the show since the Live show! Funny that! 


GothBoyUK said...

When you treat your loyal viewers as mugs this is the result. We knew it wasn't reality TV but we didn't expect blatant fakery in front of our eyes. You reap what you sow.

Unknown said...

Hi Jon,

I would just like to confirm for you that the 6th episode of the current season of Most Haunted "Carr House" was indeed broadcast on Sunday, 15th November 2015 in its usual 10pm-11pm slot.

The information on IMDb for Most Haunted is correct and up to date (I am the person who has submitted about 90% of the information to IMDb for this show - including the ratings figures).

However, the fact that it failed to appear in the Top 10 programmes for Really in the week ending 15th November means that the episode 'attracted' an audience of or less than 141,000 as the 10th ranked show attracted 141,000 viewers not 144,000.

I can't argue with any of the comments you make in this article, but would point at that Really's decision to move the show to a 'stand-alone' Sunday evening slot instead of continuing to show Most Haunted on a Thursday evening as part of a strand of Paranormal themed programmes did seem to have a major impact on viewing figures before the debacle of Karl falling upstairs in Pontefract :)

JD said...

Thanks for the confirmation Mark.
However the fact that the MHL show did HUGE numbers on Saturday, and the Sunday airings of Most Haunted since then have seen ratings plummet would point to people leaving the show, as opposed to the day of the week.

If anything a Sunday slot fits better for MH, and the Live show proved that not only will people watch, but they will also turn off if they feel cheated.

Also thanks for the correction regarding the 10th ranked show, actually makes it worse for MH as that is another 5000 viewers potentially lost! I will edit the article now!

GothBoyUK said...

I concur with you Jon. I have been a Most Haunted fan since day one and the transmission day wouldn't make any difference to me. However, I've not watched an episode since MH Live as I watch to be entertained, not made a mug of. I still watch other 'paranormal hunter' programmes with my open, yet sceptical, scientific mind but Most Haunted blew their chance.

JD said...

You do realise that ALL tv paranormal investigation shows are faked right?

GothBoyUK said...

I don't so much see them as faked as "misinterpretation of events and/or natural phenomena". By that I mean pareidolia, electromagnetic interference, geological origin (eg feeling woozy from ground gases) and the like which are scientifically investigable. That's why I watch them, to be entertained and debunk/explain what they experience where I can.

Faking, to me, is a deliberate attempt to mislead by managing a situation. Karl being pulled up the stairs by a rope is fakery. People believing that dust particles are "energy orbs from the afterlife" is just their incorrect interpretation - if they sincerely believe that then that's their loss. It's a very different situation if they throw glitter up in the air and claim it's a manifestation - that is fakery and not entertaining, just annoying.

JD said...

I hate to say you are being a tad naive, shows like Ghost Adventures are deliberately faked, it is in their remit. They use pareidolia and natural phenomenon, knowing the truth and present them as real, and when such things do not occur they out and out fake it.

In the world of ratings especially in the US, they have little choice but to fake things.

GothBoyUK said...

I'm far from naive as I'm aware that there's almost zero chance that ghosts and the like exist. I won't say zero chance because there is no definite proof that they can't exist, just an immense amount of proof they don't. Being a scientist I would be foolish to declare certainty for something that is uncertain. As it stands, I don't believe there is any evidence they exist but I'm open to reviewing any theories or new information.

There's only three programmes of the type I watch, or watched - Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures & Most Haunted. The latter I no longer watch. I expect that reactions are overemphasised for "scare factor" by the cast but like I said, presenting a video of a shadow where I can look and think "result of secondary IR camera light source" is completely different from a CGI slenderman sleeking through the undergrowth. ;)

Fear not, I'm not taken in by any of them as anything other than entertainment. They're almost like playing paranormal Cluedo - it was pareidolia, in the library, with the carved bookshelf.

JD said...

"is no definite proof that they can't exist,"

There is also no definitive proof that an invisible Loch Ness Monster did NOT just fly past my window singing the theme to the A Team.

Doesnt mean it is any more possible.

Ghosts do not exist, it is statistically improbable.

And I am glad you are skeptical, but please do not for one minute think that any TV show about such things is even the remotest bit honest, as they are not, none of them.
How do I know? Because the honest ones never get commissioned cause nothing happens.

Unknown said...

You know I do believe in a life after this one but let's have respect and leave it there. It's very disrepectful to bring up so called messages from loved ones. Let them rest in peace just think of them and there still there. Yes there's something alright but to make money out of this is a no no!

Unknown said...

I have had proof but it is disrepectful tful to make money out of that experience let alone give people false hope. It's all wrong. These programmes need banning. The people who waste money on continually calling psychics do have an addiction.They need the right kind of help from a councilor a professional. I know the readers only make around 20p out of 1.50 it's the site owners who make huge amounts of money at the expense if readers and callers. They are laughing all the way to the bank. They use the readers also making them feel wanted unique etc it's the same with these shows.

Adrian Heath said...

No Precious you had an experience that's not proof people have near death experiences all the time but its caused by hypoxia and altered brain chemistry You had an experience that most likely has a scientific explanation. There is no evidence of survival after death and quite a lot of evidence to suggest that it is not possible.

Unknown said...

I 100% agree with precious,l also believe in the paranormal, believe me when l say l have tried to find a reason for the experiences l have had over the years but truth is its unexplainable, l hate these programmes that feed off peoples emotions and most haunted is a good example of that, clearly they should b on stage ( panto would be good) especially carl and his fainting episodes Wow he's should have received a trophy for his fabulous acting skills. Finally l'll leave u with this adrian heath, u may not have had any experiences of the paranormal but it doesnt mean to say it doesnt exist, ptecious had an experience which is proof in itself, not everybody is wrong adrian, to many people have been effected by the paranormal which suggests theres more to this than meets the eye, lm not saying that u r wrong in what u say your entitled to your opinion as is precious :0)

JD said...

You say it is unexplainable, I need to correct you slightly here. You should say that YOU could not explain it, so it was unexplained to YOU.

That does not make it unexplainable, just unexplained, BIG difference.

For example, if I had witnessed what you had witnessed, then it would be perfectly explained.

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