2 December 2014

Robert W. Lester Gets a Reading from a Psychic/Medium

By Robert W. Lester

Barely educational, but fits the bull by the fact that such tricks are passed off as ESP, whether it's psychics or other traders it makes little difference, it's easy to learn methods to read a person, and in this case a debunker gives wrong responses in order to see how the reading works, although body language may have nearly given the game away. By giving the medium bad information the so-called psychic gives the client bad information, which is strange if she as a medium claims to speak for my dead grandmother.

Note that this Medium, Psychic, Healer, is a teacher/master of Reiki, this is why she pushed the angle of the Reiki healing, well that and the idea of a link to Asia that was assumed by the box.

She also said I could call her any time to get help, I think she wanted me to buy into her Bullshit training in psychic and reiki abilities, luckily I'm not a moron. Her mistake was to assume of my clothes and speech that I was an educated person who travels for work, as an improve I made up my higher education, I was never in university, yet by spinning a series of ideas I was able to let this idea grow from nothing, and I only offers small bits to feed the psychic. Her description of my Grandmother was not anything like anyone I know, and was yet another display of nonsense from the gifted, but note the way she avoided responsibility for the reading by saying it's up to you(me) while saying my nan (grandmother) was telling her this information. Interestingly she didn't seem to give names, dates, ages, or anything any good, and works with a crystal ball at this event, so she was simple very poor at what she claims to have and do. The box is old, repaired, part restored, 19th century, but not worth much, and was purchased off ebay for a small sum, and is Chinese, not Japanese, nor Tibetan, and is not a family antique at all, yet I chose to trial out this deception to see how the psychics medium reacts, see if she has any gift, or if she is taking people for a ride.

Note that she asked am I a sceptic, about 21 minutes into the video, I avoid exposure myself by staying with the act, but note she seems to think scepticism was drummed into me by religion, and that there opinion is they are "all mad, need to be drowned, burn, or hung". Odd as it may seem most religious folks in the UK don't think this at all, nor do non-believers, and yet many spiritualists do say their critics think they are evil and should be abused or even killed, as if any rational human being in this century in Britain would think that is a good idea. The thing that sparked the idea of sceptic or scepticism in this reading was wondering about the questions, she thought maybe this intelligent guy who is recording this reading may have questions, when I didn't fire a dim question about the points of the reading she may have assumed some doubt on how the reading is going. Any discussion on this event is highly hypothetical, and not the way to be sure of the facts.

Next time, I will see a new psychic and spirit medium, he will get honest responses from me, I won't tell him hardly a thing, BUT I will tell him I got the box of the internet as a haunted box, the ghost story will only be suggested and little information given, unless pressed for information. If pressed I will claim I have only had a few bulbs blow at home in the last few weeks, and this was a reported idea that the previous owners said happened to them, I will say I'm open-minded and not a sceptic, because in the end that's half true, I am open-minded and a sceptic.


Robert W Lester said...

:) another one bite the dust

Woody said...

It's so easy to dribble vague shit and try to follow a customer's reactions. I liked the James Randi piece a couple of posts back and it rings a bell with any Australian.
Wasn't it Randi who created the 'Carlos hoax' which easily fooled huge Australian audiences with just a good young actor and a story of channelling an ancient spirit?

JD said...

Yep that was Randi, did you know he is now married to the man who played Carlos!

Woody said...

I've seen more than one fan of the supernatural comment in complaint of skeptics.
"They keep talking about how if it's easy cold-reading and they're fleecing the gullible!", or words to that effect, "why don't one or more of them do it and make a pile of money and then admit It's a hoax, just to show everyone how easily it can be done!".
It wasn't long before I read another comment saying something close to this, "Bloody James Randi complains about fraudulent psychics fleecing the gullible but then he organised this show with a bloke channelling a spirit and no doubt made a lot of money off it ... and it was a hoax!"
Goes to show, no matter how conclusively someone reveals to the public how fucking gullible they are, last year I met someone who still believes that the Carlos act was real and that it should be the basis for a religion or something, assuming that the admission of hoax was in itself a hoax ... Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

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